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A Dream Premonition That Came True Many Years Later

Experience submitted by Jenny

I had a dream once, which happened during a turbulent time period in my life. I wasn’t fully lucid in it, but it had a certain clarity that made it memorable. When I woke up I knew I had seen something special so I wrote it down in my dream journal – a habit I picked up from Belsebuub’s techniques for better dream study.

In the dream I saw a lot of chaos around me, things were in a symbolic turmoil. There was a lot of destruction. Even though the things I was seeing were expressed in a relatively broad way, I intuitively knew that the scenario was symbolic of a specific area of my life at the time.

As the chaos subsided, I found myself overlooking that scene from a safe place, along with my husband and a close friend.

The dream ended by me and my husband spending time in a tropical Southeast Asian country I’ve never been to before, but which for some strange reason I could identify easily by name.

When I woke up I thought it was all rather strange. The specific symbolism of destruction I was seeing was one that I’ve seen frequently in my dreams at other times in my life – times where again there was either some turmoil in my personal life or sometimes during certain global events. That representation queued me in to pay attention to the dream right away as I knew I was seeing something important.

I grasped the dream’s meaning. A turbulent time was coming, I needed to hang on. Things will subside.

The tropical country conclusion puzzled me greatly though – I have never been to a tropical place before, and why that specific place came to me in the dream was beyond me. I had absolutely no reason to go to that country, no connection to it.

I jotted the dream down in my journal and life moved on.

dream premonition
Me overlooking a tropical jungle on a misty morning just before sunrise while traveling in Southeast Asia.

Fast forward many years. An opportunity came up for my husband and I to travel to various countries in Southeast Asia. And amidst our travels the turbulent situation finally came to an end right around the time when my husband and I visited the friend I had seen in that dream (whom I haven’t seen in years), and spent time in the very tropical country that I had dreamt of many years prior. How bizarre and unexpected! Everything I had been shown in that dream physically came together seamlessly — a dream premonition that came true over the span of nearly a decade.

  • It’s very interesting that your dream premonition came to fruition so many years later Jenny, particularly as some events seemed so insignificant (such as making a last minute booking to the island you’d seen in the dream and meeting your friend).

    It’s mind-boggling how a series of events can come together in this way over such a long period of time. But it’s also great that in the years that preceded the final culmination of events, you were able to gain some strength while going through a turbulent time, as a result of the dream. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Thank you for sharing this Jenny. Your dream was an amazing example of a clear premonition, but on the other hand, these kinds of scenarios make me think how much is actually already predestined in our lives…

    Interestingly, some years ago I also had a dream about being in a certain country (where I had no plans to go), and even though it didn’t look anything like what I would imagine that country to be, I intuitively immediately knew what country it was. Curiously though, I never found myself there (till now at least). That made me think that maybe some things/premonitions are not 100% written in stone, and that they can be possibly altered due to our actions.

    • Yes, I also wonder about the level of flexibility when it comes to future events Lucia. If we put these events into the context of our own inner learning, it makes sense that certain events would no longer be necessary, if we have already gone through a similar situation that we need to learn from.

      I wondered if you were able to check some details of the country you saw in another way, which confirmed your intution, as you mentioned you haven’t visited the country in person?

      • Hi Michael, I KNEW beyond doubt that it was that particular country in my dream, even though it looked different than what I would imagine it to be. But after some online search, I indeed proved that the dream was right. 🙂

        • Oh, that’s interesting Lucia. It’s good you were also able to verify that strong feeling from your internet search.

  • Wow, nearly a 10-year span from the dream to its final manifestation. It really shows how much is going on up there in the higher dimensions and how predictable (perhaps from the perspective of awakened beings?) everything here is. It just brings up so many questions to ponder…
    It’s also interesting how the dream mixed symbolism and the need for intuitive interpretation with more concrete, tangible premonitions. You got the combo deal there!
    It’s a good thing you wrote down that dream as it makes the whole experience so much more real: rather than you experiencing things later and thinking, “oh, I think I had a dream about this…”, you actually have the proof.

  • That’s awesome you extracted the meaning of the dream immediately Jenny. This is perhaps a bit of a personal question – but I was just wondering, did you recall the premonition during when the event was eventually unfolding, or did you piece it together only later on, after it had passed? I mean, did it help you go through that difficult time with more detachment or peace of mind?

    • It gave me good perspective on the situation at hand, which was a big help. In terms of remembering it, the general gist of the dream stayed with me through the years (it was very memorable), but the tropical country part was something I only realized amidst our travels there as the situation happened to come to an end. Strangely enough we never planned to even go to that specific country on our travels, but last minute just how flights worked out we ended up visiting there for a few days. I initially never thought of that dream as a premonition in the way that it unfolded, I thought it was more of a dream showing an insight into an important chain of events. That it also turned out to be a pretty clear premonition after many years was therefore quite interesting.

  • Hi Jenny, thank you for this article. It’s interesting you were shown an event so far away in time. I wonder if you know what is the reason behind it? Was it like a long-term project to teach you the value of remembering dreams or maybe something else?

    Reading your experience I remember one dream premonition that took one or two years to materialize. I dreamt of something quite mundane but out of my routine – I was moving new desks with a university teacher. After I woke up I took note of the dream because it did feel real and not just subconscious mess. Time passed and at a point there came an education organization in our university, that teacher was appointed as its director and I was employed part time in helping out. Subsequently, I did carry new desks with my teacher as we were preparing a classroom – exactly as in my dream.

    • That’s a neat mini premonition, Pavlin.

      Regarding your question — the dream at the time gave me insight into the nature and significance of this situation and its outcome. It helped me gain perspective at the time and see the bigger picture. I think the tropical setting was a timeline indicator (and really what ultimately made the dream premonitory). I don’t think it was a lesson in premonitions or dream recall, but more like tapping into something important taking place through dreams.

  • I can relate to how helpful a dream diary is. It is a habit that I also took up from Belsebuub’s books, but have lately let go of. Just a few days ago I was really regretting it.

    I had a memorable dream that I remembered to a degree. I reflected on it for a few minutes and thought that I got the message and then moved on. In the same day a situation came up that I had to debug and nearly made a serious mistake in. Throughout the whole day I kept wondering whether there was a bit of guidance on the situation in my dream. Guidance may have been in the form of a seemingly minor detail (like the tropical place in yours) that I put off as unimportant in my morning reflection and forgot. This is, I find an important benefit of a dream diary – it helps to remember and record minor aspects of a dream that could later on prove helpful.

    • I agree Alex, I found the same with the dream diary. Small details which most of the time can be remembered after recalling the dream, can be significant but will be forgotten later on or/and pass unnoticed. I think even small gems are placed inside the most mundane type of dreams.

      The timing it’s another interesting thing with dreams and your experience Jenny is a great example of it. Thank you for sharing it!

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