Experience submitted by Steeve Oberzusser

Experience submitted by Steeve Oberzusser

When I started Belsebuub’s courses, I remember I had issues with anger that were hard for me to deal with.

Even though I tried to practice self-observation, I couldn’t see where I was failing with anger; I only felt it when it was too late, when it was already expressing itself through me, through fits of anger. Not only did I not see any progress with my egos but it made me doubt the benefit of self-observation.

After struggling with it for a while, I was gifted with a meaningful and powerful dream.

I was shown how my anger was feeding throughout the day. I saw aspects of my anger clearly and in detail, I watched the whole cycle, from feeding to manifesting, I was also able to see evidence of my behaviour with people I knew, not just strangers.

I saw the negative impact it had on my life and how it affected those around me. It was just like watching a movie unfolding, except that I was watching/observing myself, this dream gave me insight into how to deal with anger and better still, how to eliminate it throughout the day.

I awoke from my dream initially happy for having had a clear dream as I had recently learned about the importance of them and used the technique taught to remember them, then while recalling the dream followed a sadness and shame, because for the first time, I understood how these egos were so freely and easily expressing themselves through me, while I was oblivious to them.

So I decided to take action and apply the technique of “elimination of the ego” taught by Belsebuub. It is then, that I understood, I was practicing self-observation incorrectly and how accurate and powerful Belsebuub’s writings are.

I am grateful for how that dream impacted my life, and to Belsebuub for helping me understand this topic.