Experience submitted by Penny Bradas

I had a dream about a white cat during a time in my life I was going through some difficult circumstances and I was faced with some major changes. In essence, I found myself facing a road that veered off into two directions with each one leading to a different place. I could not see exactly where each one of these roads would lead me to in the distant future, but I could only see where they would lead to in the coming months.

There were two choices I could make, both were very difficult in different ways. I had to choose between decisions (A) and (B).

Decision (A) seemed to be the most logical according to my circumstances when looking at all the factors involved. There were many positive consequences with this choice and the circumstances that I found myself in were more conducive to me making this decision but it wasn’t going to be easy either. When I thought about it, there were a couple of major drawbacks in taking action on decision (A) that concerned me.

Looking at my circumstance at face value it was the choice that was most evident, so much so that I could write a long list with all the factual reasons as to why I should take action towards decision (A).

And then there was decision (B). I knew that things were going to be very difficult if I chose to make this decision and it almost seemed impossible. There were so many factors in my life that were going against me doing this, and it seemed as though there was nothing in my favour to support me making this decision I mean in a real tangible sense that I needed to enable me to choose and take action towards decision (B).

Even though my circumstances were more conducive to go with decision (A), I felt that there was too much at stake to act on this. But I was torn between two choices and didn’t know which way to go so I decided not to act for a short time until I could see things more clearly. I also decided to ask for divine guidance in this matter and I began to pray for help to know what the best thing was for me.

Soon enough I began having some very vivid dreams. The dreams related to what I was going through but did not answer my question directly about which direction to take.

I took note of them and even though I could not understand them fully and found them somewhat confusing, there was one reference in them that related to one of the different choices I was faced with, and this was like a clue because only within one of the two choices involved this aspect came up, which seemed to be the impossible choice, decision (B).

These dreams were related to what I was going through but at the same time they had elements in them that I didn’t understand which made it somewhat confusing for me. But I knew they were a help because they were highlighting some of the psychological traits within my personality that I knew were causing problems in my life.

Nonetheless I tried to follow the guidance and the messages that were given to me according to the little understanding that I had and I used the obscure clue as a guide to one of the choices I could take, the impossible one, decision (B) and I just kept asking for clarity on the matter.

As some time went by, things began to unfold in my favor in a way where it was looking like I could take the choice towards decision (B). I continued to ask until I finally started to have dreams that were directly answering my question in a very clear way about the choice that I should make and that was towards decision (B).

I could also now see that something that had seemed to be unattainable before could now become possible and so I made my decision towards the new found possible.

After a little while I had a dream about a white cat. When I woke up from my sleep the memory of the white cat stood out to me and I immediately thought it was a positive dream but I had a feeling that I needed to understand more about it.

I then did a dream retrospection that Belsebuub writes about in his book on dreams and out-of-body experiences to remember the various aspects of the dream and I began remembering the dream from the beginning going through all the scenes in it to try to understand it.

The scene was set in a multi level building in the place that I have a personal interest in and that related to one of the decisions I was contemplating on making in the not so distant past, and was seriously considering and that was decision (A), which I did not go with because I received guidance from my dreams to choose decision (B).

In the dream I was sitting in the waiting area of the building until I was called by the lady at reception who directed me to the floor above. So I walked up and noticed a bright white colored symbol and thought that it didn’t really go with the other color décor from the floor where I was waiting in which had brownie beige décor but anyhow, I kept walking up to the floor above where there was a friendly affectionate white cat that approached me indicating that it wanted a pat. I recall patting the cat and that was where my dream ended.

Photo by Liliana Marin found on Unsplash.

After my dream recall I thought through what the message could be from the dream and I looked at all the symbols in the dream.

First of all I noted the place that the dream was set in which was the place relating to decision (A). And then I noted the white symbol I had seen. I referred to Belsebuub’s dreams symbol guide and looked up what that particular symbol could mean and the dream guide revealed that it was a positive thing. I also referred to the friendly white cat in the dreams guide and while it stated that black cats in dreams can have a negative connotation as a symbol, a friendly cat has a positive symbol, so I figured the white cat was also a positive aspect in the dream.

It seemed to me that the dream was alluding to me taking action on decision (A). This was confusing because my previous dreams indicated that I should go with decision (B), which I had already decided upon.

I pondered on it and thought that maybe things have changed and now it would be a good idea to change course and take action on decision (A), but something inside me was nudging at me to take another close look at the dream. So I did another retrospection practice on the same dream with a slightly different approach.

This time I observed all the scenes as if I was looking at them under a magnifying glass.

As I recalled the events in my dream again everything looked the same but when I got to the white cat I noticed something different. After the cat approached me, indicating that it wanted a pat, as I put my hand out and came close to patting it, I had a quick visual flash of the cat swiping at me with its claws out.

It didn’t actually scratch me and it was so quick that when I did the retrospection the first time I didn’t even realize the cat did this and did not see this. It was as quick as a flash of lightning. When I saw this I suspected that this was an attack and that the cat and the other symbols were a misrepresentation of what the dream was portraying.

After about a week I had another dream where I was in the same place as the dream with the white cat, and all around me in the dream there was chaos and I knew that the dream was re-enforcing and communicating to me that my first choice towards decision (B) was the right choice.

It would have been easy to misinterpret the dream with the white cat if I hadn’t stopped to question it and looked at it more closely.

In this video, Belsebuub talks more about dreams and their meanings: