Spiritual author Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub) has spent over twenty-five years researching and writing about dreams and how they can be used for personal development. This page presents a collection of articles, books, videos and interviews he’s contributed to the subject.


The Astral Codex

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The Astral Codex by Belsebuub serves to explain everything you need to know about dreams and out-of-body experiences, how they fit into the structure of life, and how to use them for personal development and spiritual growth.

In the book, you can read about and discover what dreams mean and how to remember them, explore lucid dreaming and astral projection, uncover the impact our mind and emotions have on our ability to perceive other dimensions, and much more.

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Gazing into the Eternal

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In Gazing into the Eternal, Belsebuub covers many fundamental spiritual topics of interest today in this unique collection of talks, including many on the nature of out-of-body experiences and dreams, and what you can learn about life from them.

From the book: “Not all dreams are completely from the subconscious. You can know this if, like many people, you have ever had a premonition, or you have seen actual things in dreams that you didn’t know existed. These indicate there is more to dreams than simple mental projections.” ~ Belsebuub

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Videos and Interviews

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