Article by Olga Grapsas

One of my first dream experiences with the being Belsebuub happened when I was going through a very hard life decision.

I didn’t know what to do and things seemed impossible. I was trying to figure out what was the best action to take as a lot of time had passed and I knew that I needed to act on something – I just didn’t know where to begin.

However while this indecision and uncertainty was preoccupying my mind, an unpleasant frustration was also brewing within.

Searching for an Answer

Throughout this challenging period, I depended mostly on prayer. I felt I was incapable of finding the answer myself, so I sought help through a communion with the divine whenever I had the chance.

My prayers would be directed to my divine parents or to any forces of divinity that I felt connected to at the time. I would often look up to the stars, to the clouds, close my eyes while riding the public transport, in nature, or at home in a comfortable chair asking for help as I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do.

Before I would go to bed I would also pray, hoping that maybe my dreams would shed some insight. However, I never would have thought that I would encounter Belsebuub in my dream as a source of help the way he did.

A Dream with Belsebuub

One night, I had a dream where I was walking in an area in the city close to where I worked. The area normally isn’t very busy, but in my dream it was completely empty and very quiet.

I remember feeling surprised in finding myself there, but I could perceive a subtle importance and purpose and through that my attention was drawn to look for anything out of the ordinary.

Shortly, I saw Belsebuub coming down a wide alley, blending very well with the scene, dressed symbolically and carrying out a certain activity that also reflected the choice of clothing.

While I was eager to see him and approach him something stopped me and I just watched him complete his task. Belsebuub looked at me, and I carefully observed the stern look on his face while he completed what he was doing.

It seemed like it was his facial expression that held me back, as I was somewhat surprised to how serious the look on his face was while he was looking at me.

This drew my attention to the seriousness of the activity he was carrying out – perhaps so that I could notice it more and feel a certain weight of importance surrounding the activity when I would later remember the dream. Belsebuub finished what he came to do and left, without saying a word as I stood watching some 20 meters away.

When I woke up that morning, I was filled with amazement that I had encountered Belsebuub in my dream. At first I had no idea what to make of the dream, as no words or dialogue was exchanged.

I lay there in bed, wondering what could be the message of the dream and remembering the unforgettable seriousness in Belsebuub’s facial expression.

But why didn’t he speak to me? Why didn’t he leave me with some words of encouragement while I was going through a difficult period?  Why was there this underlying seriousness?

A Closer Look into the Symbolic Meaning of my Dream

I knew deep down and intuitively,  that there was something important in the dream.

I decided to see if I could find any clues in the dream section of Belsebuub’s Astral Travel and Dreams’ Book, an earlier version of the Astral Codex. I flipped through the pages to the dream guide and read through some of the symbols that appeared in my dream. Once I read the meaning I was left with a feeling of uneasiness as I began to realise what my dream was drawing my attention towards.

In a period of frustration and uncertainty I was seeking comfort and outward change, but this wordless dream with a simple symbol shifted my sight somewhere else.

Me overlooking the scenery in Greece.

Me overlooking the scenery in Greece.

I realised that in my pursuit to find answers, whether in my prayers, reflections, or attempts to work things out, I was avoiding a very important perspective in the entire dilemma which Belsebuub illustrated symbolically in my dream. While I was shaken up by the challenges I was facing, the symbol was telling me to look deeper into my own psychology and what I was able to do from an inward perspective.

Thanks to Belsebuub’s appearance in my dream, he came not to congratulate me, or comfort me, or praise me, but to point to a universal symbol that immediately made me consider a new personal approach to the situation I was in, despite how unpleasant it could have been to face.

Using Dreams for Self-Knowledge

This dream not only helped me reconsider the impact of my own inner psychology when facing difficult events, but it also helped me to use self-knowledge as a source of empowerment in a broader pursuit of spirituality.

In this world it’s easy to be in self-deceit as to what’s going on within. You could say, ”I’m not really an angry person,” but if you look into your dreams you could find yourself shouting and arguing. Over there no one can hide, and so dreams become a very valuable source of information.’’  – Belsebuub

Indeed my dream revealed itself to be a valuable source of information as Belsebuub put it, highlighting an aspect of self-deceit that I only realised after having the dream.

Looking back at many of the internal complaints and frustrations I had at the time, this dream has left me with a resounding message that no matter how difficult something may be, if I honestly and objectively draw my attention inwardly to the emotional knots of an uneasy psyche, I could come closer to find the answers I am looking for, while also learning to live through life’s challenges free from the negative influence of my own psychology.

In this video, Belsebuub explains that we can see more of reality by awakening our inner faculties, learning to astral project, and having lucid dreams. He explains how to perceive the spiritual reality beyond the material world, and talks about astral projection, egos and the subconscious, consciousness, detachment, and inner peace.