Overcoming Difficulties

Experience submitted by Karim El Bazi

Experience submitted by Karim El Bazi

In a dream, I saw myself and two other persons standing next to a big audience which was seated in front of a stage, such as you would see at a conference talk. On the stage there was the main speaker.

The speaker was actually flaring or guiding the whole crowd to be negative towards the three of us, with arguments that were full of “feeling right“, but actually had the enjoyment of antagonism and negativity behind it.

All the people in the crowds were very willingly directed like that to turn against us. We held our ground and stood by what we knew to be true and expressed it, even in the face of that hostility of the big group.

After the talk the speaker came up to us and addressed us saying: “So You Think That …[……]….?!” Without mentioning the specifics what he said basically boiled down to that we believed the spiritual work to awaken was something that could take place right now, not just something that can only happen in the past and to be talked about now.

The three of us standing there remained silent, as in “we hold our stance to what we have expressed.” Then, as if we’d passed a little test, something happened. The crowds disappeared. And the speaker changed into his true appearance of a spiritual teacher that I knew.

Receiving Further Guidance

Moments later I found myself in the back of a street in my hometown on a grassy play area. There, kneeling on the grass, was the same spiritual teacher.

In front of him was a student. I also joined and sat down on my knees in the same position as they were, but facing the teacher. There was a particular atmosphere of learning in the air.

I felt very conscious and was keenly and patiently observing the scene with full focus. The spiritual teacher didn’t say any words, but very deliberately acted in a symbolic way.

As a natural follow up of me so keenly paying attention, eager to learn, I repeated the same gesture he made and while doing this I was trying to intuitively feel what this symbolic action meant. I got a feeling somewhere deep inside of what it was conveying, but it hadn’t yet fully clicked.

I was contemplating it “on the way back to my body.” Only then when I actively involved my mind consciously, following up on that intuitive feeling, did it become more articulated and understood.

With that symbolic gesture I now knew what I needed to apply and live in my life: self-observation.

Although I knew it was important. Being personally and directly shown by the spiritual teacher, out of all the big esoteric subjects out there, that the work on self-observation in daily life, was actually the most important thing (and which I felt hinted that that is the way from which a spiritual future opens up) was very meaningful.