Experience submitted by Penny Bradas

I came across a flyer advertising a course on astral travel and dreams in the year 2000 by Belsebuub. I was so excited and could not wait to attend due to a strong interest in the topic that stems from my cultural background where dreams are seen as an important means to information that could not be obtained otherwise and are believed to be prophetic.

And then not long before attending this course I had two very profound dreams that helped change my outlook on life enabling me to make some decisions that changed the direction my life was taking in a more positive sense.

The two dreams were not like any other dreams I had experienced before. They were very vivid, clear, had continuity and seemed real as if I was living through the various scenes.

These dreams I speak of were so profound that their message hit my very core.

An Important Message in my Dream

Within the first dream I received an answer to a question I posed prior to going to sleep that night. I had very strong beliefs about the topic at hand but something within me made me question whether my beliefs where true. I recall sitting on my bed with my eyes closed and asking if God exists. I wanted an answer.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplah.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.

My beliefs at that time were that there was no God but I questioned this and thought that if there was a higher intelligence that brought everything into existence then I would receive an answer and if not, there would be no answer.

I proceeded to go to sleep. I then recall waking up in the middle of the night in awe from the message I received in the dream. I did not understand the meaning of the different scenarios that I went through in the dream but it was as though it was telling a story with a hidden message within the various things I went through.

The only thing I did understand clearly was at the end of the dream just before I woke up, I spoke to a person who answered my question. I now knew that there was someone out there listening. I knew that this was a very important message and wrote my dream down in the back of my diary.

Dream Symbols

The second profound dream that helped me change my outlook on life came a couple of months after the first one but with this dream there was nothing at all that I understood.

There were no people in this dream, it only had scenes and was filled with symbols, yet it had the same affect on me where I woke up feeling that a very important message was being portrayed to me and left me feeling shaken within my core center in a positive sense.

Public domain photo found on Unsplash.

I remember lying there for hours after waking, wondering what it meant. I needed to understand the meaning of these dreams and began buying dream books and spending time reading books in various bookstores searching for something that could interpret my dreams.

I could not find any real understanding from these books though. They just didn’t seem to have the interpretations of the symbols within these two dreams that I so wanted to understand.

Finding Answers from Belsebuub’s Course

Then, when I stumbled across Belsebuub’s work I was hoping that I would learn the information I needed to understand the meaning of my dreams.

I attended the course to the end and learned many techniques such as a mantra to remember the night’s dreams in the morning, learning to stay still upon waking to recall the night’s dreams, using a dream diary to record dreams and learning to use intuition to decipher the meaning of my dreams.

The need to develop intuition was emphasized to work out the specific meaning of symbols, as I learned that one symbol could have different meanings depending on the rest of the content in the dream and what I would be going through in my life at the time.

A Symbolic Dream Premonition Geared Toward Self-Knowledge

For example, in one instance where I intuitively grasped the meaning of my dream was one time when I woke up trying to remember my dreams and one dream stood out from the rest but my memory of it was vague and I did not have time to do the mantra for further dream recollection because I had to rush off to work.

Yet, I had the feeling that it was a message about something that was going to happen during the day. So I kept the intention with me to work out what it may relate to and when a particular event at work arose that caused an emotional response of anger, immediately a specific clear image of the dream came to my mind and in it was the same emotion of anger. It had the same flavor.

I instantly understood that the emotion portrayed in the dream was a personal setback for me, and that I needed to overcome it. I intuitively knew that this was the message that was being communicated to me and set me off on a course of action to begin to understand this aspect of my psychology.

As I kept applying the tools to understand my dreams that I was learning from Belsebuub, I began to decipher more and more of what my dreams meant and finally over some time I have come to understand the meaning of those two very profound dreams that were some of the experiences that set me off on this search.

I still refer to these dreams and ponder over them because their message still holds a strong yearning within me for inner development.