Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

Anger and Remorse

On one occasion I felt really angry at somebody during the day, as they were behaving in what I considered and perceived to be a totally unacceptable way.

When I went to sleep that night, I could still feel a lot of anger, frustration and compulsive thoughts that would go on and on about the terrible injustice I had to bear from this person.

After some time of battling with this, I decided to use a technique I had learned from Belsebuub’s work and pray for help and the elimination of that state, as I didn’t want to feel all that negativity anymore, and wished to fall asleep peacefully. In the middle of the night, I abruptly woke up from a very vivid dream.

In that dream, the person in question was approaching me, trying to hand me something that had a symbolic significance.

Public domain image found here.

Public domain image found here.

I took it, and angrily threw it into their face. Immediately, the feeling of intense remorse came over me that woke me up.

I understood that by my violent reaction I made a crime against love, as the person was just handing me something peacefully, but I felt justified in my anger because of what they did to me before.

When I woke up from this dream I felt like crying and kept saying sorry to this person in my mind over and over, even though they of course had no idea about all this in the physical world.

This dream helped me to realize that by holding grudges and seeking revenge, I am actually sparking the hatred anew instead of nurturing love and forgiveness within.

This experience has also shown me again, how the emotions and feelings are much more intense in the astral plane (and therefore in dreams too).  I found that even a seemingly innocent incident from the physical world may have much deeper meaning in the astral plane, where we can see and feel it for what it is.

I came to realize that if I could see my behavior in its true nature and depth in the physical world, I would think twice about how I treat people, even if they have done something objectively wrong to me.

Similarly, I have found that the beautiful emotions of love and compassion can also be felt much more intensively in the astral plane/dreams.

I remember several astral experiences where I could feel this intense love towards people or animals, and it always left me with a beautiful feeling of warmth and joy upon waking.