How I Was Visited by a Deceased Person in a Dream

Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev

During the first years of applying the techniques given by Belsebuub to remember and understand my dreams and psychology, I had some interesting experiences that showed me how through the astral plane I can not only receive guidance about physical events and my spiritual state, but also have a connection with the deceased.

Dream Premonition

I was studying at the time and was writing my dreams down regularly, which helped a lot in training myself to remember them more. One night I had a vivid dream that took place where I went to school. In my dream, as I passed through the gate to the school grounds, I discovered that the small forest separating the main building from the road had disappeared.

I walked towards the building and saw my classmates coming out, looking pale and upset. I walked in and started crying at the sight of the place. Everything was torn apart. Then me and my classmates were walking inside, the place was dark and hollow, almost like a huge empty cave. I can still remember clearly that dark and grim feeling all around me. I was walking in a sort of line, with my classmates behind and ahead of me.

I woke up from this dream, wondering what its meaning could be, and wrote it down.

A Few Days Later We Heard the News

A few days after that dream, we received the shocking news that our teacher had passed away.

The event took everyone by surprise. He had been on sick leave for a few days prior to that, but all of us thought it was nothing serious. Later on, we learned that no one had thought it was a life-threatening condition, everyone had expected him to be fine in a week or so.

We were sitting in the classroom when our Latin teacher told us the news, and then we were left on our own. Everyone was sad, some classmates were sobbing.

After the class finished we stayed together. We were walking through the school corridors and it did feel dark and grim. The next day when we attended his funeral, we were walking in a sort of line with that heavy feeling just like in my dream.

The Dream Visitation

A few days after the funeral, I had another dream where I was at my grandparents’ house. As I was heading out of the house I became more conscious, but not fully lucid. I opened the door and saw my teacher (who recently passed away) outside. He was wearing his white coat just as usual (it was a veterinary medicine school with laboratories and a farm, so some of our teachers would wear these lab coats). He was glowing with a gentle light, and his face looked peaceful and happy. He smiled.

How I Was Visited by a Deceased Person in a Dream and premonition

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Even though he looked beautiful, I had a sudden thought that I am looking at someone’s spirit, and that made fear arise within. Perhaps having been at the funeral fueled that feeling of a conflict between his death and seeing him now standing in front of me, looking alive. I shook off my fear, and made the effort to study his appearance for a little while. Then I fell back into the dream scenario and that particular experience ended there.

Belsebuub mentioned in a talk once that although usually it is only the personality (the ghost) of the deceased person who visits a friend or a family member after death, sometimes it may actually be their essence. Looking back at it with that in mind, had I been a little more conscious and mindful, perhaps I could have used the opportunity to speak with my teacher in that dream and maybe even help him in some way?


I had developed this attention on dreams and the habit of writing them down through Belsebuub’s course in astral travel and dreams. I believe this training helped me gain some experience, which then allowed me to determine the nature of the experiences I’m sharing.

In the interview below Belsebuub discusses if dreams have a deeper meaning:

I believe the part I shared of the first dream contained a premonition about what was going to materialize, as the feeling and some details in it felt the same as in the actual event. And I believe I was visited by my teacher’s consciousness (essence) or spirit in the latter dream. He felt so full of life and presence, openness and understanding. Whereas in dreams where I have seen the ghost of a deceased family member, it felt empty, like it was in its own world and unable to understand or really see what was happening around it.

Having the information on how to understand my dreams has been a real gift, as it allowed me to look into my dream and out of body experiences and grasp some of the symbolic, yet very personal language that seems to be used in the astral plane. I have come to realize that there is a lot of help and information coming from that plane, like in these dream experiences, but I feel I need to learn to be more open and pay attention for it to be able to really reach me.