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Using Guidance in my Dreams to Learn about my Egos

Experience submitted by Steve F

I was looking into an ego one time and I was amazed to see how dreams would teach me during the night time about how I was going with my work on this ego during the day, and how interrelated my night and day experiences were and also how accurate and detailed the symbolic dream world can be.

Looking into this particular ego, I was trying to observe it during the day and also I was learning about the ego by doing a retrospection and analysis of the ego practices at night. Through these practices, which I had learned from Belsebuub’s work, I started to gain an understanding of how the ego would manifest and appear within me whilst going about my daily activities.

From a Rough Start that Felt like Looking into a Pea Soup..

At the beginning I really didn’t know how to tackle the ego that I chose to work on as all I could feel when I looked within was a buzzing energy that didn’t seem to have a particular single aspect, thought or emotion to it. The energy within just seemed to appear and I couldn’t make heads or tails out of it, I couldn’t identify or see it clearly.

This reminds me of Belsebuub’s talk on one of his videos were he describes starting out with looking within as trying to see through pea soup!

I analyzed this energy and asked for its removal and from there on I started to go on a daily journey of looking at different aspects of this ego. Each night interesting dreams showed me new aspects of the ego that would manifest the next day which I then could see within and work upon during the day because the dream showed me what the ego acted like in some instances.

The dreams showed me aspects of the ego where sometimes I would see a person for example that said something to me, sometimes repeatedly. Other times I knew the person that I met in the dream (and sometimes I didn’t know the person I saw in the dream) but they all acted in some peculiar way or said something that would then give me a guide on what to look for during the next day.

I was amazed to see in my next day’s activities that very particular type of behavior which I then understood was the manifestation of that ego in my dream. From this I started to understand the ego because it was shown to me  in my previous nights dreams.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

Exploring my dreams at night and inner states during the day brought a new perception of life that made it interesting to go to work, do activities, relate and work with other people because through dreams and the guidance within them I could see what I had to work on in my daily life’s activities.

I know now it’s absolutely possible to tap into this knowledge today and gain my own understanding for myself, and as Belsebuub says to learn from the book of life in this video:

  • Hey John, how have you been? Thanks for the nice comment and I wish you much strenght with the work as well!

  • Great account Steve, thanks for taking the time to share it, there’s a lot of good insights in your story which I found very inspiring and enjoyable to read.
    You’ve certainly made a lot of efforts with your ego and it really sounds like you got a lot of Divine help to gain good grounds.

    Having known you for some time now, it was particularly nice to read of your new understanding to push forward, and your write up shows a lot of strength and courage to have a good go. Hopefully your new approach continues to show you the way to remove those monsters which cause so much harm.

    I wish you lots of strength and success with your inner work from here on.

  • Hey Richie, how are you! I think so too because the meaning of the phrase “its a living teaching” is really accurate and comes to life when we can tap into that flow and interaction of guidance! very special.

  • Hey Steve thanks for your account it sounds like your efforts were really starting to pay off, it can be very rewarding when you start to see information manifesting in your dreams and answers to internal states your working on in the day, you start to see the work come alive

  • Hi Pavlin, Yeah I get confused too a lot of the time but good work on uncovering that ego, it must of been really good to see it there after uncovering it with your efforts! It shows how accurate the dream guidance is even though we may not understand it at first.

  • Thanks Steve for this great description of how to work alongside our divine parents to bring the inner work into our daily life – to make it ‘alive’ – and how it starts here, where we are, with efforts made today, with seeing our internal landscape and addressing its reality.

    For me, it’s become very apparent that I have to be flexible and open to guidance, but at the same time firm in my focus to overcome a defect. Otherwise it can kind of go into remission and I can become lazy in my observation of it only to be confronted with something that’s subtly grown over time rather than weakened. Then I can sometimes be ‘shouted at’ in a dream, to realise I had totally lost attention in daily life.

    When I start to see the efforts I make in self obervation and to change materialise ‘over there’, it’s a great feeling. Likewise when I am able to translate and act upon guidance from ‘over there’. It’s amazing how the two worlds interpenetrate and how, even when living a ‘normal’ life from the outside, we can be immersed in an internal learning that goes way beyond the physical.

    Thanks also for the reminder of how many ways the minds can subtly curtail our spiritual efforts through ideas, expectation and restrictions we put on ourselves.

    • Hi Ella, some really good points there! it’s like we have to be hard on the ego but open to how the guidance is given to us so we can even begin to work on it, because if we’re not open to how the guidance is provided, taught, explained or shown we simply miss the understanding on how to tackle the ego. It’s funny in some ways, many times I haven’t understood their teaching but I’ve got to be open to it, because if I’m not open to it how can I understand what they are showing me? the mind seems to me to be very ignorant is some ways, not to mention the egos!

  • Hi Steve, thank you for sharing this experience. It was inspiring to see how you were able to recognise the guidance in your dreams and apply it in your every day life. Sometimes when I see something in a dream that is clearly showing me a negative behaviour I feel confused, as I don’t always see that behaviour in my daily life. Sometimes I know it’s there, but I don’t see it’s manifestations exactly and thus can’t work on it.

    Like, a few days ago I had a dream and it was obviously showing me an ego. When I woke up I remembered the advice that Belsebuub gives, that if you see an ego in a dream, then that’s the most urgent thing to work upon. But I was confused because it didn’t seem like that ego was going to manifest, the circumstances for it simply couldn’t exist during that day. I thought I would try to observe within as best as I could that day. At a point I was taking a quiet moment, just sitting in a chair and I became aware of my mind – some random thoughts. I prayed for them to be cleared away and they were, but then I saw thoughts related to the ego I was shown in my dream! It was like pulling a curtain to discover a surprising sight.

    It seemed like those thoughts were lurking in a bit deeper level beneath my current awareness state and that dream showed me that I should work on my perception to be able to discover one step deeper.

    When it’s possible to learn from dreams and every day life, this work can become something very meaningful and magical in a down-to-earth way 🙂 , as you say like a ‘living teaching’.

    • Thanks for sharing that comment, Pavlin. Your description of how you discovered one of those hidden egos that had been shown in your dreams was very helpful!

      I have been deeply puzzled sometimes when I couldn’t find the ego that manifested in my dreams in daily life. I feel I have something new to investigate 🙂

  • Hi Steve, what a wonderful blessing of divine help you received. It is very inspiring to read your experiences and how the divine has helped guide you through the dream world.

    I personally am so grateful to receive any help from the divine, especially to be helped see an ego from a new perspective.

    Whenever i am struggling with the will to keep moving forward, i go back to this quote from Judas in ‘The flight of the feathered serpent.’ A book that Belsebuub recommends.

    “Watch and Pray” was the heritage left by Christ for the courageous.

    Watch is to do everything awakened, pray is a ardent yearning to be one with the Being.

    However, he who prays and watches, even though they do it in an imperfect way, will receive generous help and he will learn to receive generously as well….

    The help is in the here and it is now.

    • Hi Chris, how are you! Your comment is really interesting because when I think about it, the learning was sort of like that because I started from where I was at and could only try to be aware in the best I could and so obvisously my awareness wasn’t perfect (and what’s perfect anyway when the awareness increases with the inner work someone does anyway) but the dream guidance really did help me to see what I needed to see. umm…. maybe these people writing these books know what there talking about 🙂

  • What I thought when reading your account Steve is just how nice of the spiritual forces it was to give you such generous guidance to help you along.

    • Hi Karim, yeah I don’t know how I would of understood the ego with out that dream guidance. It helped to break a mindset which I was pretty stuck on which I didn’t really notice but was in the back of the mind. So it has helped but still got so much more to look at really.

  • Thanks for these insights, Steve. They are reflecting a very good share of all kind of preoccupations and attitudes towards our inner effort.

    I have also realized that if we do the work on the meditation of some aspects of ego regularly, then there is a flow to our work on ego too and a kind of continuous guidance through our dreams, bringing us more ”material” to work upon on the physical by their usefulness.

    • Hi Maia, I found the same thing where anaylsis of an ego seems to bring on more meaningful dreams which focuses on the ego your looking at in a really helpful way!

  • Hi Aleksandr, how are you!
    I found that it’s like the egos are trying to beat you even before you try sometimes and those types of ideas and mindsets that “it can’t be done” or thinking that a practice has be at a “certain level” is a big trap. The mind is a very tricky thing and the mind and egos can make the awareness seem harder than it is sometimes.

  • Thank you, Steve, for this inspirational account of just doing the work, and not getting caught up in the intellectual ideas of what we have to be like in order to do the work.

    • Hi Mike, yeah things seem to come alive and the work is really recognizable, it seems very evident and apparent, you can see it in life! Its just hard to keep it going!

      • So true… and I guess that’s a whole other element of the inner work to investigate: how to overcome entropy and keep it going, no matter what…

      • I agree Mike, that’s such an important thing to learn how these things work. How do we get the work going? What if we’re down and in entropy, how to get out? I also felt today that we actively need to keep investigating this and that the thing that worked yesterday might not work today. For me I’m going to switch some patterns and do some other practices during my day, which I’ll put in a good dedicated effort, in order not to get stagnant.

      • I have to agree, even if it’s a bit scary to realize, “… the thing that worked yesterday might not work today.”

        Indeed, if we just repeat the same old, same old, we do stagnate.

        It’s subtle, I guess, because sometimes we can have inspiring results with a practice or approach to the work and want to continue. But maybe due to the excitement of our recent results, we lose sight of the fact our current progress is plateauing and in need of change… At least I find this to be true for me, many times.

        I like the idea of switching up patterns. Maybe I should use that as a strategy when I next feel like I’m plateauing in my work.

    • Steve’s experience also made me think about ‘Awakening.’ I’ve got an image of it in my mind of this impossible out-there thing. But it’s not about trying to reach that non existent image, it’s about starting it in our own life.

  • Hey Steve,thanks for sharing it really is amazing what is available to us spiritually the help and guidance
    to give a clear understanding of what we are dealing with, is nothing short of remarkable.

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