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My Experience with Dreams and Illness

Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

Falling Sick

Some years ago, while living on my own and working as a freelance translator, I would often work for more than 10 hours a day behind a computer, sometimes going to sleep quite late to deliver my work on time.

Eventually, this lifestyle seemed to negatively impact my immunity, and I developed something I thought at first was just a strong flu. My body was aching, I was tired and my tonsils would go on and off being swollen.

After lying in bed for about a week, the signs got a bit weaker and since I could not afford to lie down any longer, I decided to start working again, hoping the symptoms would gradually vanish. However, that was not going to be the case.

The pain gradually returned and my tonsils became swollen and painful again. In addition to that, I started sweating heavily during the nights, often having to change clothes more than once a night.

Developing a Chronic Condition

After this continued with varying intensity for several months, I started being concerned and began seeing different doctors to determine the cause. I thought I might have tonsillitis, and maybe my tonsils needed to be removed, so I went to a specialist. Fortunately, he recognized that it was just a reaction of my body to something else, and he didn’t advocate for the tonsils removal.

So I kept searching online on my own, visited more doctors’ offices, talked to people… But no cause had been found and different diagnoses gradually got excluded, including thyroid disease.

My state kept getting worse and the simple daily chores like shopping, working on my translations or bringing order to my apartment were becoming increasingly tiring for me. I would often lie down in the middle of the day, to rest at least for 20 minutes or so, feeling my body twitching out of tiredness.

A Frightening Symbolic Dream

I had been keeping my dream journal since learning about the importance of dreams from Belsebuub’s courses and as I was now waking up several times during the night to change my clothes, I always remembered many dreams.

In one of them, I found myself in the house where I grew up. I went to the basement there, and found that it was completely flooded. The water was already reaching almost to the ground floor and there was a feeling of decay and rotting.

I got concerned in the dream, wondering how could even the house electricity still work with all that going on… I woke up scared as I got an intuitive feeling that the “house” in my dream was my physical body, and that something was very wrong with it.

Getting Help in the Physical World and in Dreams

I started researching more on what could be possibly causing my condition and also resumed to pray intensively every day for help and guidance to be healed.

I also kept talking to different people and one of them told me she used to suffer from something similar in the past and that in her case it was something called “a post-viral fatigue syndrome”. She also told me she was advised to use an herb called cat’s claw to treat it.

Sometime after this talk, I had another dream. In that dream, I saw somebody whom I knew showing me how to prepare the cat’s claw decoction. After waking up from this dream, I decided to get that herb, but thought I would most likely have to order it online.

Later on that day I went to shop for some presents for my family and suddenly felt an intuitive pull towards a new shop that had just recently opened in the area.

I did not originally plan to go there, and was even a bit surprised why I suddenly decided to visit it, but reasoned for myself that maybe I would find something interesting there.

How big was my surprise when I discovered the shop was actually selling a wide array of natural herbs and teas, and among them – the cat’s claw! I bought as much of it as I thought would last me for a while…

Healing and More Dreams

At this point my state got so bad that I had to stop working altogether and decided to move to my mom’s house for a while in order to just rest and focus on healing. My mom would make the cat’s claw tea for me every morning, and I would drink it every day 3 times, together with a cat’s claw extract I bought online. I would sleep most of the time, drinking the tea and eating mostly fruit and vegetables.

I also continued praying for healing and would then often find myself in the doctors’ offices/medical centres in my dreams. Sometimes I would be in the waiting room with other patients, sometimes meeting with the doctors. I was happy to have these dreams, as I knew from Belsebuub’s work that seeing doctors in dreams in the case of an illness meant help from the spiritual beings of medicine.


I also had another dream about my house, but this time, there was only a little bit of water on the floor left, which I was cleaning with a cloth. It felt just like a regular cleaning after spilling something, and there wasn’t that feeling of danger anymore.

After about 3 weeks of mostly resting in bed and drinking the cat’s claw tea I finally started feeling better. Most of the symptoms disappeared, even though I still felt very weak. It took me about 2 more months to heal completely and regain my normal state of energy.

  • Hi Lucia,
    I just re-read your experience and again was amazed by the care and love the divine has for us, and how amazing it is really to see such clear dream guidance – I am very happy too that you remembered that dream and was able to use it to heal yourself up completely. What a lovely story and powerful story this dream experience came to be!

  • I’m glad this story has a happy ending and that you managed to heal yourself! It’s amazing to how the information came to you in what seems to be quite random ways. First the flooded house dream, then the person recommending the herb and then a dream about how to use the herb and then this pull into the new store. It might be obvious from your story and in retrospect, but from what I’ve seen, these little hints throughout life can so easily be missed. We might not remember our dreams, we ignore that intuitive feeling or we are just too worried about getting better that we don’t pay enough attention. Luckily you did and as well got confirmation that you are doing better in that later dream about the house. This sequence of events must have given you a strong faith in your dreams and intuition.

    • Yes Roy, exactly as you say – things may look obvious in retrospect, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what is going on when things are happening. Even with dreams, some may be deceiving, some just subconscious. Then some people recommend this, some that… But intuition combined with prayers seems to work best.

  • Hello Lucia, this is quite a remarkable experience. Thank you for sharing! It was really nice to read how you were both looking for a cure, but also praying and seeking understanding internally. When things start to go wrong like that and the answer is not coming straight away, it’s easy to feel bitter and disappointed, but it looks like beautiful things can happen when you don’t give up.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Pavlin, that’s exactly it – doing your best in the physical world, being active and all that, and also praying and observing dreams. I find one without another does not really work too well. I personally tend to wait a long time before taking action in general, but in this case my condition was limiting me greatly and the dream scared me a lot, so I had to do everything I could think of that could lead to help. I remember my mom and I even started to look into the reflexology to relieve the pains and also trying different purification cures to clear the blood from the possible viruses.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience of recovering your health Lucia. It’s great that you were able to receive and act upon that clear guidance in your dreams, to bring about positive changes.

    Better to be mopping up the small spillage than having to deal with the earlier flood! 🙂

  • Hi Lucia.
    It’s interesting how there is always an answer for everything only if we listen to it.
    For example, after you talked to that person about them having the same condition you had that dream where someone showed you how to prepare the cat’s claw herb. You could have just dismissed what they were saying and not remember your dream. It’s amazing how things just unravelled for you and you were able to go along with it. I fee that this happens probably for everyone but it seems that there is a lack of connection to the surrounding that has the answers waiting to be recognised and accepted.

    • Hi Tina, yes the help I received with this was quite amazing and now looking back, also quite clear. However, all this was going on for about half a year before I started getting a clue about what to do. There was so much uncertainty involved, trying different things that didn’t work, getting better for a while only to get worse again in a few days and so on… And then, when I was already on a lookout for the Divine signs, there came a black bird knocking on my window every morning. At first I thought it was interesting, but then a friend told me that crows tend to gather around people who are about to die… I was really freaked out for a few days, before I found out it was actually a magpie, and she was coming to eat the dry and crumbling caulking from the window frame. 😀

  • I love how experiences like this highlight the potential of being in tune with dream guidance. Amazing and glad to hear it helped you recover 🙂 and so specifically too. The being shown how to prepare it really touched me in particular — just the level of how much we can be “taken care of” from above, and so simply, is beautiful.

  • HI Lucia

    Thanks for sharing that lovely dream guidance and happy to hear you’ve recovered from that serious condition.

    That wonderful and caring divine connection is really incredible and I’ve seen like yourself through dreams instances of sickness, guidance to be healed and then showing me how I had been healed where my body looked in good health in my dreams and I really appreciated that help.

    I also wanted to say that I found it really interesting and insightful reading how you were able to intuitively pick up on that symbolic meaning relating to your health.

    Thanks Lucia and hope you’re in the best of health now.

    • Thank you Layla. I agree these dreams can really make us appreciate the help and guidance we are given, making us feel like we are not alone in these tough periods. Especially the “healing dreams”. 🙂

  • What a nice way to come out of an illness with an experience and new trust in dreams. Thank you for sharing.

  • Quite amazing Lucia. The guidance and care from your dreams sounds so beautiful – flooded basement, astral doctors, someone even directly showing you how to brew the herb, then just wiping the spilled water from the floor of your basement when you were getting better.

    I love the way dreams can show us our situation like that, how they can provide us with these (sometimes very obvious) hints or even instructions that can focus our minds or help us do things in ways that normally we wouldn’t see in daily life. It’s great you took heed of that first dream with a dangerous feel and started researching it and praying seriously.

    I feel like your account is a wonderful example of how you can ‘co-operate’ with the Divine through dreams and improve your life this way – not just saying about a dream, ‘Wonder what that was all about, well I don’t know’ and forgetting about it, or feeling too frightened to look more into a dream that felt dangerous, or was showing you things you are doing wrong, or are even seriously affecting your life in a negative way, and then pushing it away and denying it. I feel like humility, faith and strength is needed to follow up on your dreams, but it’s worth it.

    It’s great you got better 🙂

  • What an amazing story Lucia. It feels so comforting somehow, that you were being guided and looked after through your dreams. The power of herbs, rest and the right kind of food is also inspiring.

  • Hi Lucia, despite the hardship and unpleasantness of your illness, this was really a beautiful experience that proves how much you were cared for, and just how real divine help is.

    Its also an incredible example to the authenticity of dream guidance and how closely connected they are to our personal lives. I don’t think I have ever experienced something so practical.. and yet it goes to show that spirituality is present and alive not just in seemingly ”spiritual circumstances” but within the playground of every day circumstances.

    Thank you for sharing, and I am glad you got better!

    • Hi Olga, definitely, the “practicalness” of the Divine guidance, especially through dreams can be amazing. I remember once when I had a gastroenteritis – a very violent condition with frequent diarrheas and inability to digest anything I saw in my dream a disgusting mushroom-like thing in my stomack/belly. After a few days I got very weak and had to take some really strong antibiotics to stop it.

      My husband also had interesting experience, where he was shown how the almonds he was buying were not good for health, looking all nasty and dangerous. He stopped buying them immediately, and then later when I did my own research on almonds, I found they are often treated with dangerous chemicals (even if its said on package that they are raw), and one has to be extra careful about the source.

    • I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at times at receiving very practical guidance on more ‘mundane’ issues. I always feel that such guidance is just so nice of those beings.

      It was nice for me to realise recently how big a part of my life dream guidance has become, how I trust it and am able to use it (at times).

  • What a great story Lucia its amazing the divine help that is just waiting for us if we take the efforts to find it. Its great you had that faith and drive to trust in the divine and also to understand and act on the imformation that you were getting

    Your story has helped me to start asking more for help and being more open to imformation that I receive, thanks

    • Thank you Richard. Yes, I had a trust in the Divine, because I saw how the usual medicine was not very helpful and also I was not sure if the herb would be working after all. So I resorted to prayer every single evening, asking also for some other people that I knew at that time needed healing, as it felt right not to “bother” all those Divine beings just for myself. 🙂

      Wishing you a lot of strength!

  • Wow Lucia! That’s incredible. I have heard of cats claw briefly before but don’t know much about it. I’ll have to make sure I plant that in the garden! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experience Lucia, it’s great you were able to use your dreams to heal yourself. That’s really amazing. Glad you’re feeling better!

      • Hi Vida, yup, its a Peruvian native plant, so may be a bit too cold for it where you live. 😉

        I was really amazed when I started researching into it more, it really seems to be a versatile plant that locals in Peru use for a wide array of symptoms, including cancer. My brother also uses it for a chronic condition he has been suffering from, together with another Peruvian plant called Maca, and finds it very helpful. They actually have an institute there, called IPIFA (a Peruvian abbreviation for an Institute for investigation of Andean phytotheraphy) that was founded by a Polish missionary E. Szeliga, who first started bringing these magic properties of Peruvian plantas to wider public. My brother actually sent them email, describing his problem, and they sent him the doses of different plants they recommended for his condition and it was very helpful. http://www.ipifa.org/english/whatis.html

  • Wow, Lucia, what an incredible series events to go through! I’m very glad the cat’s claw helped; I’ve heard it is quite a miraculous herb.

    It’s a wonderful story, not only because you got better, but because you illustrated, through your personal experience, a great wealth of guidance you were given in your dreams: everything from the illness coming upon you, to the help you were receiving and how to treat the condition, and even up to when you were to recover. It’s really quite profound!

    Thank you very much for sharing this.

    • Hi Mike, yes it was quite a serie of events, as you said! 🙂 The whole process was quite frustrating at times, as I was trying to determine what’s wrong with me and could not get the right dianose for a long time. It was also interesting to observe how I would “identify” with a certain diagnose once i thought I may have it based on different symptoms, for example for a while it looked like i may have a thyroid disease, so I would search for different remedies to treat that, started taking things that were said to enhance thyroid function, etc. Then when the diagnose got dismissed by a doctor, I would start suspecting something else, etc. In the end, I just felt like I needed to rest, as it was all becoming too tiring.

      Getting in connection with the Divine, especially adressing the Divine Beings for healing was a beautiful experience though, and as I prayed every single day for about 3 months, I started feeling really connected to them.

      • Hi Lucia,

        I had a smile on my face when first reading your experience Lucia. Because I’m going through something of thing right now 🙂 (don’t know if I should do a smiley face or sad face.) So I thought is she going to perhaps mention ‘this’ thing that she learned, and perhaps also ‘that’ thing. And when continuing to read I saw you did and it made me smile.
        I’m more at the start or halfway through the process though.

        Like you, because of this situation I have also come to better connect to, understand and especially appreciate the work of those spiritual beings of healing. Whereas beforehand I might’ve thought it ‘less important’ than other ‘work in the heavens’ so to speak.

        Although it’s very much not nice to face health issues, the amount of learning we can gain from it seems huge: Teaching us to develop within ourselves the need to get active to address it, to be responsible in looking after our body, an opportunity (as you say) to develop a relationship with those beings, to learn how to act on guidance, to see how this all works etc. As well as the inner learning: dealing with the uncertainty of a diagnosis, not being able to do the inner work in a capable way but will we still do the best we can? dealing with the big depressing low state that brings us down etc.

        So we can actually gain a lot of understanding from a situation like this.

        Once I was really wishing and praying for healing and guidance for a loved one. Because this person was at a distance, and even in general I would not be able to give that sort of help myself. I was asking for this help periodically for a longer period of time. Some time later in daily life when I saw that this help was given I was so grateful!

        Anyway, thanks for sharing Lucia, very helpful I think.

        • Hi Karim, wishing you a lot of strength and of course LOTS of Divine help! I also think these situations can teach us a lot, but also of course there are new and new levels… I don’t even want to imagine what it must be like if a person is facing a really life-threatening illness and has to have so much faith in the Divine and eliminate many terrible inner states, like what i heard happens during the later stages of the spiritual path…

          Also great to hear the family member got the guidance and help you asked for! Its amazing you were able to witness that. I prayed for some people during this ordeal too, but because I didn’t know them personally, I never got a chance to verify if maybe they got some help, but I am positive they must have got something.

        • Hey, Karim. I want to wish you a quick recovery and good health, along with lots of learning and spiritual help and guidance in the process.

          • Thank you Mike. I’ve only got this fairly minor thing going on and even in that process I’ve become alarmingly aware of some things. It really is a learning, one that makes me see life in a different way. The fragility of the human body, the complete dependence on the divine, gratitude for the important and hard work those spiritual beings of healing are carrying out to help people, gratitude for doctors and what they do, the wish and need to want to help others who are in ill health etc.

            I wouldn’t have seen and felt this if I remained in perfect health. Along with seeing the importance of ‘medicine and life’ it also makes me see the need to totally dedicate myself to a spiritual work with the time and opportunity I have.

          • Hey Karim. Yeah, it is quite a profound realization that we are so vulnerable and entirely dependent upon the spiritual. So many things could so easily go awry with our body and we, alone, can do so little about it…

            I can really relate to how having bouts of ill-health can really be a motivator for carrying out the spiritual work and in building a connection with the divine.

        • Thanks for sharing that Karim. Yes, there is so much we can learn by going through illness. It can really change our perception of life, when we realise how fragile it actually is.

          I hope you will be able to make good use of whatever learning you may experience, but wish you a quick recovery too! 🙂

      • Yeah, amazing as the experience is when heard as a whole, I can really sympathize with and relate to the frustration at not getting a diagnosis and the identification with different potential illnesses. Our health is certainly not to be taken for granted.

        I’m very glad you managed to develop such a strong relationship with the Divine through the whole process. It sounds like it was that strong connection that you built that allowed you to receive the guidance on the process of illness and recovery.

  • That must have brought you a lot of faith in the divine guiding you and being able to receive messages in your dreams Lucia! I also think herbs have an intelligence that’s little known or appreciated now, and it’s very mysterious how the elementals of plants can help us – and also why they would even want to! I’m actually taking cats claw at the moment to help boost my immunity, but it’s more from an intellectual understanding, though I feel I was drawn to the herbalist who recommended it in an intuitive way.

    I’ve never been so ill, but I did have one small experience with a herb I feel was ‘calling’ to me. I had a dream with it a few times, I don’t remember exactly what happened but the message was: take this herb. I kind of brushed it off thinking it might have been my mind, as I thought I knew a bit about this herb and that it wasn’t what I needed. Then one day I was walking through London (where I rarely am) and I looked up for no reason – straight at the street name, which was named after this herb. After that I looked into the uses of it more and realised it was actually very much indicated for some of the health symptoms I wanted to address. I just wish I’d started taking it as soon as I’d been shown it, months before.

    • That’s a really nice way how you were guided to use that herb Ella! I feel there is so much guidance available to us if we are listening…

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