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A Meaningful Dream about the Solstices & Equinoxes

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

A Sense of Joy at Sunrise

After some time exploring the spiritual significance of the solstices and equinoxes, as explained in Belsebuub and Lara’s book, The Path of the Spiritual Sun, I had a dream one night that helped me to feel this significance in a new way…

Celebrating with Friends

In the dream I was with some friends who were also practicing the Religion of the Sun and we were up on what I’d describe as the side of a mountain. We were on level ground but there was a steep falloff about 20 feet from where we stood. Our position gave a big vantage point to overlook a nice green valley below and some mountains in the distance. But most importantly, the sun was going to rise somewhere over the valley, which was significant because we were there to observe the sunrise (it was one of the solstices/equinoxes).

It was dawn and the sky was starting to brighten, but there was no sun yet. We actually didn’t know the precise direction the sun would rise so we just stood there being aware of the present moment, trying to take in the scene, looking out for signs of the sun.

The Sun Begins to Rise

Image by Simon Matzinger via Pexels.com

As the run rose, I felt something very special. I perceived the simple beauty of the event, being in nature, observing the sun ascending above the horizon, seeing its intensity grow. But there was more to be sensed than the physical perception…

I felt a sense of triumph and joy. I felt free, having no cares in the world.

I continued feeling this and watching the sun rise until I woke up.


The dream was very short, but it was so vivid, and the feeling I had was so strong.

I can’t say for sure, but in that dream, I feel like I got to glimpse, if only for a second or two, into the deeper meaning of that solar event and the happiness someone could achieve by reaching that corresponding stage within themselves on the path of the spiritual sun.

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  • For some reason, I thought I have already commented on this account, but I guess I must have only commented in my mind! 🙂

    Anyway, I wanted to say that this sounds absolutely beautiful Mike. As I was reading it, I was trying to imagine that feeling of total freedom – how incredible that must have been to feel it, even if just for a second or two. It also makes me sigh… seeing how incredibly hard it is to free ourselves from all the lower states that keep us entrapped in this world, and how amazing it must be to overcome all that and live permanently in the light and beauty.

    • Yeah, it is such a shame that we live life through these ‘normal’ low states, compared to the beauty we could perceive if only we had the light of the spiritual sun within. It’s so precious to glimpse what is in principle attainable, even if it is so far away (far in terms of lots of suffering and effort to get there)! Wishing you have a wonderful upcoming solstice!

  • Beautiful experience Mike.

    It was actually like reading a physical account of some sunrises I was fortunate enough to witness with others during ceremonies at the solstices. It makes you feel this raw sacredness of nature, as if during the whole previous three months you were away from that connection, and now you’re there again.

    Wishing you’ll experience and feel many of these sunrises in profound ways, and as you say to reach those things inwardly truly.

    • Nature does have an interesting way of teaching. I think you’re very right that it has a sacredness that we’re often unaware of, especially if we live in big cities — within concrete jungles. But at these special times, by making the effort to get out to nature and observe these events, it becomes so much clearer.
      May we all be able to understand the true significance of the sun through our own experience!

  • I can relate to that feeling of triumph and joy you said Mike something which rised during sunrise celebrating solstices together with other people.

    It has a great impact on me and made me want to go deeper into these celebrations and the practice of the religion of the Sun.

    Experience it in the astral though sounds even more magical and I’m longing to have it one day.

    Thank you for sharing your dream with us, good timing as well. Gives a push for the upcoming solstice 🙂

    Hope you’ll also enjoy it!

    • I’m glad you’ve also been touched by the power of these solstice/equinox celebrations. They are especially powerful when with friends.

      Happy upcoming solstice to you, too!

      I’m very much looking forward to the coming winter solstice! I’ve learned a lot from the darkness of autumn, but it is time for the light to be born 🙂

  • What a beautiful and inspiring dream – I wonder if you visited the place where other people were celebrating the sunrise via astral travelling? Was it around the time of the solstice/equinox? Or perhaps, it was a premonition? Either or, it brought a big smile on my face, imagining the feeling you got, being with others, and feeling that first light at dawn. Very heartwarming Mike, glad you shared.

    • This was a few weeks after an equinox so I don’t think it was a real celebration at the same time. It sure would be cool if it was a premonition, though. Only time will tell 🙂

  • That’s good to hear you were able to get a deeper perspective of the significance of the solstices and equinoxes from your dream Mike. That kind of direct understanding can be very inspiring and provides an encouragement to keep moving forwards. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Sounds like an amazing experience, Michael.

    How wonderful to be able to share the magic of these celebrations with others both physically and also internally.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I’ve gotten so much out of meeting up to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes with others in the physical world. It was such a treat to celebrate in the astral as well.

  • Beautiful and inspiring experience Mike

    And a wonderful opportunity to be touched by the reality of the incredible spiritual meaning of the summer solstice and the promise it holds, I felt your experience as though I was there :). Thank you for sharing your experience Mike!

    As Belsebuub says in this book Gazing into the Eternal, “There is far more spiritual potential within than most people realize. The potential is so great that to define it in words would be impossible.”

    • That’s quite an appropriate quote, Layla. It would seem words fall short of conveying what we are truly capable of achieving. It’s nice to have these little glimpses to start to understand what our potential really could be.

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