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How I Stopped Having Nightmares

Experience submitted by Layla Fowler
Experience submitted by Layla Fowler

At a certain point in my life, during a period of one week I kept finding myself in nightmares, night after night. It was really troubling me to repeatedly experience being in dark places, being chased by people wanting to harm me and waking up with this gripping fear and negative feelings that came back with me in the morning.

Using Belsebuub’s Self-Observation Techniques to Make the Nightmares Stop

After this going on for about a week and wondering why they were happening and why I kept finding myself in nightmares, I remembered Belsebuub explaining how our dreams reflect our inner state during the day and by changing internally then we can see the change in our dreams as well.

I also recalled how he explained that when we are in negative states we then experience those negative states in dreams, in nightmares. Recalling what he had said came as a great help to try to understand the source and reason of those dream experiences.

The self-knowledge component of Belsebuub’s work held the most significance for me, since it showed how self-knowledge and dreams shared a reciprocal learning pathway and that the learning was not something that ended with sleep but it would come alive on a different plane through dreams and astral travel. I began to see direct correlations between self-knowledge during the day and learning about myself through dreams and astral travel.

Below is a radio interview with Belsebuub on the subject of why people have bad dreams and nightmares:

Breaking the Nightmare Sequence

After that reflection that day I made true efforts to be aware and also in observing my inner states and clearing the negative states as they appeared through the elimination of the ego technique Belsebuub explained in his books and courses. I focused a lot on being aware and made it my priority during the day and tried to remember to come back to the moment, time after time.

As I kept doing this I found the more I came back to being aware the more I remembered to come back to being aware, and I also noticed many more negative feelings and emotions the more I kept bringing myself to being in the moment.

That night in my dreams, I finally was able to break the sequence of those negative hellish dreams. Instead my dreams were in light places, I saw sunshine piercing the room I was in and I found that my dreams were light-natured on an energetic level.

I was so relieved when I woke up in the morning to have had an uplifting experience, feeling lighter from not having been in those dream states. I was also really happy to see and learn about the direct correlation between my dreams and the level of my awareness and clarity during the day.

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  • Hi Layla,

    I just wanted to mention that I still keep remembering your experience and it inspires me to try harder to improve my state during the day 🙂 Making these extra efforts to observe myself shows me what you were saying about seeing how there are many more negative states to be discovered that I am not usually aware of. Thanks again for sharing!

  • I know just what you mean Layla, and have experienced the same thing many times especially with regard to feeling fear during the day, even if subtly, when it’s in the emotions or overall states, then nightmares often follow. Great to hear you broke through that week though; it’s motivating to see what can be done, and also shows yet another benefit of making efforts during the day to not go along with or be overcome by negative inner states.

  • What a complete 180 you pulled in terms of your psychological, inner life, Layla.

    I thankfully haven’t had many full-fledged nightmares in my life, but there have been periods of time where my dreams reflect very negative emotions/behaviours, and I know that it takes an immense determination and self-study to pull myself out of those dreams. It’s incredibly inspiring that you so diligently applied Belsebuub’s teaching on the source of the nightmares and upon doing so, you broke that pattern immediately. That’s really big!

    Our psyches are rather complex, full of so many different egos states, it can be easy to lose sight of the “simplicity” of the work: the cause of negativity is within, and being conscious is fundamental to all change. What a great illustration, through personal experience.

  • It’s great that you managed to stop having those nightmares Layla. I’ve had long periods of reccurring nightmares and I can relate to how it feels. It’s useful to understand that it all boils down to the way we live our every day life.

  • I agree Layla. It seems that in this situation the information and tools of self-knowledge proved so valuable. Giving you the knowledge and means to break out of those low states and bad experiences.

    I’ve also found again and again that the ability to deal with feeling low is something amazing. If I wouldn’t have known those techniques and tools found in Belsebuub’s work how would I have dealt with difficult situations? Probably just seeking pleasure to avoid them, or trying to fix things externally, or blame others and the world? Very grateful for this information.

  • Thank you very much Layla for sharing about this correlation you found between your inner states during the day and your dreams at night. It seems you have applied some really sincere efforts to be able to break free from that inner negativity and low states! The sunrise in a dream you describe sounds beautiful (and the image expresses it really nicely) and I can almost feel how much relieving this must have been for you. And of course, I can also relate to having low dreams and it may be sometimes very hard to pinpoint the states during the day that are causing them, as they may not necessarily be some big depressions or accute states of stress, but more like underlying and persistent low energies present that we may not be aware of.

    Wishing you many more beautiful sunrises within! 🙂

  • Thanks for your comments Ella, yes it can seem that things change ‘in time’ something I’ve caught myself ‘believing’ but it’s not necessarily the case, its actually down to what we do and the momentum of that.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Layla, it’s been very inspiring. Great to know that Belsebuub’s work have helped you understand how important it is to change during the day to benefit at night. I’ve also experienced this magic from his work.

    From this great work, I’ve also experiences that my Divine Parents have the key to free me from the chains of this world, and the maths should be simple, correct my negative behaviour and experience love and happiness. So why is it so hard to brake free from these monstrous egos. I I suppose the biggest factor is that I’m not Belsebuub or someone Divine, therefore as it stands darkness dominates most of who I am.

    Lately I’ve been experiencing anger and it’s such a terrible way to be. I use to think that I wasn’t really an angry person but obviously I was wrong. This terrible ego has been very difficult and I’ve made no real progress in the last few day. In this situation I need to forgive and I’m praying for that, but my efforts are very obviously not good enough.

    Thankfully I have Belsebuub’s technique to remove the egos, I just need to work harder.

    • Yes anger is a horrible state and when it grips me I find it hard to remove it since its such a strong emotion. I’ve seen through very lucid dreams how anger is very much part of nightmare experiences and its a state that only brings its own kind upon us. Here’s a helpful article from Belsebuub.com that’s offers a great insight into anger that you may be able to pick up some inspiration and direction from. https://belsebuub.com/when-anger-just-wont-go-away.

      The feeling of being right is what I’ve found to be a main proponent of anger, because I tend to always assume I’m right in the first place instead of looking at the situation from the other person’s perspective and learning about the situation fully. Sometimes i do this too late after anger has already swept the situation into a negative spiral and without doubt the real situation was surprisingly different from what I initially thought I was right about when that anger had left after the outburst.

      No doubt you’ll uncover what you need to and wish you lots of inspiration in your effort to overcome it.

      • I’d forgotten about that great article, thanks Layla that was very helpful. As well as asking to remove the ego, I needed to remind myself to be thankful to for the opportunity.

    • Hi John, I also had a situation at work yesterday where I felt anger within. Over a situation I thought I would be ‘above’ by now. The moment of incitement was pretty short, but the toxic pressure accelerated itself very quickly taking energy from the emotional centre. The draining effect of it was particularly obvious this time and it left me with this low feeling afterwards.

      We have to keep going with it it seems 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing that Layla. It’s great that your efforts to attain clarity during the day had such a profound effect on the type of dreams you experienced at night. It must have come as quite a relief to be outside of those horrible realms in your dreams too, after being troubled by them night after night.

  • I hope many people hear what you have experienced Layla, and so are also able to turn around their hellish experiences in the night. It’s such a common thing for people to have nightmares and it be regarded as normal. It must have been awful to go through that regularly, but also such a powerful confirmation for you on how the work to change has its repercussions ‘over there’ straight away.

    When the physical and dream world start to merge and become one source of learning, that’s when I start to feel like a momentum with the inner work is picking up. I like how you describe self-knowledge and dreams as sharing a reciprocal learning pathway.

    Thanks for sharing, it’s made me remember the importance of breaking through the dream images in the day by practicing awareness, and especially to work to ensure I’m not within heavy emotional states.

  • It was such a relief actually Geraldine to not be in those experiences and I was really thankful to Belsebuub in my heart that he explained about this correlation between what goes on in our inner state in the day and their playing out in dreams at night. To be able to prove such things in a real, direct and precise way was like experiencing real life.

  • Hi Layla,
    That was a really nice experience you’ve shared here – how you were able to break that chain of nightmares by being in a different state during the day, using it to learn instead of being a prey to whatever it was your were going through!
    I can imagine that having those nightmares every night would have been truly draining and distressing – yet how interesting and relieving it must have been to be able to get to the pinpoint causes of these low states and not go along them during the day. It must have felt as well like you were getting your true self back, and feeling a lot more free than being surrounded by this dark cloud! Thank you so much for sharing that, I’m sure many will find it helpful 🙂

  • What an uplifting experience, thanks for sharing Layla. How you saw that sunlight piercing the room in your dreams, like a ray of hope I guess. That the more we make the effort to change, the more we will be able to change and the more we will be helped. The saying comes to mind, God helps those who help themselves. Because he can’t much help those who don’t even try. And the mathematicalness of it all, when I do something little, I get something little in return, and with consistent, hard efforts there will be more progress. All of this was very helpful to read.

    It is wonderful to find yourself in those places of light energy instead of the muddled, worrisome, scary scenarios of the dreams the low states produce. One thing I am finding as a matter of fact is that it doesn’t require strong outbursts of fear, worry, stress, anger or other lower inner states during the day to be in bad dreams at night, but even just the continuous underlying subtle feelings of anxiety, depression, despair etc. will produce much the same dreams. It is harder to notice or to break as it is an energy that is constantly there and you are used to it, and you don’t even recognize it. But your dreams are then showing that something is not right, and instead of feeling down about them to see them as clues as to what to change.

    Your account makes me very inspired to make those efforts you talked about of being more aware and eliminate my egos. Thank you again.

    • That saying keeps coming to mind through my experiences in overcoming the difficulties i face both inside myself and in the things I face in life, and its very empowering to a person to approach it this way from my experience. Its like the doing and the asking work together, but I’ve been prone to a ‘self sufficient’ way of learning spiritually which has isolated me from the divine help had I just asked for it and in most cases the mistakes I made I wouldn’t have made had I had asked for that guidance..

      I found that Belsebuub’s work has a precision to it not only in the results but in the understanding and wisdom, that when I first began to see this I also started to see the mathematical nature of spirituality in life, and that it was actually so beautiful.

      Interestingly point about coming out of this ‘darkness’ was that it actually helped me to find the ‘light’, it was the impetus for me to seek it in a way that I wasn’t and not that I wait for ‘dark times’ but it showed how through darkness we can extract the light that Belsebuub does talk about and those experiences I’ve had are like ‘aha I see what you mean’ moments.

      • That’s interesting Layla, I’m prone to the opposite, asking a lot but not doing enough. It seems there has to be both, but in balance. If we ask but don’t do enough, only so much help can come through to us when our state doesn’t allow us to really hear or see or apply it, and if we just do but don’t ask it’s like you said, you may be going off with things.

        It’s pretty amazing how Belsebuub is able to explain these profound spiritual truths and practices in such a simple way that it is understandable and anyone can pick it up and get results. There is so much spiritual literature, courses, authors, teachers, ‘gurus’ etc. out there but his work is a unique gem that really works.

    • I totally agree Laura with what you said about underlying subtle feelings of anxiety and worry being a reason of low dreams. I also had a period in my life when I was not sure if I was doing the right thing and kept worrying about things in an underlying but persistent way, and during that period I was repeatedly finding myself in a low-style scenarios with weird people and in general those dream places felt very unpleasant, even though maybe I would not call them nightmares as there wasn’t a feeling of fear present, but still those surroundings and people felt very negative and depressing.

      • Yes it’s interesting actually to see this happening in your dreams consistently, when you might believe you are just living your life like normal, kind of wakes you up to question what is really going on in your life that is so depressing and dark. It’s amazing to have the techniques to then have the opportunity to change it.

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