Experience submitted by Maria V.

Experience submitted by Maria V.

Many times I have been shown dreams that at first seemed like they weren’t telling me anything about my egos or the ego I was trying to work upon, and also at other times dreams that seemed like they made no sense at all.

But looking at them more carefully and meditating upon them, I would discover details that weren’t obvious from a first look but that were revealing aspects of a particular ego I had been studying and how it worked.

Just recently right before I woke up, I had a dream like this. I had a strong feeling that I should really look into it, but at first resisted against it because I thought it had nothing at all to show me, as it felt nonsensical.

Still, listening to that inner guidance and overcoming my resistance, I decided to reflect upon my dream before getting up, and looked deeper into it, and I saw certain details unfolding that were exactly about the aspect of pride I was trying to understand and work upon during the day.

This dream had revealed what was hidden behind a particular behavior I have that seemed so innocent and that I thought didn’t have any relation to pride.

I was shocked seeing this, how in a such an invisible way my ego of pride was directing and controlling me and I was acting only to serve this ego and not acting for the reason I believed.

Without this dream I don’t know if I would have been able to uncover the true causes of this particular behavior I often have, and much more to capture these details of this aspect of pride…

Realizing how pride works in this situation, I felt I now had the chance to try to be more honest with myself about my choices in similar situations, and to avoid feeding this aspect of my pride.