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Finding Out My Grandmother Passed Away through a Dream Visitation

Experience submitted by Jenny

I woke up one night after a dream of my grandmother — a dream that felt like a clear visitation from the other side, which was quite surprising since as far as I knew my grandmother was still alive and well.

The dream itself was nothing special and not much happened in it. Funny though how a few seeming seconds of a dream can convey so much information and meaning sometimes. She just stood there looking at me and I at her, and yet so much seemed to pass between us in those few silent moments.

We didn’t exchange any words in this instance. I just noticed that she seemed unhappy somehow, but not with me nor with anything particular so far as I could see or feel —she just wore a look of concern.

grandmother when she was young
An old photo of my grandmother with friends from when she was younger (she is the one holding the guitar). Her expression in this photo might appear a bit stern, yet this was the norm for photography in her day and I always knew her as a very smiley and joyful person throughout my life.

Somehow though, despite the overall unhappiness she exhibited, I felt a certain care and warmth coming from her. I looked at her, studying her face for some time and then I woke up. It being the middle of the night, I took a quick mental note of the dream and fell back asleep.

Doing my usual dream recall in the morning (something I’d gotten in the habit of over the years using some tips I’d picked up from Belsebuub’s website and books), I went over the dreams of the night. After analyzing that particular dream a bit, I felt it had a certain quality — something silently telling you there’s a significance behind it. That quality is something I learned to “feel out” through various experiences in the past of having dream premonitions, and just paying attention to different messages in dreams and finding them useful down the line in daily life. Strange how that works — seeing one thing in a dream, but intuitively knowing it means so much more.

grandmom and I in 1991
A photo of me and my grandmom from 1991 on a trip to Russia, when we still lived in the same country.

What was odd about it this time was the fact that I never ever dreamed of my grandmother before. Not once throughout my whole life. She was someone I felt a strong loving bond with in life, but we spoke very rarely and it’d been a while since our last conversation…

Somehow, despite not much happening in the dream I knew she must have passed away. It was just a feeling I had. She’d been ill for quite some time, though I had not heard that her condition worsened in any way. But there was an unexplainable certainty to my gut feeling there. I knew she came to say goodbye.

I learned a while back that the astral plane is a place where you can meet and interact with the deceased, and how they are able to come and visit you from the astral and dreams. This wasn’t my first experienced meeting someone deceased while out-of-body. On one occasion previously I was able to meet a ghost through a dream (a nightmare, actually) of someone I wasn’t familiar with in life. On another occasion, not in the astral, I was able to communicate with a friend who passed away. I’ve also had other experiences of sensing the presence of ghosts in certain places. So perhaps it was simply recognizing the feeling of meeting someone that passed away that gave me the intuitive sense she must have passed onto the other side.

I mulled the feelings I had about this dream over for a bit the following morning. Besides the fact I never had dreams with my grandmother before, I mentally came to the conclusion that if something did happen to her surely my mom would have phoned to let me know. Since no one phoned, I just moved on with my day, shelving the dream away and planning to follow up with my mom later.

It was the following day when my mother finally called. I asked her how grandmom was doing and she told me she passed away two days ago, but that it’s been a difficult circumstance for her to handle and she forgot to call and let me know.

I told her I sort of already knew and described my dream to her. She was surprised, but not overly surprised. She said she had a similar experience with her father when he passed away many years ago and came by to say goodbye, and likewise when my aunt passed away unexpectedly in more recent years. She was certain my grandmom must have come to say goodbye to me as well. I just silently nodded in agreement, internally wondering why the deceased choose to visit some loved ones in dreams and not others? Why did she come to say goodbye to me and not my mother (her own daughter) for instance?

Below is a radio interview with Belsebuub on the subject of whether dreams indeed have a meaning, which I found quite interesting:

I feel a certain comfort thinking about this dream to this day — a feeling of being looked after or cared for by loved ones; a special connection of some kind that stretches beyond just one life, and one based in care and love — which is what I feel prompted my grandmother to come and offer a final parting.

  • Hi Jenny, Daya and I wish you all the very best with your loss. Your grandmother must have been very close to you especially since she came to visit you.

    Thanks for sharing your nice photo of your grandmother and her friends. I also love old photos and I find them very moving. Well explained by Maria V.

    I had an unusual out of body experience with pope John Paul II when he died in 2005. A woke up in a dream and I was saying to the pope “you see there are many Gods, not one God”. The experience was very brief but what I said was very clear.

    • Sorry Jenny, I forgot to mentioned that I very much enjoyed reading your experience and ready everyone’s comments 🙂

  • Thank you Jenny for sharing your photos with your grandmother. I always get deeply touched by old photos like the one with your grandmother with the guitar. They remind and reveal to me the futility and temporary of this world looking at those people’s faces, it’s unbelievable how I see in them so alive the same expressions and anticipations that the people at my time have, like nothing has changed, the same people repeating, and that makes me sad but reminds me the value and the need of this precious esoteric work.
    Wishing deeply the best for your grandmother’s soul and for you all you need.

    • Thank you, Maria. I know what you mean. There’s an element of truth or realness to older photos. A sense of another time and ways of life, and where we stand in relation to that.

  • I just noticed the updated pictures – that’s a really cute little Jenny on that second picture! 😀 And the picture also seems to paint your relationship very nicely. <3

    • Thanks Lucia 🙂 I meant to include a few photos originally, but had to go rummage around to find them so just managed to add them in now. That photo of me and my grandmother is funny to me — I remember finding those two leaves and thinking they were the most special leaves in the world because they were yellow with green tips and I’ve never seen anything like that before 😀 so special they made it into the portrait 😉

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Jenny – it serves a reminder that the connection between our own existence and the other side is closer than we may think. I’m glad you were able to take comfort from the experience of your grandmother’s passing visitation.

  • Thank you very much Geraldine for your kindly and supported words and much sorry for not seeing your comment earlier.

    Thank you Steve for sharing your very sensitive experience. I can understand a lot of what you are recounting here and how you felt and how Belsebuub’s Teachings have helped you on this. Personally his teachings were my biggest support. My father did visit me in my dreams some time afterwards. Wishing you deeply to overcome his loss and much strength.

    Thank you Vide for sharing also, especially your touching experience with your newborn daughter, It was very sensitive.

  • hi Jenny, perhaps after having passed she could see more of the bigger picture and was concerned she didn’t know it before to be able to act on it in her life but she could now see you have that chance and awareness of it having done Belsebuub’s courses? There is a very interesting article of his which goes into this topic a lot more,
    https://belsebuub.com/articles/death-and-ghosts , which I think is a transcript of the talk linked to above by Ella.

    Anyways, that’s the impression I immediately got reading your story so thought I’d share in case it helps.

  • Hi Jenny,

    This thread has helped me with some understanding from reading through peoples experiences as recently I lost my father to cancer and once he had passed away I was eagrly awaiting to meet him in my dreams in the astral to say good bye and I wanted to meet my father in the astral as that would of been really special. I waited for the experience each night after his passing and tried to remember dreams as best as I could but nothing, not a sign of him in my dreams, sometimes for me I don’t remember dreams straight away upon waking and during the day I’ll get a recall of a dream whilst awake but still nothing, after a few days I got a bit disappointed as I sort of expected this meeting to happen and started talking about it with my family and told them to keep an eye on their dreams as he might pay someone a visit, My brother said that when our grandmother died she came to him and gave him her chickens to look after (Nan always had a garden full of food and some chickens too).

    Reading people’s posts it seems that perhaps when a parent dies they may not so much visit their own children but maybe be more likely to visit their grand children, not sure for certain but perhaps this might be the case. My fathers death was an amazing experience because when all was said and done after everything that had happened during our life together all I had for my father when he was sick and then when he had passed away was love, an unconditional love and a lot of respect for what he did for his family. I hope that in his next life he can do the spiritual work if he wishes too.
    I wonder if anyone has had a visit from their parents in their dreams after that parent had passed on?

    All the best great thread.


    • Thanks very much for sharing that Steve. I imagine one’s father dying to be a very difficult thing to face.

      Thanks for passing on that lesson as well, it is actually an amazing lesson in my opinion. “because when all was said and done after everything that had happened during our life together all I had for my father when he was sick and then when he had passed away was love

      • Hi Karim,

        Nice to meet you! It is hard to describe fully what happened with the passing of my Father, I wouldn’t say it was difficult as the work of Belsebuub really gave me a grounding to base myself from with facing the situation, so I knew that his essence would continue on after death which really helped over come low emotions but it was a very emotional time with seeing my Dad sick and then on his passing but it was also kinda wonderful in other ways too, I got to look after him for a little bit and help him with daily chores and things, I really enjoyed that time with him.

      • I know what you mean Steve. I have witnessed my father’s death and was also relatively calm given the circumstance, even though it happened out of a sudden. Belsebuub’s teachings helped me to understand the reality and even though I was still very sad that I won’t have a chance to meet him anymore in this lifetime, no more talks and hugs and so on… I prayed that his essence gets what’s best for him.

      • Yeah it’s hard to describe fully all the feelings that surface when a family member has passed away as so many come up but then to put that into a context which clearly explains it is hard too! I’m not trying to say it was easy either but having that understanding and base to work from really helped, gave me strenght and understanding and even in that sadness I could sometimes feel a kind of happiness, the experience seemed to be very sad but sort of happy at the same time with an under lying feeling of love!. if that makes sense?

    • Hi Steve, thanks for sharing that. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. 🙁 I lost my Dad to cancer too, 8 years ago. I wanted to tell you that I actually did have some encounters with my Dad in dreams and the astral after he passed so I think it can happen sometimes between parents and children, although it’s a mystery to me why it happens to some and not to others. Whenever I saw him in the dreams I knew it was his personality, and he didn’t really seem to know that he’d passed. I often found him doing the same things he used to, even found him once doing dishes in the same way I knew him to do. 🙂 I did have one touching experience where I showed him my newborn daughter. I think that one was likely something I had been wishing for in my subconscious though, but it brought me some comfort and joy at the time. 🙂 I wish you and your family much strength Steve!

      • Hi Vida,

        Thanks for sharing your experience, the bonds are really strong in the family and I glad your experiences helped you with what was happening.
        Maybe I could have just not remembered the experience!


      • I’m sorry you lost your dad to cancer too Vida. I can imagine the experience of showing him your baby daughter must have brought some comfort to you. Perhaps the joy of motherhood helped you to deal with his passing too?

    • Thanks for sharing that Steve. I also hope the same for people close to me – that they will be able to take up the spiritual work in another life, if it is possible.

      • Hi Michael,
        Yeah I know what you mean, I don’t know if my father has any lives left but I hope that when he does come back when ever that is that he has the chance to do the spiritual work.

  • Such a touching account Jenny, thanks for sharing with us here.
    I agree that it must feel both interesting and intriguing to wonder why your grandmother chose to visit you and not your mother, or perhaps she did visit your mother but your mother doesn’t remember (?).

    It is amazing how dreams can help us in our grieving and understand that there is a connection and existence beyond this physical existence.


  • Thank you Michael, the Divine care and mercy through our dreams is always a unique help and support, but at difficult times I feel it’s a very precious and healing gift.
    I agree with you Karim about this dream. Many times dreams shock me in a way that makes me reconsider upon the importance to awaken in them and intuitively understand them, because they give me the sense that they are a reality in touch with the reality in my day.

  • That’s incredible about your relative getting information from her deceased brother urging for things to be set straight in the physical! Such things really show the potential of dream guidance and makes me want to be in tune with it and understand dreams as much as possible, so as to be able to act according to that beneficial guidance.

    Thanks very much for sharing Maria. 🙂

  • Thank you Jenny for sharing your very sensitive experience and everyone for sharing your comments and similar experiences too.

    From a child I remember close relatives sharing similar experiences and speaking about these things.

    Some years ago when a first cousin passed away from a accident, his sister shared with me a repeated dream she was seeing with him, in which he was showing her signs from the accident where it took place, which were not known and which were evidence of how the accident happened, making her feel he was asking from her to search for them. Only when she did that dream stopped. These evidence played a basic role at the court that was taking place then for this accident.

    Personally, I’ve seen a dream with my father some time before I got informed about his incurable illness, about a year before he passed away. It was clear and strong, very alive and painful, making me wake and get up. I was looking at him and I could see in his face, his painful suffering, I could feel it and feel that I couldn’t do anything to help him. As the next days nothing happened, I ignored it. Some time later my mother phoned he wasn’t well, we took him to the hospital and there we found out. Every single detail of this dream came true, about him , how much he suffered and the pain I passed through.

    I too many times have felt deep appreciation for the help I’ve been given in my dreams, wondering if I deserve it and why they give it to me and being surprised for the Divine care and mercy. Having access to the information Belsebuub gives, yes, has helped me very much value my dreams better and the chance to take advantage of them and I appreciate deeply this help.

    • Sorry to hear about your father, Maria.

      Despite the pain in the dream and in the physical reality, I think that as you noted, it also shows a lot of divine care and mercy, as we are shown things to help us through difficult times.

      As I read through more of the experiences here, I feel a deeper and deeper appreciation for the guidance offered to us in dreams.

      • Hey Mike — just wanted to say I’ve been getting the same feeling reading through what everyone has been sharing here. Can really see how talking about these types of subjects or experiences can sometimes paint a much wider picture of the role and impact of these higher guiding forces on our lives. When you just keep the stories to yourself, they happen, they touch you, they pass — and sometimes too quickly to be able to grasp their fuller meaning.

    • Hi Maria,
      Just wanted to say I’m terribly sorry for your loss – it would have been a very hard and confronting dream, yet like you say the love and divine mercy of being made aware of certain things ahead of time can be an amazing help and source of understanding, even though it will be a very difficult time to go through. Thank you for sharing about your cousin reaching out from the afterlife – that was also very powerful guidance too.

    • Thanks for sharing these experiences Maria. The dream you mentioned in which your cousin appeared to his sister is profound and shows how connected to real life the seemingly random world of dreams can actually be, particularly as some of the information from it was used in court.

      I’m also very sorry to hear about the difficult circumstances of your father passing away. It’s remarkable how such exact details were shown to you well in advance, without you even knowing that he was ill.

    • Thank you for sharing those experiences, Maria. How incredible to have that connection with the other side sometimes at the most critical or difficult moments of our life. The experience with your dad is very touching.

      The court evidence case is very interesting. I used to have lots of recurring dreams that would only stop once a certain action is taken, so I can really relate to how it must have been for your cousin’s sister.

  • Nice experience Jenny!

    Probably, your grandmother visited you in order to prepare you to accept her passage to the other side more peacefully

    • Quite possibly 🙂 Or maybe she just wanted to see all her family again. We all moved away to different continents and she hasn’t seen many of her family members for many years, but was always very strong in feeling that family bonds are important, so that might have been her chance to see her relatives in person again for the last time.

  • Thanks for sharing this. It was a beautiful experience, and I’m also curious about what happens after we die. And why those who have passed visit some people and not others. But maybe they do visit other loved ones too, but they just don’t remember?

    It makes me think of all the dreams I’ve had of my dad after he passed away. Some of them seemed to have been him communicating from the other side. They had a very real feeling to them.

    • “But maybe they do visit other loved ones too, but they just don’t remember?”

      I wonder the same thing, Anne Linn 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing Jenny. I find the process of death fascinating – what experiences we have of it from ‘this side’ really help us to understand this inevitable part of life. Like your story, so many people have felt their loved ones communicate to them after death; it also often seems like the period leading up to death can be very much orchestrated so that events allow families to say goodbye and so that the one passing over understands what’s about to happen, somehow.

    I haven’t had much experience of death in my life … but when my grandma died I had a strong dream about six weeks before symbolically showing me she was packing up to go and putting all her memories away, that she was preparing to depart her life. So I really wasn’t surprised when I was told – well, she was 98 as well. But the thing that did take me by surprise was how I felt I could see that her dying had been like a chess game where all the different pieces – all the different important people – were moved into place for her to go. My father had been caring for her for years, but he was moved out of the scene to go on a short holiday, my aunt was moved in to be with her, all the grandkids had come back from across the globe and were in the country together for the first time in years. It was as though not only she was looked after, but everyone else around her were taken care of too, to make things less painful. It amazed me, it looked beautiful and so loving, and it made me wonder deeply about the role of the angels of death. I know not all deaths are like this, sometimes it is brutal and sudden, but in this case, it seemed so … considerate and loving.

    This audio on dying by Belsebuub is very moving. One of the things that stuck with me is how he’s said that we often have these intellectual questions about death, but really it’s not intellectual at all.


    I feel so glad to be able to understand more about death now, through out of body experiences, to learn about the other side. Why wait until then to enter into the unknown?

    • Thanks for sharing that Ella. The situation you described, where family members were moved from various corners of the globe to be with your grandmother at that time does seem to indicate the extraordinary intelligence of the divine. If your grandmother’s death had been anticipated as being imminent, obviously this would be a lot less remarkable. But from what I understand, circumstances allowed your various family members to gather at a particular time, for a particular purpose. The influence of the divine in our lives is also apparent through dream premonitions, where even the most skilled mathematician would have a mind-boggling task to work out the countless permutations of so many minor events in different people’s lives, in order to bring about a particular outcome. It’s amazing to think how interconnected our lives are.

      I remember reflecting on this divine will when a close friend of mine lost her mum unexpectedly. My friend had been living abroad for a number of years and both her and her mum had financial difficulties, which prevented them from visiting each other. Then eventually my friend was able to pay the air fare for her mum to visit. She stayed for a few months, during which time she was also able to see her son again (who was living with my friend at the time) and meet her granddaughter for the first time. Unfortunately, that was their last meeting, as fairly soon after returning home, my friend’s mum suddenly collapsed and died, without her or her family knowing of any serious health condition. Despite the tragedy of her unexpected death, it seemed fitting that the family had been able to have a final reunion shortly before she died.

      • Isn’t that curious Michael. I’ve heard so many similar accounts that it seems really clear to me that people are very often given a chance to say goodbye, though they might not understand it as that at the time. Though things like this may be dismissed as coincidence, I think that’s down to people not being able to perceive the spiritual reality behind events here.

      • That is an interesting example, Michael. I’m sorry for the unexpected death — that’s never easy to face, but seeing the bright side through the situation it is really nice that that opportunity was provided for a reunion. I wonder how on earth the beings that deal with death and karma can manage so many intricate situations with so much precision and care — certainly not something that can be dealt with or organized mentally… Makes you appreciate the beautiful set up we are given in life and how much intention, care, and consideration goes into it.

    • Really interesting experience with your grandmother, Ella. I’m surprised just how many people in the comments here have had special experiences like this, and yet in the world we hardly talk about it. It seems like a time when the different dimensions somehow become more accessible and we get glimpses of the other side in different ways (according to whatever we need to see or experience, I suppose) — although of course either things need to be shown to us really boldly or we have to learn how to be more receptive to what we’re shown.

  • Thanks for giving that account of your dream experience Jenny. I’ve also seen and read that many people experience visitations or signs of this kind in their dreams when loved ones pass away, and even feel it was ‘more than just a dream’, but very few people have access to the information Belsebuub gives to have the opportunity to understand more of it and explore such experiences deeper. Quite a privilege actually!

    • Yes, just amazing how many people in the comments here have had that sort of an experience — definitely common, even if not always understood or noted.

  • Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for sharing this experience and I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    This reminds me of my own grandma’s passing. Some time after I started practising Belsebuubs’ astral projection exercises and writing down my dreams I dreamt my grandma in a strange situation. After I woke up from that dream I had a very strong feeling that it was symbolic and when I checked the symbol I was surprised and worried to see it meant death. I was at least a little reassured as it stated that many years may pass until that event is fulfilled.

    After some years, I had another dream with my grandma that I felt was telling me her time was soon coming. Her health was not very good, yet no one expected such outcome any time soon. She was sent to a hospital in the city where I lived to undergo a surgery. I knew that this was a very important time to be near her and to support her as much as I could. I would go to visit her every day (normally, I probably wouldn’t had gone every day as it was tiring to travel to the hospital after work and then back home) until the day of the surgery when she actually asked me on the phone not to go. I could see a certain sadness in her eyes during that time and I could read it, having that understanding from my dreams.

    When the surgery didn’t go well and my grandma passed away, my family was quite shocked as everyone thought that it wasn’t anything that serious. I tried to spend my time praying for my grandma and I also felt humbled by the mercy that was shown to me with that premonition.

    If it wasn’t for those dreams and intuitive feeling, I could have missed an opportunity to be close to my dear grandma when it was so possible (and needed), as she spend her last days in the city where I lived.

    There can be so much meaning in our dreams, but we need to learn to clear our mind and emotions to allow ourselves to see the truth.

    all the best,

    • Thank you for sharing that, Pavlin. That’s so interesting about your feeling to pray for your grandmother. I didn’t mention it above, but I actually also felt a very strong urge to pray for my grandmother after that dream, and also of course later on when I heard she passed away. Somehow I felt like she could have used the comfort and support of having others thinking of her through that time, and that it wouldn’t be an easy time for her. I’d heard of many people, and even whole religions praying for departed loved ones, but I didn’t understand the meaning / the desire / the need for that type of prayer until that particular dream visitation and her parting.

    • I also felt humbled by the mercy that was shown to me with that premonition.

      I get what you’re saying there Pavlin. Such guidance from over there given to us can really show the kindness/mercy of divine forces. Helping ‘us‘, even when we perhaps don’t feel we deserve it, it makes one silent and humble and appreciative in the face of such mercy.

    • Thank you Jenny and Pavlin, both, for sharing your experiences. It’s sad to lose someone we love, but at the same time your experiences are an incredible testimony to divine mercy and guidance. Dreams really do connect us to the other world and we can be taught so much about life (and death) by paying attention to our dreams.

      • Yes, absolutely. I feel very grateful for having been given that experience and the opportunity for that last interaction.

    • Thanks for sharing that Pavlin. It’s good that you were able to act upon the dream and to be with your grandma during her last days.

  • Thanks very much Jenny for sharing that amazing experience. I too have had an experience while asleep where I met and spoke with someone close to me who had died. It was actually an encounter that I initiated, and it helped to bring me closure and comfort in my grief. Dream experiences have made a huge impact on my life.

    • That’s amazing, Priya. Unfortunately for me, it was just a dream I happened to be somewhat lucid in, so I was more of a “spectator” in a sense. Had I been more lucid, I would have loved to ask her so many things. I can imagine how comforting that experience was for you.

  • I remember you telling me about this at the time – pretty amazing that you knew what it meant from that dream, yet looking at the dream itself literally/logically, you couldn’tve known that at all. As you say, it really shows the potential of dreams (and where they take place) to convey so much information in such a direct and meaningful way that we can’t seem to get here.

    • Yeah, it was quite unexpected at the time, but like you say also quite interesting. Like an ability/opportunity to communicate with another person not only across the world but also across time.

    • I recently happened upon several accounts of people who shared similar experiences when close relatives passed away. It seems quite common for family members to visit their loved ones at death. Definitely an interesting phenomena, and one I’d love to know more about. I’m currently sort of wondering whether they come for the benefit of the person visiting or their own…?

      • Yeah it’s pretty fascinating. I actually had some similar experiences when my dad and grandmother passed away as well. Especially right after my dad’s death. I saw him in the astral and we spoke and he didn’t realize he had passed away, which is something I’ve heard is pretty common with ghost experiences. My brother actually told me he had seen my dad in his dreams as well. It actually made me a lot more lucid in my dreams at the time because I knew he had passed on. At the time it was painful for me but as the dreams continued they gave me a lot of understanding about death (and a lot more questions too. 🙂 )

      • Well, it’s funny you say that, I remember calling my grandmother just a couple of days before she passed away, and out of the blue she related to me a dream she had the night before with my grandfather. She said that in the 2 years since he had died she had not dreamed of him a single time, but that night she had dreamed of him and that surprised her very much. She said she saw herself in her bed, and was cold, and he appeared to comfort her and started to warm up her feet. He was never one to show any affection, but it was something he used to do for her every time she was cold. She said the dream gave her so much comfort and made her feel happier, and at peace with him. It had a very strong and positive impact on her, especially since she felt responsible for his accidental death. The next day she went into a coma, and passed away within 2 days.

      • That’s really interesting, Vida. Especially since I remember how difficult your dad’s passing was for you at the time. Meeting him in the astral must have been quite special.

        I had a similar experience (of comfort) communicating with a friend who passed away once, and he too was not tuned in to the fact that he died. It was very strange at the time and I didn’t understand why he was acting the way he was until I came across Belsebuub’s explanation of what happens at death.

      • That’s also really interesting, Geraldine. It seems like a time of death for many people is filled with all kinds of unexpected experiences and even mystical occurrences. It does sound like it was an experience meant to comfort her, doesn’t it? 🙂

      • HI Jenny, Yes I also feel that the dream my grand-ma had was to comfort her, as well as perhaps a little understanding that her time was up. Interestingly, on that Sunday, my aunt (her daughter) took her for a road trip and they went visiting all the places she had lived during her life. I don’t remember exactly if my grandma had asked her to do that the week previously, or if my aunt had decided, but it was all decided pretty quickly.
        It seemed that all was happening for her to have some sort of closure, and peace before she left this world..

  • Hi Jenny, I am sorry for your loss, it is never easy to see someone go, but thank you for sharing this here, I found it quite captivating how you could intuitively feel and know from such a short experience the fate of your grandmother, without even speaking, you just knew what had taken place. The world of dreams has so much to offer..

    • Yes, it’s really amazing how much can be conveyed in a single dream moment. Thank you, Geraldine. It definitely felt like a brief comforting moment of closure at parting with her.

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