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Questions and Answers on Dreams by Belsebuub

These questions and answers were from the course on astral travel and dreams that Belsebuub created. Republished here with permission from Mystical Life Publications. Text remains copyright of Belsebuub.

Relaxation and Remembering Dreams

Questions from a course attendee: I find if I come out of a dream that I don’t want to leave I just remain still. If I just had a nightmare and don’t want to fall asleep into it again I change body positions.

Belsebuub’s answer: That can happen because by remaining still the astral body has not yet locked into the physical body, therefore you can more easily go back into the dream you just had before you woke up. But as you have experienced, by moving you wake up properly; then you are much less likely to go back into the dream you had before you woke. This applies whether it is a normal dream or a nightmare.

In any case, you are likely to move as soon as you wake up from a nightmare because of the fright. Nightmares are different from normal dreams; they occur in a different place to them.

It is possible to avoid recurring nightmares and also to avoid nightmares altogether. I used to have them, but I don’t any more thanks to this work. As you progress in these studies, you will learn more about the astral and about psychology and you’ll eventually be able to prevent them altogether.

Just a little tip for now to avoid the likelihood of having nightmares, to reduce at least one factor that can provoke nightmares: avoid having a large meal before you go to sleep.

Also, taking drugs that alter consciousness increases the chance of nightmares, so for this and many other reasons it’s better to avoid them.

Question: Usually when I wake up I can’t remember my dreams at all. Is there anything else I could try other than the mantra?

Belsebuub: Bear in mind that the technique for remembering dreams needs to be practiced. The memory is trained with it and so it improves with practice. Having just received the exercise of the mantra, you need to give it sufficient time to allow it to work.

Question: Whenever I have a nightmare I always prove to myself in the dream that, “It’s only a dream – nothing to worry about.” At that point the dream either ends or I gain control of it for a while and it ends soon. What does this mean?

Belsebuub: Whenever you have a true nightmare, it’s unlikely that you will remember that it’s a dream while you’re having one. Nightmares are different kinds of dreams with negative creatures or entities or things in them; they have quite a different flavor. In the dreams where you had control, even bad dreams with negative characters in them etc, you were partially awake psychically there. So if you are in a dream and you know that it’s a dream, say to yourself that you are in the astral and jump with the intention of flying. You will see that you can fly and can then travel to different places. If it has unpleasant things in it, you need to use some techniques called recitations that I will explain soon on the course.

Question: The reason why I can’t remember some of my dreams is because they’re always so abstract and unstable. The scenery is always warped and constantly changing and so are all the people as well as my emotions. Nothing ever stays the same for more than a couple of seconds and nothing seems logical or orderly. Please, I hope you can explain this.

Belsebuub: You have to take what happens in dreams and the ability to remember them as part of an overall psychological study. The reason why they are so abstract and unstable is because of the state of the psyche itself, as they reflect it.

With the psychological work you will be able to create more order within and have more coherent dreams. They are also related to the level of awareness we have in daily life: the more aware, the clearer the dreams.

Question: I tend to remember my dreams and have been trying to write them down, which I am bad about not doing, but there was one I remember in particular in which I was flying around a very high mountain. I feel pretty sure it was in Tibet or that area. I remember becoming lucid and trying to change direction of my flight. I could not control it and then I lost the dream. Is this common? Is there something I could have done that might have helped me control this experience better or was I just not ready?

Belsebuub: Yes, it’s very common to lose the astral like that, particularly if you are not experienced at it. The more you do it the more you learn how to stay there and to go where you want to. Treat it as a learning experience and try to see what happened at the point that you lost it.

Having more awareness while you are there and learning to concentrate when you want to go somewhere will also help.

Question: I’m aware that dreams of flying usually are astral travel, but my most recent one was of flying throughout a gigantic antique store, plus most of my dreams that really have left an impression on me have been dreams that deal with antiques. Do the antiques have any real significance?

Belsebuub: Very much depends on the context of the dream; intuition can usually give you the right direction. That’s catching the first feeling you had about the dream when you woke up.

Antiques can be projections of your subconscious, or they can be more symbolic. For example, they could symbolize something ancient that you have to uncover with the spiritual work, or could relate to the state of your spiritual work at the moment.

Question: After reading the exercise, I am not sure how I will be able to do this. I usually wake up with an alarm clock. When it goes off, my first reaction is to slap the snooze button, so once I am awake, I have already moved. In between snooze button slaps I can usually fall back asleep.

What would you recommend I do? I am not sure if I can give up the alarm clock – I would never get to work on time!

Belsebuub: It’s possible to train yourself to wake up before the alarm goes off, but you may still need to have the alarm anyway.

If you can wake up before the alarm goes off, it’s much better and you don’t need the snooze button, just the first alarm.

But if the alarm wakes you up, you just have to try the mantra to remember dreams or concentrate so that the dreams can be remembered before the snooze button goes off. The concentration and dream recall can improve the more you practice it.

Question: I awoke one morning early enough to practice the mantra. It seemed to work and I was remembering dreams – that is until I heard a voice so crystal clear that it seemed to be right beside my head in bed. It startled me so much that I jumped away from it almost in a fighting stance to protect myself. My question is, are voices such as this evidence of the astral?

Belsebuub: Yes, they can be from the astral plane. Because you have been practicing you are more receptive to the astral and also because you still had a slight connection there, as the astral body had not quite merged with the physical one. Sometimes higher beings can speak and you can hear them like that. This is different to the voices of the egos, which sound like yells, screams, etc, which are heard as they split from the physical body and go into the molecular world – the fifth dimension.

Question: I just started this course and dreaming is not a problem here. I dream every night and most of the time I remember them. My dreams are crazy ones though. I dream of seeing new homes for my family members, seeing unknown objects in the night sky and more than once seeing different shapes of stars that move, like foreign objects up there just moving across the dark night sky. I’ve had that one more than I care to mention. I mostly dream of family and material things we get here on earth. Have you got an answer for these?

Belsebuub: At this early stage of the courses, there is still much to learn, particularly about the subconscious and esoteric symbolism. Although it’s best for you to find the answers to your own dreams, because they relate to you, you need to learn how to.

It will also help if you now can learn to develop and use your intuition. This can help you to capture the meaning of a dream or an astral experience. If you see strange things in your dreams, you can use them to wake up in the astral. Sometimes they are placed in dreams for that purpose.

Question: Can you advise how we are supposed to use the mantra for remembering dreams? Is it something we should repeat as we fall asleep, or first thing in the morning when we wake?

Belsebuub: It’s something you should do when you wake up. You lie still and close your eyes repeating the mantra in your mind until the dream images appear.

Question: I’ve been practicing the mantra for remembering dreams for four days, and always yield the same result – I fall asleep again and have another dream.

The interesting part is that I can recall these subsequent dreams easily, as if it was a real life memory from the previous day, and the dreams were mostly a lecture-like session about dreams, fear and feelings. In one of the dreams someone gave me a book on interpreting dreams and he taught me how to read the index and find threads.

From this book I re-discovered a description of my inner fear that has been forgotten for a long time. Is this normal or should I remain awake? I am afraid that these subsequent dreams were only dreams and I haven’t actually learned anything.

Belsebuub: Even though you are falling asleep you are being taught and are benefiting from it. Keep going with what you are doing and with these courses and you will find that you will learn more and more.

Question: Can you tell me if it is possible to control our dreams? I once had an experience about it. Sometimes I’m aware of my dreams, so when I know that I’m dreaming, I do almost anything in my dream, like by thinking of objects to appear in my hands – there it is – just what I had in my mind. So can you tell me if it is possible, because I doubted it?

Belsebuub: Yes you can do that: what you think of can materialize, but it’s not a good idea because then you won’t see what is actually there. It’s best to be aware, because then you can get real information and teachings, rather than seeing what is in your mind.

Dealing with Negative Entities

Question: I had a strange experience last night, while asleep. I woke up suddenly after a vision of a rock band in black. I recognized one of the people in it from the past. I woke up feeling I was being shown negative beings. It felt like it was connected to my questioning at the moment regarding negative entities.

I still find it difficult to differentiate whether it has come from my own subconscious or from the astral. Should I be going with the initial feelings when I wake up? I have found several times in this course that I have my questions answered in dreams. Is this a reliable source? Is it common?

Belsebuub: Go with the initial feeling you had when you woke up. Information is given through dreams so you need to be able to differentiate between those and projections from the subconscious.

Answers to problems are quite common in dreams; that is the place where we get direct teachings. Things do get clearer though with the removal of the egos and the whole spiritual work in general.

Who Is Belsebuub?

Belsebuub is an author who has previously published several books on dreams and out-of-body experiences and has discussed these topics widely in the media. He withdrew from public life in 2010. Read more about Belsebuub's work on dreams...

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