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Seeing Dream Premonitions Come True in Real Life

Article submitted by Jenny

I started journaling my dreams after reading Belsebuub’s course material on the subject, and began seeing patterns pretty much straight away. Especially I began taking note of the “flavor” that important dreams have versus the more mundane ones – by important I mean ones with a “message” of sorts, something to take away from that dream.

Initially when realizing something I was seeing in real life was in my dream a few nights before, I used to think it was just what some call a “deja-vu” or simple coincidences of sorts.

After revisiting these journals after a time, I was surprised by just how many scenes from daily life I was seeing in dreams ahead of time somehow.

The discovery felt really exciting, like I was tapping into something big about life that I had no idea about until I started recording those dreams in a journal. I got this distinct feeling that perhaps things in life weren’t necessarily as random as they might otherwise appear to be.

Seeing the smaller premonitions sometimes seemed uneventful, but I’ve seen through this type of analysis that there’s a meaningful, albeit somewhat hidden, side to those as well. But it was the bigger / grander premonitions that really surprised me…

Premonitory Dreams of Catastrophes

I’ve had some premonitory dreams that helped provide insight into real life events and as they were unfolding. This meant I knew how to behave and what kinds of things would be helpful to resolve situations, or in other cases I knew there was nothing to be done instead. I learned to turn to my dreams for guidance.

I also noticed that strangely enough a lot of the premonitions I was seeing were of big events about to affect large numbers of people — large numbers of people I had no immediate connection with in life, that is.

For example, the 2016 Alberta forest fires that happened in Canada was an example of this type of premonition for me. Public image found here
For example, the 2016 Alberta forest fires that happened in Canada was an example of this type of premonition for me. Public image found here

It turned out I’d often dream about natural disasters about to happen. These dreams were usually non-location / time specific, so I would only know what they were really about after the events had passed.

I’d dream of things like powerful tsunami tidal waves, but would have no idea what that dream is foreshadowing exactly until an event like that occurred physically shortly thereafter. Then I would be able to put two and two together, or see something in the event coverage on the news that I’ve seen in my dreams.

For instance, the 2011 tsunami in Japan, which I had weeks of journal entries for. Another example is the 2016 Alberta forest fires, which I dreamed about while the disaster actually struck in a place I had no physical connection to in real life. I was shocked to then see in the news the very events and some unmistakable details I vicariously already lived through via my dreams.

If you describe events like that to a skeptic though (especially the part about only knowing of what the premonition was specific to in hindsight), they’d be easily dismissed. For instance one could say the powerful tsunami dream had nothing to do with the terrible tsunami catastrophe that happened in the following weeks. It could have just been a coincidence…

Yet, my experience studying and analyzing dreams, and keeping journals, has shown me otherwise. I’ve learned to trust my intuition through the experience of being shown so many future events in my dreams. The sheer number of them alone is enough for me to know that so many coincidences are improbable.

In a way, I’ve seen that the study of these types of dreams really helped me feel connected to the global “community” – being able to experience what others are going through is an incredible opportunity to reflect on how symbiotic humanity and the planet are, how fragile life can be, how nothing is ever guaranteed, and how we are all connected  to one another in some way, and how  many things are set in motion from above.

Who knew that that small decision to start studying my dreams more seriously and keeping a journal after picking up those tip and exercises from Belsebuub’s course would turn into such a vast interest in dream meanings, the world, our connection to one another, the significance of a future foretold, and so much more.

While dream premonitions are not actually my main area of study or focus, they have enabled me to see certain aspects about life, “the other side,” “fate,” and more in a way that is incredibly valuable and helpful in other areas of life.

  • I’m in need of some insight. I have been doing this I was a little girl, but I NEVER remember my dreams ever. The very few I do remember always happens. I know you say you wake up and journal your dreams before you have time to forget them. My instance I can’t bc I don’t even remember them right when I wake up. I’m Native American decent on my mother’s side wondering if that has anything to do with it. I’ve never had any dreams about big events just small ones pertaining to me and my family. I do experience deja vu a lot though. Any information would be appreciated.

  • I always had dreams that I still remember even now. Since I was little I had recurring dreams so I started listing as much of my dreams that I can still remember and I noticed that some of my dreams happen at the same place but I don’t meet the same people I saw in that other dream. Some of the dreams I had in the past I also noticed that I dream a continuation of it. One of the weirdest dreams I had was in 2017. I was taking a nap and I had a dream that I was someone I knew who was very close to me. There was an attack by a bridge and a lot of people got hurt I was so scared when I woke up I was sweating and was freaking out. About a day later I was on Facebook and my aunt who lives in London posted that she was safe from the terrorist attack that happened in Westminster. I didn’t even know that my aunt works near where the attack happened all I know is she lives in London. Last week I had another dream that I was babysitting my niece and I was holding another baby and it was a baby boy. About 3 days later I babysat my niece while my cousin went to the doctor for her checkup. I didn’t know that day that she would find out the gender of her baby. When she got home she asked my niece if her sibling is going to be a boy or a girl and I wasn’t paying that much attention when I heard her say its a boy. A lot of my dreams are about catastrophic events some of it hasn’t happened but I noticed some connection to things happening where I am and where I originally came from. Now I list every dream I have even if I think it has a message or not.

    • I just wanted to say I think it’s really good you are writing down your dreams Rhea, and both when it seems important or not. I’ve found that if I consistently do that, I can remember and actually even understand them better, and integrate them better in my mind so to say. It makes me think about them more and want to learn more, which makes me dream more, so it’s a kind of positive feedback loop. My memory is not very good so if I don’t write a dream down as soon as possible, it will be completely gone at the latest in a few days, or the details and the feeling of it will become blurry unless I write them down fresh. Eventually I wouldn’t even remember I had such a dream anymore because the events of every day tend to bury them easily.

      Anyway, wishing you all the best!

      • Yes, I’m the same Laura. I would easily forgot that I ever had most of my dreams if I didn’t write them down soon after I wake up, or at least the same day.

  • I have had this many times and it’s never good. Do you think the “veil” between dimensions is thinner for us, that we have messengers, or something else entirely? I can remember even having premonitions, as a very young child. When I would tell my mom I was afraid, and something bad was going to happen, I was 6ish when she told me that stuff was called dejavu and everything was ok, but a few days latter it would happen. Then the day my father died, he was in Tennessee, I was in Idaho, I suddenly wanted to call him, and when I did he had just left my grandmothers, (he didn’t have a phone at the time) I begged her to send someone after him, which I had never done before, I just knew I had to talk to him! She said he had JUST left to watch football and she refused. I got off the phone in literal tears, for no reason, other than I was so scared something was wrong…. sadly, I didn’t know he had been sick, they all kept it from me, it turned out he never made in fully into his house, he died of a heart attack before he even got the door shut. After I got off the phone that day, I went to the stoop and wept, sobbed, when my neighbor came home she asked what was wrong, and for NO REASON, I blurted out, “I’m afraid my dad is dead!” She asked if he had been sick, I said not that I knew of, she asked why I thought that, I said I didn’t know, that I just FELT it. She invited me inside to cry… because she knew I was abused, and had no one else to turn to for support, lol, She later told me she really thought I was high. Haha. I wasn’t. But at the moment I told her that, my father was actually laying in his floor dying. They called me at school, pulled me from math class, two days later, telling me he was found dead, they (FINALLY) went to check on him that morning AFTER 2 DAYS. I have had other such experiences, like when Susan Smith drowned her sons, I asked “God” to show me where they were, (we all thought they were still alive then), my dream was about a river or lake not far from a highway, freeway or overpass. I couldn’t see the car or the boys, just an area where people could back their boats into the water. I thought it was just a lame answer, UNTIL they found them the next day, and I hoped to never have another dream like that again.
    I still dream about people’s deaths, ahead of time. Unfortunately these dreams are usually mixed up a bit, so I can never actually help, I will dream one great aunt is going to die, but it will be a different one, I dream one former best friend’s little brother is going to be murdered, in a parking lot of a gas station….but it was another former friends little brother that was murdered, in a parking lot of a gas station…..
    I just would love to have a SCIENTIFIC theory to possibly explain it logically. There is this theory called the Einstein’s Quantum Entanglement Theory, that I’m very taken with: https://www.livescience.com/28550-how-quantum-entanglement-works-infographic.html
    It’s where they found that a split atom is still somehow connected to its other half, via an electrical stream? I’m simplifying, and possibly not well, but I’ve wondered if perhaps “we” are all split from “God” and are perhaps linked back to him via a type of “quantum entanglement” situation, which is how we feel his spirit, he receives our prayers, and how/why we “see the light tunnel” we supposedly travel through, when we die… like because of the “electrical” type connection. Does ANYONE think this is possible? Does anyone else think physics could hold the big spiritual answers? Does anyone else have any theories on how our “spirits” travel, communicate, receive messages, and return to our creator?? Maybe it isn’t even important HOW, and I’m just fixating on it because I’m currently feeling lost and adrift. I’ve outlived my dad by 4 years, and feel like I’m on borrowed time? My dad’s family usually die very early and I’m 49 now, I’ve outlived him and most of his brothers and one sister… maybe this feeling that things are imminent, if I don’t escape from my current situation is causing me to feel this need to find possible answers, find a kindred spirit or something.

    • I’m sorry to read about the circumstances in which you lost your father Rhonda. It must have been a very hard time for you, especially as you had the feeling that something would happen soon. The other dreams you mentioned must have also been impactful for you.

      Regarding genetic inheritence, which you mentioned, I’ve also had concerns about developing illnesses that other family members have been affected by. But I was encouraged to learn more about the field of epigenetics, which emphasises the influence of environmental factors, such as diet, stress, toxic exposure etc., in activating or deactivating certain genes.

      Regarding time, I feel it’s important to appreciate its preciousness, as it’s so easy to not use it wisely. But I’ve also found that feeling time is passing more rapidly than I would like can also create feelings of anxiety. So I try to use my time well, while recognising that there are only so many hours in each day to achieve the goals I have.

      I hope your journey will lead you to find some of the answers your searching for. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • I was asleep and woke.up.at the bottom of my.bed for the first time ever police was banging down my.door at 5 in morning telling me my mum was ill. Previous to.thay crows were hanging about and a neighbour pointed it out . But to cut a long story short my.mum died then again woke up bottom of the bed told my partner something bad happened he’s like don’t be daft or paranoid. So later on that day he gets a fone call from his mum tellin him.his step dad fell.aslepp at the wheel and crashed his car . Now I’m not pychic or anything but my dreams mean somethi g like i had a dream that I was in a public toilet and it was flooded with pre I mean I was smelling this in my dream next night my daughter peed the bed I freak myself.out

    • Hi Nicola

      I know for myself that sometimes its difficult to pinpoint the meaning of a dream experience due to the symbolic nature of dreams but it does help to quietly reflect on them and to get a feeling about the dream rather then thinking out a meaning. Other times I see their meaning over time when I look back on my dreams and can see what they meant, sometimes even after the situation has taken place which has helped me to understand the symbolic language of dreams so that I can understand future dreams.

      I wish you all the best in learning about and understanding your dreams.

      • That’s a good reminder about looking back on past dreams Layla. It’s something that I don’t do often enough.

        I also have still have difficulties interpreting my dreams, so it would be useful to reflect back on my dream journals, in order to gain new insights that I had previously missed.

        • Yes I’ve been surprised to see the understanding that has come from going over past dreams, not only about other aspects of the dream’s meaning but also saw what certain things/symbols/placements etc mean that I didn’t understand at that time.

          • That’s very good to hear Layla. It sounds like a very worthwhile exercise, but it’s something I forgot about too easily. Thanks again for the reminder!

  • I feel like I’m a grim ripper. I dreamt of people that I know died (6 of them) and it happened in real life. Seeing them dead in my dreams and happens real are really scary. what does it mean? i c

    • Hi Angel, I’m not sure really. One of my friend from childhood had many similar experiences that you have, though it wasn’t always accurate in terms of ‘exact’ timing, as she once called me to check on me as she had dreamed I had died the night before. That was over 10 years ago. I know one day she will be right of course, so I try to make use of the time I have here until then to be spiritually beneficial.

      • That’s interesting to hear Geraldine. I can imagine it must have been concerning to hear that from your friend, but the fact that it was over 10 years ago gives some reassurance.

        I’ve also dreamt of certain people dying over the years, which still didn’t come true. So it’s also possible that some of these types of dreams are not always premonitions of future events, but could be symbolic, or just from the subconsious.

        Having said that, I wonder in the case of actual premonitions if certain events can be altered, by the actions of a person in changing their direction in life and thus removing some of the mechanisms in place from karma. In the case of an illness or accident, it’s possible that our own actions could prevent it from becoming serious or even fatal.

        The point you made about using our time here in a spiritually beneficial way is very important. None of us really know how long we have left, but if we can use our time in the best way possible, in order to change ourselves, then we have a chance of creating new circumstances and opportunities in our lives, which may otherwise have not existed.

    • I understand, and you aren’t alone. I have the same thing. If you know they are sick, it could just be that your subconscious is trying to prepare you for the blow that is coming, if not it could be that perhaps the universe is offering you time to prepare, or if you so desire, assist them. It doesn’t really feel much like a “gift” if you are like me. It’s hard on me emotionally, I usually feel I have failed my “dream people”, and it’s hard. Do you feel that way, or do you feel it’s giving you time to prepare yourself, or them? I think, perhaps when you have these dreams, it might help you feel better if you have a small notebook, with a prepared question list to go through. Things like,
      what does this person mean to me?
      How did I feel in the dream, about their passing?
      Do I feel this is a gift to them, or would this be an untimely death?
      Do I feel like I should reach out to them?
      Do I need to help them in some way, physically, spiritually, to mend a relationship, or to make sure they feel loved and supported in their last days? Should I gently hint to their children they should make a special effort to spend time with them very soon?
      It could help you focus in on the why of the “early warning”, and offer you a peaceful feeling, when they do pass. I know, after the way my father died, I have always hated the idea that I or ANYONE in my life might die alone. I’m a nurse, and have sat by many bedsides, after my 12 hour shift had ended, waiting/HOPING for some family to come be with them, so they didn’t have to pass, feeling forgotten, unimportant or unloved. No one should die alone. Perhaps you are meant to have the blessing of being their angle. I hope this might help you find meaning and peace, in the glimpses you receive, when the veil/dimensions thin or part for you. I send you my blessings, for what they are worth. From one dream walker, to another.

  • who would i talk to about dreams i have had since i can remember. these dreams i have are always of something bad and they always come true. the worse one i had was of my mom dying in her bed at home. when i realized it was happening i tried to change it by getting her checked into a hospital. turned out i only bought her 2 weeks. she still died. that dream about her dying was 9 months before it actually came true. every time i see something from a dream happen. i start looking for something bad to happen. who do i talk to about doing something about dreaming of bad things happening and then it actually happen?

    • Hi Ray, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s passing, as it must have been a very sad, difficult and confronting experience.
      I’m sorry but I don’t know / have the answer to your question. All the best.

  • I had a dream about my ex that he had die but i dont like him in dont talh to him the same tattoo that he has on his face is the same tatoo he got now i dont no how to warn him i also been hearing this small sweet voice that comes to periodically like once when i was 12 iamost drown in this voice spoke to me in told me to paddle up

  • ok so quick answer do you get sick like physically sic when they happen like your body feels funny your heart throat its so hard to describe please let me know thanks

    • Hi a,
      TBH I’m not sure what you are referring to in your question? If by ‘they’ you mean dream premonitions, they are like any other dreams, except that the dream predicts something of the future, and it’s just like any other dream that you remember when you wake up. Dreams can be more vivid and clearer than other dreams, for example, and some can be remembered much better than others. It’s also possible to wake up from a dream with a certain emotion related to it, such as joy/elation (flying in dreams usually give that feeling) or fear such as from having a nightmare. From what I’ve noticed about my dreams, dream content and the feeling I may notice when I first wake up are very much more related than whether or not it was a ‘dream premonition’.

  • I had a dream one of those vivid dreams you remember every little detail. In my dream like watching a movie, I saw a folded letter it was pink paper with blue lines, scented with perfume and when the letter was opened a picture fell out. The next day I woke remembering every detail. I was outside sitting on the deck my Ex husband came out said he was going to his dads, which was odd but not out of ?. He closed the door and I heard plain as day “follow him” I dismissed it immediately then louder “follow him” now I’m like ok wtf..now it yells “follow him” I got up grabbed my keys , started to back out saw he was still waiting to turn, except he went opposite direction of dads. I followed behind but inside I knew where he was going his office. Once there let him do his thing n parked behind him, he came out of office, stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. I’m like dads huh..you got something to hide? Take me inside prove it. Well I was on last desk draw saw a tiny corner of pink paper..ah a post it I thought, dug it out , my Skin was instant goosebumps as I was looking at my dream, a folded letter pink with blue lines scented with perfume, I looked at my ex and said if a picture falls out your ass better Run, a picture fell out, it was a photo of his new love! By the way the voice that yelled at me sounded like my deceased grandma. Every time I think of this Goosebumps. I’ve had dreams, numbers 911 a lot last 2 years mainly, the dream 2003. All very true, And yes I divorced him.

  • Since I was a kid, i had lots of dejavu. My dejavu is that I had a dream, then after months, the dream/event will happen and I will suddenly realize that I had dreamt about it before. This dejavu is not predicting about any event but a dream about me being in that certain scenario. For example, I dreamt about me in the class being asked by the professor during recitation about a particular question. When this happened in real life, i felt like I dreamt about this before and that he already asked me the same question, and I realized that my dream is happening right now. So instead of answering his questions, i was just in awe and I knew what will happen next — the prof explaining the answer — and I just felt very happy at that time because I had a Dejavu.

    There are times that it happens at least twice every month. But most of the time it happens once every 2-5 months.

    I just want to find clarifications and I want to utilize this gift. Maybe this will help me reach enlightenment.

    • It appears you have something very special there Chester.

      It could well be worth investigating it’s origins and how you managed to gain such a wonderful gift.

      I wish you all the best in your quest for enlightenment.

    • I would encourage you to look into the multiple dimensions theory, I’m my past experience like this, I have finally come to believe that perhaps I am approaching an important crossroads, where my destiny is going to be affected. Some people theorize that time travel could not cause the much talked about paradoxes, because their are limitless numbers of dimensions where different decisions would simply spit you into a different version of the previous reality. Perhaps it’s a off the was idea, but the more I learn about physics, the more I realize my theories, I came up with before I knew anything about physics, have lovely people wondering about the same things. It is as good an explanation as any I have. When these things begin to prepare you, by providing an uneasy feeling or offering you dejavu, I think perhaps you should take the time to analyze the crossroads you may be approaching in your life: have you been contomplating going back to school, changing jobs, having a shild, making an envestment, is someone in your life giving you an uneasy feeling? Make a list of the important things you have felt a prompting to assess, or change, and unemotionally assess the choices, them emotionally assess the choices. Find the thing that make the uneasy pit In your chest disappear. If you can set your sound at peace, you are probably going to find the path you are SUPPOSED to be taking and hopefully the unsettling dejavu feeling will disappear. It’s just an idea. Good luck

  • I found this website in search to understand what I have been experiencing more and more in my life as I get older and can fully notice and understand. As a child I was told it was déjà vu and would have many dreams. I have dreamt of many close friends that they were pregnant and before they even knew they were. I dreamt of my friends dad getting hurt and going to the hospital before it happened. I am now 35 and recently just the other day had a dream of a cougar coming out of a forest and chasing my son and I. Sometimes the dream a a meaning behind that I learn from but the day after this dream someone in my town had spotted a cougar coming out of forest and ran in front of their car. Cougars don’t live in our area anymore and would be extremely rare to see. I have many random dreams as well but once and while they come true and directly relate to my life or close people in my life. Sometimes I feel so tired as I feel like I dream all night long and it drains me. I have full detailed dreams that could be made into movies. I dream also of a lot of people I’ve never seen in my waking life. I am an extremely compassionate, empathetic and caring type of person that seems to sense peoples feelings and can feel what others feel easy. I’m happy to learn more about this and to better understand what it is and so that I can control it or just feel less stressed about it. It happens in my waking days sometimes as I’ll say something out loud and then it happens. I have like a six sense about something and then it happens moments later.

    • Thanks for sharing these dream premonitions Rachel. Your friends must have been surprised that you dreamt of them being pregnant before they even knew it themselves. The premonitions of your friend being injured and the rare sighting of the cougar are also interesting.

      Regarding the tiredness after dreaming, I’m not a researcher myself, but as far as I know, everyone dreams throughout the night anyway, it’s just that most people don’t remember the deeper stages of sleep, whereas we tend to find it easier to remember dreams during the REM stage of sleep. But researchers found that people reported having dream recall during other sleep stages too, when their brain activity was monitored.

      It sounds like you have a very vivid dream life, which also gives you a great opportunity to learn more about how your psyche works. You might find this page of the website interesting, which gives a lot of useful points about learning from dreams and out-of-body experiences: https://mydreamguidance.com/belsebuub-quotes/

      I hope those resources will help you in gaining more understanding from your dream experiences and wish you every success!

    • Hey Rachel,

      Sounds like you could learn a lot from your dreams! It’s great that you have a natural ability to tap into information about future events – or, be given insights, another way to see it – and can sense things through intuition or a ‘sixth sense’. I grew up with this feeling and experiences too, and with a wild dream life, and it really pushed me to search for more than the common atheistic-paradigm explanations that I was given. But it can be tiring and I think it is important to know how to process/digest all these experiences, or at least to work to attempt to, so it doesn’t become a source of stress but a source of wonder and inspiration.
      Have you tried reflecting on your dreams in the morning? And reflecting on your day in the evening? I’ve found this to be a great internal anchor, and it naturally becomes a dialogue/prayer to the divine and a balancing process. It also helps to stabilize things internally I’ve found, so I feel like I can pick up a thread of teaching/learning within the experiences in my day and in my dreams, so become more aware within it. Plus it can calm the mind and calm the dreams too, making them less chaotic.
      There’s so much magic and mystery in dreams, I hope you can find a way to let your experiences lift you up and not drain you.

    • I can identify with you Rachel I told my daughter she was pregnant before she even knew herself after dreaming of her coming into my bedroom hunched over rubbing her belly to tell me she’s in laubour and ready to go the hospital. The actual event happened excatally how it did in my dream. I knew it wasn’t jist a dream it’s detailed and stands out in your mind unlike dreams can be distorted or senseless… also both my nieces first experience when she rang me to talk about something unrelated to pregnancy and in mid conversation I interrupted her saying your pregnant out loud. She went silent I apologise for interrupting and she was flabbergasted told me she had literally just done a pregnancy test but hadn’t had the chance yet to tell anyone… I cannot explain why that taught came to my mind. my other niece was stick tin when I met her out shopping and again I cant explain how or why i visioned a baby in her stomach like what you would see on a diagram. She obviously laughed at the idea of me telling her she’s pregnant. I have a very strong 6th sense can be sometimes scary I used to choose to ignore it however I now always acknowlage it and follow my gut…

  • How is it possible,that dream comes in real life.from childhood to till now i my dream comes in real life .i told to my mom and my friend but they cant believe me. i dont know wat happen to me…

    • That’s interesting Bshor. It sounds like you may have been experiencing dream premonitions too. I wonder if there is something that you can learn from these experiences, which is relevant to your daily life?

    • Hi Bshor,

      Some say that the events that happen in our life here, that these events first happen in higher dimensions.

      Many people nowadays believe dreams only occur in inside our brain, and yes when we go to sleep our physical body stays in bed. But ‘we’, without our physical body, actually go into a higher dimension that people have called the astral plane/dream world/5th dimension.

      Here in this other higher dimension we experience our dreams. Many dream situations there and our reactions to them come from our own subconscious. But not everything we experience there is from our own thoughts and emotions. It is also possible to see things which are really there in that other dimension. And if, like I mentioned, events first happen in this higher dimension then we might be able to witness something which will take place later in physical life. For example you might dream of meeting a person you haven’t seen in years and when you wake up you might run into them that same afternoon.

      Another thing that influences our dreams are divine beings, or our own higher divine being. They can set up the dreams that we have, from which we can learn a lot. Among the dreams they set up for us, and that we live through, there can be premonitions of future events too.

      (If I understand correctly what you describe what’s been happening to you) then in short you seem to be well in tune with picking up these real events as they happen first in the astral dimension, and are able to remember them when you wake up. Events that become a reality in physical life later.

      Although truly an amazing thing (for many reasons) premonitions from dreams are actually a pretty common thing to happen to people. If you like you can read more experiences of them here

      It’s hard sometimes for other people who don’t have these same experiences to understand them. So I would say don’t worry too much if others don’t believe you, but rather try to explore things yourself. Wishing you all the best with that! 🙂

      • Karim , do you believe we can then change the future after knowing what happens ahead of time? I always wondered this but was not sure of proof personally.


        • Hi Rachel,

          I think that sometimes we can. But sometimes we can’t (or are extremely unlikely to.)

          For me many times I get shown things that will happen the next day, most often this is related to my inner learning (more on that here.) Sometimes knowing about a ‘bad direction’ ahead of time I can then work against it, trying very hard, and this can change what would’ve otherwise transpired.
          Sometimes, even when knowing, and even when trying my best, the thing or situation still happens exactly as foretold.

          Apart from being let in on these short-term daily foresights. Sometimes there are also dreams related to things months in advance. But the same has applied for me. Sometimes I’ve been shown these things as a strong warning saying: ‘if you don’t change things now things will head in that direction!’ And this warning dream is then likely to reoccur too, to hopefully help me to make that change and do something about it. (Though once for example I didn’t understand, didn’t manage, and eventually time was up and these very difficult things happened.)
          At other times some longer term premonitions, about particular difficult times ahead for example, I know are not meant to be changed because they need to happen for a reason. But then they’re still useful for me to know they’re coming up.

          We can also be shown greater premonitions related to events in the world and its future, a bit like this article mentions. I don’t think we can easily do much to alter such great causal mechanisms in action.

          There’s also positive future directions we can be shown about our lives of course :-)! These can serve to give hope and can help support us to keep going.

          All of these to me are the type I feel we are shown by higher forces. But like I mentioned to Bshor above, there also seem to be the type of seeing events happen in dreams before they do here. Like looking ahead a day (or more) of events that are already in waiting. Happening there first in the astral dimension before materialising here in everyday life. Such as: knowing about the pregnant friend, a colleague coming back to the company after being away, knowing a friend will contact you that day on a particular specific subject, something in the news etc.
          Personally I haven’t really felt much desire to try see my influence upon those things. They’ll mostly just happen.

          Your question is intriguing though. Because there have been plenty occasions for me when I’ve been shown something unpleasant would happen the following day. So what I’d do (so smart 😉 ) is to try to do everything differently than I would’ve normally to hopefully not let that happen. But on one specific occasion for example (accidentally causing some property damage at work) it still happened!
          So I wondered if I hadn’t switched to my second approach if it would’ve still taken place. Basically did those higher forces which showed me this premonition already take into account that I was going to do things differently?? Things start to become quite mind bending from there on…. like a sci-fi scenario. But I’ve found it wise to just ‘be cool’ and do my best, listening to intuition and common sense.

          I don’t want to make this comment even longer. But along with your question whether we can change things it has also made me wonder about ‘what is the reason/purpose’ for seeing things ahead of time. It seems to me that in many case it’s for the purpose of our learning, or to best help us approach future scenarios. Another thing I saw is that we as people, and how we go through our day and life, are so much more mechanical and predictable than I thought.

          Makes you wonder as well how much is predestined to happen.

          Wishing you all the best Rachel 🙂

  • As a kid, I used to dream and sometime later, the dream used to happen. I remember telling my mother that I am seeing the same thing twice. Sometimes thrice. Years later, My maternal uncle was supposed to visit us and I refused to leave my mother and go to college, for I felt something wrong is happening. Well, he died in a road accident. The night before, I had nightmares. I could not connect them till he died. In one of the dreams, my maternal grandmother was serving food to my first two maternal uncles only.
    After 4 months, I had a dream that I received a call about my maternal grandmother’s demise. Exactly on third day, I happened to receive the same call. This time, when I had the dream, I told my mother and when it happened. she believed me.
    After that, there were many incidents where I was told directly about what is happening in the next 2 to 3 days. some were indirect.
    The above was in 1995/96. recently, 4 years back, my cousin was suffering and everyone were worried. I had a dream of a porcelain statue of a religious figure breaking into pieces. The religious figure is whom my cousin used to revere and follow. again, 3rd day, she died.
    Its not just deaths. I am living thousands of miles away from my parents and relatives. Still, if anyone falls sick or seriously ill , I would know. There is a talk in our house that anyone can hide anything from others, but not from me.
    when I meet a new person, their emotions effect me. I can easily recognize if they are ill, or sad or pregnant, even the gender, in-spite of me not knowing their details. Sometimes, when I need to know something, I get pointers to it. Above all, the people around me affect me so much that I fall sick frequently if there is sickness around me or negative attitude.
    I try to keep positive vibes around me. otherwise, I am the most sick person. I avoid public places and parties as much as possible. I go to any place only if I am sure I will excited. Otherwise, at the eod, I feel like someone sucked away all my energy.
    Once while we were renting an apartment, I happened to see a crying lady in our bedroom. we just got married and we were having issues in having a good relationship. I searched the place and found some items left by old tenant. I removed them, did some prayers and checked about the earlier tenants. it turned out that there used to be a lady there who left suddenly and no one could live there in that apartment for long till we came along.
    I came here while searching for premonitions and how to tackle them, and am glad to know that I am not a weirdo as some define me. its not just dreams, its a combination of dreams and vibes that make me nervous sometimes. Well, I found a way to keep my cool by frequently changing my hobbies.

    • Doesn’t sound like a weirdo to me! Sound like some psyche abilities of yours are more awake than others.

      If you don’t want to just incorporate this into your life like a physical difference and just live with it, you can look deeper and use it for the good of humanity. That’s an option 😉

      Thanks for sharing it.

  • I dreamed I were in a house and I was talking to my son and asking him who’s house are we in and who is the people in the pictures on the Walls, is this our house where are we ? Then I heard voices and I seen through the sliding glass doors two men walking pass the outside deck with hunting clothes and rifles then I said omg I don’t think this is our house and I said we need to hide and the person in the pic on the wall was same as the man outside talking, so then now I’m awake from my dream and in reality a few months later I speak to a man on the phone and we was talking about a job for me for him to hire me and his voice was so familiar well I was hired and trained by another person and never met the man who hired me until few months later after that well then that makes is six months after my dream I had of being in a unknown house , I finally met the man 6 months after my dream the man that hired me spoke to me in person I kept staring at him and he kept staring at me and I kept saying you look so familiar even your voice on the phone it was as if I already knew you , one day after that we was invited to his house me and my son was invited so we went and when we walked in I almost fainted over the fact that the inside of the house was the same as the house in my dream and the pictures of the man on his wall the man that hired me is the man who owned the house the man who hired me I dreamt him six months before I ever met him , I no longer work with him we decided we don’t work well together but we make very good friends we get along very well and he has been my best friend for the pass five years I’m still in shock over dreaming him six months before I met him , I’ve had plenty more dreams in the past five years of him as in I see our story before our story happens , this is the biggest dream I’ve ever had this is the only time I’ve dreamt a person and then met them and become their good friend

    • That’s quite interesting Stacey, I was wondering if maybe you had some connections from the past lives? Anyway, just an idea. 🙂
      Otherwise I heard that things manifest first in higher dimensions (including the astral plane) before cascading down to the physical, so maybe you were able to tap into this particular event as it was happening over there, before it fully manifested here.

  • I’ve had these premonition dreams since I was a kid. The first dream I can remember I was about 10 years old. I dreamed a car had crashed near my grandmother house and the person was thrown from the car but alive. I then learned that my older cousin had got into a terrible accident that night and died at the hospital. My latest dreams one was where I dreamed my boyfriend who’s a truck called me on the phone to tell me he had a accident and was on his way to the hospital. I then wake up to s text that he was driving on the highway and hit a deer! I also recently dreamed my daughter had a scratch in a certain place that started to bleed and few days later scratch in that same area that was bleeding! Wish there was more i could learn about these premonition dreams..

    • Those sound like strong premonitions Brianna. Thanks for sharing those examples and sorry to hear about you losing your cousin.
      I hope you can learn more about these premonitions and how they connect with your life.

  • I’ve had many dreams and feelings since I was a young child. I couldn’t ever put it together til I was a little older.
    I had a dream about my best friend and her boyfriend once when I stayed the night and I woke up, told her what I saw and what he said and it was a few months later it happened, she was so freaked out. She believed me, but nobody else did til I told my brother about a dream that was so odd. I walked into a new building, and the room is dark, I turn on the light and it’s a bright white walls, above the light switch was written on the wall “Someone was here” then I was laying down eyes closed then I opened them looking up and seen the same words again above me! That summer I went to Church camp, we had to pick our sleeping partners before hand so I had that best friend as mine, we walk into the build, I need to use the bathroom, I walk in and turn on the light and there was the words about the light switch! She picked top bunk and SHE PICKED our bunk while I was in the restroom, and I go to throw my stuff under the bed, and jump into my bed, open my eyes and written under her bunk bed was “Someone was here” I freaked out and ran to find my brother.

    Years later, my boyfriend which is now my husband had an ex of 2 years, I never met her, I knew little about her and I woke up during the night from having a dream about her wanting to get back together with him, I felt how real it was and he laughed me off. Told me I was crazy and I had nothing to worry about. ONE WEEK LATER SHE finds me on Facebook! Come to find out she wanted to know if he still had feelings for her and wanted to get back together. Ever SINCE then my husband doesn’t doubt me, he even says “Did you have a dream?” When I figure out something.

    • That’s very interesting Reckell about all those premonition dreams you have been having. To me, it looks like you must have a very good connection to the other dimensions to get all that objective information. With this natural gift, it should be very easy for you to learn to astral project to get more information on spiritual self-knowledge. Wishing you all the best and the Divine guidance on your journey!

    • Thanks for sharing those premonition dreams Reckell, so amazing how they came true :-)!!!

      It’s incredible how such things can be known (somehow?) so precisely and so far in advance. It would be great if more people tuned into their dreams I think, so worthwhile, because they can be a great source of information. Nice as well, I have to say, how your experiences were able to show your husband the reality of such things.

      Wishing you many more premonitions and informative dreams in the future.

    • Thanks for sharing those examples Reckell. Connecting those dreams to real events in daily life must have come as quite a surprise. It’s interesting that it helped to make your husband think more deeply about the situations too.

  • I don’t think I’ve always had it but I have about 6 dreams in the past 2 years that are very closely linked to whats happened that its hard to ignore.
    For example I dreamt my grampa couldnt breathe and i had to rescussitate him, thankfully it was successful but then just 12 hours later I learnt he had kidney failure, I am hoping that he will be treated successfully.
    I somehow wonder if my two miscarriages are now my guardian angels and perhaps just helping me deal with certain events?

    • Hi Sharee,
      I’m truly sorry to hear about all that you have gone through already, what you describe are very difficult and sad situations to have to face and overcome. I hope as well that your grandpa will be treated successfully and make a full recovery.
      Best wishes

      • Hi Sharee,

        I’m also sorry to hear about your family difficulties and hope your Grandpa will receive the treatment he needs, in order to make a recovery.

        It must have been very difficult to deal with the two miscarriages and I’m sorry for your loss.

  • Have any of you had a tough time dealing with the fact that you pretty much know exactly what is going to happen, just not when or where it’s going to happen? Do you feel guilty when you see on the news something that you had exactly dreamed about? Even to the point where you think you actually saw that headline a week ago and this is a replay?

    • Hi Vince,

      For me personally, any premonitions I’ve had they were all very personal, and not something to do that’d be related to world events or in the news. For example when I was a kid, I’d dreamed about something happening at school, and I’d remember pieces of it, either when I’d wake up or I’d realize I had a dream about it, like a deja-vu feeling, when it happened.

      At times, it would happen the night before the event but other times it took several years for a dream to be ‘re-created’ in the physical, with having that sense of deja-vu happening at the same time. And many times these were helpful or very ordinary premonitions.

      But what I’ve taken from these is that if I can know something in the future on some levels, then it just shows there is so much more to life than what I see simply with my eyes when I’m awake. And these type of dreams have helped me trust my dreams more and to pay more attention to them as well as it’s shown me that my dreams are not all just random and something ‘made-up’ – which is sensational, as it was just another proof to me that we are so much more than these physical bodies.

      • There is a story, a story I read a long time ago in a book (when the Internet wasn’t around), but when I googled for it recently, no match came up. This story involves a British woman who was having her breakfast at her home in England one day, sometime in 1973 or 1974. A newsflash appears on her TV. The presenter of this newsflash says that an industrial accident has taken place at a town in England and there are many casualties of the fire that resulted from the accident. The woman is shocked to hear of the accident and promptly phones her best friend. Her best friend says to her that she has had HER TV on all morning but there’s been no announcement of an industrial fire whatsoever (given the scale of the disaster, EVERY channel would have been covering it). The woman and her friend then hang up and go about their morning chores. Seven hours later, at around 3 pm, an industrial fire DOES take place in the very town the woman had heard on the TV. Because the woman had phoned her friend in the morning to tell her about the news (about something that hadn’t happened yet), there was now a solid witness who could testify about what her friend had seen on TV that morning. In other words, this is a case of a woman who saw something on TV that would happen 7 hours into the future, and has a witness (albeit her best friend) to back up her claim. I just wish I can locate this story on the Internet, but I can’t.

  • Kindly interpret my dream. I dreamed i died. I can see my body in the coffin but i can’t accept it. I was crying until i saw mu aunt, who is still alive and saying i don’t want yet to die, i can’t accept it and she told embraced telling that i need to accept it. Is my dream telling me that i will have an imminent death or it was just a symbolic interpretation that i don’t want to be failed in my upcoming board exam this september? Pls help me to interpret my dreams. Thank you.

    • Hi Jansen,
      Thanks for sharing your dream experience. Unfortunately it’s very hard to interpret other people’s dreams, as dreams are very personal and their interpretation really depends on the dreamer’s intuitive feelings for them. If you have a read of people’s experiences though here, you’ll see that there are many types of dreams, and that on many occasions, symbols that are shown in dreams may not be as straightforward as A = A, but they carry a deeper meaning nonetheless about people’s situation in life. For example, nightmares don’t become real but the fear within a nightmare may relate to a particular worry in real life and that worry was represented much more strongly in the dream resulting in a nightmare.

    • Hi Jansen,

      Similar to what Geraldine mentioned it is very hard to interpret other people’s dreams accurately and with certainty. Although there is a common general language of symbols utilised over there, a big part of the meaning (and what it relates to) is also carried through in the feeling/understanding/experience of it when you have it. To name one example: I’ve had times where I dreamt of my house being full of people and knew what this meant and that it wasn’t a positive sign. At another time I dreamt of my house being full of people and I knew what it meant and that it had a positive meaning. If I were to ask someone: what does it mean when I dream of my house being full of people? They could probably at best only give the general meaning of that symbol.

      With your dream for example a number of possible meanings came up in my head of similar symbolic dreams I’ve had myself in the past. So how would I know which interpretations would be right? Death could refer to something ending, but what? is it a certain attachment within us to something or a way of life we had before that is now going to change and we have trouble letting go of? Or perhaps it is a dream that is set up for you to start teaching you a bit more about how physical life is temporary? Perhaps it is a dream scenario that came about due to your own emotions during the day, for example when seeing a film about death and loss, and these emotions created that scenario in the dream world? And other meanings could also be drawn up.
      I wouldn’t know which interpretation would be the right one, neither what it would refer to specifically in your life.

      Even though it might not be what would be most easy to hear, but in order to know what our dreams mean we need to be able to learn how to interpret them ourselves. As we study our dreams and learn more of that language there we start to understand more of our symbolic dreams.

      I think it’s great you’re trying to find out about this dream you had btw. I would also like to tell you that it’s something you can get more information about through further dreams. So see if this dream repeats, perhaps in slightly different ways or with more details, and try to find out more. I would also recommend having a read of the other articles on this site if you haven’t already. Like this one and this one, and this one too.

      All the best Jansen and take care.

  • Thank you Jenny, for breaking down all those cases with your experiences with the dream world.
    ” I learned to turn to my dreams for guidance.” I think that’s a great and most significant lesson someone can have in order to look carefully into their dreams and go beyond them.
    I was “blind” for so many years that now I appreciate so much that I can remember some of my dreams and be able to go beyond with OBEs. Thanks to Belsebuub’s work a vast space is out there waiting to be explored.

    How to interpret dreams and use possible premonitions is an issue. And for myself, as you said is after the dream events have passed when I realise what had been sawn to me.
    Maybe because during my daily life the physical world and the dream world have a big distance between them when actually they are at the same place.

  • I found this very interesting to read Jenny. As you mentioned, it’s easy to brush off minor premonitions as being coincidental, but when they keep happening, the statistical chance of each of them occurring in combination reduces significantly. I think the biggest indicator that these were more than just chance events was the premonition you described of the Alberta forest fires. Again, we can rationalise non-specific premonitions of a disaster as being coincidental – such as those of the tsunami – but when the details are so specific, it becomes statistically improbable that it’s just due to chance.

    I can also understand what you mentioned about increasing empathy towards others who seem unconnected to our own lives, as a result of those premonitions. If we just see something on the TV news, it’s easier to remain disconnected from the suffering of others. But when we experience something close-up for ourselves, the reality of the situation can hit home. In your case, you effectively witnessed those disasters first hand (albeit from the dream world), which gives a very different kind of understanding of the fragility of our environment and of our own lives.

    • Absolutely. I think also learning to keep a dream journal was really important — I hadn’t realized the extent of the patterns and repetition until looking over things en mass searching for something. It was an unexpected outcome of taking up the suggestion of keeping a journal.

  • Interesting Jenny – there are so many examples of people having premonitions, but I like what you say about us being part of a global community. Having premonitions seems to be one of the most common ‘mystical’ experiences of otherwise atheist people. Often the unfolding of the event after a dream is just too stark for them to deny to themselves.

    It was also persistent mini-predictions through dreams that helped lead me towards a realisation that they were much more than just my mind filing memories.

    • I know — I remember thinking, why on earth would I be dreaming about my hair brush going missing, or bumping into a neighbor, etc. But the little, seemingly “insignificant” premonitions turned out to be full of meaning — just not of a kind I initially expected 🙂

  • It is quite amazing to me, that you had dreams like that. I’ve had some premonitions in my dreams that I only remembered after the event had happened. But I’ve often had this feeling that my life is already planned out. Like I’m just playing a part, and a lot of things are already decided.

    • I feel like premonitions definitely broaden that perspective of mapped out events in life that you are acting along in. At times though I’ve seen as well in the dreams that I was shown how to act to not be a part of the event or how to handle something upcoming — this seemed to me like a clue that even though things can be “mapped out”, the map might not be always be as solid as you’d think, and there’s room for changing circumstances too and guidance available on how to do that.

  • Very interesting Jenny! I used to have dream premonition as a child and teenager quite often, and always in connection with what would happen to me the next day – I thought it was the norm. I remember in high school, before a big test, I would be shown in my dreams what part of the test would be about – but I did not take it seriously, thinking it was just my brain over-worrying or something. Until one day I decided to use that information to review the subject,and not only was the information in my dreams totally accurate, I got a better grade because of that 🙂 I was shocked to realize that I had been able to use information from the other side and apply in the 3-d world… How was it even possible?

    What are truly the role of dreams? It obviously is not just the brain re-ordering the events of the day to form theory – since the future is predicted – then what does it all mean? Thanks Jenny for sharing this experience – really makes me reflect on the bigger picture of things.

    • So interesting how many people actually have premonitions of the future in their sleep, isn’t it? I mean I didn’t even realize that until I started really paying attention to mine — I imagine many more people probably have them without realizing too.

    • What a life we are living if everything we live is predetermined, and the fact that so many people have premonitions is living proof of how little control one has to the future that is already written. It certainly sheds light not only on how much the lives of our humanity are stringed together towards a predetermined destiny, but that our own individual lives have their own pattern to take note of. Perhaps our own predictability is also very obvious for the higher beings and forces on the other side..

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