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Meeting Egos in My Dreams

Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

In a brief dream symbol guide that accompanies Belsebuub’s book on astral travel he explains how seeing a house inhabited by strangers in our dreams indicates egos. I had a couple of dreams of this nature that made me understand how ever-present these things are in our inner world, and how surprisingly separate and yet familiar they feel.

On one occasion, I found myself in a house with many people that seemed familiar. They seemed to be everywhere, sitting on sofas, drinking, eating, listening to the music, etc. After some time of observing the scene, I told them that I was very sorry, but they would have to go, because I decided to live a spiritual life. 🙂 I also told them that I would be missing some of them in particular, but that there was no other way. Surprisingly enough, they got up and started leaving…

On another occasion, I was walking on the street and came to the house where I used to live. There was light inside, which surprised me as I thought I left it locked and empty. As I came inside, I found many people there and addressed them with a question: “Egos”? Immediately, they replied in a chorus: “Yes!”, which woke me up.

A Conversation with an Ego

In one dream, I found myself talking to somebody. I was not aware that I was dreaming and just listened to that person without questioning it. Suddenly though, it came to my mind to ask that person who they were. Surprisingly enough, the person replied that she was “Lucia.” This really got me interested and so I asked her what was the most prominent feature about her (not sure why I worded it this way). The entity then told me a name of a particular ego. It surprised me, as I thought that she got it wrong and that I was not so much driven by that particular ego. The entity then merged with me and I started reacting through that particular inner state and woke up shortly afterwards.

Meeting egos in my dreams

What struck me about this particular experience was how conscious/aware of what she was doing that entity was in comparison to me, and also how it had a distinct feel of evil/coldness and hostility towards me.

In the video below, Belsebuub talks more about the nature of these states and how someone can become free of them, liberating our consciousness:

  • Hi Lucia,

    These are some really interesting experiences. Thanks a lot for sharing. What struck me a little was when you said how that ego had a distinct feeling of evil/coldness and hostility towards you. It reminded me of a dream I had where I was observing a person from some distance as they were sneaking and hiding between some trees. I knew that as long as I am watching them, they will not come closer. Then suddenly there was a surge of chaos in my surroundings and I attended to what was happening around me. Next thing I saw that person had actually moved closer to me. I looked at them and felt their hostility towards me. When I woke up I felt that it was a representation of a particular ego.

    It also emphasized for me how I have to be much more watchful even when in a chaotic situation. It’s also something that Belsebuub seems to stress in that video, if we want to change something, we have to see it.

    • That sounds like quite a revealing dream Pavlin, thank you for sharing. It is great that you were able to learn in this way about this particular inner state that comes out when things are somewhat chaotic around you.

      For me the biggest challenge in these types of dreams is to identify what ego/inner state this or that dream character exactly refers to. The one from that last experience, when the ego actually told me its name and then acted through me was pretty clear, but they are not always so obvious. Like you mention, I also sometimes see these weird characters following me, threatening, etc. in my dreams, but I often have quite a problem to identify what exactly they are in my daily life.

      Wishing you a lot of clarity and watchfullness in those busy situations!

    • I could imagine your dream and the feel of it as you described it Pavlin. The astral/dream world and the things we’re shown there have such a poignant and deeper way of showing us things.

  • Hi Lucia,
    I guess many people get those dreams. I wouldn’t know what to do with them if it wasn’t for the knowledge that was given to us by Belsebuub. I am so glad that he has provided us with this so that we can be guided to change our life in line with what has been shown to us.
    I really like the picture of you and “the ego” by the way.

    • Hi Tina, I can only agree. I have never seen a clearer explanation of spiritual realities and how to go about exploring them than what Belsebuub provides.

      I would not have a clue about what all these happenings in my dreams mean if it was not for the information provided in Belsebuub’s work. All those symbols and happenings in dreams/astral plane he mentions in his books and courses, together with the clear explanation of the overall path to awakening and what happens on it helped me immensely to decipher the meaning of my dreams and astral experiences. There are still so many things I don’t understand in these experiences, but thanks to the knowledge I gained through studying Belsebuub’s work and applying it in my practices I am now more equipped to figure out some things on my own.

  • Those are some really interesting experiences! I do not remember the dream symbol about seeing a house inhabited by strangers, which is perhaps why I have not paid attention to such dreams. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Hey Lucia,

    I was browsing through some old dream diaries yesterday and also found a similar instance of unwanted visitors. With many groups of visitors from the country where I’m from, this was probably symbolic of my own old ego’s, looking to ‘have a party’ in the new place I was staying while the owners were away. There was a moment where I realised this occupation was no good and I stood up and yelled “get out, Get out, Get Out!” In that case I had to manually throw out a lot of them, clearing the whole house. In the basement though there were some more serious and dangerous types, for those I knew I had to run up and get some special tools to deal with them.

    • That’s awesome Karim, hope you get the tools to clean up the basement soon!

    • Yes, I’ve had quite a few of those dreams too Karim, of being in a place full of strangers, or sometimes with people I know among the crowd. I actually had a dream recently where I was at a party, which I then left. When I returned to the house, it was empty and I realised I actually owned it, although I didn’t know it was my house while the party was in full swing. After I had been back in the house by myself for a while, there was an attempt from someone to break in, which I was on guard against.

      It can still take a while to decipher the real meaning of certain dreams and intuition seems to be an important factor in it. If I recall my dreams over the last decade, I can identify a number of characters that stand out, who I recognise from school, university or work. I used to wonder why they kept reappearing, until I began to realise that I associate them with particular inner states.

      I had difficulty in deciding whether dealing with these characters was a good or bad thing, especially if I did it in a very rough or heavy handed way. Sometimes I would go along with a particular character, while knowing that he had the potential to be deceptive and dangerous.

      But over the years, I’ve seen a change in the way I respond to familiar troublesome characters. Dealing in these characters in a firm way seems to be different from other dreams I can recall where I acted in an aggressive way to an unknown person, which seemed to be showing me more about the nature of this aggression within me and the need to work upon it.

      I hope your special tools were effective against the more serious and dangerous types! 🙂

      • Thank you Michael for sharing about dealing with those “old friends from school” characters. I have also been meeting a couple of them, sometimes regularly, sometimes one of them does not appear for a long time and then suddenly it is there again, etc. I have also been wondering what particular inner state these characters may represent, but I can’t say I am sure. They often have good as well as bad characterisitcs, so it is hard to pinpoint what exactly their appearance means.

  • Thanks for sharing Lucia – I especially got a lot from hearing about the cold and hostile energy you felt from your ego self, and also how surprised you were about what the other Lucia said your most prominent ego was as you didn’t think it was one of your main issues. I’ve seen before how it can be the things that I believe don’t have much control over me that I’m actually most ‘permeated’ with.

    It’s amazing how much dream symbology can teach us when we peer into its meaning.

    • I’ve discovered that too. I guess the ego had become such a big part of me that I didn’t see it.

      • I have seen the same thing too and I have also noticed that it was easier for me to spot in other people rather than myself. Thank you Lucia for sharing!

  • Awesome way to learn from your dreams and very inspiring too. If more people used dreams this way and got knowledge that our negativity takes many forms that are separate from the real us, and further, learned how to rid themselves of it permanently (not just through the “positive thinking” mantra that’s so popular today), what a different world we would have!

    Thanks for sharing this, Lucia.

  • Loved the video of Belsebuub btw. I’m still always astounded at how much he knows what he’s talking about.

    • Yes, its a great video, even though the ending made me somewhat sad. He says that its up to an individual to make whatever changes are possible, but that he is not optimistic about the scale of that change…
      It made me reflect on the “scale” of my own change, and how I can see why it is so rare for somebody to awaken in their lifetime. To get rid of all those miriads of defects that live within us, the speed and amount of change within every single day should be huge to be able to reach that target to at least get rid of half of those defects we carry within.

      • I also appreciated the video. Thank you for posting it.

        Quite a few practical things stood out. One of them was the analogy of the Christ.

        Belsebuub’s explanation of the Christ being born and growing in an individual stood out because I could see a link between it and the perceptions of peace and awareness in an ordinary person. Initially the perceptions are very small, but they can grow for people who value them and nurture them.

  • Wow… that encounter with one of your egos is quite remarkable.

    It sounds like a highly motivating experience to eliminate that ego, and also a very insightful experience in seeing the egos as separate entities, separate from yourself.

    • Hi Mike, yes it was quite shocking actually to see how alive and self-conscious these aspects are.

  • Very interesting dreams and I can relate to the ‘strangers, friends and family’ in the house, even seeing the condition of the house.

    Seeing that aspect of yourself in such a direct way in your last experience must have been such a helpful guide to you. Its this direct and profound knowledge through dream guidance which is so precious and quite incredible. Just goes to show how significant and important dreams are in spirituality.

    The chorus of ‘yes’ was a funny account but I can imagine it must have been startling at that moment. 🙂

    • Hi Layla,

      Yes I can imagine that the “house full of strangers, family and friends” must be quite a common occurence in dreams for many people. On some occasions, I saw these entities making a big mess in the house, like after a party, and then I had to clean it up… I guess that’s what they do – wreaking havoc in our psyche. 🙁

      The chorus thing was quite unexpected for me at that time, so much that it made me wake up!

      It is amazing how dreams give us this chance to see how many of them live within us and how damaging they are.

  • Those are really interesting experiences Lucia – thanks for sharing them. I can relate to the dreams of having many people in a place and one in particular stood out to me, due to its significance.

    I found it funny how the people in one dream got up and left after you asked them to! 🙂 It seems to indicate that you had a certain control over your egos at that point.

    The other dream in which you encountered yourself must have also been memorable and eye-opening, due to the revelation that a particular ego characterised you, even though you were not consciously aware of it at the time. Although it may not have been as immediately rewarding as seeing yourself having control over your egos, I think that it brought with it a very useful insight, which you could apply to your daily life in changing those patterns of behaviours that were highlighted.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes that encounter with an ego was quite an eye-opener. I already lulled myself to thinking that that ego was not a big problem, or maybe not an immediate problem, as I could not see any of its manifestations in the physical workd, or at least manifestations that I would conisder to be that ego. However, this dream put me back on guard to try to delve deeper into it in order to find other aspects and connections that I may have been missing before.

      • Hi Lucia,

        Yes, I can relate to what you said about thinking that a particular ego isn’t problematic any more, but then having a dream that indicates otherwise in a very clear way. I had a dream of that nature recently, which showed the need to work upon a particular aspect of greed, where an interest of mine lead to wanting to collect more and more items in relation to it.

        I used to be an avid collector years ago, until I realised that it could become quite time-consuming and expensive, so put it aside. I was then pleased to see dreams in which I was in shops where I could buy more items to add to my collection, but wasn’t particularly interested in doing so and left without buying anything, or even browsing through the things that were on offer.

        So when I recently started buying a few inessential luxury items, it didn’t seem overly harmful to indulge that pleasure, as they were cheap and it was quick to complete the purchases. I was aware that my time is limited and that it’s important to limit the time I was spending on this little pleasure, but I wasn’t overly cautious about cutting the roots of that aspect of greed, as it seemed fairly harmless.

        I could gradually see that my thoughts were beginning to become drawn towards other items I could add to my collection, but although I knew I ought restrict this desire to collect, I allowed it to slide, until I had a dream where I was gathering much more than I could possibly use of something and was going to unnecessary and impractical lengths to transport these items.

        In this dream, I could clearly see how burdened I’d become by the desire to collect more than I needed “just in case”, and from that, it was a lot easier to break away from the little pleasure of wanting to collect things, as I could see that it was the seed of a much bigger ego.

  • Hi Lucia, thanks for sharing.
    It really is amazing what we can learn from our dreams especially
    if we are aware enough to go deeper and get some insights
    we can meditate on.

  • That’s kind of creepy Lucia about that ego’s attitude towards you, cold and negative. Yet something that occupies you and takes your energy every now and again. Reminds me of the experience Andrew shared as well.

    Your description of the symbolism of the house is very nice, especially that positive experience where you told them it was time to go :-)! The language given in the astral plane is just so beautiful and eloquent. Really well put together by someone 😀

    Very nice photo btw! ‘who are you?’

    • Yes, I agree Karim, there is often a beauty and intelligence in the symbolic language of the astral plane, if we are conscious enough to perceive it.

      I agree that it’s a very nice photo too! 🙂

    • Thanks Karim, yes that’s what struck me most in the last experience – the coldness and total hostility of that entity. Also how she just said the name of that particular ego straight away, even in English, it was really mind-boggling. After waking up, I was wondering if she said that name as something that was the most prominent feature about HER (since she was that ego), or if it meant that that particular ego was the most prominent feature in my psychic interior.

      But whatever the case, the experience made me aware of how alive and well that particular ego was, despite me thinking it was not too strong anymore, and made me try and look deeper into it.

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