Experience submitted by Dimi

I finally got to understand what a particular recurring lucid dream that I had all my life was all about and how to use these dream experiences for my own inner growth thanks to Belsebuub’s courses and books on dreams and spirituality.

This dream felt more like a clear experience, a lucid one, it would unfold randomly. It would interrupt other dreams. But, I knew it was coming. I would always end up with a ‘sign’ that it was coming. The sign would come by way of body sensations.

During sleep, I would feel myself become aware of my body as though I have been knocked back into it, as I come out of the dream state and into an awareness of being in my body but also separate from it.

This would quickly change into a tingling sensation and a numbness that would come over my whole body, followed by paralysis. I would no longer be in a dream state but a conscious state. I would not be able to move my physical body, yet feel that I am lying in bed. I was going through sleep paralysis, and this would also be the phase I would feel most vulnerable as I felt trapped, unable to move my physical body but also unable to get out into the astral.

If any sinister beings were around, this is the phase they would use to scare me from exploring the astral or wake me into my physical body; I later learned to use the Bellilin recitation as explained by Belsebuub, which helps to dispel their influence in these types of circumstances.

I would get this lucid dream through the years, from childhood into adulthood. My response however stayed the same.

As an adult, I noticed I started to get it more often. This caught my attention. I started to get perplexed by it. What was this dream about? Why was I having this experience more often? What did I need to do with it?

My questioning led to a different response the next time I had the experience, and thanks to studying Belsebuub’s work I finally understood what this recurring lucid dream was about. And I have not had that dream again since.