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How I Learned about Subconscious Energies by Playing with a Pet in a Dream

Experience submitted by Layla Fowler
Experience submitted by Layla Fowler

Through applying Belsebuub’s self knowledge techniques during the day, I once had a dream where I was being helped to see something about myself in a way I couldn’t really grasp in the day, and I was shown in a way that felt like when a mother teaches her child how to do something when they are doing things the wrong way.

In this particular dream I was playing with a pet, who happened to be the local adorable animal that loved to visit all the neighbours. He’s a real lovely-natured creature and you just can’t help wanting to pat him when you see him around.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

In this dream I was playing a touch game with him where I was touching his paw and he would try to tap me back, but I had this energy in me that was aggressive and although what I was doing seemed playful, the energy in me had a nasty sense to it which I could both see as being in me as well as seeing it as though I was watching myself playing with this pet. After this, I then was shown and experienced what it would be like without this aggressive energy in the exact same scenario.

It was as though I was somehow given the chance to ‘re- play’, but this time I didn’t have that aggressive energy within me. Instead I felt a genuine sense of gentleness in my actions and a natural sense of love in its place.

I also felt the animal loved me back and was happier playing with me without this aggressive energy in me, and then I noticed it also drew other innocent beings to me and I felt love from them as well.

In this lovely, caring, way I was shown how I actually had this nasty energy, what it was like, how I acted with it, how it was in these little things in life that it existed, how it made others including this little animal feel the hostility and aggression from me and how it also appeared from an observer point of view.

Public domain photo found on Pexels. (image has been modified)
Public domain photo found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

It was so incredible to receive such a direct help that allowed me to see what I would be like without this terrible energy and how my interactions with life would be different and more loving.

Without being shown this difference of energetic state in this dream, I don’t think I would have come to see that aggressive energy for how it was and its impact on life around me.

It also showed me that we exist, interrelate and experience life on an energetic level. In this case it showed it wasn’t what I did that was the nature of harm but the way that I was doing it from this horrible energy that even that little animal could pick up on and felt a reaction to me as well.

That dream was so helpful in understanding about the nature of the energies of the egos and the consciousness and how each feels for those I interact with. My perception was that it’s like the energy of the consciousness was expanding and it brought more love my way, where as the energy of the ego was nasty and antagonized others in a way that I wouldn’t have known it to be like that.

This was an experience that made me appreciate learning about self-knowledge through Belsebuub’s work — it was just very uplifting and liberating. It showed me that the flow of understanding and also the connectedness between my learning during the day and the learning through dreams is so clearly interrelated, making it interesting to look to see what I will learn when I go to sleep and look to learn what will unfold during the day.

In the interview below, Belsebuub explains more about the meaning of dreams and dream experiences:

  • This is really a great and eye-opening article Layla! Thanks for sharing, it has left me with much to reflect on about the nature of our inner states and how these affect other creatures, even the less cute & furrier kind 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing Layla,dreams can have such a deep and meaningful way of teaching us and your example shows this
    in a beautiful way.

  • What a beautiful thing to experience. I loved what you said about it feeling like a mother teaching her child. I often wonder how animal sees us. Like when I go for a walk and a bird flies away terrified. I wonder if it wouldn’t so scared if I didn’t have certain emotions and energies in me.

    • I know what you mean Anne Lin, I don’t think people,myself included, realise how much we resonate to another on an energetic level, but children and animals are more subtly aware of it by the way I see animals behave with people and the way babies can respond to what seems like an ordinary person but they perceive or feel beyond the dull down perceptions we tend to grow into as adults.

  • Thank you Layla for sharing this experience of yours. Playing with pets I noticed as well such energies that could pass unnoticed because is coming so natural to pet a pet for example.

    Once, a cat came where I was sleeping to pet her and being half asleep I did while I was falling to sleep again. And in this transition period, I felt the flavour of a kind of negative energy. I remember that shocked me and I tried to be more careful. Also, other times playing that game you said tapping her paw I noticed that what is coming from the animal is animalistic but how I translated and how I respond should be human at least. If I was becoming aggressive she would be aggressive too and if I was neutral she was a bit confused but still playful.

    I think we have a lot to learn with our interaction with animals and definitely worth look into it.

  • It is interesting how clearly you could see yourself with and without this energy. I know that it is not always easy to bring the information from dreams into daily life. I’ve also had some dreams with animals I know that were long-lasting and vivid, and yet as I wake up, I cannot grasp the meaning behind that particular animal being in this dream nor the reason for the events that happend. Thank you for sharing this experience and bringing up this reflection.

  • Thank you for explaining this teaching Layla. It really hit me how there can be so much darkness hidden behind little interactions, even within one we might think of as gentle and sweet, such as playing with a nice kitty. But also how there can be so much learning available for us in every interaction and event in our lives. Imagine if we could glean the teaching within every such event!

    Animals have a unique way of being able to reflect back to us our energetic state, and to show us a way of interacting that’s gentle and loving, similar to children. I grew up with cats and horses and felt like we knew each other very well! They could sense my mood and I knew what they wanted or how they felt. Sometimes I felt so tuned in to them that I felt I’d stepped into something of a cross-species conversation, one based on intuitive feeling, telepathic contact and gesture. A lot of animal communicators talk about getting to a state of presence and awareness that’s similar to how Belsebuub explains awareness and being outside of the mind, from where they can speak clearly with an animal.

    Your experience has prompted me to look deeper into the subtle energies behind my interactions – thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing this uplifting experience Layla. I love your style of writing by the way 🙂 or I’m not sure what word to use, maybe it’s the energy in your writing? Your love and gentleness comes through and helps me feel better just by reading it.

    It’s beautiful how you had this feeling like you were lovingly shown what you were doing wrong and how you could change, like a child with its mother, and how those animals were attracted by the innocence of your consciousness.

    Your account inspires me to be more watchful within, to catch and study these subconscious energies and replace them with a higher way of being.

    It’s this light, gentle nature of the consciousness but that has some kind of power in it at the same time that used to surprise me. Growing up I somehow learnt that you had to be tough and cold to get by and not get hurt in the world and that it could make you impenetrable and powerful as well, this coldness, burying and hiding away your heart so that even you stop feeling it. But seeing the difference between these (passive-)aggressive energies and something more spiritual within me first hand makes me understand how it’s the coldness and harshness that doesn’t allow love or freedom to manifest within me and that isolates me from others and the divine and cannot give anything good in the world. What I subconsciously meant to protect myself was actually something hostile and harmful to myself and others. So it was amazing to see what a beautiful but powerful way of being you can discover from making efforts to live through the consciousness and its qualities.

    • That coldness you bring up, Laura, really resonated with me. I can definitely see how over years of being hurt by different people (generally not in a terribly malicious way) that I’ve developed an ego-based toughness in certain situations, with certain people, and that is in complete opposition to love.

      It sort of shows that within the egos, there is no real solution to a good life: we could either feel all the pain, being depressed and hurt; or, we could be tough, and distance ourselves from others in a callous way. In this, the conscious acts of facing new people and situations with an open mind, and not being swayed by hurt or attachment or negativity, are never seen.

      • That’s a good summary of very common defense patterns Mike: “within the egos, there is no real solution to a good life: we could either feel all the pain, being depressed and hurt; or, we could be tough, and distance ourselves from others in a callous way.” Thanks.

      • Thanks for sharing Mike. I think the egos can really destroy someone’s life; I know they were doing that to me before finding out about them and ways to deal with them through Belsebuub’s courses. I had basically no regard or love for others because I was immersed in the dark ego world of my psyche, and my interactions were based entirely on fear and pride. The sense of pure love, kindness and care for others is just not encouraged in our society, and you hardly see it manifesting anywhere. I could feel my heart beginning to change and melt when I first met people who were trying to work on themselves and remove their egos. The innocent care and friendship I felt from them towards me, just a stranger, was a powerful experience, and helped me realize a different way of being was possible.

    • Hi Laura

      Ditto for you as well 🙂

      I think that interesting account of ‘protecting’ oneself against hurt is destroying the people of this world.

      I once saw within me the reality of ‘feeling hurt’ and ‘protecting oneself from being hurt’ and it was shocking. The cruelty that one can inflict upon another because of feeling hurt is immense as it rises in retaliative, hateful and harmful thoughts feelings and actions. Any feelings of hurt, if you watch how they arise and what follows next in thoughts and emotions shows the state of the world summed up in ourselves experience. Likewise when we protect ourselves from hurt, we put ourselves in the position of the perpetrator, and we instigate the first harm, and that’s what I think you mean by that coldness and passive aggressive energies. The more ‘hurt’ we feel, the meaner and nastier we can become.

      Like you said, “But seeing the difference between these (passive-)aggressive energies and something more spiritual within me first hand makes me understand how it’s the coldness and harshness that doesn’t allow love or freedom to manifest within me and that isolates me from others and the divine and cannot give anything good in the world.” I now look to experience inner peace instead and get rid of the hurt any way it likes to show itself, its much more liberating and it opens up opportunities that ‘feeling hurt’ normally closes.

      Thanks for touching on this very important point Laura 🙂

      • This is very profound Layla. Thank you for sharing your perspective. Your description of how us feeling hurt can make us react in destructive ways against others struck me and invited me to reflect. You hit the spot when you said, ‘shows the state of the world summed up in ourselves experience.’ It is revolutionary to look for peace, balance and understanding within instead of going into the cycle of revenge and hurting someone back, where there is no end or resolution unless you step out of it entirely. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Yes it was interesting to see the ‘animal nature’ within, especially since the aggression was within me and not that pet, and interestingly its seems also why that pet was so adorable because its nature was more gentler than mine. As you said Geraldine – very worth reflecting upon. 🙂

  • Hi Layla,
    How amazing it must have been to see that energy work at such details, especially to see what it would be like without it! Thank you so much for sharing it – like Lucia mentioned, it must have been so helpful to understand how these egos are energy based and how even in subtles way they really affects us, our environment and the people in it.
    Great, great experience – not only inspiring, but very worth reflecting upon 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience, Layla. It was very helpful

    ” In this case it showed it wasn’t what I did that was the nature of harm but the way that I was doing it from this horrible energy that even that little animal could pick up on and felt a reaction to me as well.”

    This stood out for me and is something I am reminded from time to time, particularly when someone reacts to something that I do which shouldn’t really provoke any reaction. However, I’ve seen how sometimes it’s my motivation or a seemingly completely unrelated pattern of behaviour or mood that is causing the reaction. The biggest prove to this for me has been when I’m able to change it, then that action just stops producing those reactions in others.

  • Wow, just in reading this, it sounds like a very subtle energy to pick up on, but I guess through your dream experience, you really felt the difference and learned from it.

    It makes me wonder how many ego states could still be present, even when I feel I have accomplished a task with a high level of awareness. There could be subtle attitudes and feelings that I don’t see.

    And what could be a more amazing way to learn about that subtle energy than by playing with a cute animal 🙂

    • I know what you mean Mike, like a drip line that’s going on all the time but we don’t notice it because we get so used to living our life through it that we don’t recognise it anymore and that’s how valuable and vital dream guidance is to wake us up and see ourselves afresh.

  • Wowww, how beautiful Layla! Thank you for sharing this profound teaching you received on these subtle energies we emit when interacting with everything/everyone around us. It also makes sense what Belsebuub says very often how the spiritual work is not just a change of behavior (or a popular “positive thinking”), but a more deep, energetic change when we change the very nature of our energies.

    Also as I have read your experience, I remembered being shown something similar in my dreams some time ago. And even though it was not such a subtle thing as in your experience, but it was also showing me the type of nasty energy I had within that made me joke with people in a weird way. Immediately after awakening, I realised how “off” it was and felt a lot of repulsion towards that type of behavior/energy within me. Just like you, I could also see myself from within, but also as an observer, and it was this observer perspective that made me realise this nastiness in a more powerful way. For some time after that dream, I made an extra effort to see even the slightest hints of that ego, even in my thoughts, and apply the technique of elimination I learned from Belsebuub. Then later on I had another dream that showed a progress in this area.

    • That’s great determination Lucia and to see the efforts you made be shown in your dreams like a gauge of how you’re going is how real and tangible the learning is here and there, and another example of how real that divine connection and guidance truly is.

      I wish I could say that energy was subtle but once I saw it, it was as subtle as a throbbing sore thumb – there all the time and in those little things in life, like even when putting away the dishes. But to be shown what I would be like without that energy was incredible and to see – as really I had no idea or concept of what that would possible be had it not be shown so clearly and within myself.

      • “But to be shown what I would be like without that energy was incredible…”

        That’s also one of the things that I thought of when reading your article Layla. What a gift it is to be shown this other, better, way of acting that we hadn’t even considered before. Giving us the knowledge of it so we can choose the option of acting like that in the future. I’ve also had experiences like this, where in the astral a situation would occur, but I was shown and helped to act in different way. In one specific case I was guided to remain ‘cool’ in the face of very exciting things and during the day I could ‘get into’ that state way of being I experienced during the dream very well. In that dream there were also two people in the vicinity who I associate with that calm attitude, which helped to highlight it even better.

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