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Acting on Bad Omens from My Dreams

Experience submitted by Julian Kingman
Experience submitted by Julian Kingman

I stood in front of a table covered with all manner of delectable sweets. Cake, candies, beautiful, dazzling, glittering, all colors of the rainbow, and so delicious…

I went along the table sampling the delicacies generously. I took particular interest in the carrot cake and cheesecake.

When I woke up, I thought that I might have a troubling day… In Belsebuub’s dream symbol guide, he mentions that eating sweets can be a symbol for bitterness and suffering.

I had no idea how true that was.

That day turned out to be extremely painful. I had heated arguments that become hostile and emotional, leaving me feeling cut up, defeated, and worthless by the end of the day. I was so drained…

I wondered, what is the point of seeing bad symbols in dreams, when nothing can be done to avoid them? It’s like being able to predict a horrible future, but not to be able to do anything about it.

Not more than a few days later, I had a nearly identical dream with a buffet of various sweets that I went around sampling.

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov found on Unsplash.
Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov found on Unsplash.

Waking up the following morning, I knew I did not want to repeat that horrible day. I resolved to not allow myself to suffer in that way, and redoubled my efforts to practice awareness of the present moment and self-observation.

By bringing my focus to these spiritual techniques, I thought I might stand a chance of being detached enough from my emotions that things wouldn’t spiral out of control.

Sure enough, situations came up that practically begged for an emotional response, but this time I was prepared, and I didn’t take the bait.

The situation quickly diffused, became amicable, and the second horrible day I could have had never happened!

  • Thank you for sharing this experience, Julian. It is amazing that through studying Belsebuub’s work we can not just change what happens in our day but to also change the whole course of our life.

    • Yes, thanks for sharing that Julian. I think it’s a good illustration that things that otherwise were meant to happen in life can be changed by changing within.

  • Hi Julian,
    I can’t agree more with you, as well as in the past, I had many bad experiences with that particular symbol of dreams. Definitely, those dreams make me more alert and aware of the next day.

    But, it is too bizarre to me, the meaning of that symbol is quite different from what we feel (pleasure) eating a lovely sweet.

    From the other side, one explanation I can give is that Belsebuub somehow says: “the pleasure brings the pain”!

    I wonder if this is the cause of pain in the physical day that particular next day.

  • Hi Julian, thank you for sharing this experience. It’s encouraging to read how you were able to act on that dream and change the events. As Lucia pointed, ate the sweets and didn’t get the bad consequences. 🙂

    • I don’t know. I’m pretty certain the universal princinple of ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’ also translates to the astral. 😉

  • It’s such an interesting symbol – the buffet of sweets and deserts just laid open, and without restraint you tuck in, paralleling the lure of indulgence in the ‘sickly sweet’ egos. They feel good (in a way) to gorge on at the time, but you feel sick and regret it later!

    Great example Julian; it must have been a powerful experience to translate that symbolic guidance into weathering a storm ‘hermetically sealed’.

  • Thank you for this demonstration that it is possible to take heed of the advice in your dreams and change things in your daily life with the proper determination and efforts. It was good to read that. Indeed why would we be shown something about our own life if we could do nothing about it? It’s good to remember if it’s in my dreams it’s there for a reason and I have the potential to change it.

  • This inspires me to watch my dreams more closely. It’s interesting that eating sweet things symbolizes suffering.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Julian. When you described the second bad omen, I felt great suspense as I read on, hoping to read good news… and I did 🙂 I’m glad you were able to use the warning as a means to be more self-aware and respond to the difficulties with greater awareness.

  • Haha! 🙂 Very nice story Julian. Was there any pumpkin pie?

    But seriously though a really good insight into bad omens. It’s very easy to get demoralised by them and sort of leaving it at that, ignoring it and putting it to the side etc. But no! We need to get on it, make the efforts to understand what it refers to in the best possible way and go at it!

    It’s wonderful that in this situation you were able to turn things around. Thanks Julian.

    • Everything you can imagine. I quite enjoyed the dream, until I woke up and realized what meant!

  • Thanks for sharing Julian. I actually have never heard of that as a dream symbol, it’s so cool to hear about it!

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