Experience submitted by Jenny Resnick

I woke up one night after a dream of my grandmother — a dream that felt like a clear visitation from the other side, which was quite surprising since as far as I knew my grandmother was still alive and well.

The dream itself was nothing special and not much happened in it. Funny though how a few seeming seconds of a dream can convey so much information and meaning sometimes. She just stood there looking at me and I at her, and yet so much seemed to pass between us in those few silent moments.

We didn’t exchange any words in this instance. I just noticed that she seemed unhappy somehow, but not with me nor with anything particular so far as I could see or feel —she just wore a look of concern.

grandmother when she was young

An old photo of my grandmother with friends from when she was younger (she is the one holding the guitar). Her expression in this photo might appear a bit stern, yet this was the norm for photography in her day and I always knew her as a very smiley and joyful person throughout my life.

Somehow though, despite the overall unhappiness she exhibited, I felt a certain care and warmth coming from her. I looked at her, studying her face for some time and then I woke up. It being the middle of the night, I took a quick mental note of the dream and fell back asleep.

Doing my usual dream recall in the morning (something I’d gotten in the habit of over the years using some tips I’d picked up from Belsebuub’s website and books), I went over the dreams of the night. After analyzing that particular dream a bit, I felt it had a certain quality — something silently telling you there’s a significance behind it. That quality is something I learned to “feel out” through various experiences in the past of having dream premonitions, and just paying attention to different messages in dreams and finding them useful down the line in daily life. Strange how that works — seeing one thing in a dream, but intuitively knowing it means so much more.

grandmom and I in 1991

A photo of me and my grandmom from 1991 on a trip to Russia, when we still lived in the same country.

What was odd about it this time was the fact that I never ever dreamed of my grandmother before. Not once throughout my whole life. She was someone I felt a strong loving bond with in life, but we spoke very rarely and it’d been a while since our last conversation…

Somehow, despite not much happening in the dream I knew she must have passed away. It was just a feeling I had. She’d been ill for quite some time, though I had not heard that her condition worsened in any way. But there was an unexplainable certainty to my gut feeling there. I knew she came to say goodbye.

I learned a while back that the astral plane is a place where you can meet and interact with the deceased, and how they are able to come and visit you from the astral and dreams. This wasn’t my first experienced meeting someone deceased while out-of-body. On one occasion previously I was able to meet a ghost through a dream (a nightmare, actually) of someone I wasn’t familiar with in life. On another occasion, not in the astral, I was able to communicate with a friend who passed away. I’ve also had other experiences of sensing the presence of ghosts in certain places. So perhaps it was simply recognizing the feeling of meeting someone that passed away that gave me the intuitive sense she must have passed onto the other side.

I mulled the feelings I had about this dream over for a bit the following morning. Besides the fact I never had dreams with my grandmother before, I mentally came to the conclusion that if something did happen to her surely my mom would have phoned to let me know. Since no one phoned, I just moved on with my day, shelving the dream away and planning to follow up with my mom later.

It was the following day when my mother finally called. I asked her how grandmom was doing and she told me she passed away two days ago, but that it’s been a difficult circumstance for her to handle and she forgot to call and let me know.

I told her I sort of already knew and described my dream to her. She was surprised, but not overly surprised. She said she had a similar experience with her father when he passed away many years ago and came by to say goodbye, and likewise when my aunt passed away unexpectedly in more recent years. She was certain my grandmom must have come to say goodbye to me as well. I just silently nodded in agreement, internally wondering why the deceased choose to visit some loved ones in dreams and not others? Why did she come to say goodbye to me and not my mother (her own daughter) for instance?

Below is a radio interview with Belsebuub on the subject of whether dreams indeed have a meaning, which I found quite interesting:

I feel a certain comfort thinking about this dream to this day — a feeling of being looked after or cared for by loved ones; a special connection of some kind that stretches beyond just one life, and one based in care and love — which is what I feel prompted my grandmother to come and offer a final parting.