Experience submitted by Layla Fowler

Experience submitted by Layla Fowler

At a certain point in my life, during a period of one week I kept finding myself in nightmares, night after night. It was really troubling me to repeatedly experience being in dark places, being chased by people wanting to harm me and waking up with this gripping fear and negative feelings that came back with me in the morning.

Using Belsebuub’s Self-Observation Techniques to Make the Nightmares Stop

After this going on for about a week and wondering why they were happening and why I kept finding myself in nightmares, I remembered Belsebuub explaining how our dreams reflect our inner state during the day and by changing internally then we can see the change in our dreams as well.

I also recalled how he explained that when we are in negative states we then experience those negative states in dreams, in nightmares. Recalling what he had said came as a great help to try to understand the source and reason of those dream experiences.

The self-knowledge component of Belsebuub’s work held the most significance for me, since it showed how self-knowledge and dreams shared a reciprocal learning pathway and that the learning was not something that ended with sleep but it would come alive on a different plane through dreams and astral travel. I began to see direct correlations between self-knowledge during the day and learning about myself through dreams and astral travel.

Below is a radio interview with Belsebuub on the subject of why people have bad dreams and nightmares:

Breaking the Nightmare Sequence

After that reflection that day I made true efforts to be aware and also in observing my inner states and clearing the negative states as they appeared through the elimination of the ego technique Belsebuub explained in his books and courses. I focused a lot on being aware and made it my priority during the day and tried to remember to come back to the moment, time after time.

As I kept doing this I found the more I came back to being aware the more I remembered to come back to being aware, and I also noticed many more negative feelings and emotions the more I kept bringing myself to being in the moment.

That night in my dreams, I finally was able to break the sequence of those negative hellish dreams. Instead my dreams were in light places, I saw sunshine piercing the room I was in and I found that my dreams were light-natured on an energetic level.

I was so relieved when I woke up in the morning to have had an uplifting experience, feeling lighter from not having been in those dream states. I was also really happy to see and learn about the direct correlation between my dreams and the level of my awareness and clarity during the day.

What I Learned from This Experience

In the past I used to think that nightmares happened randomly and that perhaps it was something that happened out-of-the-blue or that it was something not related to me, but setting out to make a change in those dream experiences through being aware in the day was incredible proof for me that I was in those places because that it was something coming from within me.

Going through all that over that week was a teaching in its own way as I could see and understand firsthand from my own experience how spiritual knowledge has an amazing mathematical precision to it, and I’ve seen this correlation between day and night so much more since and in other accurate ways. It’s quite remarkable how much guidance is offered in dreams and how there is so much I can learn from them when I’m tuned into that world of learning and self-discovery.

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