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Being Shown Spiritual Direction in a Symbolic Dream

Experience submitted by Dimi

At the time I came across Belsebuub’s work, courses, and books, I was also delving into the work of another spiritual group. A few months into my spiritual studies with both groups, I had this dream.

It was a lucid experience, one where I was conscious of what was going on around me.

I found myself walking along with a small group of people; we are following a path, and I seemed to be listening to a conversation going on between a couple of the people in this group. We then come to a stop.

Just ahead of us the path divided into 2 parts. The group paused. It seemed we were at a cross-point. To our right, there was a large object with some writing on it. It was legible. Members of the group approached it, looked at it as though reading it. I waited for my turn to read the information written.

As I approached the object and began to read the inscription, I only got half-way. My attention was turned to that which was happening nearby. It seemed the group had to split up. There were those who went to the right and those who went straight ahead. It seemed they each knew which way they had to go. I watched each person in the group farewell each other and started to walk in their chosen direction.

Those walking towards the right were following a path that was gently winding and not well lit.  The one straight ahead led to a bright light in the distance. I was left at this crossroad, having to make a decision.

I did not finish reading the writing but I know it had profound spiritual information written on it (I could remember having that sense as I was reading it), but it seems I was at a point where I had to decide – which path was I going to follow?

While standing there looking at both groups slowly walking away, there was this internal sense of urgency to decide which group I was going to follow. I stood there, as though baffled, for a short while.

Then, a stillness came over me, one that did not interrupt or urge me to go into either direction, as though I was being left to my own devices to make that decision, to take responsibility for my own direction and path.

As I stood there, I allowed that stillness to speak to me, to help me, to guide me. It was in that moment that I took a step forward to follow the path with the light in the distance. As I took a few more steps, I noticed this group had stopped and waited for me to catch up, whereas the other group had not even looked to see where I was.

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I woke up from this dream with a deep realisation; I had to make a choice between the two spiritual paths I had been studying the past few months.

In physical life, the more I delved into Belsebuub’s work, his courses (about dream guidance, self- knowledge, spiritual wisdom) and his books, the more answers I got.

In my dream, I had chosen the path that went straight ahead and the people that were part of that group were people that were studying Belsebuub’s work also.

It became crystal clear to me which direction I wanted to take. I have since discovered more inner truths and to this day continue on this lifelong journey toward the light.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Dimi. It’s incredible how much we are guided on our journey and dreams indeed play a major part of it. I’m glad you remembered the experience so clearly!
    When I found Belsebuub’s work, I was in awe. His work was written with such clarity and I really enjoyed the practices. Once I gained more experience, I can relate to having to make choices. In my case, it had to do with the people I was spending time with and the activities surrounding them. Some of those activities were taking away the clarity that the practices were giving me. In dreams then, I was often faced with similar scenes in which I had to make a choice.

  • A real remarkable experience, Dimi, thanks for sharing. And, moreover, a very revolutionary decision!

    It was very beautiful and touching the moment you allowed that stillness to speak to you and to guide you. I also feel that sometimes these moments can be too much dictated by the submissions of our mind, or can be lost during our interaction with other people. But what more meaningful than to experience these teachings and see with our own eyes that we can find sound guidance inside of us and also cope with the uncertainties of our life…

  • Thank you, Dimi for sharing your dream experience with us. It’s great that you have understood what that dream meant and that you also followed its message in your daily life.
    I have also attended another group as I found Belsebuub’s courses but pretty soon I had some very symbolic experiences that pointed me in the right direction.

  • What a lovely dream. It feels so profound to me. I love your description of the stillness that came over you, and how you let it guide you. Sometimes I feel this stillness is what I yearn for the most. To just be quiet and listen, to feel a guidance within me. Your description of that straight path with a light at the end of it is also beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

  • A very important experience Dimi, it highlighted once again how important our internal and spiritual decisions are and how everything is known in the astral realm.

    I remember how much Belsebuub emphasised and still does, the importance of gaining our own experiences of the spiritual techniques and proving them for ourselves. I know from my own experience how if my decisions are based on solely ideas how difficult it is to make a choice as the mind is always in a duality, unless we’re consciously aware. It’s quite incredible how valuable personal and direct experience can be to guide our next step and to tell the difference.

    Many thanks Dimi, such a helpful experience to read.

  • How amazing Dimi, so profound and symbolic! I liked what you said about the people on the straight path waiting for you to catch up. I guess that junction acted like a sieve – dividing the “grains” based on their ability and willingness to walk to that bright light. And I have seen that as the time passes by, there are more of these junctions coming our way, and the decision is always up to us to make…
    Glad you had chosen what felt deeply right for you!

    • Yes I also found your experience Dimi very inspiring and symbolic. What an incredible thing to experience the corresponding dream that mirrored what you were going through in your life.

      I have also heard other people share dreams that remind me of your experience – its really amazing what dreams can reveal, and how they can help those who are open enough.

  • How amazing it must have been to wake up from such a dream – like you were shown somehow that while the paths seemed to have started together ultimately they were not heading in the same direction – and how neat you were able to see who were the people in both groups, which then related to your life in the physical.
    The detail of the light in the distance also really touched me – it was like not full blown, yet in a sense showing what is awaiting, the goal. Very inspiring – thank you for sharing this Dimi

  • What a powerful dream teaching, Dimi. And what a great choice in having chosen the path leading to the light in the distance!

  • That must have been a huge help at the time Dimi, and I’m glad you made the choice you did! I also felt that during the first ‘while’ of coming in contact with Belsebuub’s teachings that I was constantly being asked to choose them over other spiritual interests in my life, as well as other non-spiritual interests!

    It took a while for me to fully commit, (and I could even say I am still not committed enough) but as I got more experience with the practises given, experiences that I hadn’t found from any other practise, and that asked of me not blind devotion but inner investigation, I started to be able to clearly differentiate between Belsebuub and other spiritual teachers or organisations.

    I remember a time when I was still ‘in between worlds’. I was trying hard to go against my egos, but failing a lot. At one point I made a strong decision not to go along with a way of acting that was harmful to the spiritual. The next day someone handed me a book called: ‘the mysteries to the universe.’ I took it as a sign that within this work, that Belsebuub teaches, there really are keys to powerful mysteries. It was one of many encouragements that helped me to continually choose until I felt like these teachings were at the core of my life.

    • That sounds like a great guidance Ella! But you obviously had to put in some inner efforts as well. When you talked about a strong internal decision not to act against spiritual, it again reminded me of how important these strong inner resolutions are, and how there is indeed something special about them. I jmean, its not like we just say to ourselves “I won’t do this anymore”, but there is this strong inner drive and heartfelt yearning not to behave in a certain way anymore… I wonder maybe that’s what true repentance is about. It just struck me that there was a similar issue being discussed also in these 2 accounts:


      And maybe even more, just they don’t come to my mind right now.

    • Interesting about you being tested to choose to stay with this ‘road’ or not. For me as soon as I came in contact with it— sold 🙂 Or maybe better said from understanding I already had within me I could recognize the powerful truth Belsebuub carried with him.

      But even though I felt that, in reality I did go through periods of being ‘out of it’ earlier on. Where the pull of daily life was still too strong at times. And I’d get back into it again for some time and then out again. After a certain period and certain changes I’ve been able to stick with it. But I still feel that stage by stage I’m able to dedicate myself more fully.

      • Hi Karim, I had the same feeling when I came across “the road” – that was it. I was not even trying any other spiritual traditions before, I just kept searching, reading through different things until I found Belsebuub’s courses and that was it. I remember thinking “wow, here it is, everything at one place!”

        I find it interesting though, how different people go through different inner journeys until they find the direction. And then once they find it – what do they do with it. I feel like that’s another step, after finding it, how serious are we going to be? I am still working on that one as well, and I also suspect it has levels and levels… As Belsebuub said somewhere, once he started the spiritual path, he was never confident about the next step, and even if he passed something, he was not sure if he will ever get to another stage, etc. Like nothing is guaranteed, and even if we pass through a stage, we may get stuck on another.

        • Yes Lucia, that’s the same sort of feeling I had upon finding Belsebuub’s work. It drew together the threads of various things I’d been looking into over the years in a coherent and unified way. But more than that, it expanded upon many areas in far greater depth, some of which I’d previously only caught glimpses of.

      • I had the same thing Karim – I didn’t need much convincing to try out the techniques that Belsebuub wrote about, as what he described immediately clicked with me, and was one of the only things that made any real sense, despite spending a number of years trying out many other approaches.

        Having said that, it still took some years before my interest in this particular spiritual work progressed from being one of many other competing interests, until it became my main drive and goal in life. I had to make a conscious effort to give up some habits and interests initially, particularly if they were very pleasurable ones. But in general, I found that my interest in other things gradually waned, as I found that practicing Belsebuub’s techniques was far more rewarding and productive.

        It’s funny, as before I found Belsebuub’s work, I had a habit of flitting from one area of interest to another, and although I sustained my interest in some things, I generally had a fairly low level of commitment to dedicating the time to build up skills in a particular field. Maybe it’s because none of those things really captivated me enough to sustain my interest in them, as they were not really the thing I was fundamentally searching for.

        I feel very grateful that I was at least able to find something that began to answer some of the questions I’d been asking for so long. Even though there is so much information about spirituality and self-help techniques out there, most people don’t have the opportunity to find anything that can really bring about a significant and permanent change within.

  • Thanks Dimi for sharing this experience. It’s inspiring to be guided like that in dreams. These dreams seem to get to the core and show us what’s inside ourselves. Great that you managed to remember it too!

  • This was uplifting and lovely to read Dimi. Kind of getting a sense of how beautifully that dream was guiding you, how the stillness came to support you but allowed you to make your own decision. It makes me want to connect more to the higher forces, to align myself with them, to get guidance and help like this dream, and then do the right thing.

    I’m happy you chose the path of light 🙂 and what a proof of your correct choice that the other group didn’t even seem to care about what you did.

  • Thanks for sharing that dream Dimi – it sounds very symbolic. Nowadays there are seemingly endless choices of “spiritual paths” available, but it seems not all lead in the same direction. I’m glad that you were able to choose with discernment in your dream and consequently in real life.

  • What a wonderful experience Dimi. It just makes me think how privileged we are as humans to have access to such mystical experiences in other dimensions.

    It’s also amazing how precise the symbols and situations in such experiences can be. Where every aspect has a meaning.

    How kind that you were given this experience. That you were able to remember and understand it. I’m
    Glad you chose the direction that felt right for you!

    • I like your addition of “and that you were able to remember it and understand it”! So often still, I feel like I don’t understand the special symbolic and intuitive language of dreams … or that something has been given but I haven’t been able to fully pull it back or piece it together from the other side. It makes me more determind to improve my memory and intuition when I realise how much I might be missing!

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