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Recognizing Egos in a Dream

Experience submitted by Dimi

I was busily dreaming one night and would wake up after a set of sequences and write them down as I felt something important was being communicated and I didn’t want to miss the message found in my dreams.

In one particular dream sequence, I was supposedly woken up by my mother. It was dawn and the sunlight started to filter through. She seemed to be making quite a bit of noise in her room. I walked in to find she was rearranging the room set up. Things were scattered everywhere; it looked a mess.

I noticed she had dismantled the second bed in her room where a visitor or carer could be there with her if unwell. I recall thinking “oh no, now where have all the nuts and bolts gone, where would she have put them”? I start to wonder and question where would she have put all the pieces so I can start putting the bed together again.

My husband walks in as I begin my search in the wardrobe. He asks me “what are you doing?” I tell him “searching for the bits to put the bed together again.” As I say this to him, I turn around to see the bed set up already. This catches my attention. He goes on to say “all is well” as though nothing needs to be done.

Public domain image found on Pexels.

Using a Recitation to Get Clarity/Lucidity

In that moment I could feel a haze over my psyche, I could feel the dream effect around my head area. It is at this point I make a conscious decision to start saying the Cosmic Father recitation. I had learnt it many years ago in one of Belsebuub’s courses on ‘Astral Travel and Dreams.’

At first I had difficulty remembering the words. All I could say was “Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter…” over and over. It seems I was in such a dream haze I could not remember all the words! This further catches my attention and so I muster more focus and effort to continue trying to remember all the words to the recitation while doing the hand gestures as well.

As I persist, I end up remembering more and more of the words, eventually all the words coming through. I am pointing at my mum. My husband tries to talk to me in the process, asking me what am I doing, what am I saying and why?… I continue with the recitation till I complete it 3 times before answering him. I ask him to join me. He does not do so, he makes out there is no need to, further alerting me that this is an ego that wishes me to remain in a dream state.

Dream Symbolism

I continue on with the recitation and hand gestures and realize that my fingers are starting to feel forced as though they are bending/turning inwards. I then realise that I am pointing and aiming not at my mother but at a very old ego that is ‘masquerading’ or presenting itself as my mother and does not want to be ‘moved on’ easily. I need to spend more time understanding this ego and unraveling its potency and effects.

The ego that came in presenting itself as my husband could be one that wishes me to remain ‘asleep’, to not rock the boat (as we say in my country), to keep the status quo, not upset the balance, yet this is different to who he is. This ego came in representing someone I trust, aiming perhaps to ‘misuse’ that trust in order to sway me or convince me to let things be.

*Featured image is a public domain image found on Pexels.

  • Wow, really interesting experience. It shows a certain determination that you went on to do the recitation until you could remember the words, and didn’t pay attention to your ‘husband’ trying to dissuade you from trying.

    That’s a great point about not dismissing trivial seeming dreams out straight but trying to understand and learn from them and see if there could be a symbolic meaning after all. I need to improve on that account because it’s easy to not think twice of a dream like that.

  • Thanks for sharing this dream experience Dimi. I also regularly see people in my dreams who I recognize from the past, or who are still currently in my life. In some cases, I associate certain people with particular psychological defects and take their appearance as an indication that I need to be more alert in not allowing a particular defect to manifest during the day. For example, I may see people who I associate with angry behavior, even though they may not necessarily be acting in that way in the dream.

    It can be tricky when I see people who don’t have a clear association with negative behaviors, or who actually have good qualities, particularly if the scenario in the dream is quite mundane. But as you mentioned, there could be a deeper significance to a dream situation than first meets the eye.

    It’s good that you were able to continue to push to become aware in the dream. Your account has also given me more of an incentive to try and understand my dreams in a better way, even if their meaning may initially seem obscure.

  • Thank you for sharing this one Dimi. I find it interesting how you seem to have these experiences with very vivid dream characters that you recognize as your own egos. I often see people close to me, like friends and family, in my dreams, but haven’t been studying them in detail yet. Just recently though, I had an interesting dream where something unusual happened to one of these characters, and that made me ponder more deeply on the significance of that event in relation to my own psychology.

    Your experience also shows how futile it is to ask other people for our dream-interpretations, because others can not really know what’s going on inside of us psychologically, and therefore their answers would most likely be far from the truth.

    • Excellent point on the dream interpretations, Lucia. Indeed dream experiences like this really show us that dreams are a personal thing and that it is up to us to find meaning in our own dreams.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Dimi.

    I know that type of experience where you are trying to do the recitations in the astral and having sinister forces trying to dissuade, confuse or obstruct it, it really does take a certain determination to keep trying as you did that time.

    Its great you were able to unlock the seemingly mundane scenario and understand it as it really was, and not as it appeared. I really would like to be able to learn to do that more so, as like life we are constantly interacting with people and I see so many corresponding inner states/ egos between me and others that I’d like to be able to understand this correlation more in my dreams.

    Thanks again and hope you and everyone who seeks seeks spiritual guidance to continue to grow in wisdom and understanding.

  • That’s a very interesting dream experience, Dimi. How interesting it is to get to observe symbolic manifestations of your egos as people, while conscious in the dream world! And then to get to observe your own behaviour towards them. Those egos sure put up a fight to keep you under their control/influence, but it really sounds like a great lesson with many valuable insights.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you lots of strength to finish those stubborn states off and be free of them!

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