Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

From a young age, I had many vivid dreams, and even through my teens, I can remember certain periods that my dreams were quite clear. Although I wrote them down, I did not have the understanding of how to use them properly.

They were stories and sometimes great adventures, but not actionable insights. Dream guidance books gave me some clues, but they were just too vague or the description could fit many circumstances.

Here’s where Belsebuub’s work has helped me enormously. I find his book The Astral Codex a great resource to understand my dreams better. Not only could I remember them more often using the mantra Raom Gaom, but they also became clearer when I started to observe myself and get rid of difficult inner states.

Many times I was shown how to do things better in life and how certain types of dreams related to circumstances in life and how I was behaving in them.

A Lesson in Awareness

In this dream, I find myself walking on the pavement of a larger intersection. I’m about to cross the street and all of a sudden the whole environment is lit up. I’m very aware, although I’m not clear enough to realize that I’m in a dream. I feel very light and with each step that I take, I feel my legs and the weight of my body moving from one foot to the other and all the muscles involved.

I’m hyper-aware of how my arms move back and forth next to my body and the space around me and the distance between me and other objects. Soon afterwards I wake up.

Quite soon after finding Belsebuub’s work, this dream helped me to get a sense of what it is to be aware and the importance of feeling my body. At the time I was struggling to get a basic sense of what it is to be aware as I didn’t know what to look for.

How to Work Better

I recently started a new job as a web-developer. The work I’m doing can sometimes be quite challenging as everything is new, so insecurity can easily come in. I also noticed that when fascination takes over, I would lose myself for extended periods of time. I wasn’t sure what to look for in terms of awareness in this situation.

I was trying to be aware, but was unsure what to aim for. Then one night, I was given a hint of what to work towards. In the dream, I’m sitting in front of my laptop and everything around me is crystal clear. I am in complete silence as if time were standing still. I also notice that there is a distance between my thoughts and emotions and the work I’m doing. In this state I can clearly understand the program I am working on and see what to change.

I haven’t managed to reach that stage in daily life, but the dream certainly helped me to aim to remain clear and reach that stillness. Sometimes I get a short similar feeling of how I felt in that dream, and it’s a big motivation to keep trying until I find a way.

The Meaning of Dimmed Lights and Strange People in My Dreams

This is a kind of dream that comes up when I’m not applying enough self-observation and work on removing unwanted inner states. These dreams are often taking place in a building where lights are dimmed.

It’s hard to see very much and strange people are around me. They are not harming me, but they feel strange, like the kind of people you would rather not talk to and avoid. When I do make more efforts, these dreams clear up, fewer people are present and the type of people I’m with change too.

Analyzing My Dream Diary

Every so often I look back at my dreams over a longer period of time. I like doing this as it gives me an indication if I’m tackling certain behaviors or states that are harmful. If I’m not, then I see them coming back again and again.

If I do manage to change, I’m either not seeing that dream anymore or the dream has changed and now shows a different aspect of the obstacle. It can also be confronting to see that things do repeat and I haven’t worked hard enough for them to disappear.

When Theory Comes to Life

These are some experiences I’ve had by using the techniques that Belsebuub gives. He writes a lot about dreams and how to improve spiritually, but once I actually saw all this in action in my own dreams and daily life, it became more than just a theory.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to be connected with my dreams and be given guidance on how to live life better. I’ve found it’s just a matter of tapping into it.