Experience submitted by Geraldine Price

Experience submitted by Geraldine Price

Since I had taken a course by Belsebuub about out of body experiences and dreams,  I had heard of how people had reported having shared dream or meeting with other people in the astral, but this had so far never happened to me. I had also developed faith in the divine, seeing how there truly existed divine guidance and love in many previous experiences.

One day, after talking to one of my family member on the phone, I learned that one of my sibling’s family member was going through a period of heavy nightmares, and had become quite concerned and afraid as the night would approach which led them to have poor sleep, being quite fatigued during the day, and developing some anxiety toward bedtime.

I was very sad to hear that these nightmares and fears had become that intense for this person, and they were in such a worried and distressed state.

So I decided to pray for them but it was not a long prayer at all, nor was it elaborate or even ‘official’. In fact, it was almost done in a passing moment but what I remember about it was the genuine feeling I had for them to receive any help they needed to help them overcome those fears about falling asleep, and praying for them to gain some understanding about the origins of their nightmares if possible.

After this, I did not think further of it, putting my faith in the Divine and went about with my day.

That same night, I had a dream in which I found that I was talking to that very person in my dream.

In the dream, we were in the same room together – I was not familiar with the place and I could not remember how I got there, but as I became more lucid and aware, they approached me and it seemed that they were expecting me somehow. “How strange” I thought; this was really not something I was expecting at all but I went with the flow.

And while I had a sense of myself, I did not have control of the situation. Somehow though, seeing that person made me remember the phone conversation I had earlier during the day, so I mentioned how I had learned that they had been having nightmares. Their response was that they wished that they could not longer have them, and something along the lines that they could not understand the use of dreams or nightmares.

It was not a very long encounter but we were able to talk in small bits, yet a lot of information was conveyed between the two of us.

Truly, it was a bit surreal how things were unfolding, having this conversation about dreams and nightmares within a dream!

In the end, I had the feeling that they now felt re-assured that nothing could hurt them in nightmares and that they were ‘ok’ so to speak.  At that point, I remember that our conversation ended in the same way it had started, and I woke up shortly after.

When I opened my eyes, I started to remember my dream very clearly – it had a certain feel and clarity that made me feel like it had been all so very real. And if it was, I was taken aback to how it had all unfolded.

I absolutely had no intention of visiting my family members, and no inkling to talk to them about their issue, so did I imagine this dream scenario? Did that dream came as a result of my prayers? Did they dream of this encounter as well? How would I know? We never really talked so I could not all of a sudden pick up the phone and inquire about our dream encounter.

Some time later I had another call with my family, and right before I hung up I decided to inquire about this sibling’s family member, and if they were still suffering from these anxiety and intense nightmares.

I was happily surprised to hear that there had been a noticeable change that had occurred and that they had heard that they seemed to no longer be as afraid of falling asleep, and while nightmares still happened, they were able to go back to sleep afterwards, and get a more restful sleep. It was a massive improvement.

I was really happy to hear that there had been an improvement, it also made me wonder if then the dream I had with them could have been real and perhaps had provided a source of comfort for them.

It would be several months before I got to see my family and I wondered if I would have the opportunity to ask this person about our dream encounter but would they even remember it? What were the chances?

Finally, an opportunity came during my trip, when I was able to talk to them on one-on-one and so I mentioned that I had a dream that took place several months prior where we were both in it and how we had talked about dreams and nightmares, and I wondered if they had a similar dream or not since it had felt so real when I woke up.

When I said this, they responded that indeed they had, and their eyes went big, they gave me a big smile and had a warm laugh – our conversation was then interrupted and we never got to talk more about it since but I now knew that we indeed had a shared dream.

This dream taught me so much and provided me with interesting insights and guidance, like how shared dreams did not need to be initiated for them to happen (after all, I had not asked for meeting or talking with them, yet we did) and it also taught me how prayers don’t need to have all this complexities for them to be heard, but that the feelings of genuineness, faith and love seem to be quite important.