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Finally Understanding a Lifelong Recurring Dream

Experience submitted by Dimi

I finally got to understand what a particular recurring lucid dream that I had all my life was all about and how to use these dream experiences for my own inner growth thanks to Belsebuub’s courses and books on dreams and spirituality.

This dream felt more like a clear experience, a lucid one, it would unfold randomly. It would interrupt other dreams. But, I knew it was coming. I would always end up with a ‘sign’ that it was coming. The sign would come by way of body sensations.

During sleep, I would feel myself become aware of my body as though I have been knocked back into it, as I come out of the dream state and into an awareness of being in my body but also separate from it.

This would quickly change into a tingling sensation and a numbness that would come over my whole body, followed by paralysis. I would no longer be in a dream state but a conscious state. I would not be able to move my physical body, yet feel that I am lying in bed. I was going through sleep paralysis, and this would also be the phase I would feel most vulnerable as I felt trapped, unable to move my physical body but also unable to get out into the astral.

If any sinister beings were around, this is the phase they would use to scare me from exploring the astral or wake me into my physical body; I later learned to use the Bellilin recitation as explained by Belsebuub, which helps to dispel their influence in these types of circumstances.

I would get this lucid dream through the years, from childhood into adulthood. My response however stayed the same.

As an adult, I noticed I started to get it more often. This caught my attention. I started to get perplexed by it. What was this dream about? Why was I having this experience more often? What did I need to do with it?

My questioning led to a different response the next time I had the experience, and thanks to studying Belsebuub’s work I finally understood what this recurring lucid dream was about. And I have not had that dream again since.

  • Yes, that dream must have been a very important dream, since it kept coming back to you. It reminds me of a few different dreams that I had as a child. That kept coming back to me, being slightly different, but at the same time more or less the same. Only later, through finding Belsebuub’s work, did I understand what they were telling me. But they stopped long before that.

  • Talking about a persistent message! 🙂 Your dream must have been really important and it must have been such a wonderful feeling to at last find out its meaning. It makes you wonder who or what is making the dream reoccur and for what reasons? I too found Belsebuub’s work a great source of help in understanding my dreams better.

  • That’s so interesting Dimi. How you knew the dream was coming every time, that there would be a sign, how it would even interrupt other dreams. I haven’t ever had that. Sounds like the divine was working hard to get your attention on it 😉 It’s wonderful to hear that you were able to change it.

    There has been a recurring dream I’ve had for some time that always had the same theme, though the details would be different. The feeling and the outcome would mostly be the same though. I used to be very puzzled about what it means, as looking at the scenario feels like it has nothing to do with my daily life. However, recently the dream started changing, to a point where I know I have an option in the dream, that I don’t have to end up where I used to. I didn’t used to realise in the dream that I have that choice. So I still don’t quite understand the full meaning of it, but connecting it to the things I’ve been doing differently during my day lately, I’ve started to get an understanding. So what I want to express with this is that it’s so wonderful to be able to change a worrying, dark feeling dream into something lighter, to choose differently, to see it changing based on the efforts you are doing during the day. Magical.

  • Hi Dimi. I am glad that you have uncovered the meaning of this lucid dream experience.
    It reminds of a story of my life as I had gone through sleep paralysis over many years since I was a child as well. What changed things for me was when I learned to use the Bellilin recitation – although I would still get that sensation there were no negative entities around. Today things are very different and if I do get into the sleep paralysis I get excited as I now know that I can use it to astral project.

  • How interesting, Dimi. I’ve had recurring dreams before, but not what I’d consider recurring lucid dreams. That’s quite unique.

    It must have been such a relief to uncover the meaning of those dreams and free yourself from them, especially since they sounded quite scary and unpleasant when negative entities could be involved.

  • Glad you were able to break this pattern through understanding Dimi. Sleep paralysis can be really scary – I haven’t had it for years, but it used to happen to me time to time as a kid/young adult. It’s interesting that this repeating experience was linked to this state. You mention that the questioning lead to a new response – it’s something that’s coming up a lot in these articles, the need to keep questioning and seeking for new answers …

  • Glad that the information Belsebuub gave allowed you to consider another approach and that you were able to change things.

    I also imagine for someone having many years of experiences of sleep paralysis, which negative entities would potentially use to frighten someone, it would be so nice to get to know about the Bellilin recitation!

  • Thanks for sharing Dimi, that’s great that you finally were able to piece together the purpose of a recurring dream. It really is amazing that such contact exists and that it caught your attention enough to question and get to the bottom of.

  • Understanding a recurrent dream must have been quite of a relief! I’ve had some recurrent theme dreams as well over the years, but never one like what you described that came from childhood into adulthood – it must have been quite important – so being able to change the outcome and understanding it must have been such a cause for celebration. Really glad to hear it.

    • I thought the same, having a recurring dream since childhood probably meant it was something important. It’s good to hear you were able to understand what it meant and change your response eventually. Sometimes I think how I would be looking into my psychology and dreams had I not come across Belsebuub’s courses…then I really don’t want to think about that scenario.

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