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My Dream Premonition of My Grandmother’s Death

Experience submitted by Dimi

I’ve been having premonitions throughout my life (since childhood) but had no formal understanding of why I would have such experiences on a regular basis back then. It wasn’t till I discovered Belsebuub’s work that I learned more about why premonitions occur and how it can be used to guide me.

Having a Dream Premonition of My Grandmother’s Death

My grandmother was not well. She had been unwell for some time. She had also pulled through in the past. This was not to be the case this time. I had the sense that she was not going to make it, that she was going to pass on. The whole family was preparing for such an ending, like other times, but we could not know for certain if this would be the case.

I had booked flights to travel to be with her. I hoped I would be there on time, to say farewell in person, to see her for one last time in the physical, if it was possible. I went to bed with the anguished thought that I was not going to make it. I had been thinking of her and wondered if she would be able to hang on till I got there.

I was asleep when I felt a presence around me. That presence felt familiar. I recognized it to be my grandmother. There was an interaction, an exchange of information in a short instance.

I also felt that she needed to move on, that she could not linger for too long, she had to go in a particular direction as though she was being beckoned, called towards a light.

As I realized what this meant, I felt a sadness come over me and I woke up with tears in my eyes. She had come to say goodbye. It was 3am in the morning, I was flying out at 7am that day.

I sat waiting for the call to tell me she had passed on. My brother called about 45 minutes after my experience. I picked up the phone almost immediately.

He asked me if I were awake. I said I was. He then proceeded to tell me that grandma had passed away and added “but you already know that, don’t you?” He had grown up knowing that I could have premonitions about things before they actually happened and was not surprised that I was up waiting for the call.

I may not have made it on time to see my grandmother in person for one last time, but I knew from past experiences that I would be having further visitations.

Discovering Belsebuub’s books and courses helped me understand there was a deeper reason for my experiences and that I could gain deeper spiritual understandings from them.

* Featured image by Christian Newman  found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

  • What a lovely experience Dimi. It sounds like you had a very special relationship with your grandmother – she must have felt that you will be able to see her, to appreciate her last goodbye.

  • There is so much beauty in what you shared Dimi. It touched my heart when you said, “I also felt that she needed to move on, that she could not linger for too long, she had to go in a particular direction as though she was being beckoned, called towards a light”. It’s so beautiful she came to you to say goodbye before she had to go to her next destination.

    I guess it is a deep human yearning to want know that we don’t lose our loved ones when they pass away, that they won’t just stop existing and that the connection and love we had with them is not lost forever. It is amazing we can get knowledge about this through dreams and astral experiences when we know what they are and how to use them.

    It is interesting what you said, “I may not have made it on time to see my grandmother in person for one last time, but I knew from past experiences that I would be having further visitations.” It must be helpful and comforting to your soul to have had these experiences throughout your life, to have had a connection to the other side.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Laura, I have a deeper and better understanding of the significance such experiences and how I can use them for my own inner growth, to guide me to understand and know life beyond the physical, thanks to Belsebuub!

  • Hi Dimi, sorry to hear about your grandmother. I find it warming that you were still able to have a connection with her beyond the physical dimension. Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s great you’ve had that ability your whole life where you were in tune with premonitions from dreams Dimi. I can imagine that the context of them and all the other information Belsebuub gives must’ve really put it all together and allowed a better understanding and use of them.

    I seems it must’ve been sad to have your grandmother pass on. But I find the experience you describe to also have a particular beauty to it. Of a last contact and goodbye given to you.

    From the way you describe the events, happening so close to the time of her actual leaving. It seems that rather than a symbolic representation or premonition or something similar, it was actually her who had just left her body, coming to give a goodbye, and so that sense of needing to continue on that you felt from her may have been very real.

    Thanks for sharing you personal experience Dimi.

  • Death is such a mysterious process … thanks for sharing Dimi, it really helps me to read other people’s experiences. When my grandma passed it all felt so orchestrated from behind the scenes, though I wasn’t able to see her to say goodbye, I felt like the people she needed to be there were there. So it’s sad in a way that you didn’t get to see her in person, but it sounds like you still had a powerful goodbye between you, perhaps more so than what’s possible in the physical.

  • Sorry that you missed saying goodbye to your grandmother in person, but it’s wonderful that she came to say goodbye to you at your place. It sounds like a very genuine exchange of feelings and like you were communicating with her true essence.

    While the loss of a loved one is painful, it’s great you were so open to astral and dream experiences so as to not miss her goodbye.

    • It felt special at the time. It’s as though there was this mutual understanding of what was unfolding and that neither of us could stop it or needed to stop it. I did have further interactions with her over time, but having information at hand (from doing Belsebuub’s courses and reading his books) I felt I had a deeper understanding of what was unfolding in the afterlife (so to speak).

      • I’m very glad you were able to have further interactions. That’s incredible you maintained some contact even well after her passing.

  • Hi Dimi, I’m sorry to hear about your grandma’s passing. Thank you for sharing this very personal experience. It’s good to hear that you were able to have one more chance to share a moment with your grandma, even though you had that pressing feeling you would be too late.

    Perhaps that feeling and your heartfelt wish to say goodbye helped to have that experience?

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Dimi. It must have been very sad to have your grandmother pass away literally hours before you were due to take the flight out to see her. The silver lining to the cloud is that you were able to have contact with her as she was moving on, which may have at least softened the blow of losing her.

  • I wonder about the impact of the dream on you. I find that often dreams like this can alleviate stress or potential worries that a real-life interaction may not be able to do. There were times when I had dreams with people close to me and could understand their actual state or struggle much better as a result. These dreams feel like they give me a message about the true essence of the person that I very often miss in daily life interactions that are clouded by busyness, worries, etc. Thanks for sharing the experience.

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