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My Dream About the End of the World

Experience Submitted by Christos Grapsas

A few years ago I had a dream where an apocalyptic scenario was taking place. It was a very realistic scenario; something that could happen in the physical. It was not like most of my dreams where my subconscious projects all kinds of unbelievable things.

Practicing Belsebuub’s methods I have managed to have a few astral experiences and had some lucid dreams. But this particular dream was different in the sense that it felt very real. I thought it was really happening in my life, here in the physical world. I was very aware of what was going on during the experience but it did not cross my mind that it could be the astral plane.

An Apocalyptic Scene in the Astral Plane

I was standing at a beach looking towards the ocean. The atmosphere was quite heavy and almost depressing.

The sky had a dark reddish color and it was very cloudy. It was similar to how the sky is at sunset but darker and not beautiful at all. This dark red color extended to the air around me and even to the sea.


The land was devastated. The city was like a ghost city with the buildings seemingly destroyed by a very powerful event.  There was nothing recognizable in the setting so that I would be able to decipher the place I had found myself in. Everything was in ruins. The whole setting looked like the aftermath of a devastating tsunami.

Next to me there was this huge machine. Its shape was like a wrecked car or truck but its size seemed much bigger. It seemed as if the sea had washed up this giant machine onto the beach.

I sometimes wondered if it was a prophetic dream of a tsunami that would happen much later, or something similar but I wasn’t sure. The images of the devastated city in Fukushima were quite similar to my dream. I’ve also wondered if the red color had something to do with the radiation from the destroyed nuclear plant. However, at the time of this dream it felt more connected to doomsday.

I had this strong sense that the end of the world had arrived and it was too late for humanity. It was too late for me to repent and correct my mistakes. That made me feel desperate. I knew that I could do nothing anymore and my end was just too close to do anything about it.

In this whole setting I was on my own; there were no other people, animals or birds around me. This made the experience even scarier. In the most difficult times having someone next to you can make the experience a bit more tolerable. In this experience however, there was no one but me and I was surrounded by devastation.

This image has been modified. Original by Pietro De Grandi via unsplash.com

During the whole experience I was in one spot. I did not move a step forwards or backwards even though I really wanted to run. I was just standing there observing the scene unfolding in front of my eyes. I was feeling very desperate and, more than anything, I wanted to escape that gloomy scenario but I felt there was no way out. There was nowhere to go. So I remained standing on the sandy beach where I found myself initially.

Turning to Prayer

I was feeling that all hope was gone and I felt too weak to do anything. The only hope, the only thing I could do was to pray. I felt prayer would wash away the intense fear and loneliness I was feeling. I looked towards the sky and started praying with whatever courage I had left. I was wholeheartedly asking for another chance, for another opportunity.

This image has been modified. Original by Ben White via unsplash.com

I deeply regretted the opportunities I had lost. I kept looking towards the sky as if that’s where the answer would come from. I wept for the situation I was in, but deep down, I felt that even though I was praying nothing would happen. Prayer for me was just a one way road. There was nothing else to do, nowhere else to go. I felt that the Divine was there, for some reason I was instinctively addressing the sky, and although I felt abandoned I just lifted my arms in prayer and yelled for help. I felt that even if they don’t answer my prayers I was at least communicating with someone that I knew was there. That in itself was giving me hope and was helping me to not feel so lonely. I kept asking for another opportunity.

Waking up in the Physical

In this anguish and prayer I woke up in my bed. It took a few moments to realize that it was all a dream. I felt very very relieved that it was just that; just a very realistic dream.

I was extremely happy that I was in my bed; that I had escaped that desperate scenario. I promised to myself and to my divine parents that I would not let this happen for real. That I would not let the opportunity go and that I would really try to make use of the life I have.

I have read and listened to Belsebuub’s talks about how important it is to use the opportunities we have in this life and not waste them. This message always resonates with me and reminds me of this experience I had.

  • Thank you for sharing this Christos. A very powerful experience indeed. Reading about it made me feel a bit of the incredible desperation and regret one would face in that situation, knowing that it is just too late and that we can’t think “tomorrow is another day” and have another chance.

    It is a very motivating scenario to consider as it really puts things in perspective. At the same time I know what you mean about how experiences and powerful realizations can grow dimmer over time, and we can get lulled to a false comfort.

    At least in seeing that, it can help to train ourselves to continually reflect, remember, and re-center on what our true priorities are, and hopefully put in the efforts to gain additional experiences and more understanding that keep the spark alive.

  • A powerful experience Christos. You’ve also highlighted the prevalence of ‘end of the world’ dreams that it seems like most people have. I’m glad I’m not the only one 😀

    But in all seriousness, you’re experience seems a little more full-on, than what I’ve had myself. I have often been in very desperate situations in dreams or in the astral, when prayer is the only thing left to do. And in these moments, I can’t remember having it ever fail. So I was expecting to read about that Divine response during your experience. But it seems like that helplessness and despair were also the main point of teaching, and the ‘second chance’ at life when you woke up physically.

    I spent some time a few days ago reading through dream journals from my early years with Belsebuub’s teachings. There was soo much that was happening, and so many inspiring experiences that it really charged me up to remember them. If time fades the strong impression of these experiences, at least you can go back over them once in a while (if you record your dreams) and give yourself a refresher. I’ve always felt a big boost after doing this.

  • I feel sometimes being content, satisfied from one experience which is actually the turning point for entropy to kick in.
    I hope/wish things to get better. All the best with your path!

  • Very intense experience to read. Thanks for sharing so openly, Christos.

    I’ve had several end-of-the-world-type dreams in the past few years. A lot more in recent months. I can really relate to the desperation you describe – it’s even just too profound to explain properly, like it hits right at the core. Each one I’ve had was the end of our world due to a celestial event. Some were very lucid, and others felt like highly realistic dreams, just as you explain. In one of them, I actually watched as this event took place and “the end” was coming towards me and swept me away. I floated out of my body, came back later (I don’t recall what happened in between) to a “new start,” it felt like, and with it was infused a feeling of deep longing to do better and sort of play by the rules or be a better person.

    I remember waking up from those dreams and feeling so incredibly relieved that they were “only” dreams. As uncomfortable as they can be, I do get a kind of boost from them to take more responsibility for my spiritual practices and journey. But, as you said, if that’s not acted upon, the urgency sadly fades.

    • What an interesting dream Zorana, especially the part about returning and feeling the yearning to change and do better. It’s like a reminder that yes, I really do want to use my time here well.

    • Interesting dreams Zorana. It seems that quite a few people have dreams about the end of the world. Maybe it’s some kind of intuitive feeling or premonition or even a help to understand that we don’t have all the time in the world.

  • Hi Christo,

    Thank you for sharing this dream, sounds like a very impactful experience. It would be terrible to be in a position where you cannot communicate or turn to the divine and it is too late for a change within… I try to remember that every day is ‘given’ and even when I feel down I have to find the strength within (as it is always somewhere there) to try again.

    I wish those experiences that can shake us like that would stay strong in our memory and impressions, but perhaps it is up to having that communication and internal focus for the spiritual to be able to be in touch with them and appreciate them efficiently?

    I also find that when something shakes me like that, sometimes I want to hide away because it seems too big to face. But as Laura mentioned as well, I have to remind myself the source of it, that it comes with Love and out of Love and that changes everything and gives meaning to it all, I think.

    Wish you all the best!

    • I think this is what scares me the most, the idea that I would no longer be able to reach out to the divine for help. That I would be alone. This terrifies me.

      It’s interesting to reflect on and consider, that even things like this could be done out of love.

    • Yes it might be worth considering that we might be forgetting the Divine when we feel safe enough but when we are in a difficult situation we instinctively look for them. If they are not there we despair.
      We are like selfish little children ignorant of the importance of their parents.

      • Yes Christo, that’s certainly very true. It’s often only when we’re ‘in trouble’ or ‘lost’ that we look for their help. When things are comfortable, we can go around thinking we’re just fine on our own. How to maintain the understanding that we’re actually always ‘lost’? For me, it always just comes back to trying to practise more to get better understanding and to feel the push and urgency from within. I often recall something Belsebuub says in one talk (forget which one) that the essence knows what to do, but sometimes it’s just not being given enough food to be able to be felt. So it’s our job to give it the nourishment it needs and have the faith that it can work things out – we don’t have to try to employ the mind to do its work.

  • Incredible dream Christos.

    That dream convey’s so much but to have experienced it as though it was the only reality you knew must have been incredible to wake up from. It brings up the question of what would motivate us to embrace a spiritual life if it isn’t our own reality, and I also wonder at how dreams can show such a much greater reality than the illusion that we live in during the day and what a true blessing that is…

  • Thanks Christo. What a strong experience. It must have been quite heartbreaking and motivating simultaneously. That strong push to make the most of our time is a precious force. I find it very sad that I am unable to hold onto it for very long. It’s like I’m unable to face reality.

    I’ve also had many dreams about the end of the world. Sometimes they may have been something personal, but I really feel that the end of this yuga may be seen in this generation, and if you stop to think about it, that’s profoundly affecting. At one point I was very consumed by these thoughts, and quite crippled by them too. Recently I’ve found more hope – or more ability to work despite the desperate situation – whatever we do for our consciousness is counted in eternity, right? And certainly nothing good will come from despair.

    Thanks for sharing this experience of yours.

    • Yes I agree Ella. There is no need to despair as I feel we could become even more passive that way.

      It’s good to acknowledge that we don’t have all the time in the world and make use of the opportunities we have.

  • Hi Christos, thank you for sharing your experience. I can relate to much of what you say because I too have had similar dreams and felt a similar way after waking up from them.

    I think that although it seems like it’s just a dream, the reality is that we will die – either in a nice setting or a painful one. And it is worth realizing that it will happen and that we can do something to help ourselves now. I also find that it’s hard to keep a hold of understanding because the day-to-day life takes it away. The only solution I can see is to use the techniques Belsebuub gives to see the reality of our current condition.

    This excerpt from the Odes of Solomon came to my mind:

    I trusted, consequently I was at rest,
    Because trustful is He in whom I trusted.
    He has greatly blessed me;
    And my head is with Him.
    And the dagger shall not divide me from Him,
    Nor the sword.
    Because I am ready before destruction comes;
    And I have been placed in His incorruptible arms.
    And immortal life embraced me,
    And kissed me.
    And from that life is the Spirit that is within me.

    ~Odes of Solomon, translated by James H. Charlesworth

    • Nice and relevant quote Aleksandr, thanks for bringing it up. When I read some parts of that texts in the past it seemed to touch something very deep inside. But I could only feel those deep truths in a very very subtle way. A whisper of the deep.
      I also find that because of Belsebuub’s biography and work more light and understanding is shed on texts like these for me and they therefore become more alive.

  • Thanks for sharing. It’s easy To forget about how precious our opportunities are or the limited time we have when we go many moments without the apparent need to do anything about it, as things are pleasant enough right now, we are not suffering, but then it can hit us for instance when we get close to death, or have an experience like you’ve shared, when we see what it will be like when it all ends.

  • Wow! That dream is traumatic to read, let alone to experience!

    What you went through in the dream sounds so tragic and painful, yet I know that is a reality we could all face. Thank you for sharing this, Christos! Our time right now is precious; there is so much at stake. To let this opportunity pass us by would be worse than imaginable.

    I feel shaken in a solemn, but motivated way, having read this.

    • “Shaken in a solemn, but motivated way”, is a great way to describe the effect of this experience, and what I often feel reading Belsebuub’s work – which calls to us action in no uncertain terms and shatters the illusion that we have all the time in the world to ‘get it right.’

  • That seems like a very shaking experience Christos. I could imagine it as you described it.

    Sometimes it can be tricky for me to know what such experiences relate to exactly. Physical near future events, far off physical future events, symbolic for current or future events, pertaining more to ourself in the spiritual sense or humanity too?

    In one case of a ‘fate of humanity’ dream experience I had. There it felt like what I was shown was symbolic of what would happen in the spiritual/psychological sense to people, which is of course the thing that really matters and which therefore would also have its repercussions in the physical sense. Though those initial symbolic events were not a one-to-one of what would happen physically.
    Anyway that’s how it felt for one such experience for me, of course each is different in what it might tell.

    One key thing for me is to practice the techniques Belsebuub teaches as much as possible, as that makes me most in tune with that other reality of life, with ongoing experiences etc. Whereas staying passive in psychological sleep makes me numb and ignorant to bigger realities. Ones so serious that we really shouldn’t remain ignorant of them.

    Thanks for the reminder of the need to make use of our time. Not ‘tomorrow’ somewhere, but now.

  • That sounds like an intense dream Christos. I can imagine the relief that you must have felt upon waking up to find out that you have another chance to correct your mistakes and to avoid that terrible suffering. I guess it’s similar to the change in perception that some people gain when they survive near-death experiences, which can act as a wake-up call and prompt people to put their lives into a deeper context.

    I think that when we suffer the consequences of our past mistakes intensively over a prolonged period, this can make a deeper impression upon our consciousness, as it is then painfully apparent that our life, our faculties and the circumstances we currently have are for a limited time only, and that we need to be active in making the best use of our lives, in order to escape the suffering that would otherwise be due to us.

    I can also relate to what you said about reaching out to the divine in times of desperation. I think that even though it may appear that we are abandoned and alone on some occasions, the relationship with our divine parents is one that we can always depend upon to be there whenever we need it, if we only reach out to them.

    Thanks for sharing that experience – it gives a lot to reflect upon.

    • I agree that the suffering of our mistakes can be a teacher in itself. I also feel that when I am given a good or pleasant circumstance, if I don’t make use of it then eventually I will have to suffer much more.

      I have been looking into this in the past few days – in how to make wise use of good circumstances. One thing I noticed is about learning to let go of my attachments to it, so as to in a way prepare for when it is taken away. I find that it can be sometimes easier to let go of the wanting for a pleasant circumstance once I have it than when I want it and can’t have it.

  • Thank you very much for sharing this very personal and shaking experience Christos. It sounds very desperate and gloomy indeed. 🙁 I guess we are all more or less in the same situation. I remember a similar scenario of a “doomsday” in one of my early dreams too. There were some elements to it that were personal and maybe offered some hope, but otherwise the land and everything looked terribly desperate. It was very windy, the landscape destroyed, things flying around (as if after a huricane or something), and people were like soulless ghosts. I mean, I had a feeling that they were just with their mechanical egos and personalities, but didn’t have that living conscious spark in them anymore. It was quite scary.

    It is very concerning how we tend to forget the intensive feelings of these kinds of dreams. In the light of these scenarios, our daily quarrels and fights seem indeed very petty.

    Wishing you a lot of astrength and Divine protection!

  • Your dream, it feels so traumatic to me, leaving me shivering as I read it. Thank you for sharing it. I can imagine and feel that desperation you talk about it. Sometimes what scares me most about dying is the feeling that I will no longer be able to work on the things I came here for. It makes me want to cry….and it also a bit scary to feel how important it is to use life well. It’s much easier to go through life a bit numb.

    • I felt that too Anne Linn. But I keep reminding myself that feeling afraid, scared or worried will not help me but harm me, because those are egos, so I try to have faith this is not what I need to feel, but find clarity and see what’s empowering in it and how it can help me to change.

      Thanks for sharing Christos. I also felt shaken by reading that, so I can’t imagine how shaken you would have felt.

      And yet when we get these really difficult experiences it is given through love and is not meant to make us afraid (I felt a little afraid). Then it made me reflect how Belsebuub says that real esoteric experience can shake you to the core, and that I have to be prepared for it and not be afraid of it if I want real knowledge. It required lots of understanding, faith, strength and inner balance I think, to be able to bear it, not become afraid or just try to forget about it, but be able to use it the right way while the feeling still lasts as you said.

      Lately I’ve been praying just for the help to change and improve. I think that’s what I long for the most – to feel that I’m really using my life as it’s meant to, that I’m progressing and changing.

    • And by the way, as you talked about being numb, lately I’ve been trying to observe this desire to numb my feelings. It’s like someone is pulling me by the hand, let’s go this way. There is some kind of a pain I’m not seeing very well, and it feels unbearable, and then when I do something distracting, the pain goes under the surface and I feel ok again, but it doesn’t allow real understanding or change to happen. So I’ve been trying to endure it and not numb myself but try to understand it instead and reach out to my divine mother, partly because I don’t want to spend my life like that, stuck and not moving forward.

      • I wish you strength and persistence in observing and overcoming that inner state Laura. It’s natural to want to turn to distractions to get away from unpleasant feelings, but then as you mentioned, we don’t get an understanding of them in that way, so are still very much controlled by them.

      • I feel I’m in a bit of a similar place Laura, learning to stay in the pain and not run away. Maybe as we do a little more each day, we get stronger. Small improvements can lead to bigger ones. And I too yearn to use my life well, to learn, to change, to do what the divine wants of me.

    • I also imagine that the loss of being able to change ourselves would be a hard one. I saw something of it some time ago when I lost opportunities to work in a way that seemed much more conducive. The loss brought with it very strong emotions that took a long time to address. I am particularly grateful to Belsebuub’s perseverance through oppression and the spiritual help that I had at the time because I doubt that I would have been able to come out of those feelings on my own.

    • Yes it is difficult to not default into numbness Anne Linn. Fear wouldn’t help either since it makes us even number. I guess we just need to keep trying to change because there seems to be no other way that would be worth gearing towards.

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