Experience submitted by Maria V.

Experience submitted by Maria V.

Some of the things that I learned in the work of Belsebuub, that I hadn’t given a serious attention before, was about the importance of dreams and how my dreams can be related with my daily life.

Several dreams however have changed my perspective, and for several years now, I have learned to be more receptive to my dreams and they have played a helpful and basic role in helping me change my old ways, or given me much needed guidance.

But it wasn’t always like that, as when I first came across this information, I had many doubts; I was faced with new information that was different to what I had been taught until then and how I was used to act.

That is why I was really surprised and why I really didn’t expect to start having and receiving clear guidance in my dreams back then, and what shocked me more was that some of these dreams would repeat continuously until I made some changes.

During that period, each time my dreams had a particular symbolism showing me the same direction with different scenarios; these dreams were so clear that there was no way I could discount them or doubt about what it was that they were showing me.

I was slowly gaining an understanding in what direction I was taking in my life through the symbols in the dreams I was having. And to double check that I was understanding the symbols correctly, I decided to verify their meaning in one of Belsebuub’s previous book about astral projection, in which he writes about the symbolism of dreams.

And the explanations he gave matched my own understanding, yet at times, the guidance I was receiving in my dreams was not what I was expecting, and while my mind had a hard time understanding things, in my heart I felt the need to trust my dreams and the feelings I was getting from them, and I decided to try to act according to what I saw.

I started to develop a basic trust in the role of my dreams, and after following their guidance, I often would feel peaceful and find hope inwardly.

Photo by Sunset Girl on Unsplash

Photo by Sunset Girl on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

Much later, I realized that these early symbolic dreams had guided and protected me from making basic mistakes that I would have regretted later on if I had continued with them due to my lack of experience and understanding back then.

I always feel very grateful for the help I was given at the beginning of my search from above through these dreams. And this experience helped me value my dreams more in my daily life and gain some understanding of the importance to explore them and make use of them.