Experience submitted by Dimi

At the time I came across Belsebuub’s work, courses, and books, I was also delving into the work of another spiritual group. A few months into my spiritual studies with both groups, I had this dream.

It was a lucid experience, one where I was conscious of what was going on around me:

I found myself walking along with a small group of people; we are following a path, and I seemed to be listening to a conversation going on between a couple of the people in this group. We then come to a stop.

Just ahead of us the path divided into 2 parts. The group paused. It seemed we were at a cross-point.

To our right, there was a large object with some writing on it. It was legible. Members of the group approached it, looked at it as though reading it.

I waited for my turn to read the information written.

As I approached the object and began to read the inscription, I only got half-way. My attention was turned to that which was happening nearby.

It seemed the group had to split up. There were those who went to the right and those who went straight ahead.

It seemed they each knew which way they had to go. I watched each person in the group farewell each other and started to walk in their chosen direction.

Those walking towards the right were following a path that was gently winding and not well lit.  The one straight ahead led to a bright light in the distance.

I was left at this crossroad, having to make a decision.

I did not finish reading the writing but I know it had profound spiritual information written on it (I could remember having that sense as I was reading it), but it seems I was at a point where I had to decide – which path was I going to follow?

While standing there looking at both groups slowly walking away, there was this internal sense of urgency to decide which group I was going to follow. I stood there, as though baffled, for a short while.

Then, a stillness came over me, one that did not interrupt or urge me to go into either direction, as though I was being left to my own devices to make that decision, to take responsibility for my own direction and path.

As I stood there, I allowed that stillness to speak to me, to help me, to guide me.

It was in that moment that I took a step forward to follow the path with the light in the distance.

As I took a few more steps, I noticed this group had stopped and waited for me to catch up, whereas the other group had not even looked to see where I was.

Photo by Pexels

Photo by Pexels (image has been modified)

I woke up from this dream with a deep realisation; I had to make a choice between the two spiritual paths I had been studying the past few months.

In physical life, the more I delved into Belsebuub’s work, his courses (about dream guidance, self- knowledge, spiritual wisdom) and his books, the more answers I got.

In my dream, I had chosen the path that went straight ahead and the people that were part of that group were people that were studying Belsebuub’s work also.

It became crystal clear to me which direction I wanted to take. I have since discovered more inner truths and to this day continue on this lifelong journey toward the light.