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A Dream That Seemed Meaningless but Turned out to Be Priceless

Experience submitted by Maria V.
Experience submitted by Maria V.

Many times I have been shown dreams that at first seemed like they weren’t telling me anything about my egos or the ego I was trying to work upon, and also at other times dreams that seemed like they made no sense at all.

But looking at them more carefully and meditating upon them, I would discover details that weren’t obvious from a first look but that were revealing aspects of a particular ego I had been studying and how it worked.

Just recently right before I woke up, I had a dream like this. I had a strong feeling that I should really look into it, but at first resisted against it because I thought it had nothing at all to show me, as it felt nonsensical.

Still, listening to that inner guidance and overcoming my resistance, I decided to reflect upon my dream before getting up, and looked deeper into it, and I saw certain details unfolding that were exactly about the aspect of pride I was trying to understand and work upon during the day.

This dream had revealed what was hidden behind a particular behavior I have that seemed so innocent and that I thought didn’t have any relation to pride.

I was shocked seeing this, how in a such an invisible way my ego of pride was directing and controlling me and I was acting only to serve this ego and not acting for the reason I believed.

Without this dream I don’t know if I would have been able to uncover the true causes of this particular behavior I often have, and much more to capture these details of this aspect of pride…

Realizing how pride works in this situation, I felt I now had the chance to try to be more honest with myself about my choices in similar situations, and to avoid feeding this aspect of my pride.

  • Thank you Maria

    Such a concise experience that packs a lot of good info. I’ve done the same many times and put aside dreams that don’t seem to make an impression or sense or just simply because I didn’t understand them, but your experience here has helped me to find a way to learn from them and to look in a different way then I had been doing.

  • What a wonderful reminder to diligently study all our dreams, whether powerful or mundane or murky.

    Some dreams can even be stronger and recurring, and yet you can feel blocked from really getting what it’s trying to tell you, even though it feels like it’s trying to show something. Maybe it’s getting stuck in the mind and its confusion. For me it’s sometimes the feeling of a dream seeming to have no relation to my life, but I think that’s caused by a lack of intuition and spiritual connection and practice in interpreting dreams. To remedy this, I started doing the mantra O to activate intuition if not daily at least several times a week, and perhaps as a result I would occasionally experience like a flash during the day of seeing a pattern of behaviour for instance, and at the same time remembering a dream, and connecting the two and seeing that that’s what it was showing me. The next obstacle then is doubting whether I really understood it… but I guess it’s about doing my best to act upon whatever I sense it’s trying to say and not be like because I don’t have perfect understanding I can’t act at all.

    Thanks a lot Maria and all the best : )

  • I recently heard from a video, how people changed actual historical events because their mind couldn’t understand them properly and reported them in the way made sense to them. Sounds tragic, isn’t it? Because the mind is passing the information through filters in order to comprehend them the outcome can be so away from the truth.

    I have felt the same with my dreams sometimes, as you said Maria, that was something nonsensical when there is something behind, which the mind can’t see at first sight.

    This doesn’t change history though but has a potential to change something inwardly.

    Thanks for sharing Maria!

  • Its great that you decided to recall that dream, Maria.
    Sometimes I also feel some dreams are unimportant but then during the day something reminds me of it and it suddenly opens up my eyes to some very useful information about a situation that I am working on.

    Thanks for reminding me to pay attention to such dreams.

  • I can relate a lot to brushing off some dreams as nonsensical and not paying much attention to them. As if I have subconsciously detrmined certain expectations and standards in order to look into a dream.

    Thanks for sharing Maria.

  • That was very inspiring Maria, thank you for sharing. It is good that you chose to go with the strong feeling you had (intuition) that you should look deeper into the dream, and so were able to extract that useful information from it.

  • Maria you illustrated a very valid point.

    I also have dreams that just seem like ‘echoes’ playing out daily egos with little higher influence in them, but virtually every time there was something to take from them if I made the effort to look into them. Also sometimes I can only remember one or two dreams and there is some teaching or guidance in there, and I understand it, but it seems only like a minor thing (I want the big stuff! :-). ) However I’ve seen that sometimes that small bit of guidance was essential to change the whole way I approached my day. So I was given what I needed.

    I do feel making the effort to remember dreams, write them down, contemplate them and try to act on their guidance is very important. As Belsebuub mentions in his book The Astral Codex “The astral plane is humanity’s connection to the spiritual realms and guidance……. ” and that’s how it feels to me as well and so I don’t want to take it for granted.

    Sometimes also deciphering the symbolic language can feel like a bit of an effort and I might feel a bit like ‘could you not have just given it to me in a way that would be instantly clear please :-)’ when I feel that something is very important and relates to something I eagerly want guidance on. But I think it’s all part of their help to pull us up to them. And if, with time, we’ve learned quite a bit of that symbolic language and receive dreams which we just instantly understand that’s such a wonderful thing and a much better way to get deep, precise and multifaceted messages across.

  • Thanks for the reminder Maria. I know I am also prone to not giving my dreams the attention they deserve if they at first feel meaningless. But I’ve also learned that it takes time to learn (and re-learn) the symbolic language of my dreams, and that when I do give all my dreams attention and time, I can start to understand this language better. For me, it’s very much linked to the overall feeling I have of being in communication with my divine mother. If I’m not even asking for help and for teachings, and going into the dream world feeling alone and closed to guidance, I’m less likely to wake up with an eagerness to comprehend, and probably less likely to receive something clear. But, if I go into the other plane with prayer, after having visited my divine mother as a confidant and advisor, eager to learn and to listen, then I wake up with that feeling still alive within me and I’m much more likely to return to her in dialogue.

    Wishing you much inner guidance,


  • Good thing that you pushed past the resistance and looked deeper into the dream. It’s a helpful reminder to not dismiss dreams but to really reflect on them because so much knowledge can be given to us through dreams.

    Thanks for sharing, Maria!

  • Thanks for sharing that Maria. I could really relate to what you said about how you resisted looking into your dream because it felt nonsensical – I’ve had that feeling myself many times. Thinking back I’m sure I’ve missed really relevant information that I could have used if I had only looked a bit closer at the time. I’ll have to keep an eye out on this so I don’t brush aside those dreams in case there is something hidden in there too. 🙂 Thanks again – really inspiring.

    • Yes, I’m also inspired to look more deeply into those seemingly insignificant dreams Vida. Thanks again for sharing this Maria.

  • This was very inspiring to read, thank you very much Maria for sharing. I must admit I almost wished you could reveal what aspect it was, in order for others to also be able to recognize it in their lives (as I am sure many of us have the same, or similar types of egos within too). But of course I know its impossible due to the personal nature of these kinds of teachings.

    Often, when seeing how incredibly difficult it is to see or untangle some of these complicated workings and how terribly slow everything is, I wish there were more concrete examples available, so people (like me for example) would be able to apply those examples to understanding the principles of how these things work and apply to other defects as well and in this way maybe quicken things a bit. I was even wondering maybe some kind of anonymous repository of ego-examples could be helpful? :-O Not sure if that would be possible though… Especially since what can be an ego at one situation, may not be an ego in a different situation.

    • Yes, interpreting egos in dreams probably varies a lot from person to person Lucia. If a person receive divine guidance, I can imagine that it would vary according to what is significant to that person, as well as their capacity to understand the guidance or symbols that they are shown.

      • Hi Michael,

        I meant more like concrete examples of egos in physical (not in dreams)- like the ways of thinking, talking, etc., as I think so many are passing unnoticed and considered just “normal” ways of existing. Like the one Maria shared here for example, which she thought for some time that it was something innocent, and only thanks to this dream realised it was related to pride.

        My thought was, that having a repository of examples like this, one could maybe more easily figure out where to look, and what different details to consider.

        • Yes, I see what you mean Lucia. I think the practice of meditating upon an ego can be useful in helping us to see those tiny links between different inner states, which could otherwise go unnoticed. We can then build up our own repository of information, based on the experiences from our daily lives.

    • Hi Lucia.

      Only a few days ago I was able to read your comment. You traveled me back and made me remember that when I finished writing this experience I had a quick feeling that I should give an example, but ignored it, because of this dream’s complexity and nature.

      As far as I remember this dream related me to a scene I had lived with my physical mother, in which I had this very usual behavior I mentioned and I’m sharing it in order to give an example.

      I was taking her for a walk and at some time during this walk tried to prove to her that she was wrong about particular things she was saying and doing. I was definitely believing that with all I was doing I was helping her, and caring for her, but I really wasn’t at all. I was acting and speaking through clear and strong negativity, even disapproving her in some way, but believing I was an excellent daughter, a very good person and also cared inwardly to show this towards the outworld. I was only supporting strongly and blinded this ego and that’s what I only cared of. That’s why I couldn’t understand her thinking and acting, and at all in what position she was, saying these things. I couldn’t see how I may was hurting her and making her feel uncomfortable, but only cared about me and what my mind was telling me.
      This is the aspect of my pride that this dream revealed to me, with details that got unfolded, and I was shocked seeing how this element is so strong in me and how deviously it tricks me. This dream, for example, made clear to me what the real causes of my behavior were in that particular scene and helped me to be more honest with myself in similar situations if and who I ant to help and serve.

      I hope my example is enough clear, thank you for this opportunity .

      • Thank you a lot Maria! I guess what you are describing may relate to the ego that “knows better”. I remember a friend sharing similar example of how she tried to help her family member by making order in his apartment while he was away, only to find out later that it has offended him. :-O Like you, she thought she was doing something good and altruistic, but in the end it didn’t quite work out that way… I guess there may be many variations of this ego, depending on what we feel we “know better” in relation to others. As you mentioned, it is only by deeper understanding of where the other person is coming from that we can muster up that willingness to change our approach and respect their ways of doing (or not doing) things. I am also finding it is often about “letting go” of control, and just do what we can from our side, without forcing or expecting others to do the same. Easier said than done though… Your dream sounds like it was a real gift in this sense.

        • Yes, I’ve fallen into the same trap Lucia when sharing with people who are very untidy and trying to organise the environment. Although it benefitted me, by creating a greater sense of order within my own living space, it also resulted in strong emotional reactions from the people involved and so created a lot of negativity within the environment, which was probably even worse than the clutter that I’d attempted to tidy up.

  • I can relate to what you mentioned here Maria – about how dreams can seem like they are meaningless, with nothing useful to show us. I try to understand my dreams as much as I can, but I feel I’m missing something, as it has been a long time since I did the meditation on a dream, which you described.

    Thanks for reminding me of the importance of investigating dreams in more depth, using this technique. It’s also great that you were able to gain a deeper understanding of that aspect of pride. These tiny details can so easily be missed, but understanding them can provide very important guidance on how to act in a better way and work against the negativity within us.

    Good luck in gaining further guidance through your dreams!

    • I understand how you feel Michael,

      Maria I’m also grateful for the reminder of how important meditating on dreams is; thanks for sharing.

  • Yes taking the time to take a deeper look, thank you for sharing Maria.

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