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How I Learned to Deal with Negative Entities in Dreams

Experience Submitted by Michael

I completed Belsebuub’s course on astral travel and dreams, during which I learnt some techniques that could be used for protection when attempting to explore beyond the body. I had a few dreams where I encountered negative creatures, so I felt it was good to learn how to deal with them in a dream situation as well.

Using Techniques from Belsebuub’s The Astral Codex

Although I used the techniques for protection regularly before going to sleep, I usually wasn’t conscious enough to remember to use them in dreams. Consequently, despite my efforts to dispel negative creatures when I encountered them within a dream, they usually just seemed to become more unpleasant.

Success with the Recitations

I then had a dream where a man was acting negatively towards me and I reacted in a similar way by speaking harshly to him and trying to push him away. This did nothing – in fact, he seemed to become even more enraged and determined. Then I remembered the tools for protection and started to chant the Bellilin recitation three times, similar to Geraldine’s experience here. The negative person immediately seemed weakened and I woke up from the dream.

Using Intuition as a Guide

I had another dream where I was looking to travel to a particular place. An old man was waiting nearby, who seemed to fit the classic image of a god-like figure. He had longish white hair and a beard, was dressed in a white robe and had a golden cane, which he pointed to indicate the direction that I should take.

However, I remembered Belsebuub’s advice to use intuition and to look into a person’s eyes in the astral plane, in order to determine if they are genuine or a negative entity disguised in order to deceive you. In this case, despite the spiritual appearance, I had a strong feeling of deception when looking into the man’s eyes and set off in a different direction.

  • Thanks for sharing these experiences Michael,

    It gives a wonderful insight into how Belsebuub’s works are a game changer in the astral plane.

  • Good that you shared your experiences on this subject, Michael. I feel that it is very important to know how to protect oneself from those beings as they can divert us away from exploring the astral plane.

    When I was younger I experienced many unwanted visitors when in the astral and soon as I started using those same recitations as you, they didn’t bother me anymore.

  • When I consider it for a moment I feel I have been very fortunate in all these years to know of these techniques to deal with negative influences in the astral dimension, as taught by Belsebuub.
    They provide a very concrete and powerful way to counter and dispel negative atmospheres or evil beings who are bugging us. I don’t know what actions I would’ve tried to use against those entities if I didn’t know of these recitations, like where to turn? ‘Fighting’ in the way someone could defend themselves in the physical world is not an option, neither is running away, as it doesn’t quite work like that over there I’ve found. Turning to prayer and asking for help is good, but I think having these specific recitations for this purpose ready at our disposal is unbeatable.

    • Yes, that’s right Karim. I’ve found that when I tried to get rid of the attacking person or creature in a dream through physical force, it had no effect, whereas the recitations had an immediate effect.

  • Thank you for sharing these Michael. The one with respectable-looking old man dressed all in white was a great example of using intuition. It is also a good reminder for me to do this more often, as it can save us the precious time in the astral plane and also prevent us from listening to a false guidance.

  • This is something I’ve often thought about: how we need protection not only when conscious in the astral, but also when we’re there unconscious within dreams. As both experience pointed out, even within dreams, we can encounter sinister entities. Thanks for sharing those experiences. It’s such a good thing we have those recitations (and intuition!).

  • Thanks for sharing Michael, Belsebuub’s techniques for protection
    and intuition are very helpful, would be lost without them.

  • I’ve used recitations in lucid dreams also Michael and had some success removing negative entities. It’s a very powerful experience.

    • That’s good to hear Mich. Yes, I agree it can be very effective. Good luck with staying lucid!

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