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When I Interpreted My Dream Incorrectly

Article by Olga Grapsas

One particular dream I wanted to share that stands out from all the rest was a dream that showed me a number. This dream was probably the most vivid dream I have had to date. The dream took place in a small but very bright white room. The walls were white, but I could barely see them as the whiteness itself was so bright and clean – although not blinding in any way. This brought on a feeling of silence, stillness, as well as an underlying air of respect.

Intuitively, I made my way into the room, walking towards a scale that was placed on the ground at the opposite end of the room. Such as one I normally use to check my weight. I stepped on the scale as I normally would and saw my weight, which was similar to what I actually weighed – but what was interesting about this scale as well as the number of lbs that was appearing was that the central number that I needed to see was much bigger than the numbers on either side – as though to ensure there would be no fraction of a doubt which number I need to remember.  I remained still observing the number for a few seconds.

I remember feeling so stunned at what I was seeing. How everything was being assembled into a dream to tell me something in a very direct and precise way.  I remember also feeling taken back at how important it felt, and that I needed to consider this dream and not ignore it.

As soon as I awoke I was just astounded. I wasn’t really sure how to cope with spiritual messages, let alone such clear ones. But inside me that intuition remained, and I was inspired to listen.

I quickly went to my dream journal to write down my dream and the number that appeared. I then found Belsebuub’s dream book and opened the pages to the dream guide, and went to the section of numbers.

Without hesitation I looked upon its meaning in the guide.  To my joyful surprise it was a very positive number, with a positive message related to spirituality. I felt uplifted right away, and held onto this feeling of positivity while putting aside a very tiny reluctance at the back of my mind that doubted the relevance of the dream to my life. For example I didn’t really think I was making any huge spiritual achievements, I didn’t really think I was doing anything different – but I shrugged this aside as there was a positive element in the meaning that I had been somewhat familiar with to some degree, so my mind easily accepted it and was ready to move on.

The Next Few Days…

Days went by, and the feeling of the dream and my interpretation of the number remained with me, as well as the association to positivity. However there were some small personal events that were unfolding that were getting hard to cope with. When feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty I felt drawn to the dream, and reminded myself of the positive feelings that made it seem like everything would be ok. But for some reason I felt a bit stuck. Like the puzzle piece I was putting together was not fitting too well. A few more days went by and the situation had gotten a bit worse and I was more emotionally taken back by it. I thought I had the answer from the dream and was trying to apply the information but to no avail.

Young woman on a train writing notes

I decided to go back to the dream guide and read again the meaning of the number. As I was there I read over Belsebuub’s outline of interpreting and calculating longer numbers. I wanted to count my number again just in case. To my disbelief, I realised I had counted it wrong.

A New Meaning to My Number

I turned to find the new meaning and found a completely different message. Not one of positivity, but one of warning and guidance. I also felt drawn to a specific message within the paragraph outlining its meaning, and realised immediately how vital it was to have received this dream and how connected it was to the personal events in my life that had been unfolding.

Had I calculated it correctly, I could have used the information to the situation in my life in a very practical way. Unfortunately it seemed that excitement took the best of me, and I remained within the confines of its distracting positive message.

Even though I began to feel bad for misinterpreting the dream, I was still in awe at the communication attempt I had so personally experienced. Despite missing a big part of an opportunity, I was able to pick up some scraps and tune in to some helpful advice on approaching difficulties.

From this experience, I can see how important it is to carefully consider any clear messages from my dreams, especially those that seem very pronounced and memorable as though they have been lit up to help me remember better. Since then I have tried to take time to assess numbers in dreams as objectively as possible, with clarity and without any unnecessary emotional interference.

  • The last thing you said,

    “Since then I have tried to take time to assess numbers in dreams as objectively as possible, with clarity and without any unnecessary emotional interference.”

    There is this fear that can come up of what I perceive of as “bad” or “negative” messages in my dreams. As if there was this judgement or something but it really isn’t that. Fear can blind you to the fact that it’s all trying to help and guide you. That it’s all there so you can do something about it.

    So to be clear of that emotional interference, whether happy or dejected or worried, with dreams or with anything spiritual feels so important to me and your experience also shows this. And then especially if I’m not quite sure what’s going on, fear combined with the mind can exaggerate a symbol or experience and create all kinds of false scenarios in my thoughts that I get lost in and then I can’t deal with anything because I am overwhelmed by those emotions and ideas of what it might all mean and they stop me from seeing clearly. Much better to be serene and objective.

    Thank you for sharing this empowering experience Olga!

  • I am very happy to find your post and its focus on learning from dreams. It is something I am very interested in and feel that I could do much better in a practical way. When going over my dream diary I found so many teachings in dreams that I simply did not realize they were there. Not only that, but I also found that many teachings repeated, which clearly shows me that I am not doing enough to absorb the information, or like in your example the information is being misinterpreted.

  • Thank you Olga, for that insightful experience you decided to share. I’ve scoured over many dream guidance resources online over the years and none have come any where close to learning about the meaning of dreams as the one provided in Belsebuub’s course. It seems from that the rest really miss the important spiritual aspect of life and tend to define dreams according to a material gain or loss or an emotional gain or loss,

    I truly love the spiritual understanding that Belsebuub brings to living life and its such a help as you have found to learning how to live it more wisely. Your experience here actually helped me to also reflect upon a dream recently in a way that I had overlooked, so thank you for sharing!

    • I’ve also noticed the same thing Layla. Dream interpretation is very lacking without the context of the spiritual work that Belsebuub explains. The main element of Belsebuub’s dream interpretation teachings that I found most useful is the need for intuition. It makes me learn to look within and work on my own, removing the reliance on other people’s information.

    • I agree Layla and Alex.

      A friend of mine once mentioned a dream they had and they were confused about. They had that sense of intuition about it, and when they told me about it it was obvious it was no good. But they’d looked it up some random dream dictionary which stated it was a good thing, and they believed that…

      Having a genuine dream symbols guide to start off with is a very valuable thing then. As well as, like Alex says, the information to be able to learn to interpret them yourself which is essential as it’s a personal journey, and also because symbols in dreams can get more complex as we go along.

  • I have had many times where I’ve been shown strong symbols in my dreams and my intuition, or the obvious feeling I get with it, was telling me it wasn’t good or a warning of some sort. Which made me feel a bit unpleasant and then there seems to sometimes be more of a tendency to sweep it under the rug, ignore it a bit. Or to find some sort of consolation from the dream symbol guide that it ‘can also mean this.’

    Especially when first starting out with studying my dreams and such I found that of the symbols pertaining to my spiritual life most were not so good… This was a bit difficult to deal with sometimes, what do you do with it? Especially if you don’t fully understand how it relates to your life exactly and what to do, then it can remain a bit of a downer.

    But with experience, such as seeing what occurred in one’s life after, we can start to better understand the dream language in general and can start to make better use and appreciate these warnings, premonitions, symbols for what they are etc. Now I feel more that even ‘bad’ symbols are actually a real gift, so we are given information we wouldn’t have known and we can now choose the best way to take action on it.

    I also understood that we might be shown more unfavourable symbols because all of this work is also about seeing the reality of things.

    It’s also tremendously wonderful when after practising and working hard positive real symbols start to appear.

    Thanks for sharing your little story Olga. The dream symbol guide that was given in the courses and books by Belsebuub has been the essential ABCs for me to start learning the language of symbolism in dreams.

  • Oops! Though it seems like through your oversight you got even more insight, in the end – about how we can really miss the reality of events when we are projecting our ideas onto them.

    The dream in the white room does sound like the kind that makes you feel bursting with gratitude, and very close to the divine. Often I feel I am not looking diligently enough at my dreams to glean meaning from them, and then when I look back at my dream diaries I can be struck with gratitude at how much I am given. But that dream with the weighing scales sounds like the kind you just can’t brush off as too obscure! I remember once seeing Belsebuub in a dream simply holding a placard with a number on it and giving me a distinct look. I couldn’t ignore that one! And it was incredibly helpful for me to be able to understand a situation I was lost in, and then get out of it.

    Numerology is very mysterious. It’s sad in the west we’re so trained out of being able to sense than something like numbers have a ‘character’ too. I wonder why it is sometimes we are given a number to calculate its total and find its meaning that way, rather than just being shown the final number. Does the longer number itself have a deeper meaning, also including its parts?

  • Thanks for sharing that Olga. I can also think of a few occasions when I’ve been calculating the value of some numbers from dreams and have had an underlying feeling of “I hope it will be a good one”, which has made me want to connect the final number with a positive symbol. Then I’ve felt disappointed to find out that the associated symbol actually relates to challenges or difficulties.

    It’s natural to want to have positive affirmations that we’re doing well spiritually, but this can also lead us to miss crucial learning opportunities, as you mentioned. I’ve also found that although it has been very unpleasant at times to go through difficult situations, I’ve ended up learning a lot more by facing those challenges, in comparison to times in my life when things were going smoothly.

    • I can relate to that feeling of ‘hoping it will be a good one’ when reaching for my my dream symbol guide in a book under my bed.

      Or sometimes, although that’s a slightly different inner state to look into, even when already knowing what the symbol means myself to just look for extra positive reinforcement in the list.
      Another thing can be seeing an obvious symbol in your dream, sometimes recurring, but it not being in the dream symbols list… and then feeling a bit sad, as it would be nice to just be given the answer on a silver platter, but now I have to go and figure it out myself. 🙂 But I believe anything we’re shown like that is within our reach of being able to understand if we make the efforts.

      Anyway it’s interesting to see how we respond to news from the other side and what we do with it.

  • That is too bad you didn’t decipher the correct number earlier; I imagine it was a lot more difficult facing those obstacles with the incorrect interpretation in mind.

    It is a remarkable thing to be warned of something in our dreams and then to see the events unfold in our daily life. It certainly establishes a faith that there’s more to life than meets the eyes.

    The numerology has always fascinated me since I first learned about it through Belsebuub’s courses. It’s quite remarkable how much information there can be in just a single number!

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