David P

Experience submitted by David Percival

In about 1998 or 1999, well before I knew about Belsebuub or his work on dreams, I had a very profound and symbolic, almost lucid, type of dream.

The dream was very enigmatic to me at the time I had it, yet amazingly, I could sense there was an intelligent higher power trying to give me a helpful message through it.

In my dream I was in a softly lit room, like by candle light, there were other people there, a scene was taking place and I was vaguely aware of it being a dream.

I was then shown a symbol related to the scene whilst a voice emphatically said something very simple but in a very powerful way related to the symbol and the scene, which still to this day has left a deep impression on me.

When I woke up from the dream I felt very shocked by how it seemed I was directly communicated with by another intelligence through my dreams and by the powerful message and the whole way it was delivered.

I did not fully understand the whole dream, I partially understood only a part of it, and overall I had little understanding of the dream or the lesson it was trying to teach me.

Life went on and after a while I forgot about it.

Several years went by actually, and by mid 2003 I had done Belsebuub’s course on Dreams and his other beginner courses online and had been attending live classes and practice sessions for a few months and had been putting it all into practice for over a year.

Around that time, I suddenly remembered this dream I had had four or five years earlier, the memory of which was triggered by seeing the physical place where the scene of the dream had taken place.

I was helping tidying up at the place where the courses were being run and I entered a storage room I had not seen before but which seemed familiar to me but I didn’t understand why.

A few more moments passed and I suddenly recalled it was the place where this enigmatic dream had happened! The room had some unique features which made it definitely the place of my dream.

It was an amazing moment when I first recognized that the room I was now in was the one of the dream I had several years earlier, and I was very surprised upon realising this was the place I had dreamed about but also I found that it was very inspiring.

Over the next twenty minutes to half an hour, to my amazement, I gradually recalled the whole dream experience.

Not having recalled or thought about nor understood this dream since I initially had it, now, years later having gone through Belsebuub’s courses, and gained a better understanding of the dream world, the symbolic language of the astral plane, and generally about the whole spiritual path, I finally completely understood what the dream had been about.

And there I was, years later in the physical counterpart of where the dream had taken place in the astral, and this physical place was somewhere I had never been before in my life and actually it was at a place where the courses by Belsebuub were run and taught.

In other words, I had found the room of my dream at a location where the meaning of dreams was taught!

Because of what I had learned in Belsebuub’s courses I now understood the message, what it meant for me at that time in my life when I had the dream and what the lesson of the dream was overall and even how it still related to my current life.

In this dream I was being shown something that is harmful to spiritual development and is a blockage to it but was unfortunately something I was caught up in.

It was only through Belsebuub’s courses that I learned and understood about this inner state that needed to be addressed and started to actively work on myself to begin to gradually remove it.

Remembering this dream and now understanding it helped me see the gravity of the situation at a time when I knew what to do about it.

This amazing experience was a very big verification for me that the astral plane and Belsebuub’s courses were the real deal.