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An Astral Complaint from My Dog Aska

Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

While living abroad, I would sometimes have dreams or conscious astral projections about visiting my parents’ house in Slovakia. During these visits, I would often encounter our family dog Aska, who would always greet me happily. On one occasion though, I didn’t find her happy.

I met Aska in a clear dream and started to run towards her as usual, expecting to see her happy face as I approached to greet her. However, she looked at me sadly – almost accusingly; she didn’t look happy at all. Her big dark eyes were full of sorrow, and I remember feeling her sadness deep within me. Because emotions can be more exaggerated in the astral plane, it felt heartbreaking.

I tried to play with her, but she would turn away and didn’t want to participate. Upon closer investigation, I came to realise that she felt trapped, being in a confined space somewhere. I understood that this was making her feel very unhappy and that somehow, she was also blaming me for not doing anything about it. I didn’t know what to think about this there and then, so I just tried to get her interested in playing with me. Gradually, she warmed up to me and we played for a while.

aska2This clear dream had left an intense impression on me. I had been studying my dreams for some time by that point based on Belsebuub’s techniques for remembering dreams and dream analysis, and so I knew the dream had a particular meaning. So the next time I spoke to my mom on Skype, I asked her about our dog and if she was ok. I didn’t think there was anything real to that dream, but my intuition told me to check.

How big was my surprise, when my mom told me she had actually enclosed the dog in a smaller area behind the house, so that she could not step on the newly planted grass! Apparently, this new setup has been in effect for a while and Aska was not happy about it.

Then I remembered I had to do something, so I told my mom about the dream, about the feeling of intense sadness and how the dog felt trapped. Mom was surprised to hear that and thought Aska was exaggerating. 🙂 She told me that the dog had enough space and that she walks her every day too.

We both knew our dog had a tendency to exaggerate (she would look at us with the saddest of faces whenever we would not give her the bits of the food we were eating), but I still insisted on having her moved out of that space, just to be on the safe side. It was obvious that she was suffering, whether it was justified or not.

A happy Aska with Lucia

I don’t know how much longer Aska had to stay in the enclosure, but I knew my mom would have considered what I had told her and would let the dog out as soon as possible. I went to sleep peacefully that night, knowing that my mission had been fulfilled.

  • It looks like you had or still have a very close relationship with Aska Lucia. I am interested in learning about the animal communication. It seems we can get a much clearer picture of what is going on when we are conscious in the astral plane. Aska must have been very grateful for your help. I heard dogs are specifically grateful to people who rescue them.

    • I agree Tina, the astral plane can really provide us with insights into things if we are conscious there. I even remember once talking to a person I knew in the astral plane. I asked them something and they replied to me, telling me something that I didn’t expect and it surprised me. Then back in physical I asked them about this and they confirmed it was true and were very surprised I got this info from the astral. 🙂 Thinking about it later, I thought that maybe the person wanted to share that particular thing with me, but didn’t find the courage to do it in the physical. However, in the astral plane they shared it with me.
      Still, as we know the astral plane can sometimes be very tricky due to all the subjective aspects within ourselves, so I would not rely on it 100%, but it was interesting to get this confirmation in this particular case.

  • That’s a very sweet experience Lucia.
    Sounds like had a close relationship with Aska and were open to communicate with her.
    It’s amazing how many things dreams can say about different aspects of our lives. Like they are connecting dots that wouldn’t be possible without them.

  • That’s another powerful example of how things are so connected on “the other side” in ways we just can’t see – to have a dream while living abroad about your dog being confined and unhappy and then it turns out to be the case is amazing! Glad you were able to act upon it too.

  • What a nice experience Lucia! I’ve experienced a kind of telepathic understanding with animals before, but not like this! I hope Aska was let out soon, or at least, appreciated that you’d tried to help!

  • Really nice experience Lucia. It’s wonderful how life is made that an animal is able to tell a human what is wrong through dreams when daily life fails. I’ve heard there are people who are able to communicate to animals, and there is a lot more to their well-being that we give them credit for.

  • She’s such a beautiful dog 🙂 I love this experience of yours Lucia. I guess animals can feel things very intensely even though what is happening doesn’t seem so bad to us. It’s lovely you were able to help her like that.

  • Hi Lucia,

    a really different experience Lucia which shows us that our pets and also the aninmals that live in the wild too have an essence that percieves, senses and feels what’s going on in the environment, the astral experience you had must of been special to have that type of communication with your family dog to understand how the changes in environment affected her and upset her. Your experience makes me wonder how all the other animals feel about how continual human development,changes and destruction in thier habbitats affect them and how it would make them feel, imagine if the animals could talk to us, what would they say? The animals have an intellegance which we forgot sometimes I think.

    • Thank you Steve, I think that’s important what you brought up about the wild animals thinking and feeling the same… In this sense, I really like the work of Anna Breytenbach, who is trying to bring the communication with animals to people’s attention, and how real and possible it is. She is basically able to “talk” to the animals in an intuitive kind of way, while in a state of deep awareness. As I was watching some of her videos, what struck me was that she says she is actually communicating with the animals’ essence and they respond back in very concrete, almost human-like ways. I feel we all have this potential of communcation with any species, but the inner states we have within are preventing this connection. Interestingly, she even says that animals (especially the wild ones) are aware of the level of disconnection that humans are in, and have a kind of understanding and compassion towards us (on their essence-level of course, not on the level of their instincts). Here is an amazing documentary about her for those who don’t know about her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2vhV63lx2k

      • Hi Lucia,

        That’s a powerful documentary, She talks about the awareness at the end there which was really interesting and the black Leopard was such a beautiful animal, striking!
        Thanks for the link as seeing the documentary again made me want to try harder with the awareness because if we could only tap into the consciousness more what could be possible? unlimited potential if we could only break through the barriers of the negative ego states. Imagine having that connection with the animals? we would become their carers and look after them instead of mindlessly destroying their habbitats and therefore mindlessly destroying the animals.

  • That put a smile on my face Lucia 🙂

    What a coincidence that you were able to pick up on Aska new situation now she was in a more confined space and then relate that to your mom on her behalf.

  • What a touching story, and one as well you were able again to learn about something taking place in here yet that you learned in your dreams – very touching too that Aska was trusting you to do something about it. As for the ‘exaggeration’ that is the trait of a very well loved dog 😉

  • Aww, very sweet Lucia. It’s amazing how connected we can be to our furry friends. And very inspiring that you were able to get that kind of information to help Aska from your dreams 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s a really unique experience there, Lucia. Being able to communicate with your dog from afar is so cool.

    I’m glad to hear you voiced your’s and Aska’s concerns to your mom, and that Aska would be given more space again.

  • What a sweet story!

    I think you did very well though, sometimes when seeing something in guidance from dreams I wonder if it relates to a physical situation, or is it more symbolic? Should I pre-empt a situation physically or not act accordingly. But over time, through experiences like the one you had, we can get a feel for what dreams relate to better and better know how to act physically. This is absolutely wonderful! To ourselves become a way for divine guidance to manifest and to help others.

    P.S. Aska says: “wrank wryou!”

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