Mike L

Experience submitted by Mike L

Dream premonitions and dreams about the future have been among the most fascinating experiences in my life, especially after learning more about them while exploring Belsebuub’s work. While I don’t get them that often (compared to some people), they leave a lasting impression upon me. Sometimes they are a source of comfort or guidance, sometimes they are a little silly in what I preview, but in all cases, even long after the experience, I’m struck by the feeling of, “Wow! There is just so much more to life than meets the eye… a knowledge beyond the confines of time that we can connect to.”

So without further ado, here are three of my favorite dreams about the future.

A Sense of Comfort in a Tumultuous Time

There was a time when I was facing a lot of stressful and uncomfortable situations. I felt trapped and miserable in my circumstances, like nothing would ever change.

One night amidst this negativity, I found myself in an environment of learning in a dream. I was with someone I knew and whom I highly respected. She took me aside and told me that I was going to go through something challenging. And she was very specific about what that entailed, citing specific events that were to take place.

That was about the only dream I remember from the time and I’m surprised I even remembered it given how low my inner states were.

Things carried on being miserable the next day, but the following day, a new challenge emerged out of the blue. Something I never, ever would have expected… but then I suddenly remembered the dream and it was exactly what I was told in that dream that I had to be prepared for.

Even though things were yet harder, I felt an intense strength in facing the new challenges, because I felt more connected to the spiritual powers that be, and I saw the obstacle more as a chance for personal growth.

A Promotion

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

This next experience happened as part of my volunteer work. During my work as a trainee in a certain organization, I had a short and simple dream. In the dream, I opened up my Gmail and my supervisor had sent me an email. I opened the email. It was just one sentence or two sentences, telling me that I was promoted from being a trainee. This was the first dream of being promoted that I’d had.

About a week or two later, I received a phone call from my supervisor. He told me that I had received the promotion. I was of course incredibly happy. Amidst my happiness, I shared with him that I had a dream of being promoted about a week earlier, but that in the dream, he had sent me an email. He confirmed that his original intent was to send me an email, but later decided to call me with the news.

Before this, I really had no way of knowing, because there hadn’t been any talk of my nearly being promoted and there was no fixed duration for being a trainee. It seems that the dream revealed the future reality, and perhaps was based on the original intent of my supervisor to notify me by email.

Booking a Meeting Room

I had to book a meeting room for a gathering in a local library, which I planned to do the next day when I visited the library in person. The booking was almost a sure thing because the hour of the meeting didn’t seem to overlap with any other events held at the library and there had been no problems in booking the room nearly every week for several months in a row. That night, I had a very vivid dream.

I was in line by the Information Desk, waiting to request the room. There was a man ahead of me with the librarian. I didn’t want to listen to their discussion, but couldn’t help but overhear him making a booking for the room I needed at the same time, too! When it was my turn, I inquired with the librarian, but indeed the room was already reserved.

The next day at the library, I went to see the librarian. No one was in line! So my dream must have just been a dream…

I asked to book the room. I felt a moment of suspense as the librarian checked her records, and fortunately, the room was available!

Definitely just an ordinary dream…

About an hour after leaving the library, I got a call. The librarian had to inform me that the room had been double-booked. Someone had booked the room just before I did and they had misplaced that record.

The dream told me the correct end result anyway, even if the events transpired differently.