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How a Prayer Led to a Shared Dream

Experience submitted by Geraldine Price
Experience submitted by Geraldine Price

Since I had taken a course by Belsebuub about out of body experiences and dreams,  I had heard of how people had reported having shared dream or meeting with other people in the astral, but this had so far never happened to me.

One day, after talking to one of my family member on the phone, I learned that one of my sibling’s family members was going through a period of heavy nightmares, and had become quite concerned and afraid as the night would approach which led them to have poor sleep, being quite fatigued during the day, and developing some anxiety toward bedtime.

I was very sad to hear that these nightmares and fears had become that intense for this person, and they were in such a worried and distressed state.

So I decided to pray for them but it was not a long prayer at all, nor was it elaborate or even ‘official’. In fact, it was almost done in a passing moment but what I remember about it was the genuine feeling I had for them to receive any help they needed to help them overcome those fears about falling asleep, and praying for them to gain some understanding about the origins of their nightmares if possible.

After this, I did not think further of it, putting my faith in the Divine and went about with my day.

That same night, I had a dream in which I found that I was talking to that very person in my dream.

In the dream, we were in the same room together – I was not familiar with the place and I could not remember how I got there, but as I became more lucid and aware, they approached me and it seemed that they were expecting me somehow. “How strange” I thought; this was really not something I was expecting at all but I went with the flow.

And while I had a sense of myself, I did not have control of the situation. Somehow though, seeing that person made me remember the phone conversation I had earlier during the day, so I mentioned how I had learned that they had been having nightmares. Their response was that they wished that they could not longer have them, and something along the lines that they could not understand the use of dreams or nightmares.

It was not a very long encounter but we were able to talk in small bits, yet a lot of information was conveyed between the two of us.

Truly, it was a bit surreal how things were unfolding, having this conversation about dreams and nightmares within a dream!

In the end, I had the feeling that they now felt re-assured that nothing could hurt them in nightmares and that they were ‘ok’ so to speak.  At that point, I remember that our conversation ended in the same way it had started, and I woke up shortly after.

When I opened my eyes, I started to remember my dream very clearly – it had a certain feel and clarity that made me feel like it had been all so very real. And if it was, I was taken aback to how it had all unfolded.

I absolutely had no intention of visiting my family members, and no inkling to talk to them about their issue, so did I imagine this dream scenario? Did that dream came as a result of my prayers? Did they dream of this encounter as well? How would I know? We never really talked so I could not all of a sudden pick up the phone and inquire about our dream encounter.

Some time later I had another call with my family, and right before I hung up I decided to inquire about this sibling’s family member, and if they were still suffering from these anxiety and intense nightmares.

I was happily surprised to hear that there had been a noticeable change that had occurred and that they had heard that they seemed to no longer be as afraid of falling asleep, and while nightmares still happened, they were able to go back to sleep afterwards, and get a more restful sleep. It was a massive improvement.

I was really happy to hear that there had been an improvement, it also made me wonder if then the dream I had with them could have been real and perhaps had provided a source of comfort for them.

It would be several months before I got to see my family and I wondered if I would have the opportunity to ask this person about our dream encounter but would they even remember it? What were the chances?

Finally, an opportunity came during my trip, when I was able to talk to them on one-on-one and so I mentioned that I had a dream that took place several months prior where we were both in it and how we had talked about dreams and nightmares, and I wondered if they had a similar dream or not since it had felt so real when I woke up.

When I said this, they responded that indeed they had, and their eyes went big, they gave me a big smile and had a warm laugh – our conversation was then interrupted and we never got to talk more about it since but I now knew that we indeed had a shared dream.

This dream taught me so much and provided me with interesting insights and guidance, like how shared dreams did not need to be initiated for them to happen (after all, I had not asked for meeting or talking with them, yet we did) and it also taught me how prayers don’t need to have all this complexities for them to be heard, but that the feelings of genuineness, faith and love seem to be quite important.

  • That was lovely to read Geraldine and so heartwarming. This is a good example (along with the many other testimonies posted here) of the power of prayer. I recall how it had helped me during a very difficult and uncertain period in my life where I didn’t feel much hope in the circumstances that were happening in and around me. I got to the point where I wanted to just give up. Things got so bad that I found myself on my knees at the foot of my bed praying and desperately begging for helping from the Divine. The next day, I received an email from a close friend whom I haven’t heard back from in a while who had a suddenly a concerning dream about me and was reaching out to me to tell me not to give up hope. I remember being so shocked and bursting into tears of sincere gratitude after reading it. It meant so much to me to receive that message of love, hope and reassurance from above, as well from “my brother” down here who’s friendship has always meant the world to me.

  • Thanks Geraldine for sharing your experience. Its amazing how you were able to play your part to share much needed support to this particular family member!
    Its also so magical to hear how your prayers were answered by the divine, it seems that your sincerity played a big role 🙂
    Im very happy to hear that this family member got much needed information and to have remembered the dreams you shared would have helped her situation immensely.

  • Beautiful experience Geraldine. What stood out for me was how you prayed in such a natural, ‘unofficial’ way, and then put your faith in the divine. This shows real faith that you’ve been heard and that if the divine can act, they will. It’s also amazing that you were able to meet up with this person and convey your care to them.

    I feel like I’ve experienced something similar with my sister, but more vaguely. For a good few years when we were in our teens/early twenties we were very close and had a lot of psychic experiences between us. The kind of purity of our love and care for each other and immersion in each other’s ‘psychological landscape’ meant that we’d very often ‘know’ when something was wrong with the other, and appear in each others dreams as a comforting presence (whether this was actually us or representations, I can’t be sure). But this experience of yours seems even more extraordinary as the family remember sounds like not one you had such a close bond with as you get between siblings often.

    It makes me wonder how much goes on between us and others that we aren’t fully aware of.

    Thanks so much for sharing, it really makes me stop and consider just how much is ‘heard’, and the scope of the goodness we can bring others.

    • Nice that you were able to have such a connection to your sister Ella.

      I’ve also had my understanding and perception changed over time about what our prayers can do, about how it works, their importance when I would’ve thought the divine would automatically do things etc,

  • What a lovely dream you had and all from a true heartfelt prayer for someone else’s happiness and well being.

    Its interesting how connected we are with divinity and all of creation when we communicate from the heart, it seems like a portal of communication that as a humanity we don’t really know about and make use off.

    Thank you for sharing that very interesting experience Geraldine

  • I loved reading your experience Geraldine, thanks for sharing. It was nice to see the care you have for this person and managed to pray with a sincerity even though it was for a brief moment. It is amazing that we can help people in this way even though we are separated by distance.

    I can remember a time when a family member was very ill and because of that, they had problems sleeping. I can’t remember if they also had nightmares or not. Being unable to help them physically I prayed several nights in a row and one night I noticed a strong longing for their wellbeing. The next day my mom called me and told me how much better the person slept that night compared to others. It was a joy to hear as well as a confirmation that we can make a different for others by praying for them.

    • So nice Roy! I always wanted to “verify” if my prayers possibly helped, but haven’t had the chance yet. Sometimes I feel like I should not be curious, but just do my best and communicate my heartfelt wish as well as I can, and leave the rest to the Divine… But still, it would be nice to see how it works, at least once… 😉

      • Thanks for sharing that Roy – it’s nice that your prayers had a noticable benefit for your family member.

    • I also found Geraldine’s interest for another person’s wellbeing extremely heartfelt. Its just amazing that it had this lasting effect leading to a shared experience in the astral plane.

      I am also totally with you on that one Roy – there is definitely an incredible power in prayer. Once I was feeling a bit low and I was at my parents home in an area of the house with my mother. My mother had lit some candles, and I didn’t know exactly what she was doing, I thought it might be for decoration, but as I continued with my things, I felt this wave of goodness and I felt lifted out of my low state. I knew it was something from her as I felt it came from her direction. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she had done a small prayer for me. It was literally like a breeze of freshness that I perceived instantly.

    • Thanks Roy, and Olga as well, for sharing those moments.

      @Lucia. Yes maybe if you let go of that curiosity, you might see signs of the effects of prayer appearing. 🙂
      One situation that happened to me once that you might find interesting. I had planned to meet up with some friends for some spiritual practices in the evening. I was really looking forward to it, although I knew I had to be a bit quick make it back on time from work. However at work things didn’t go as planned and I had to stay almost an hour longer. During that time I initially hoped I could ‘still make it’, but soon saw I hadn’t and knew everyone was meeting up at the same time and I was missing it. The initial anxiousness and attachment to still try to make it and then not being able to had gotten me into a nasty state, I almost felt a bit sick from those ego states. I tried to work to detach from it but couldn’t manage. Then suddenly at one point that whole weight flowed away from me, I was also able to detach because of an understanding that reached me which said ‘this is your practice.’ The complete turn around certainly wasn’t my doing, I mean I was trying my best but mathematically speaking that result certainly wasn’t due to my efforts. I felt so nice after that, I told my boss do you need any more help, should I stay? 😉
      Long story short. When I got back I caught a bit of the feedback chat about the practice my friends did. I wasn’t able to make it, but one person mentioned they remembered me and prayed for me in that practice, when I heard that I instantly knew that that was what had happened, that a help had reached me because of that.

      • That’s nice to hear Karim. I’ve also noticed how attachments and expectations can bring up such turmoil within me when they’re thwarted, but it’s particularly ironic when these lower emotions are triggered through being overly attached to participating in a spiritual practice at a particular time! I liked the fact that you realised “this is your practice”. It’s good to bear that in mind, so that we can make the spiritual work part of our lives in whatever situations we may find ourselves in, rather than just during the time we spend doing practices in the comfort of a quiet room.

      • That’s so great Karim. It reminds me how much of a good impact praying for others at the start of a practise is. When I remember to do this, and not just ask for help for myself, I feel as though the connection between myself and the others in the room (and it shows it doesn’t have to be restricted to physical proximity!) deepens and that this in itself attracts more spiritual help. It’s like there’s a synergistic effect when individuals do this and the group becomes more open to benevolent forces, because it’s more aligned to the unselfish principle that underpins spiritual help.

        It also makes me think of the times when I’ve managed to pray for someone who was ‘under the influence’ of an ego, and even doing something that made me feel hurt. Instead of reacting back with ‘victim’ egos, when I’ve been able pray for the other person to be helped in their struggle, it clears negativity between us much quicker that either reacting (obviously) or even just trying to remain detached.

      • Awesome Karim, thanks for sharing that.

        One time I was at home alone and my husband was at work. I was doing a few longer methodical prayers and praying fervently for him. I wasn’t really expecting anything because I was doing it often anyway, and it often felt like I couldn’t really voice all the things I wanted in the prayers the way I wanted to express them and was always a little worried that it didn’t go through the right way and I wasn’t sincere enough and the divine might not get it (funny to say that : D ) etc.

        After I had finished with the prayers I messaged briefly with my husband. He asked me what I had been up to, I told him about the prayers. He asked me when exactly I did it, and then said how he had felt a positive change in his inner state at around that time. It was so nice to hear 🙂

        There have also been a few times when he was not well and went to rest that I was praying for uplifting or empowering dreams for him and it was given. Maybe not because of my asking of course, but I was a bit struck by how he described having had such a dream without me telling him I had been praying for that.

        I’m happy I read everyone’s comments, make me feel very inspired to pray for others more.

    • Hi Roy,

      Thanks for sharing this experience. It actually reminded me of a similar one I had.

      After the passing of my grandmother, my grandfather couldn’t sleep (he had been bed-ridden and not able to speak very much for years before that, so he was already in a difficult situation healthwise). I remember I went into his room and he was just laying there as usual, but his eyes were so sad. I really wanted him to feel relieved and consoled, but I knew that my words can’t do anything. So I stood next to his bed and prayed sincerely.

      Then I had a feeling that I should do something. I played some gentle melodic music from my phone and I started cleaning. I swept the floor, washed a few dishes, moved pans, I created a lot of clutter and didn’t try to avoid it. I found contradiction that I want him to sleep and rest, but instead of peace and calm I am creating this noise. Then I remembered that this is what my grandma would do, she never hesitated to do anything in this room (regardless of the noise it would produce) when I was sleeping there as a small child (and I often protested against it). I realized the noise was shaking the staleness of the room, which was probably strengthening that feeling of discomfort in him. When I finished cleaning and moving things I looked at my grandfather and saw him sleeping peacefully. I felt like my prayer was heard and it had also directed my actions, I was very grateful.

      • How beautiful Pavlin. How lovely it is to move and be an ‘instrument’ within such guidance!

      • That’s wonderful Pavlin and very touching. It seems part of you knew what to do, even though it was against logic, and probably aided by that prayer. Your grandfather must have been very consoled by the familiar noises.

  • Hi Geraldine. what stood out to me is the way you prayed to the divine for the help for this person. It seems that the genuine and caring attitude made all the difference. I found that if I am praying from within my heart that the prayers are heard all over the cosmos. On the other hand, if I am praying in a more organised manner without actually feeling it in my heart I can feel the weakness of the prayer.

    • Hi Tina,
      I loved what you said:
      “I found that if I am praying from within my heart that the prayers are heard all over the cosmos”
      Perhaps, it’s because of the power of love and faith behind it – that it reaches and pierces everything? I don’t know, I just really liked what you said – it felt and rang so true.

    • I agree Tina, it can almost be scary sometimes how much we are being heard… Sometimes when I strongly feel like praying for something or somebody, I have this feeling of “I NEED to bring up this case, it is my duty”. And then there are other times, when i feel like I SHOULD pray for somebody or something, but can’t reach that depth, and feel somewhat guilty and so on, but still don’t really feel it in my heart. So I was wondering maybe those are the instances where my interference maybe is not so needed or maybe not even desirable.

      Your “heard all over the cosmos” thing also reminded me that as a child, I was afraid to sing from all my heart when on my own at home, as I thought if I started, it would be heard “all over the cosmos” and I didn’t want to attract all that attention, so i only sung very quietly. 😀 Of course, my voice as a child was weak and nobody would hear me even if i sung loudly, but I remember being 100% sure at that time about it “resounding all over the cosmos”. Later on, when coming across these teachings, I started wondering if maybe it was something I remembered that was possible to do in the astral plane, where you can indeed be heard very well if you sing or pray from your heart.

      • Wow that’s lovely Lucia – somehow you knew your heart-felt song was projected across the universe!

      • That’s very cool about your feeling about singing as a child Lucia, thanks for sharing!

        It’s interesting what you said about having the feeling of duty to pray for someone and ‘present their case’ to the divine, I’ve felt this too. Like there is no one else to do it so I can’t possibly not pray for them. And I’ve felt the other one, where I feel I should be praying but can’t muster the sincere love and care for them that allows you to pray from the heart. So it’s interesting how this to you might mean it is not needed from you, as I’ve also felt the guilt and like I should just try more.

        @Tina yes that’s lovely indeed.

  • Thank you, Geraldine. What really struck me was the sincerity of your prayer, and how powerful it was, even though it was short. I find this very helpful and encouraging. It makes me want to pray more, and not worry about the prayers being long enough. Just pray from the heart.

  • What a remarkable experience. That’s awesome you got to help someone faced with nightmares within a dream, and that you could even verify the encounter later on. The power of sincere prayer is quite amazing.

  • How beautiful, thank you for sharing! I find it especially heart-warming how you were able to verify with the family member and how it made you both happy and (I imagine) connected in this magical way.

    I also had a couple of dreams where I was talking to people I knew from the physical world, and these discussions seemed to have a flavor of reality to them.
    In one of them, a person revealed something to me that they didn’t tell me in the physical world. After waking up I asked them about it and they confirmed it, surprised how I knew about it.
    I also had a few dreams in which I was explaining things about how the astral dimension operates and so on to some people I know in the physical world who are interested in these things a little bit. This made me wonder if maybe their essence/being wants to learn more, so they are drawn to me in the astral plane to talk, and maybe something stays with them when they wake up.

  • That’s a really nice experience, thank you for sharing. It’s remarkable how your sincere prayer and care and being receptive to the situation seem to have given you this experience and most importantly helped that family member.

  • Oh wow, this is quite amazing and uplifting. How wonderful you were able to help that person to feel like things were ok and they no longer had to feel afraid of going to sleep, and you did that in a dream! Very special.

    I found it very inspiring about what you shared about prayer. How you almost did it in passing like you said, didn’t think much about it, but did it with genuine love and care. This helps me because lately I’ve been praying a lot for a family member who is going through difficulties. My prayers have been quite detailed and long and I’ve tried to focus a lot, but constantly doubt whether they are having any impact, and sometimes it even starts to feel mechanical and like I’m pushing it a bit too hard. Your account makes me yearn to just find a sincere love and care for them in my heart and pray from that feeling and not worry if I remembered to say everything right and if it was intense enough. Thank you : )

    • Hi Laura,
      Yes, I was amazed as well of our dream encounter! As for the prayer, it was most interesting to me in the same way you talk, but also like how we are always heard and listened to. And for all things! I’ve seen how sometimes, just a little tiny thought can become really big in the astral, even being shown how something I thought was insignificant in my day could actually be huge in the astral! And then seeing how the little prayer I had was so simple, but so heartfelt and then what followed just showed me that truly, there is nothing hidden from above! And yes, I feel that the sincerity and genuineness was quite important in the prayer. But I know what you mean, how sometimes asking for something can become mechanical, I’ve found it really helps me to go back and look for what I hope and yearn for in my asking – it has helped me in the past to get to that true original feeling that started the asking in the first place.

      • Hi Geraldine & Laura,

        Thanks for sharing your account Geraldine. It’s great that your simple but heartfelt prayer had a positive effect for your family member and I agree that it’s much more important to have sincerity and a loving connection with the divine, rather than repeating words perfectly, but mechanically.

        I hope your prayers will be of benefit to your family member too Laura.

      • I am also touched by this type of prayer. As I am writing this comment it occurred to me that it might be so effective because of a spiritual state that you reached in that moment.

        Some of my strongest memories of the past correspond to moments in time when I was more aware than usual. They did not need to happen over a long time to have a strong impact.

      • “We are always heard and listened to”
        “There is nothing hidden from above” So true and so beautiful.

        “to go back and look for what I hope and yearn for in my asking” Oh yes, I have to do this.

        All of what you said was really inspiring, thanks for sharing Geraldine 🙂

      • ‘just a little tiny thought can become really big in the astral’

        I also found this to be true. Sometimes even in a fleeting moment I’ll have this ‘question’ during the day, perhaps not even fully articulated in my mind, and then the next night I’m given the answer and I would remember: oh yeah I had that question! They heard 🙂 And sometimes even more ‘magically’ the guidance in dreams can be so that I’ll be given an answer in my dream and the question is yet to materialise the following day 🙂 And then at towards the end of the situation or day I connect the dots. Such experiences really help to build that faith in dream guidance for me.

  • What a lovely experience ‘shared dreamer.’ In my opinion it’s a great example of how beautifully the divine orchestrates help.

    I think it happens more often that a person looking for a certain help is ‘somehow’ able to find the exact right person at the right time. Your case seems similar with you having the genuine wish to help that family member and some knowledge about that side of life so you were able to. The only catch— the meet up location was in the astral 🙂

    Your story also has many more nice moments and insights. Hope you have many more of these meet ups!

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