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Guidance I Received about the Future within Dreams

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

Here are three of my favorite dreams about the future:

A Sense of Comfort in a Tumultuous Time

There was a time when I was facing a lot of stressful and uncomfortable situations. I felt trapped and miserable in my circumstances, like nothing would ever change.

One night amidst this negativity, I found myself in an environment of learning in a dream. I was with someone I knew and whom I highly respected. She took me aside and told me that I was going to go through something challenging. And she was very specific about what that entailed, citing specific events that were to take place.

That was about the only dream I remember from the time and I’m surprised I even remembered it given how low my inner states were.

Things carried on being miserable the next day, but the following day, a new challenge emerged out of the blue. Something I never, ever would have expected… but then I suddenly remembered the dream and it was exactly what I was told in that dream that I had to be prepared for.

Even though things were yet harder, I felt an intense strength in facing the new challenges, because I felt more connected to the spiritual powers that be, and I saw the obstacle more as a chance for personal growth.

A Promotion

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

This next experience happened as part of my volunteer work. During my work as a trainee in a certain organization, I had a short and simple dream. In the dream, I opened up my Gmail and my supervisor had sent me an email. I opened the email. It was just one sentence or two sentences, telling me that I was promoted from being a trainee. This was the first dream of being promoted that I’d had.

About a week or two later, I received a phone call from my supervisor. He told me that I had received the promotion. I was of course incredibly happy. Amidst my happiness, I shared with him that I had a dream of being promoted about a week earlier, but that in the dream, he had sent me an email. He confirmed that his original intent was to send me an email, but later decided to call me with the news.

Before this, I really had no way of knowing, because there hadn’t been any talk of my nearly being promoted and there was no fixed duration for being a trainee. It seems that the dream revealed the future reality, and perhaps was based on the original intent of my supervisor to notify me by email.

Booking a Meeting Room

I had to book a meeting room for a gathering in a local library, which I planned to do the next day when I visited the library in person. The booking was almost a sure thing because the hour of the meeting didn’t seem to overlap with any other events held at the library and there had been no problems in booking the room nearly every week for several months in a row. That night, I had a very vivid dream.

I was in line by the Information Desk, waiting to request the room. There was a man ahead of me with the librarian. I didn’t want to listen to their discussion, but couldn’t help but overhear him making a booking for the room I needed at the same time, too! When it was my turn, I inquired with the librarian, but indeed the room was already reserved.

The next day at the library, I went to see the librarian. No one was in line! So my dream must have just been a dream…

I asked to book the room. I felt a moment of suspense as the librarian checked her records, and fortunately, the room was available!

Definitely just an ordinary dream…

About an hour after leaving the library, I got a call. The librarian had to inform me that the room had been double-booked. Someone had booked the room just before I did and they had misplaced that record.

The dream told me the correct end result anyway, even if the events transpired differently.

  • Nice experiences Mike! Doesn’t it make life that more magical when you can know of future events before they happen? It’s like a little secret you can carry around inside, that others don’t know about and which is a precious little gift.

  • Thank you for sharing these Mike. Like others mentioned, being forewarned about problems in the difficult times especially can be a big help, as it makes us feel like we are not alone after all, and that a higher intelligence and beings are watching over us, guiding us through the things.

  • Nice experiences Mike.
    It’s interesting that “the dreams showed the right end result anyway, even if the events transpired differently”.

    It seems this kind of dreams it isn’t an exact “deja vu” of events in the future, but a “deja vu” of important meanings of the future.

    • Yes, I agree. Maybe almost like there is a certain fluidity to future events. It feels like certain processes are in motion and the large scale features of our lives are determined by our past actions and various forces; but, due to free will and the possibility of things changing, events can be altered or happen in different ways with the same end result. Perhaps these sorts of precognitive dreams simply illustrate a probable future outcome, without there needing to be absolute precision.

      • Those are interesting reflections Mike. It’s quite possible there are different routes to the same outcome. It reminds me of those “create your own story” books, which you may remember from childhood. Although you could choose to follow many different threads within the story, there were only actually a few outcomes at the end, as some of the options eventually lead to the same conclusion.

        • LOL, yeah, I remember those types of books!
          In that respect, then, it’s really important to make the right decisions from moment to moment so that our lives have a happy ending.

          • Yes, that’s quite an important point Mike. If we can make the right choices in each moment, we can create the circumstances that allow for a happier future, by avoiding the negative consequences of bad actions and allowing good to come back to us through our own good actions.

  • I can relate to your first experience, Mike – in the way that I also had some amazing experiences with the divine during some very turbulent times. As you mentioned in your example, it also gave me an immense strength to carry on but most of all that connection also provided a new ground on which to face the difficulties of everyday living.

  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you for sharing these experiences. It was really nice to read how you were helped in some difficult times and also in every day situations. I wish people were more curious about dreams and paid more attention to them, because it seems so much is received while we dream. And that’s everyone or most people receiving. I’ve noticed a few times how when I’ve mentioned to some friends that I write down and try to remember my dreams, some would think that I’m interested into this dreamy, foggy, unreal, fantasy thing. And of course some dreams can be that, but if you do study them, you can find so much reality there, even reality that you don’t know yet or hasn’t transpired yet, as you’ve described in your article.

    And you don’t even need to be someone special. I remember I had a classmate in high school who was going through a very difficult time in her life feeling depressed, misunderstood, not being popular at school etc, thus often dwelling in negative low states.

    One time, just after a certain exam had passed and we were talking she was really happy and excited and told me that at first she was sure it would be a total failure but then in the morning she had a dream where an eagle flew to her and brought a sheet of paper. She read what was on the paper and it turned out to be a few topics on the subject we were sitting the exam that day. When she woke up she immediately went to read up on those topics, she only studied those topics. Needless to say, she got exactly the same questions on the exam as it was in her dream and was able to give the right answers.

    At that time I was wondering if that can be considered cheating : )) Now I see it as mercy and help to those who need it at a specific time and circumstances, also something that comes from higher knowledge that I don’t really understand.

    I came across this painting today, I thought it relates to this – Night and Sleep by Evelyn de Morgan: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fc/Night_and_Sleep_-_Evelyn_de_Morgan_%281878%29.jpg
    In the article in Wikipedia it says: “In the painting dark-haired Night guides her son Sleep.” It reminds me a bit of that motherly aspect of a person’s higher self guiding a person as they sleep. The person may not even know about it.

    • That’s very interesting about your friend and the exam Pavlin. She must have been relieved that those topics came up, after seeing them in the dream.

      Nice painting, by the way 🙂

    • What a beautiful example of the Divine mercy Pavlin! Thank you for sharing this one. I really liked how it was ‘administered’ too – an eagle bringing a sheet of paper, almost like a message from her Divine father…

    • That dream with the Eagle must’ve aroused a feeling of faith inside your friend Pavlin 🙂

    • That is quite the “teaching” your friend received. I guess her receiving that guidance was what the divine beings wanted… perhaps not only to help her with the test but also to build her faith in a higher power? Did she ever take an interest in dreams and astral projection or spiritual growth?

      Thank you for sharing that beautiful painting. Yes, even if we are unaware of it, we are given and taught so much through dreams.

  • Nice experiences Mike! I can relate to dream premonitions too, although I definitely do not get them often. However, from the few experiences that I do have I am certain that there is definitely a truth that can be communicated through dreams.

    The first experience that really made me give credence to dreams as a source of valuable information was when I got a premonition of an exam mark. In my dream I saw the number on an exam that I was handed back for a specific subject. The number was significantly lower than I expected, so I had some anxiety about it that more or less went away over the next few hours. The exam was handed out in a day or two and sure enough the mark was exactly what I had dreamed. By this time I was at peace with the mark and appreciated the chance to verify my dream premonition. I also appreciated the fact that the dream gave me the opportunity to face my fears in a more gentle way.

    • Another great example of a premonition! Thanks for sharing that, Aleks. Not only were you able to “get over” the mark even before you got it back, but it must have also been a clear experience to build your faith in being able to see future events in dreams.

  • I understand how you feel about there being so much more to life when it comes to having premonitions Mike; thanks so much for sharing these stories.

  • Nice examples Mike.

    It’s amazing to see how things over there connect to life and events here, and interesting to the one who become made privy of it. Good to share such experiences so others can also start tapping into that guidance.

    Your first example was my favourite for sure 🙂 such hope and knowledge of support from up high and reason for things- it might be all we need to face the difficulties we have to.

    Things can get a lot trickier though if the premonitions are shrouded in symbolic language, where we urgently feel we have to act but don’t know in what way :-). But there’s good learning to be had from every situation.

    Thanks Mike wishing you lots more dreams like this.

  • Those are good examples of dream guidance Mike, Thanks for sharing those. The one about facing difficulties ahead stood out to me in particular. It must have been reassuring to have the remembrance of that guidance, despite the challenges ahead.

  • Very interesting dream guidance and how they helped you in the time that you needed it, which is such an interesting to see how that guidance comes to us in a time of need and in a time where we are actively part of the bigger picture of helping humanity in the way we can.

    Thank you for sharing those inspiring experiences and I hope that you continue to receive.

    • Thanks for your comment, Layla.

      It is quite humbling and beautiful that such help can be given to us when we most need it, especially if we are actively part of a system of giving and receiving. Helping others is a sure way to receive help ourselves.

      Wishing you lots of guidance, too!

  • Hey Mike,

    Those are some pretty clear examples of premonitions through dreams, really helpful for people to hear who might be skeptical about such possibilities existing. I really liked the first example as it showed how generous this help can be (that it came at a time that you felt stuck internally) and how this contact then can help us feel comforted and stronger even while we are in the midst of difficulties that might otherwise leave us feeling in a state of abandonment and hopelessness. This sense of holding on to an inner light in difficult times is very precious, and I feel we are often given such encouragement for us then to build faith upon.

    • Yes, Ella, that generosity meant so much to me back then (and still does). It’s so easy to get caught up with the struggles of the material world and somehow being reminded that difficult events can serve a higher purpose – in such a direct way – gives all the strength to push through it all. It gave me a lot of faith – not only in premonitions but in so much more.

  • I am also struck by the feeling of wow!!there is so much more to
    life and dreams can help us so much, thanks for sharing Mike.

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