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How I Learned from a Dream the Value of Awareness and Objectivity

Experience submitted by Sofios

In this dream I was visiting a relative. There was so much to be done before I could leave, a whole room had to be arranged and organised.

Many of my dreams feel like tasks need to be done, and there are times these don’t get finished, it’s like I run out of time. These type of dreams feel so real as I wake up in the morning.

This particular dream had me and my partner at an auntie’s place. It is someone we rarely visit but we were at her place for some reason.

While there I felt some friction between us and the auntie. She wanted us to help her with rearranging the furniture and picture frames in her lounge room. This was a big task and we had to leave…but, we would not be able to leave until we finished helping her.

Along the way, this auntie was saying things to us that seemed to get us both worked up and agitated/frustrated. The more this happened, the more we felt that we didn’t want to be there. Although I could leave the house at any point in time, the sense was that we needed to stay until this task was done.

In an instant, I had this sense to simply observe the whole situation and with awareness and self-observation — a tool which I learnt from the work of Belsebuub. In this way I was able to extract my feelings of anger/frustration and simply be present in this situation (despite the turmoil that was going on internally).

There were a few other events that unfolded, which should have woken me out of this dream, but I continued along with these sequences with a degree of awareness that it was happening.

The task was nearly finished. It had taken some time to get it to this stage. My auntie seemed very tired from it all, so she had gone to bed. We also felt tired as we left her house.

I woke up and wrote down this dream. I recall feeling somewhat relieved but also content in the message that came through when I wrote down this dream. I felt this dream’s message was — ‘sometimes we need to be in situations that are not so comfortable, and perhaps we need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.‘ Bypassing the egos and the emotional struggles for a higher purpose. That is, the need to be clear and aware, as best we can, in each moment, which allows us to get through any tough situation without judgement or without emotions or random thoughts.

  • That’s wonderful how you were able to extract this learning from your dream Sofios.

    I could actually relate to this message you shared very well as lately I’ve been going through a difficult situation that feels uncomfortable, however I have no way out of it except to go through it, like you said be comfortable with being uncomfortable. A scenario has been occurring almost daily that gives rise to unpleasant and sometimes a bit overwhelming negative thoughts and emotions, and in those moments I cry out to the divine for help. As a response a few times I’ve got this wonderful feeling of calm and relief, like it’s ok, the encouragement to be detached from the inner states and the situation, to take it moment by moment, it isn’t really as bad as I think it is.

    As the situation seems to be getting more challenging, actually I find that I’m able to be much more at peace with it because of that help, dealing with whatever is just in that moment and try not to worry about the possible additional problems it might be leading to and all that. I feel grateful actually that it’s motivated me to be more active, pray more and connect to the divine more and be able to learn.

    Another aspect that has helped me to cope was that I had a dream where I was going to a new class at school before this occurred, and knowing from Belsebuub’s work and through intuition that it means I’m being taught something new in the school of life, it helps me to know it’s happening for a reason and for my benefit.

  • Sofios that was such an interesting experience and you relayed that feeling and whole scenario so well.

    I very appreciate the learning you gathered from looking at it afterwards, as its not easy to draw learning from what we go through in the physical and in our dreams but your article here puts a light not only on your learning but how you learnt which is helpful for me to reflect on for my own personal experiences.

    Thank you for laying it out so meaningfully! Hope you have many more inspirational dreams to guide you!

  • Very interesting reflexions, Sofios, and with a very ”disarming” message about how to use and face all kind of situations, especially the ones we may don’t like to be exposed. Αs the physical world is our field of action, I see that it’s necessary and quite interesting to ”palpate” and get deeper into our psychology through uncomfortable situations which demand different tactic, view, and patience but also see how this effort is reflected on other dimensions.

    Thank you again for bringing them up through your dream experience.

  • “Getting comfortable with uncomfortable” sounds like quite an important message Sofios, thank you for sharing. Like others, I also seem to have problem when getting stuck in the situations/tasks I feel are just taking my time from more important or worthwhile activities. And if these situations last longer, I tend to get internally frustrated, feeling like I am wasting my time. I think your experience shows that it may not be so important what we actually do, but how we use a situation to understand what’s going on within us, and how to persist through it without constantly desiring to be somewhere else.

    • I can relate a lot to what you mentioned here Lucia, as I’ve also had quite a lot of challenges dealing with frustration over the last few years, particularly due to the restrictions created by ongoing illness. It can be very challenging being aware of how limited time is, but finding it takes significantly longer to complete basic activities. Then a simple thing going wrong can worsen that feeling of frustration, as it’s another obstacle to overcome.

      As you said though, it’s good to have the attitude of using a situation for learning, rather than constantly wishing to be elsewhere. I’ve definitely learnt a lot about these kinds of egos over the last few years and I would say that actually the various challenges have been necessary, as they have given me the opportunities to spot these strong reactions within and work to reduce them. In fact, yesterday I was trying to complete something within a certain time, then spilt something all over the floor. Whereas before, I would have reacted angrily, I’ve gradually learnt to be more detached from situations like that, so was able to clear it up calmly.

      It takes a long time to get right, but we definitely benefit by removing the various attachments we have towards events and circumstances.

  • What a brilliant message; it cuts through the complexity and gets straight to the simplicity.

    Thanks for sharing Sofios.

  • Thanks Everyone for your comments and experiences.
    It seems like you can learn so much from your dreams, if we are paying attention.

  • That’s a really worthwhile message to take out of the dream.

    Some time ago I was consciously trying to approach daily situations with a similar attitude. It came out of reading about the Abyss, where it seemed to me that even the worst situation here seem mild in comparison. The thing that stood out about the abyss at the time was that people spent really long time in situations. I guessed that it was until people learn. Taking that to daily life I tried to learn quicker from situations, which practically meant shedding the ‘I don’t want to be in this situation’ attitude and making the best of what I had by practicing awareness. It sounds like you may have had a similar experience, but from a dream.

    • Yes, that sounds like a good approach Alex. It’s also something I’m trying to develop. Your point about the abyss is also important. It’s better to make learn from siutations here while we still can, rather than to go through prolonged suffering in the abyss.

    • Interesting you mention the Abyss Aleks. Because the attachment to these underlying anxious drives, perhaps like Sofios also describes with that emotional pressure, I feel they really bind us and entrap us in very sickly energies. And where here physically we’re able to have the chance to detach from it (if we make the effort or the situation changes) imagine not being able to ever let go and become conscious of such a binding drive compelling us ever onward… It reminds me of this image (although officially I think it exemplifies something else) of carrying or being caught in a burden, of that energy, without being able to get out. Unable to let go of that stone.

      Not the best description of what I mean, but the point that here physically we’re able to study and change things, which though hard is not impossible. Compared to still being saddled up with those drives in us when we leave this place and not being able to change them anymore is a good reason to take our work upon ourselves seriously.

  • The “…become comfortable with being uncomfortable. ” also stood out to me. That’s a terrific lesson the astral gave you Sofios. Thanks for passing it on.

    That inner change of attitude where we realise and thus properly decide to face unpleasantness of the moment, cutting that emotional rope pull to our future ‘goal’, seems like a great moment. It seems then a lot more learning can start to take place. “If only these flies would buzz off so I can start my planned self-observation practice ” or “Hurrying home with an energy draining anxiety, and through all the hours of need-to-get-it-over-with-everyday tasks, to finally get to the thing we want to do (for which we only have 10 minutes left) haha.” I’m still so guilty of that one :-)!
    But that way of doing things, with that animalistic blind bull drive (even if our goals or planned tasks are spiritual ones) is really not the way, as it’s not about rushing to a goal, so much as changing our ways of travelling. And thus letting the change be born within us from that.

    Btw. It seems to me that not only were you given the teaching in the actions and moments of inner realisation in the dream. But also the dream scenario symbolism itself portays, it seems to me, the same meaning.
    I used to think most of a dream’s set up was due to my subconscious and that only the very obvious symbols/symbolic events were divinely set up. But these specifics of dream set-ups that I often regarded as random or to be generated from my own subconscious actually it seems to me now are almost all put there and have exact symbolic meanings (of course many of the reactions to those scenarios are from egos) Where every element in a dream has a meaning that together comprises a perfectly precise message to us. It’s just that we’re quite blunt interpreters it seems, until we learn that subtle language better and better.

    P.S. maybe you misinterpreted the whole thing, it was actually a preminition warning you that the next time you go you’d be hanging up frames all day. 😀 Just kidding.

    All the best in your dream life and waking life Sofios!

  • Thank you for sharing this, Sofios! That sounds like a really challenging situation to be in. Despite it being a dream, the dedication you made to awareness and self-observation made it very much like an event of the physical world, where you learned a lot. I find those extended, highly realistic dreams fascinating and true goldmines for learning.

    What a wonderful message (even though it’s a bit of a hard truth to face) on needing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s so important that we use the opportunities in daily life, unpleasant as they may sometimes be, for growth. Because that’s really the only way we can take steps forward.

    Great experience there! I feel inspired to take on new challenges!

  • “We need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable” haahaaa looks like that Sofios indeed!
    Even looking for comfort is one of the primary motives of our nature, be uncomfortable is where we are most of the times and we’ld better accept it than run away from it.

    I can also relate to this running after tasks and ticking boxes thing. In my dreams is like I’ll lose a flight or I forget where I put my things.
    But in your case, I think there is also a part of a more personal learning in order to have a breakthrough. And I found this magic happens when I want and practice to have a breakthrough, that in astral also things are changing and becoming more meaningful.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Sofios. I’ve seen the same tendency within myself – to want to fast forward through difficult or unpleasant times, in order to move onto something more enjoyable. But nobody will be able to go through life without facing difficulties, as our physical body can also survive for so long and we will inevitably have to face the suffering that comes with the realisation that we will lose it.

    The tip that you were able to take with you from the dream is simple, but very practical. If we can develop the sense of psychological detachment from events around us, it is far easier to go through difficulties and to use them as opportunities for learning, rather than events to be avoided.

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