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Learning about Egos from an Unusual Dream

Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev
Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev

One afternoon after taking a small nap, I woke up from a clear dream that I was able to understand almost immediately.

In the dream I saw an image from the Olympics – a group of athletes sprinting towards the finish line. There seemed to be nothing special about it, but then I saw particular details of the view, as if watching them through a magnifying glass. There was one athlete who was using dishonest means to finish first.

Then my attention was moved to a different track where another group of athletes were sprinting. I saw an athlete from my country. They finished first before all others. Then there was another round and that athlete again finished first. Again, as if watching through a magnifying glass I saw the face of that athlete, and it gave me an understanding that they had a strong character. There was a third round and again that athlete finished the cross line first. I knew there will be more to rounds to come.

Deciphering the Meaning

At this point I woke up from the dream. As I opened my eyes, I automatically thought “What was that? I never watch the Olympics.” But the vivid memory of the dream made me realize there was more to this dream and I needed to pay attention. I released my thoughts immediately and held onto the feeling of the dream. I tried to feel with my heart what the meaning was.

And in a few seconds the answer came as pieces of knowledge attached to the different images from the dream, whole and yet detailed. I understood that the dream was telling me about my attempts to change inwardly (such as bad habits, reactions, compulsive thoughts, etc.), as I was applying the techniques from Belsebuub’s work.

It showed me that the ego states will use whatever tricks they can to gain victory over me. And I need to have focus, determination, and internal vigor. Most of all I need to want that change and be ready to pursue it, just like an athlete pursues victory. And this style of work is needed for every day, every event, every period.

  • Thanks, Pavlin, for sharing that. It’s really such an inspiring message, both in the potential for conscious qualities to finish first and in the nasty reality of the egos we allow to control our lives. The symbolism of athletic competition is also quite striking.

  • Thank you Pavlin for sharing your very inspiring dream. It’s amazing what and how dreams can show us details of our psychology, obstacles, habits and what we need to see in order to understand, be taught and move further in our esoteric work. we just have to look very carefully into them. And I liked the way you held onto the feeling of your dream, and tried through your heart to understand it, it’s something that has helped me very much in the past. As it has been said from many, all your dream was very inspiring to read and motivates me to reflect on things, how egos don’t work fairly, how we have to really want to change, how we have to pursue this change every day, as an athletic, and what is the reality of all this in me.
    I feel very grateful for all Belsebuub’s guidance about dreams, I don’t know if without it I would ever had given the right attention to them in order to learn what I needed or at least see a little bit more clear, they’ve been proven so value.
    Thank you again very much for sharing.

    • Hi Maria, like you and Lilia have pointed out, it has been really precious to have the information from Belsebuub about the importance of dreams and how to decipher them. They can give so much!

  • I think it’s really beautiful how you not only got this amazing detailed dream with a powerful message in it, how it walked you through the different details with the ‘magnifying glass’ to get the full meaning – but then you were able to grasp exactly what it was telling you by taking your time, not getting confused by thoughts but understanding through the heart.

    I struggle with being detached enough from the mind and emotions to be able to grasp what a dream wants to tell me. It’s been really helpful though to apply what I learnt from Belsebuub’s work – to try to get the initial feel I have about the dream when I wake up that comes through intuition. Otherwise, like people here have mentioned, you can get really confused if you only try to understand it through the mind. It’s also been helpful, in the case of a subconscious dream, to not look only at the external things happening in the dream but also at how I felt and reacted in the different scenarios. Before I used to only look at the ‘external’ scenarios but missing my emotions and reactions to them and then those dreams really won’t make sense.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring experience Pavlin.

    • Hi Laura, that was a good reminder about those unconscious dreams, about the feelings, and reactions I get in them, and from them – I usually do this for my dreams, but I’ve seen how sometimes I may have missed some important info in what seemed like nonsensical dreams when in reality that non-sense represents what’s within me! 🙂 Always learning, always needing to remember, so thanks for writing this.

    • Yes, I used to have the same problem in interpreting my dreams Laura and still do sometimes. When the situation is mundane, it can be difficult to work out what the message of the dream is. I agree that watching my own feelings and reactions in dreams is very important, along with the behaviour of those I’m with.

      Sometimes though, there doesn’t seem to be an indication that I or those I’m with are acting in a way that’s out of line. For example, we might just be sitting in a café and talking normally. But if the other people are familiar, I usually try and reflect on the type of things I’ve done with them in the past, or the ways in which I’ve acted when with them, and what this might be telling me about the associations I have with them.

  • Thank you, Pavlin. This was something I needed to hear right now, to be vigilant and go after the egos without giving up.

  • Hi Pavlin,
    Thank you for sharing this experience with us. It’s amazing how dreams can teach us in a such an unexpected way. You could have interpreted this dream in your mind and would get a completely different picture – so great that you managed to get the real meaning from it!

  • Very nice analogy Pavlin, thank you especially for the explanation; I don’t think I would be able to understand that kind of dream straight away either. It is great that you managed to stay calm and then also to focus in the right way – through the heart.

    I really liked the analogy of the “many rounds” and how a victory is needed in each of them, or at least in most of them I suppose. The egos not playing a ‘fair-play’ is not surprising either, why would they after all… It just continues to fascinate me how we can have these almost autonomous evil entities/energies within us that are acting on our behalf without us being aware of it.

  • Hi Pavlin, This was a really great analogy, and that you were able to extract that type of information and understanding from it was really helpful, not just to you, but like others have said, to me as well – so thank you for sharing that experience. It really helped me to understand just in another way, the type of battle we face with egos – either they win, or consciousness does. And it was interesting to see how ‘they’ don’t play fair or by the rules, but use any means to reach to that win. And how constant it really is.

  • Thank you Pavlin for sharing your dream experience and lesson for your inner progress. Belsebuub’s work has been a guiding light for so many people around the world and I am so grateful I came across it. It has been life changing and helped me to really start understanding the meaning of life. I have also found his dream guide very helpful on different occasions in order to decipher my own dreams as well as his advice to learn to understand our dreams intuitively rather than mentally or emotionally and try to grasp the meaning immediately, same way as you did in your experience. Thank you again for sharing. I find your experience, a great lesson to most if not everyone :).

  • It’s good you were able to extract the meaning from that dream Pavlin. Yes, I agree: “this style of work is needed for every day, every event, every period”.

  • I was very inspired by this experience Pavlin, thank you for sharing it and for your insights.

  • Thank you Pavlin. What an invigorating analogy for the inner work indeed. Very motivating.

    I actually clicked on one of the hyperlinks linked to in the article that goes to the Olympic page. Seeing the focus those athletes have on their goal and the efforts they put in to get to that level of fitness. Am I putting in efforts like that on my internal goal? Perhaps for moments, but certainly not most of the time.

    Great how you let the understanding come to you when waking up. I can imagine if I would feel it was telling something important, and it would be just on the tip of my tongue, but not quite have the understanding reach me yet, that this could cause me to feel a bit anxious not wanting to lose it. It seems you stayed very cool in the face of this and this allowed the understanding to crystalise.

    Your description of the magnified vision in a sport scene sounds really suitable for it. I know how the astral can make you feel the meaning behind nuances like that in a much stronger way.

  • Wow Pavlin, thanks for sharing. That’s a powerful message. Something really essential to hear, to feel and to remember. I remember someone once comparing the inner work to an athletes training. It seems intense, right, for a human to become an Olympic athlete? A superhuman effort is needed and it’s only possible for the really determind. Well, we’re training to become angels, this person said. We need the same intensity, if not more.

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