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Receiving Understanding from a Premonition in a Dream

Experience submitted by Layla

The dream below, which I had going back a while now, I feel highlights how dreams can be so precise and conveys how they relate to our day to day life. This dream came at a time where I was looking to understand why a situation I had become aware of at my work had become in the state that it was in.

At that time period I had stepped into a work situation full of problems, which I struggled to fix since I was hired to help in this regard. During the day I worked hard to try to understand the situation, looking at the nature of the job, what had been done and tried to do my best to try to resolve the problems that I could see, but I couldn’t understand how the problems began or what caused them in the first place.

I was used to paying attention to my dreams to learn from them about myself (as I’ve learned to do from Belsebuub’s work) and one of those nights, a few weeks into that job, I had a very lucid and vivid dream where I was at my work place and I was cleaning the floor, but the mess was everywhere and in ways that were beyond what I had available to clean it up.

This image captures what it looked like in that scene.. Public domain photo found on Unsplash.

I then saw a careless incident cause the place to be damaged and people came from outside to the incident which they had witnessed taking place. The person who was the cause of this incident in that dream was someone I recognised from my work, but in the dream the colour of their hair was strangely different.

A few scenes played out giving another aspect of the situation which I didn’t understand. I woke up with a feeling that this dream was trying to give me an insight into the cause of the problem that I was trying to figure out, and something about myself, but as dream symbols can have several meanings I didn’t understand all aspects of it. I didn’t take the time that morning to reflect and study what I was being shown as I had to get ready to leave for work, but it left an impression on me.

As I arrived at work, the first person I saw was the person I had seen in my dream and to my surprise they had changed their hair colour overnight; it was exactly the same colour that I saw them with in my dream, and completely different from their normal hair colour. It was a shock to see them with this new hair colour; I wouldn’t have expected them to dye their hair, let alone to that colour. As soon as I saw their hair I instantly remembered my dream from that morning.

I felt that by seeing the change in the person’s colour of hair in my dream and in real life, it was like I was being given proof of what I had been shown in my dream to be the case, as if it was saying that ‘what we were showing you is true and you will see it by seeing this’.  There was a reality to the message of the dream. I learned from this dream episode the value of learning what is being shown in my dreams as they were showing things to help me.

Here is a very helpful interview with Belsebuub in which he explains about dreams and how they relate to our life.

*Featured image is a public domain photo found on Unsplash.

  • Very interesting Layla which really proves that premonitions can be seen within dreams, very rewarding insight and a real boost to keep a connection to your dreams thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing this dream premonition Layla. It must have come as a surprise to find out your work colleague had indeed dyed their hair to the colour you saw in the dream. I wondered if it also transpired that the colleague was acting in a careless way, as you saw or the dream, or perhaps you were able to intervene in some way, by putting additional measures in place as part of your role?

    I wish you a lot of further guidance and understanding!

  • It sounds like a very special guidance you received about your day-to-day life Layla, thank you for sharing. And how nice you were shown this confirmation of the validity of the dream by seeing the person’s hair color change like that! I can imagine it must have left quite an impression on you…

    Pity that you could not take a full advantage of the dream, but as you say, there is often so much that we miss from these guidance-type dreams, things we don’t understand or simply forget… I have also had some important guiding-type of dreams lately, dreams that I barely remembered, and yet they were very important. It made me aware of how important it is to really make super-efforts to remember my dreams, write them down, and try to understand them, since (as you pointed out) “a lot of effort is often being made to show us things”.

    Wishing you a continuous Divine guidance and a lot of lucidity at night and day! 🙂

    • Thank you Lucia for your warm wishes, and wishing you and everyone here the same.

      Its too easy to be pulled into the sleep of consciousness but something I didn’t understand about how this works (or perhaps lost / misunderstood over time) was inspired in me and its very basic perhaps for many people but hearing it again through listening to Belsebuub’s talks I realised my approach has been a bit backward.

      I had been trying to clear the egos and then be aware and self observe and getting caught up in the inner states, instead of being aware as the natural state to be in, and observing what takes me out of it and clearing those egos.

      Those talks by Belsebuub are so precious and I feel so fortunate to be able to watch and hear him speak his incredible insight into this important spiritual work.

      • Hi Layla, I am actually finding the same… not being aware and then being surprised at how quickly I get dragged into low states and negative responses, which I then have no strength to get out of. Awareness is the key, definitely. If we are alert internally, then we have more chance to catch the egos as they are entering. when they are still at a ‘manageable’ level so to speak, and we also have more strength and the actual remembrance to ask for their elimination. Thank you for the reminder.

  • What a cool teaching/premonition, Layla. It seemed to combine teaching you about the past to fix a current problem, by showing you someone’s hair colour in the future… That’s really neat.
    I can relate to not reflecting more on a dream after it happens, but sometimes looking back and wishing I had taken the time to reflect more. Taking the time to write down dreams and meditate/reflect on them in the morning is so important.
    I hope you were able to use the message of that dream, along with the very clear evidence that it was teaching you something real, to take steps in fixing the problem 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • I never saw it in that way Mike, but that’s a good summation of the expression of time that was covered in that dream.me

      I could have made more use of that wonderful help at that time, but what impeded that was being lost in the idea/feeling of having to sort it out, when it was really beyond me. Looking back now however is still helpful, as I am more detached from the situation and can learn on retrospection of it.

      Thank you for sharing too! 🙂

  • I can relate to your insight into these kinds of dreams., Layla.
    It seems to me that a lot of the time the divine is trying to give us the understanding that their involvement in our lives is far greater than what we think. At least this is the feeling I get when faced with dreams that are showing me the relationship between the physical and non-physical worlds. This also relates to everyday life during the day.

    • Isn’t that the truth Tina! And thanks for expressing that!

      Perhaps one of our most understated understandings, especially in difficult times when perhaps we feel uncertain, alone or lost. I hope your insight expands other’s understanding to see that real aspect of our existence.

      • Thank you for sharing that experience Layla,I have also experienced guidance in dreams that pointed out aspects in me that I needed to change. Its certainly very helpful when this happens,as we don’t always see the reality of the way we are. So its very important to remember our dreams. Listening to Belsebuub’s work has helped me a great deal in my life, and reading his books and than putting it into practice has been so valuable

        • Carmel I find Belsebuub’s work extremely insightful too. Each time I listen to one of his interviews or talks I get insights or understandings that are so related to things in my life. As I listened to one of his talks today he explained something that I had been questioning only a few hours earlier.

          • Yes, I’ve found the same Carmel and Layla – Belsebuub’s writing and talks have often given me very valuable guidance at just the right time and provided me with strength to keep going and not give up.

      • Thanks for sharing that experience Layla,it was very help full as I have had experience like this and having things pointed out in our dreams does help us to see our reality and listening to the talks of Belsebuub gives us a great motivation, it has helped me a great deal.

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