Article by Jenny Resnick

When it came to mundane premonitions, initially when realizing something I was seeing in real life was in my dream a few nights before, I used to think it was just what some call a “deja-vu” or simple coincidences of sorts.

I started journaling them after reading Belsebuub’s course material on dreams, and began seeing patterns pretty much straight away. Especially I began taking note of the “flavor” that important dreams have versus the more mundane ones – by important I mean ones with a “message” of sorts, something to take away from that dream.

After revisiting these journals after a time, I was surprised by just how many scenes from daily life I was seeing in dreams ahead of time somehow.

The discovery felt really exciting, like I was tapping into something big about life that I had no idea about until I started recording those dreams in a journal. I got this distinct feeling that perhaps things in life weren’t necessarily as random as they might otherwise appear to be.

Seeing the smaller premonitions sometimes seemed uneventful, but I’ve seen through this type of analysis that there’s a meaningful, albeit somewhat hidden, side to those as well. But it was the bigger / grander premonitions that really surprised me…

Premonitory Dreams of Catastrophes

I’ve had some premonitory dreams that helped provide insight into real life events and as they were unfolding. This meant I knew how to behave and what kinds of things would be helpful to resolve situations, or in other cases I knew there was nothing to be done instead. I learned to turn to my dreams for guidance.

I also noticed that strangely enough a lot of the premonitions I was seeing were of big events about to affect large numbers of people — large numbers of people I had no immediate connection with in life, that is.

For example, the 2016 Alberta forest fires that happened in Canada was an example of this type of premonition for me. Public image found here

For example, the 2016 Alberta forest fires that happened in Canada was an example of this type of premonition for me. Public image found here

It turned out I’d often dream about natural disasters about to happen. These dreams were usually non-location / time specific, so I would only know what they were really about after the events had passed.

I’d dream of things like powerful tsunami tidal waves, but would have no idea what that dream is foreshadowing exactly until an event like that occurred physically shortly thereafter. Then I would be able to put two and two together, or see something in the event coverage on the news that I’ve seen in my dreams.

For instance, the 2011 tsunami in Japan, which I had weeks of journal entries for. Another example is the 2016 Alberta forest fires, which I dreamed about while the disaster actually struck in a place I had no physical connection to in real life. I was shocked to then see in the news the very events and some unmistakable details I vicariously already lived through via my dreams.

If you describe events like that to a skeptic though (especially the part about only knowing of what the premonition was specific to in hindsight), they’d be easily dismissed by an outsider. For instance one could say the powerful tsunami dream had nothing to do with the terrible tsunami catastrophe that happened in the following weeks. It could have just been a coincidence…

Yet, my experience studying and analyzing dreams, and keeping journals, has shown me otherwise. I’ve learned to trust my intuition through the experience of being shown so many future events in my dreams. The sheer number of them alone is enough for me to know that so many coincidences are improbable.

The Larger Picture

Yet my premonitions of these massive catastrophes have almost always been about events I’ve not been a direct participant in (thankfully, of course) — I’ve always wondered why.

In a way, I’ve seen that the study of these types of dreams really helped me feel connected to the global “community” – being able to experience what others are going through is an incredible opportunity to reflect on how symbiotic humanity and the planet are, how fragile life can be, how nothing is ever guaranteed, and how we are all connected  to one another in some way, and how  many things are set in motion from above.

Who knew that that small decision to start studying my dreams more seriously and keeping a journal after picking up those tip and exercises from Belsebuub’s course would turn into such a vast interest in dream meanings, the world, our connection to one another, the significance of a future foretold, and so much more.

While dream premonitions are not actually my main area of study or focus, they have enabled me to see certain aspects about life, “the other side,” “fate,” and more in a way that is incredibly valuable and helpful in other areas of life.