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My Symbolic Dream of Being on Horseback

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

Traveling Through the Woods on Horseback

Once, in a dream, I found myself mounted on a horse riding through a forest (I’ve actually never ridden a horse before except for in this dream). As I made my way through the forest, I came to a small clearing and encountered a group of people who were also interested in Belsebuub’s work. I knew these people in the waking world, too, but they were dressed a bit more old fashioned, giving this experience a more dated feeling.

One of the people spoke to me, relaying some important information. As she spoke to me, I could feel the weight and significance of what she was saying, knowing that it had a symbolic meaning.

The dream continued, but the depth to which I felt the meaning of her words continued to grow until I woke up in bed.

Valuable Symbolism

Many aspects of the dream, not only what was said to me, were symbolic. The way we traveled, where I was going, what the other people were doing, all had a meaning that only magnified the message that was told to me.

At the time, it was a precious message that conveyed to me both an ominous warning, but also a sense of comfort and encouragement. I was really grateful to have this dream and the dream setting made it all the more special for me.

The After Effects

The resulting changes it brought about within my inner work were gradual. The dream always lingered in the back of my mind, reminding me of what I needed to do, steadily guiding me in a better direction inwardly.

Even some time after the dream, its remembrance makes me pause to reflect on my actions and serves as an extra piece of inspiration.

  • Inspiring to read Mike, and shows that there is a real way to get direct help through dreams in the way we need it the most.

  • Thanks Mike for sharing such a wonderful experience. I can see that it is very meaningful and can relate to having similarly powerful experiences myself. In general I have found dream guidance to be a very direct form of guidance for daily life, and the methods found in Belsebuub’s work are a useful guide on tapping into such learning.

    What especially drew me to your experience is the mention of horses. It just so happens that I now have a chance to interact with horses and learn how to ride. I can see that there is much excitement to riding, but at the same time a very close relationship between the rider and the horse that I think can blossom from the use of awareness and related techniques. Can share any aspect of riding the horse from your dream (that is not private) that would serve as a fuel to exploring Belsebuub’s work in such a situation?

    • That’s cool you’re going to get to work with horses, Aleks. A couple of my friends growing up had (or still have) horses and they loved it. It seems the companionship of an animal combined with the freedom of being able to travel makes for a very special bond.

      I think it was more related to the dream (but maybe this is what it can actually feel like to ride a horse?), but the horse and its movement felt very much like an extension of myself. Just like how when I walk around, my motor center in my body knows how to move around, the horse’s movements felt very much like my own intentional movements. Kind of hard to explain, but that’s what it felt like. The horse was my vehicle, rather than my body…

      I hope your work with the horses proves to be valuable for your inner learning and self-discovery!

      • Hey Mike, thanks for sharing this experience. It sounds like you were given a very memorable and powerful message here. I know the feeling, of when the words of someone in a dream reverberate with depth and meaning and when every scene and item in the ‘story’ of the dream seems to hold a message. It makes me wonder how, once someone has been through a dream like this, that the existence of the divine and their ability to communicate to us through our dreams can ever be in doubt. Surely most people have had a dream like this that stayed with them after waking? Why are so few people turning to their dreams for help, why it so uncommon? But then again, I know how easily my mind can confiscate a pure and powerful experience like this and bring in doubt. Great you were able to get a warning with an element of hope and encouragement too.

        About horses – I grew up riding, spending many hours alone in the woods and on the hills with my horse-friend, and can say there’s certainly something special and almost magical about the bond that can be developed between a person and this living ‘vehicle’. I know horses have a symbolic meaning in a dream (and for me they are used a lot as a sign of how I am doing no doubt because of my contact with them – how well I am riding and on what kind of horse, etc.) – and for you, here, obviously there was a symbolic meaning, but in the physical I can say riding certainly offers a great experience to practice awareness and to feel a unique oneness with another living being.
        I’m working with horses again at the moment and take guests out on trail rides in nature – it’s occurred to me that one of the reasons people like riding is that horses are so aware, so alert, (they are prey in the wild after all) that it helps to draw us out of our mind too – this is especially true when riding in nature rather than in a school. But there must be something else about horses – Gods are often depicted riding them (well, Durga rides a tiger but we can’t do that in the physical, I don’t think) and they seem to be so close to man, going to war with us, helping us to plant potatoes too, generally just being our allies in life. I think they portray a beauty and freedom and strength that we are innately attracted to as well. I actually had one of the most uplifting rides in months just yesterday, where I felt so much in harmonious communication with the horse I was riding (which often brings up fear and frustration in me as she’s a bit nervous and flighty) that it seemed like we were perceiving things together and that the communication between us was telepathic, very real, and full of trust and affection. Before the ride I appealed to my divine mother to protect me and help me stay calm, and in the ride I felt closer to her, like she was helping me ride. It even occurred to me for the first time that this horse has the same name as the image of the warrior goddess I have on my alter at home at sit before directing my prayers too often – Athena. Or, the significance of the coincidence occurred to me for the first time, and I felt like the challenge of this horse, and the job itself, and even all the events in my life right now, are here because of my divine mother.

        Hope you don’t mind me rambling on the blog! Wishing you reach many more experiences like this one to guide your way. 🙂

        • Thanks for sharing those experiences Ella. I’ve never ridden, but can imagine that it would be a very good opportunity to practice awareness, partly due to the experience of being free to roam in nature, but also due to the opportunity to tune in to the horse’s aware state. I think the harmony you described between horse and rider would definitely create a calmer interaction for both. Those experiences of “tuning in” to animal communication can also serve as a good grounding to carry forward into the more complex human interactions in our lives.

          It’s interesting that you made the connection between the horse’s name Athena and its connection with the Greek goddess, a representation of the divine mother. It’s a nice reminder of how the events in our lives are put there by the divine for our learning

          It’s lovely to have the opportunity to work closely with animals in nature and I hope you have many more memorable interactions with the horses.

    • That’s a very good point about awareness Alex. I think when we are clear in our minds, it allows for much better interactions with animals, as they don’t perceive us as a threat and so are more relaxed in their behaviour. It’s interesting how by working on our own egos, we can actually reduce the automatic ego responses in other lifeforms, such as animals and even people.

      The effects of our inner state upon other aspects of the living world are also amazing. I heard of experiments years ago with plants, where the people growing them said kind thoughts or words to some plants and negative ones to others, which seemed to have the effect of either promoting or stunting the plant’s growth. I wasn’t sure if this was just a coincidence, as there could be other factors at play, but then I recently heard of experiments with water, where the type of emotions directed at the water could actually bring about observable changes in the molecules, similar to the study of cymatics, where different types of music could create either beautiful or disordered molecular patterns, depending on the type of music.

      It’s quite a responsbility to work on reducing our own negativity, as the effects of doing so can really benefit the environment around us. Imagine what an effect on the world it could have if people lived more harmoniously with each other and with the natural world.

  • That’s very good you were able to take clear guidance from the dream Mike, which you could continue to apply to your daily life, even some time after having the dream. Thanks for sharing your experience and I wish you success in taking the right steps forwards.

  • You know, I see many people in the world chasing ‘magical reality’ in one way or another, whether they realise it or not. Perhaps as a child someone would experience a moment of divine music and decide to become a musician for the rest of their lives, or the girl who hears an enchanting fairy tale about horses and becomes a professional rider etc. Trying to pursue and again experience that light which they once felt. Unfortunately though it is often sought in the wrong place, an external thing, or more accurately such higher experiences require the right inner approach and people don’t often know how to attain this. Rather than even external pursuits many nowadays also chase after ‘magical reality’ through media entertainment.

    Anyway, how what I mentioned links to your story Mike is that I have found (and your experience shows) that if someone works towards this path of inner growth of consciousness and towards the divine, such original and great experience can be had. That you were (possibly?, as an example) able to experience that magic of riding on horseback in this forest and meeting others in this setting and able to feel what that was like. Privileged to such and other experiences because of your pursuit of the way of inner growth.

    Thanks for sharing you experience Mike, it seems like a great dream scenario chosen to have that meaningful and lasting effect on you.

    • That’s a great point, Karim. I think that so many people in the world are looking for magic in their lives, sadly without the proper approach. But the magic is within reach…

      Waking up from that dream, I really did feel that my life was part of a magical quest. It helped me to better appreciate the ancient myths/legends as describing a path that takes place internally, even when the external world can be so mundane and ordinary.

  • I always find it very meaningful how a dream can have such an impact in daily life – from a premonition to the guidance you described, it always shows me how so much can be learned from dreams. And while, you could have discounted this dream an unimportant, it seems you felt this importance and got a really good understanding from it that then helped you a lot and continue even now. All of that from a simple interaction in a dream.. It’s really inspiring and I’m glad you shared 🙂

  • This sounds amazing and deeply meaningful, thank you for sharing Mike. It is great that you were able to decipher the meaning of the dream and act upon it in the physical world.

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