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Did I Experience a Telepathic Phone Conversation in My Dream?

Experience submitted by Seraphim Papatriantafillou

One early evening I did a practice in order to project into the astral world. I tried to give it a good go using what I had learned in Belsebuub’s work on astral projection, and while I didn’t have the result I expected; I did have a lucid dream.

Remembering My Father and Calling My Brother in a Dream

In that dream, I was sad, because I was remembering the departure of my dear father, even though it had been some time since he had passed away.

I saw an old phone such as the one we had in our family home when I was a teenager which reinforced the remembrance of my father.

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (Image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pixabay. (Image has been modified)

I then entered the living room of the old family home, and walked straight to the old library. I opened one of the cabinet doors to an old shelving unit, one that my family currently has in the physical world, and I picked up some of my father’s work which he had done as a student and later in his career. I looked over his design plans with a great remembrance of him.

In that dream, I also reflected upon the lost opportunities I had to have a deeper connection with my loving father while he was still alive. Before his departure, I thought he would be alive for much longer, so I thought to myself that I ”had time”, but unfortunately, the reality of life proved otherwise.

I came to realize in my dream that I should use the time and the opportunities I have with others wisely.

All this made me a bit wiser with a deeper understanding of the situations I had faced and how much I should cherish the time I have with my family and friends because I will not always have the same chances.

As the dream continued, I also had a phone call from my brother.

He seemed anxious and concerned with the usual problems of daily life. I responded to him in a calm and mature way, based on my previous reflection on the lost time with my father.

Photo by Veri Ivanova on Unsplash.
Photo by Veri Ivanova on Unsplash.

I commented how he should cherish the time he currently has with his loving children because he may not always have the same opportunities in the future.

He didn’t say anything, he remained deeply silent. I was left with a feeling that he understood what I meant.

Then I woke up.

Verifying the Astral Phone Conversation with My Brother

I wondered about the second part of the dream, as I hadn’t had any previous discussion with my brother about the topic beforehand. I wondered to myself, where did this dream come from? What was it trying to tell me? I lay there for a small while, seeking answers.

As some time passed and I knew that my brother would probably be available to answer my call, I phoned him to share a small part of my dream.

I don’t normally share my dreams with other people except a few with my wife. But on that occasion I had a feeling that I should verify some things from the dream, even though I didn’t know exactly what.

I began sharing just the last phone conversation I had with him in my dream. His answer surprised me. He told me that not that long ago that evening, while he was driving his motorcycle, he was thinking about the same thing.

I asked him when exactly did he have these reflections. He wasn’t sure. He said that it was about one hour earlier. This surprised me even more because I had woken up just over an hour and a quarter ago with the dream in my mind.

I couldn’t say anything more. I added only to say that my dream began from the remembrance of our father. He answered to my surprise again that those thoughts about his children also started with thoughts about our father.

Coincidence or a Telepathic Connection from the Astral?

I wondered if there was any connection between the astral and the physical world, if somehow the reflections I was experiencing in my dream reached my brother and if there was some telepathic connection between us in that particular occasion.

It is hard for me to explain, but the fact that my brother had a similar attitude, and similar thoughts and reflections about our father and how to spend time wisely, both in my dream and in the physical world remains astonishing.

  • Thank you Serafim for sharing this experience of yours and every related experience other people add into this was very nice. It’s quite magical how things are happening and would be amazing if we could (and potentially we can) incorporate this awareness of other dimensions, psyche abilities and so on into our daily life.For example, this synchronization with your brother was quite amazing but I guess happened “by accident” right? because of the circumstances. But imagine to actually do it on perpose.

    I friend passed away recently and as normally happens to me in these cases I reflect on the past, present and about how I would like things to change into better. And I end up (…again) pursuing the present moment, like Everything is there and can be found, but can be forgotten so easily.

    Thank you also for sharing this connection with the physical parents. It’s a quite a mystery for me and even more if you think it also related with the past lives.

  • That’s a very cool experience, Seraphim. It would be quite a coincidence for you to both be thinking similar thoughts at the same time… Sounds like there was more going on.

    It’s quite interesting how in the astral, you were on the phone with your brother, and in the physical, your brother was just thinking those thoughts while biking. What fascinating symbolism and telepathic connections!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • What an sensitive experience, thank you Seraphim for sharing it. It really gave me the momentum to reflect upon life.
    ” Before his departure, I thought he would be alive for much longer, so I thought to myself that I ”had time”, but unfortunately, the reality of life proved otherwise.I came to realize in my dream that I should use the time and the opportunities I have with others wisely.”

    Also it was very beautiful and inspiring the way you connected with your brother, telepathically, by Divine help, in any case it was a beautiful mystical guidance.

    Eleni your story was so sensitive, thank you very much for sharing it, it touched deeply my heart.
    Thank you everyone for sharing your comments and insights on this.

  • Hello Seraphim,

    Sorry to read about the sudden loss of your father, it must have been very difficult for you. I wish you and your family all the very best for the future with much love in your lives.

    Your story is very special and felt deeply. I think that the message of your dream is a great reminder for all of us.

    My father and mother have both given up all of their lives and they’ve made many sacrifices for the happiness of their 3 children. More recently, I’ve understood this on a deeper level.
    This understanding began a few months back while I was standing in the kitchen with my mother. Suddenly I felt these amazing moments of love for her, although I’d experienced love for my mother before, these moments could not be compared and are hard to express in words, and it’s certainly wasn’t anything that I’d ever experienced before. I can only presume that my Divine Mother helped me experience certain higher emotions and understandings which were so needed in my life.
    I knew there and then that I needed to return this unconditional love which I’ve received all of my life from both of my parents.

    • John, coincidentally I was recently given to experience a similar realisation. Being shown, and more importantly strongly feeling, how one of my parents had gone through a hard life, a very long way, in order to give me the opportunity to have the life I have. And that is not just in the sense of a safe and privileged upbringing. But it is a life that gave me the opportunity to find and do this work.

      There was more to it but I feel it’s better to keep that to myself.

      But it also made me think, as above so below, how much mustn’t our own Being, Our Divine Father and Mother, have worked in all the ages to get us to the point where we are able to have the understanding to receive this work…

      • Your comments touched me very much, John and Karim 🙂

        I tried to avoid to write about this in the article and another comment because it is supposed the title was another but your comments brought me again in this.
        So, I also can say that my father believed in me much more than me and he made sacrifices for me that probably I wouldn’t have done in his seat for me. It is something that has surprised me positively as a teenager and after “watching” this and obviously, it gave me a boost in my life with many ways, as your parents.

        My father, as I wrote, passed away suddenly. I tried to recover him until the last moment for 20 moments, but I didn’t manage it. I think if I was more conscious before, I had managed something better unless it was “written” for him to leave…
        So, probably, from this aspect, sometimes the matter to be conscious or not is also a matter of life or death.

  • Thank you Seraphim for your beautiful experience. It seems that there is a connection between the different dimensions of universe.

    I have noticed many times that with some other people with whom I have close relationships, some times I have received telepathy messages by them without telling something and when I speaking to them, they told me that was the last thought they had. Miracle, I don’t Know but it suprised me pleasantly.

    The loss of my father it made me feel much pain for many reasons.
    The quidance of my inner divine beings, the help and love of my close people made me to overcome the pain.

    All are connected with a misterious way and for some reason.
    I received a hopefully message of my dead father when my mother had an adventure with her health. After a month of anxiety and a night of prayer with many tears I had a lucid dream when I saw my dead father happy and he showed me with a sympolic way that the adventure in my mothers health had overcomed and he showed me that everything was going to be ok. That difficult moment made me to learn that in the last spark of hope comes the real help. After the darkness comes the real light just to be open and there to receive the message.

    Thank you Seraphim and the others for your comments.

    • Thank you for sharing that Eleni. What you shared about getting that understanding and message in your lucid dream from your father was really helpful. “in the last spark of hope comes the real help.” Someone said that God wants things as humanely difficult for us as possible before he steps in to help. Sometimes it does feel like that! Of course the divine isn’t doing that for nothing or because they wouldn’t care that we are hurting or something. I think it’s for us to learn about our darkness, our limits, about faith, trust, hope, the right kind of efforts, gaining wisdom through hardship, learning how to cope. I want to be ready for the next hardship so that I can stand solidly in the middle of the chaos and look at all the things it’s making arise within myself in the eye and not hide. Have faith in the divine that it’s out of love and all for my own learning. Anyway, thanks again 🙂

    • Thank you very much Eleni for sharing your touching experience. It is also humbling to read how much you cared for and loved your parents. <3

    • Thanks Eleni. I agree with that last message you mention. Bearing difficulties like that as much as we can we really feel the severity of things, and then when the help comes we can know how great their help is, how merciful, and we really appreciate it too.

  • Very touching experience Seraphim. An incredible reminder to make use of the time we have and to appreciate all the opportunities that are in front of us.

  • Your experience, Seraphim, was very touching, thanks for sharing these insights given by your dream, and thoughts of a bigger picture of life.

    I feel also that the love for our parents has its own way to be expressed and guide us, sometimes under difficult circumstances and after a sudden loss, but it seems like a feeling that has its special place inside of us.

    I have experienced something similar with my sister after the sudden death of our mother, and her remembrance and the special place she had in our heart were the driving force of being ”synchronized” in thoughts and get some messages beyond this world that helped us to our daily life and effort.

    Feeling that as a part of the ways that our divinity has to make us grow as souls, I am also astonished like you by the means they use to teach us.

  • Thank you for sharing Seraphim, it looks like some sort of Divine guidance to me as well. It is amazing how you were able to connect to your family in this way, through higher dimensions, and to receive and pass on the message of temporariness and appreciation of what we have now. I personally find the interactions on the mental plane very interesting. If not subconscious/subjective, I find they can communicate much deeper issues/understanding than the interactions through the astral plane. How amazing it would be to be aware in that dimension on a regular basis and to be able to tap into all that higher knowledge and understanding.

  • Amazing Seraphim, thanks for sharing that touching story.

    Maybe somehow it was your father sending a message to both of you.

  • That’s amazing, Seraphim. I wonder about these types of experiences sometimes — when real life and dreams seem to interact. I had a very similar experience once where someone was trying to reach me physically (completely unexpected since I’ve not been in contact with that person since childhood) and I dreamt about them reaching out to me out of nowhere. Likewise with dream premonitions — an interesting interplay between waking life and dreaming. Seems like there is so much to explore in our relationship with dreams.

    I was touched to hear about your father and that sense of “I have time”. Thank you for sharing that.

    • So interesting Seraphim and very touching act of love!

      I had a similar experience of communication between the physical and the astral as yourself and Jenny, where I had a very lucid dream that someone was telling me about an urgent message that I needed to hear and I woke up feeling that message was very current to an event that was about to happen. After I woke up I called that person to see if they would say anything naturally about it without me asking them and the first thing they said was that they were trying to get in touch with me about an upcoming event and it was urgent for me to know.

      It was a really interesting experience and I had a real feeling that it was real information because of the incredible clarity of that dream.

  • So interesting you were both having the same flavour of insights at the same time Seraphim. 🙂 And at a distance, and with you receiving it while you were in the dream world and your brother as thoughts and reflections in the physical world. 🙂

    It doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me. My first thought was that it must be some sort of help from above giving this learning. But then why at the same time? Perhaps because you getting in touch with him would help ‘cement’ his insights on that subject? But like you say there could’ve also definitely been a telepathic element between the two of you in it. Your deep thinking about it just after you woke up might have also reached him. In that case maybe he didn’t receive that guidance from the divine himself, but you were the one who was guided and passed that message on to him with your phone call.

    The more I think about it the more intriguing it becomes, but very interesting and magical for sure, how fortunate you are to have such an element of magic in your life through the astral!

    • I have experienced telepathy in the past especially with my wife. Sometimes I “play” with my wife, trying to guess her answer. The most messages come when I don’t expect them. But through astral, it was something unique. It seems the possibilities are enormous.

  • HI Seraphim, thanks for sharing your experiences. I find what you have shared very intriguing, that you and your brother shared the same thoughts, at pretty much the exact time. There are so many examples of this synchronicity throughout daily life. I can think of a few times when i have been thinking about a family member or friend and then received a phone call almost instantly, even to discuss the exact thought i just had. Or times when i have understood what someone was about to say before they had even opened their mouth.
    I still can’t be sure how this works either, but there is definitely much more to discover than we can perceive in this physical world.

  • What a beautiful experience Seraphim. Phoning from the dream to the waking world! 🙂 It’s amazing how you were reflecting on these deep and important subjects in the dream, got an insight into them and then were maybe even able to help your brother. Quite special! It’s great you decided to share some of the dream with him too. It sounds to me though like it all was too big of a coincidence to really be one 😉

    I’ve found it painful to realize recently, how even the relationships I subconsciously thought would continue till the end of my life and I could be secure in them because how could they ever be taken away, might not last. Obviously none of us are guaranteed another day on this earth, so having these subconscious beliefs can actually be harmful for us – having this feeling of security and contentment being taken away, has actually opened my eyes to a lot of issues there are in these relationships that were just lying under the surface and I couldn’t see when nothing was stirring things up.

    So I feel it is so valuable to be aware of this fact of the temporary nature of everything in life, even the things and relationships and people you most love, because it helps you to see how precious every moment is with this person and what a waste of time it is to argue with them, hold resentments, hurt their emotions, etc. that you might be prone to do in the security that they will “always” be around. Then the pain of this knowledge actually makes things so much more beautiful, you start to strive harder to understand and connect with them, to find real love, it is magical to be around the person because they are here now and there is a meaning in their presence in my life, I can discover it and hopefully treat them with more love and kindness, maybe help them in a selfless way, and transcend the ego based selfishness and lower type of interactions.

    I’m sorry your father passed away sooner than you expected and that you didn’t get to spend more time with him. It is wonderful though that from this pain you got this valuable lesson that we can’t trust that we will necessarily “have time”. I hope it has helped you in many ways to bring more love and care in your life. Thank you.

    • I agree, Laura, with everything you have written.

      With my father, I had common interests, investigations about spiritual issues and even a deeper connection that I couldn’t explain from where it was coming.

      Actually, my pain was/is that we weren’t able to discover together this connection, probably from the previous life… We thought for different reasons, we had time… But he passed away with an unexpected and quick way in front my eyes, without be able to say each other a goodbye.

      So, it is important to estimate what we have with the people we have around us, even the “bad” ones because sometimes it is necessary for us to learn through the ugly way in order to understand our mistakes.

      • That’s true Seraphim. I’m sure the guilt, regret, and other associated painful emotions would try to hijack the situation and make one feel down a lot about things that should and could have been done differently, but it helps me to remember that these are negative subconscious states and won’t help things in any way. It’s only for us to reap all the wisdom and learning possible from those painful experiences and make sure we won’t repeat the same mistakes again. I feel like this is the best way to honour the divine and show our repentance and understanding in our actions.

        Thanks for the comment!

      • That’s really special that you feel you had (have, I suppose these things don’t fade even when someone departs) a spiritual bond with your father Seraphim. It would be wonderful to be able to know what the ties between us and others are based on. Surely the connection and love between people in the same family is something strong and special. I feel it in my own family – though with one parent it feels like a really loving relationship that can’t really be damaged by anything, but with the other there’s a deep and mysterious tension, like the bond wasn’t so ‘pure’. Very curious.

        Thank you for the reminder that we have little time with those around us. These relationships are such unique opportunities to grow in love.

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