dream premonitions

Experience submitted by Priscilla

A few years back I was starting to learn from Belsebuub’s course and books about the astral plane and how it was related to dreams, as I was having very clear and lucid dreams that I couldn’t understand, but I had a strong feeling that someone was trying to tell me something.

A Forewarning of a Family Event in My Dream

Not having much knowledge about the astral plane I remember having a dream where I was outside my old house in my home-country next to the curb and suddenly I found myself quickly lifting a car and moving it closer to the curb, it was as quick as a reflex action like when you feel the fire burning and you move instantly away from it.

Immediately after that I saw someone driving another car that just appeared from nowhere with a perplex expression.

I was quite astonished when I woke up and asked myself “why and how could I be lifting a car so quickly?” And it wasn’t heavy at all.

I was quite unfamiliar with the interpretation of dreams and I didn’t grasp any meaning of it until a few days later, when I spoke to my parents who were back in my home-country and they told me that they went out one night and they were getting into their car, parked next to the curb, when a passing car lost control and almost hit them, it only missed them by an inch.

A few weeks later I read from Belsebuub’s work that events normally happen in the astral plane first before they manifest in the physical plane and it’s possible to see them happen in a clear out of body experience, and that’s how premonitions of the future can be had.

Another Dream, Another Premonition

A few years later again, I suddenly woke up in a dream inside a spinning car, I was just spinning inside a car without control, and after a while it managed to stop.

This time, I remembered being in the car with a good friend of mine again back in my home-country, but I couldn’t exactly see who it was that I was with, so this time I sent messages to my closest friends to see if anyone was involved in a car accident, and sure enough, one of them replied that yes, that she didn’t get any major injuries and amazingly she described the accident exactly how I saw it.

Getting Consecutive Warnings in My Dreams

I’ve seen a few times in my dreams other similar situations related to car accidents of people I know and are close to me, but the most recent one was a couple of months ago, I got an important warning of another accident that hasn’t happened yet.

And this came by surprise, as I haven’t been doing much of astral practices or concentration for a while, and yet I continue to have all sorts of dreams and experiences quite often.

But it has never happened to me before to have the whole situation shown to me with so much detail over four consecutive nights, like different episodes that I was able to connect from my dreams from four nights in a row.

The first night I saw the accident as such, very unlikely to happen in the physical world, but not impossible as it happened in one of the many workplaces overseas closely related to my job.

It was unbelievable, like watching special effects in a movie. When I woke up, I remember the dream but I thought it was something very symbolic.

The second night I saw another scenario, I found out there was an injury and a lot of pain, I saw other people getting out of the place of the accident and moving to a safer place, but the next morning when I woke up I didn’t relate the two dreams, it was dark.

It wasn’t until the third night, I saw a long trip returning home, and different situations in different moments. I woke up and didn’t like the feeling when I started connecting the dots.

The last night I saw the hospital and very clearly the permanent injury, and that made me feel really concerned. The good thing was that at the end there was a slow recovery, and looked like everything was going to go back to normal.

It took me a few days to digest all the information that I got after trying to put all the bits I could remember together, it’s hard to explain the way I’m shown these types of things in my dreams.

At this stage and after so many years of having this kind of experiences I still wonder why I’m shown those situations and with so much detail, but at the same time I’m very grateful of having this type of guidance, as it’s a way of being prepared for what is to come.

Regardless of the person involved or the accident as such, the things that I’ve been seeing (or that I’ve been shown) have helped me verify the existence of the astral plane and how it works. I’ve also seen that incredibly, just as Belsebuub explains, events do happen in the higher dimensions before they happen physically and can sometimes be witnessed ahead of the physical events take place.