Experience submitted by Jon Haase

One of the simplest but most effective things I picked up from Belsebuub’s information on astral travel and dreams was to keep a dream diary and record as many dreams as you could remember each morning. By doing this, I found it brought an order to the seemingly random nature of what happened during the nights.

Dream Symbols

Dreams would often take place in a class or school environment. Belsebuub had written this was symbolic of being taught spiritually in life. I could see my behavior in these dreams, and how well I did on tests, how organized I was with my class timetable, etc., as being directly related to how well I was using life for learning.

In one dream I was in a university auditorium and began doing something which was one of my pastimes. The teacher came up to me and said something like, “I know you’re good at that, but you can’t really do that and do this well too” (referring to the activity I was doing and the learning that was going on in the class). I instantly understood what he meant, so not long after that dream I changed that behavior. The long-term effect has been very spiritually beneficial as I know that activity was heading in another direction.

Many school related dreams included other students I had known in high school. Studying these dreams I realized that they represented various aspects within myself, whether it be laziness, bad behavior, and so on.

I actually slowly realized most of the people I saw in dreams represented something within myself. So seeing someone being angry in a dream didn’t necessarily mean that person was angry towards me, but rather it was showing me something I needed to look for in me. And although I often didn’t like to admit it, I could see these things in the way I thought or acted towards others, which were the cause of these dreams in the first place.

Other symbols I began to see in my dreams often included how I was driving my car and whether it needed maintenance, for example the tires going flat, if I was driving erratically (or well), or various parts of the engine needing attention.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Another interesting symbolic scene I’ve noticed is soccer, which was a significant part of my life for about a dozen years (having played it from the age of 8 and then refereeing from age 12). Again, like cars, I know when I have dreams of soccer it’s referring to my spiritual efforts – if my team is doing well, if I’m handling the ball properly, scoring goals (or having them scored against me), or refereeing and losing/keeping control of the game.

Sometimes I would be moving into a new house, or working on building one. Depending on the condition of the house or construction, I could directly relate it to how things were going for me generally. In a similar way, houseplants, gardens, and crops represented much the same thing – whether they were growing well, not cared for, etc.

Many symbols I first learned by reading Belsebuub’s book A Course on Astral Travel and Dreams, but then used my intuition to apply them personally. And many symbolic things I had to work out for myself, such as the regular soccer dreams I had.

Spiritual Dreams

I also had glimpses into higher realms and past lives. Among everything else this really blew me away. Just by focusing more on dreams, remembering, being aware and doing other simple spiritual practices, the doors to this other plane were being opened. It was way too intriguing!

In a couple of dreams I was dressed in a brown monk’s habit similar to what the Franciscans wear. The dreams took place in a sort of medieval or renaissance style library. I had a teacher in similar clothing, and the situation seemed pretty serious. From those dreams I realized a lot more was going on than I might have first thought.

Being taught by spiritual beings, premonitions, profoundly meaningful symbols, lucid dreams, forewarning, information on relationships, insights into the darkness of the subconscious – these all become regular occurrences. In fact I would expect a mixture of these every night as I practiced more.

Dreams Provide Life Context

Photo by @dankapeter, on unsplash.

Photo by @dankapeter, on unsplash.

By tuning in to the dream world, it became clear that spiritual guidance was being given in a real and practical way. Dreams became points of action – what I was in dreams was essentially what I was internally, in my thoughts, emotions, and drives.

I changed many aspects of my life that I saw were detrimental in my dreams. Then, I would have a series of clear spiritual dreams, often the very night that I had changed enough or understood something.

I began to look forward to what I was shown so that I could investigate what I needed to do or change. The more spiritual dreams have been one of the greatest motivating factors in bringing about the change.