Experience submitted by Sofios

In this dream I was visiting a relative. There was so much to be done before I could leave, a whole room had to be arranged and organised.

Many of my dreams feel like tasks need to be done, and there are times these don’t get finished, it’s like I run out of time. These type of dreams feel so real as I wake up in the morning.

This particular dream had me and my partner at an auntie’s place. It is someone we rarely visit but we were at her place for some reason.

While there I felt some friction between us and the auntie. She wanted us to help her with rearranging the furniture and picture frames in her lounge room. This was a big task and we had to leave…but, we would not be able to leave until we finished helping her.

Along the way, this auntie was saying things to us that seemed to get us both worked up and agitated/frustrated. The more this happened, the more we felt that we didn’t want to be there. Although I could leave the house at any point in time, the sense was that we needed to stay until this task was done.

In an instant, I had this sense to simply observe the whole situation and with awareness and self-observation — a vital tool which I learnt from the work of Belsebuub. In this way I was able to extract my feelings of anger/frustration and simply be present in this scenario/situation (despite the turmoil that was going on internally).

There were a few other events that unfolded, which should have woken me out of this dream, but I continued along with these sequences with a degree of awareness that it was happening.

The task was nearly finished. It had taken some time to get it to this stage. My auntie seemed very tired from it all, so she had gone to bed. We also felt tired as we left her house.

I woke up and wrote down this dream. I recall feeling somewhat relieved but also content in the message that came through when I wrote down this dream. I felt this dream’s message was — ‘sometimes we need to be in situations that are not so comfortable, and perhaps we need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.‘ Bypassing the egos and the emotional struggles for a higher purpose. That is, the need to be clear and aware, as best we can, in each moment, which allows us to get through any tough situation without judgement or without emotions or random thoughts.

I find that by being in awareness, whether that be in a dream or in the physical, helps me to stay grounded and allows me to observe what is going on. It’s about remembering to be in the present moment.