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Understanding a Dream Enigma

Experience submitted by David

In about 1998 or 1999, well before I knew about Belsebuub or his work on dreams, I had a very profound and symbolic, almost lucid, type of dream.

The dream was very enigmatic to me at the time I had it, yet amazingly, I could sense there was an intelligent higher power trying to give me a helpful message through it.

In my dream I was in a softly lit room, like by candle light, there were other people there, a scene was taking place and I was vaguely aware of it being a dream.

I was then shown a symbol related to the scene whilst a voice emphatically said something very simple but in a very powerful way related to the symbol and the scene, which still to this day has left a deep impression on me.

When I woke up from the dream I felt very shocked by how it seemed I was directly communicated with by another intelligence through my dreams and by the powerful message and the whole way it was delivered.

I did not fully understand the whole dream, I partially understood only a part of it, and overall I had little understanding of the dream or the lesson it was trying to teach me.

Life went on and after a while I forgot about it.

Several years went by actually, and by mid 2003 I had done Belsebuub’s course on Dreams and his other beginner courses online and had been attending live classes and practice sessions for a few months and had been putting it all into practice for over a year.

Around that time, I suddenly remembered this dream I had had four or five years earlier, the memory of which was triggered by seeing the physical place where the scene of the dream had taken place.

I was helping tidying up at the place where the courses were being run and I entered a storage room I had not seen before but which seemed familiar to me but I didn’t understand why.

A few more moments passed and I suddenly recalled it was the place where this enigmatic dream had happened! The room had some unique features which made it definitely the place of my dream.

It was an amazing moment when I first recognized that the room I was now in was the one of the dream I had several years earlier, and I was very surprised upon realising this was the place I had dreamed about but also I found that it was very inspiring.

Over the next twenty minutes to half an hour, to my amazement, I gradually recalled the whole dream experience.

Not having recalled or thought about nor understood this dream since I initially had it, now, years later having gone through Belsebuub’s courses, and gained a better understanding of the dream world, the symbolic language of the astral plane, and generally about the whole spiritual path, I finally completely understood what the dream had been about.

And there I was, years later in the physical counterpart of where the dream had taken place in the astral, and this physical place was somewhere I had never been before in my life.

Because of what I had learned in Belsebuub’s courses I now understood the message, what it meant for me at that time in my life when I had the dream and what the lesson of the dream was overall and even how it still related to my current life.

  • Very interesting experience David! I can see how that would annihilate any inhibitions you may have had about Belsebuub’s teachings at that point. Did you ever figure out that the room you found yourself in actually existed 5 years prior? IE: you were brought to that room for your teaching and only years later would you be there in earnest? Or was the center not in existence and it was more of a foreshadowing event.

    • That room probably existed at the time I had the dream experience and possibly the premises were being used at that time to run Belsebuub’s courses, I just can’t say for certain as I’m not sure exactly when I had the dream but it was around the same time those premises started being used I believe.

  • Wow, David, that’s so cool. There’s so much to that, not only the symbolism and the higher intelligence that you perceived, but also the more “scientific” observation that you saw a place in a dream that you were yet to see years later in the physical world… Thanks for sharing!

  • I like how the sheer strength of your dream made you come to the conclusion on your own that you must be communicated to by a higher intelligence.

    What unfolded over the next few years and how it all came together (physical, astral, memory, understanding, teaching etc.) it’s a wonderful way of things that only the divine can orchestrate 🙂 Very magical. Thanks for sharing David.

  • I have also noticed how dreams make a lot more sense after understanding about the spiritual path and the inner work. I feel for people who do not have this background and try to make sense of their dreams.

    It’s inspiring to hear how you were so obviously guided about Belsebuub’s courses well in advance of actually taking them. I wonder if I too found out about Belsebuub’s courses from dreams. One morning I felt a sudden longing and remembered about Belsebuub’s courses. The longing came from apparently nowhere (I did not remember my dreams), but it happened to have occurred just days before the course round was starting.

  • Wow Dave sounds like a very inspirational experience, we have a small understanding of what is really going on in the bigger picture and the chain of events that can somehow, for one reason or another, lead us to places we need to go, thanks for sharing

    • Richard I feel the same.

      Often I try to do my best and think things would be best if they went in a certain way, but then they don’t…. Only later do I find out that it was actually the best thing for me, that they had actually plotted out that which was best. This happens in big and small things. Similar to to what Roy mentions in his experience.

  • That’s very interesting experience. Makes you wonder how much of our life is predetermined, are we just acting out what has already been laid out for us? Maybe some things are, perhaps others we need to work upon to change as much as our circumstances, volition and strength allow us.

    Thanks, David.

    • Yes that was one of the first things this made me think of Pavlin, about ‘fate’. Things being predetermined have a mechanical element to them, though in this case the glimpse of the future was of something that in essence is working to break free from these mechanical laws. So a very curious mix!

      • I’ve certainly had glimpses or insights where I could see strong drives within people which led to certain circumstances in their life, which seemed to be totally familiar to them, and I wondered how many times they must’ve lived through that same thing in previous lives? The ‘repeat and return’ which I’ve read about by some authors. But even if I could see for myself how people seem to repeat what they do in life, from what I’ve read the degree of how similar it is might be quite confronting.

        But I think there’s also a different sort of fate and predetermination than just the one of mechanical drives. A more positive one. Where our own Being has a spiritual direction for us. But of course we still need to work to fulfill it.

        • Yes I know what you mean. I felt ‘fated’ to come in contact with Belsebuub as a teacher and to recognise him. But I’ve also felt the kind of affinity with places and interests in my life, and people that must be a sort of repetition. I’ve sometimes felt the two things at odds with eachother, like they’re struggling against eachother.

  • What an elaborate lesson you got there, David. It’s pretty amazing how geared it was for your personal journey, almost a premonition that you would find that room in the physical years later. And only then have the understanding dawn on you, perhaps even at a time where it mattered much more to you, as it served as a confirmation that Belsebuub’s work was worth continuing with. Thanks for the share!

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing that account David. It must have been incredible to have that déjà vu moment when you entered the storage room and to then have the memory of the long-forgotten dream coming back to you. More than that, you were able to then correlate certain items in the room with the dream and most importantly of all, understand its meaning and connect it to your daily life, having attended Belsebuub’s course on dreams.

    Reading your account reminded me of a déjà vu moment I had in relation to a dream. I dreamt I was in a particular building, which seemed quite run down. Then a while later, I moved to another part of the country and happened to attend a workshop in a different part of the city. I needed to pass through a building to get to my destination and to my surprise, it was exactly like the one I dreamt about previously. Unfortunately though, unlike your account, although I was surprised at the déjà vu moment, the significance of the setting or the underlying meaning behind it wasn’t so apparent.

    • I can remember my first Déjà vu so clearly! I was sat around with a group of friends in a hay barn, I was about ten. I had a really strong déjà vu,but didn’t know what it was called, so I started describing the feeling to them. One of them was older and sort of explained it away by giving it a name … I was like: “What?! It’s got a name!” 🙂

      I also recall once having a dream with a ‘new’ person in it, someone I didn’t know in real life, but in the dream I knew well. It was quite a strong dream. The next day I was sat in a cafe, and someone walked in. All the tables were occupied, so they had to share with someone, but they came to sit by me, and I had a feeling they would. We started chatting and as the conversation unfolded I had the strange feeling it was the person from my dream – they even looked similar. I started to try to pay more attention once I felt this, and to be on guard. Reflecting on the experience later I saw that the whole thing had highlighted something in my behaviour I really needed to look at and felt very grateful for the experience.

      This makes me remember another similar thing. Years ago I was living in big old house split into flats. I hardly met my neighbours but someone put a sign up about sharing WiFi so I went around and we made acquaintance. Soon after their mother died. They were young and it hit them really hard. It turned out I was the closest person they had at that time, a ‘shoulder to cry on’. For an intense couple of months I tried to help them sort out their mother’s things and manage their grief. At one point they told me that they’d felt comfortable with me and able to ask for my support as they’d had a powerful dream of someone helping them or similar, that they’d slowly identified as me. It felt like we had been put in eachother’s path so that I could be there with them at this time.

      • Wow Ella, you seem to remember as you write, anything more coming to your mind? 😉

        It is a bit confusing to me to distinguish between the typical DeJa vu and simple premonition-type of dreams. I remember when I was a teenager, I had a dream about dancing with a particular boy whom I barely knew and was not even thinking about or anything, who then came to ask me to dance in a disco. 😀 I still remember it, as it was the first thing of this kind and quite clear.

        Then lately, I had a dream of talking to a friend who lives far away. We were drinking teas and chatting, and she also told me some news that surprised me. Later on, I found out what she said was true, and she also unexpectedly called me the following day.

        So I am not quite sure what is what, but maybe Deja vu would include more of the sceneries or places that exist in the physical world?

        • Hey Lucia,

          yes it’s interesting what comes back to mind when you start to remember!

          I don’t know what Deja vu really is. Though I remember when I first was trying to excitedly describe it to that bunch of girls it also included the sense of ‘and I know exactly what’s about to happen’, and that this sense of knowing what’s come next can be an intense part of it. I used to think it was something perhaps linked to what I’d call awareness now, kind of slipping through the linear perception of time momentarily, and maybe that’s why I had it more as a kid, when you’re more naturally a multi-dimensional traveller!

          But I’ve also had it in ways more like how you describe, more like premonitions from dreams. (Probably that boy had been thinking about you!) Quite often when arriving to a new place, which I used to think was your ‘soul’ going to check out where you’re planning to go ahead of time, taking a sneak peak, and then you having a sense of ‘I’ve already been here’ when your physical body gets there a few days later …

          There’s also another term in French, Presque vu, which I’d heard used to describe a glimpse of the future, but the internet says it means more a feeling of being on the brink of an epiphany, which never comes, or not being able to find the word for something that you know you know. Looking it up, I also found there’s a Jamais vu – a sense of seeing what’s actually very familiar for the first time – this also seems to be quite linked to a heightened sense of perception, or at least, different to normal, where the mind very much clouding the ability to SEEEll. Science explains all these as blips in different lobes of the brain, predictably!

        • You guys’ discussion actually makes me a bit confused about what Deja vu is where beforehand I thought it was quite clear for me 🙂

          Deja vu for me is when physically I get this ‘weird’ but definite type of sensation where I feel I’ve already experienced the situation before. This feeling is stronger for a few moments and then that feeling fades away. When the Deja vu happens though I also go along virtually the exact same sequence of thoughts that I did in that first time of living through it. The situation and people etc are also exactly the same. The question that normally arises for people then I guess is: how can you relive something you never lived through in the first place?

          When I learned about the astral dimension and how many events occur in the 5th dimension first and then happen here I figured that we experience and live through a moment over there, we consequently forget about what happened at night like most dreams, and then when that moment occurs in life it can be accompanied, for some reason, by this weird time-space feeling while simultaneously remembering parts of the first living through it. Like the memory comes back to us while we live through it again.

          But perhaps there’s more to it than that, because sometimes I already have that deja vu feeling in the dream? And then during the day I go into ‘triple vu.’

          A bit off-topic but it also reminds of something someone once told me. This person suffered from epilepsy, although it seemed to me there were also more esoteric things to it. They would sometimes when losing themselves in daydreaming too much start to hear a voice, totally real (of some old granny or something spooky like that) and when they’d hear the voice they would have an epileptic attack or faint. The person told me that the voice would start speaking and would then know and say exactly what the person felt they were going to say themselves. So the entity would fill in the person’s sentence word by word without the person themselves even having formulated it yet, but the person already knew that entity knew. Bit difficult to explain for me, but when this would happen the person knew that by the end of the sentence, like a hypnotic spell, they’d lose consciousness.
          That story is not really related but it reminded me of that aspect of deja by where I feel that I go through the same sequence of thoughts and things I say. Even when I try to say something different, that it feels like that is also what I already said in the first case.

  • This is amazing David, thank you for sharing! A question inevitably comes to my mind… did you guys later turn that storage room into a practice room? 😉

    • No, it couldn’t be used for that.

      I suppose it could seem it would have been nicer if the astral experience was in a practice room but it was as it was for a reason and it was incredible it happened at all.

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