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Dreams Showing Me How to Improve

Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers
Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

These are some experiences I’ve had by using the techniques I learned from Belsebuub’s work.

A Lesson in Awareness

In this dream, I find myself walking on the pavement of a larger intersection. I’m about to cross the street and all of a sudden the whole environment is lit up. I’m very aware, although I’m not clear enough to realize that I’m in a dream. I feel very light and with each step that I take, I feel my legs and the weight of my body moving from one foot to the other and all the muscles involved.

I’m hyper-aware of how my arms move back and forth next to my body and the space around me and the distance between me and other objects. Soon afterwards I wake up.

Quite soon after finding Belsebuub’s work, this dream helped me to get a sense of what it is to be aware and the importance of feeling my body. At the time I was struggling to get a basic sense of what it is to be aware as I didn’t know what to look for.

How to Work Better

I recently started a new job as a web-developer. The work I’m doing can sometimes be quite challenging as everything is new, so insecurity can easily come in. I also noticed that when fascination takes over, I would lose myself for extended periods of time. I wasn’t sure what to look for in terms of awareness in this situation.

I was trying to be aware, but was unsure what to aim for. Then one night, I was given a hint of what to work towards. In the dream, I’m sitting in front of my laptop and everything around me is crystal clear. I am in complete silence as if time were standing still. I also notice that there is a distance between my thoughts and emotions and the work I’m doing. In this state I can clearly understand the program I am working on and see what to change.

I haven’t managed to reach that stage in daily life, but the dream certainly helped me to aim to remain clear and reach that stillness. Sometimes I get a short similar feeling of how I felt in that dream, and it’s a big motivation to keep trying until I find a way.

The Meaning of Dimmed Lights and Strange People in My Dreams

This is a kind of dream that comes up when I’m not applying enough self-observation and work on removing unwanted inner states. These dreams are often taking place in a building where lights are dimmed.

It’s hard to see very much and strange people are around me. They are not harming me, but they feel strange, like the kind of people you would rather not talk to and avoid. When I do make more efforts, these dreams clear up, fewer people are present and the type of people I’m with change too.

Analyzing My Dream Diary

Every so often I look back at my dreams over a longer period of time. I like doing this as it gives me an indication if I’m tackling certain behaviors or states that are harmful. If I’m not, then I see them coming back again and again.

If I do manage to change, I’m either not seeing that dream anymore or the dream has changed and now shows a different aspect of the obstacle. It can also be confronting to see that things do repeat and I haven’t worked hard enough for them to disappear.

  • Thank you Roy for sharing these teaching and inspiring dreams. You inspired me more in the dream where you saw the distance between your thoughts, emotions and the work you were doing, and also how you managed to look back at your diary and be taught by comparing the past dreams with the dreams that followed. Thank you for this reminder, seems very important Dreams have been a precious guidance for me too and I feel very grateful being taught about their importance in Belsebuub’s work. Sometimes even the subconscious dreams have helped me, ringing me the bell of my bad inner condition and giving me the need for more clear dreams. thanks again.

  • Thank you for sharing these dream experiences, Roy. I find it quite inspiring to read how others are taught over there in the astral, through dreams: the symbols and experiences and so forth.

    Those dreams where you learned more about awareness and how to approach computer work while maintaining a state of inner clarity sound highly inspiring and useful. I, also, do a lot of computer work in my job, and that includes some programming. The description you made of how to work sounds so beautiful: I hope I can some day experience the very same thing in my waking life while coding.

  • That’s amazing you got such a clear insight into how the awareness can work when behind a laptop. To be so in touch with your surroundings but not fascinated or distracted by them and then how you were in complete silence – very inspiring.

  • Motivating to read about your dream of working on the computer. I have also noticed the negative impact of fascination particularly when I take interest in what is not central to my problem.

    The breakthroughs I had were also related to being aware of my body and my surroundings. When I try to be present while at the computer I can still do my work, but am also able to perceive tension in my body and perceive my environment. I often found that allowing myself to do this makes me significantly more effective in my work.

    Also stood out to me your dream diary analysis. It’s something that I am doing a fair bit of now. The main insight that I have is that there are so many teachings in dreams that I miss when I just had the dream. And like you said, I also find changes in my dreams when I change in daily life.

  • Hey Roy,

    thanks for sharing these examples of learning through your dreams. I would really love to learn to work with awareness on the computer! I find it incredibly difficult to remain aware and clear while doing mental work online.

    Recently I had a slight breakthrough with it – I had answered an SOS from a manager to get some articles done by the next day, and usually I would feel like I would have no more mental capacity left, because I had to do it, and I knew if I wasn’t careful I could really make a mess out of my energies with it, I tried very hard to approach the task with awareness. I did some asanas to freshen up, spent some time in prayer, then put on some soft ambient music, candles and insence, and even though the work I was doing was ‘mundane’ I was able to create and maintain a sense of this higher atmosphere in my room. This is in stark contrast to how I can feel the atmosphere can become totally muddied with my tense focus – I can do a lot in this way, just whipping myself, but actually I’m more likely to make mistakes or work of a lesser quality.

    It made me feel like I’d been given this challenge to help me see that it was possible to approach my daily work differently and actually to get strength rather than be weakened.

    All the best with overcoming the challenges in your new job!

    • Hi Ella,

      I’ve also found that it’s definitely possible to maintain concentration while working on a computer. I’ve personally found the key is to stay focussed on one task at a time, rather than jumping from thing to thing, which many people tend to do.

      I think that having a relaxed attitude also makes any task much more enjoyable, as we can focus our attention on it more fully, which can actually boost the awareness, while avoiding being drained by the horrible agitated energies that can manifest when there is a pressure to complete something within an unachievable timeframe.

      Of course, due to our various social relationships, it’s not always easy to create those ideal circumstances where we can work at a pace we feel comfortable with. But it’s good that you were able to still meet your target, without feeding negative inner states.

      • Totally Micheal,

        I had a pretty clear dream last night showing me that it’s this time I spend on the computer that’s messing up my energies on most days. So today I’m trying to really approach it with awareness and a more relaxed attitude … helped by some calming music in the background!

  • Thanks for sharing Roy.
    Belsebuubs techniques are amazing, being sincere and making the
    effort are so essential.

  • That example of how you could be internally, in silence and clarity, when being behind a computer sounds so amazing to me. Like you say giving you the target to aim for, how it potentially can be (a bit like Ella‘s experience), how kind! I think I’ve also felt glimpses of what you describe when I’ve done some computer work, but only when I was completely concentrated throughout. And there was a moment for example where I’d focus even more, like when coming up with the exact way to formulate my thoughts for example, which leads to a natural concentration. To then notice this stillness in the atmosphere around me. Just nothing. Clear. Thanks for sharing that possible way of being behind a computer. I want to see if I can taste more of that myself now 😎

    I agree, being in touch with our dreams is an amazing guide for our life 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing those observations Roy. I can relate to the dreams in which there are lots of people around in a particular place, or where the lighting seems quite dim. I agree that it’s worthwhile looking back over these kinds of dreams, particularly when the recur over a long period of time, as they can indicate something else we need to work on but are missing during the day.

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