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How a Dream Helped Me Overcome an Illness

Experience submitted by Karim
Experience submitted by Karim

Every now and again, maybe once or twice a year, I seem to get ill for a while. A strong “common cold”, with nose and throat issues, headaches, slight rise in temperature, weak body, etc. It normally lasts for a few days before it gradually blows over.

But one of these spells was a bit different. The nights were just… horrible, lying awake miserably for most of them. Where normally I’ve found it is sleep that recharges me and helps my body get the rest it needs to keep healthy, in this case it was like I wasn’t getting any, or much, of that recuperative element at all.

In fact I started to feel better during the day and when resting at night I seemed to be feeling a lot worse. It was strange that I didn’t seem able to recover properly.

Photo by Mic445 licensed under CC BY 2.0

This was a bit puzzling to me. Because I was familiar with this sort of severe cold so I was expecting to start to get better after a few days as I normally would. Furthermore I didn’t see or feel any other reason for the sickness to continue.

I thought maybe it’s the cold draft in my room, but after some adjustments I could see that it wasn’t. Also literally right next to my body was a wireless internet router. It did cross my mind that this could have a negative influence somehow, having heard people mention it, but I kind of brushed it to the side.

A Dream Offers a Solution

It took me at least a full week longer than it usually does to get better again. At that time I had a dream and in that dream a spiritual being was giving a lecture explaining things, one of the things mentioned was that there’s truth in the negative impact of some radio frequency emitting devices.

Following that I was personally shown a specific scene. It was a forest, and right in front of me in the forest there was a wireless router. It was emitting light, a lot of continuous light in all directions.

One of my initial thoughts in relation to it was: “something that’s emanating light in the astral, that seems like a good thing.” But as I kept looking the light just kept on radiating.

It gave me the feeling of being kept awake when you want to sleep. Heavy warm eyelids and the insomniac feeling of being overtired yet unable to get rest. But not being able to relax because of the light. That’s the feeling I got from it.

When I woke up from sleep I went over the dream, trying to remember the details of what I had seendream recall was something I’d picked up from Belsebuub’s work and found helpful for exploring my dreams.

From this I figured that the wireless router right next to me, in being switched on the whole night while I was trying to sleep, was having a bad effect on me. So I did what I could to minimize it and I could notice a real improvement in my ability to sleep and rest.

Coincidentally a few weeks later I came across a very good documentary on this subject. Interestingly, one part discussed exactly what I had experienced, but from a scientific point of view.

They said that these wireless signals going through you are actually forms of light, which make the pineal gland in your brain think it’s still daytime at night, thus not producing a very important hormone called melatonin which your body needs to regulate wakefulness and sleep.

It was exactly that feeling I had in the dream experience, of a light uncomfortably keeping me awake. Thinking back it’s also something I physically felt when lying awake at night, although this was muddled among the symptoms of the illness as well.

This helpful dream experience, along with helping me to heal, was instrumental for me in gaining a fuller understanding of this issue.

  • Thank you Karim for sharing this very interesting experience. It’s amazing how we can have so much protection and guidance from above through our dreams, and maybe the documentary that fallowed so close wasn’t a coincidence.
    Thanks all for sharing your interesting researches on his issue.

  • Very nice the message in your dream. It showed to you clearly the symptoms.
    Sometimes I feel the same symptoms working in PC.

  • That’s quite amazing the very direct guidance you got in your dream Karim and how it was the solution to your lingering illness and how it maybe led you to research into these topics more I suppose. I hadn’t actually known the wifi signal is a kind of light! That is very interesting. I love how the divine beings were taking care of you showing you this.

    How nice it would be to go back to the old fashioned way of living. Dirt floors directly connecting you to the earth, walls made of natural materials, wood stove, etc. Some researchers were saying that before the 1960’s (I think) when people used to live more naturally, something like 90 % of the reasons for going to the doctor were infectious diseases and childbirth, and 10 % was inflammatory autoimmune disorders (can’t remember the exact numbers). Now the numbers have been reversed. Our connection to the earth that used to naturally harmonize our bodies frequency, minimize chronic inflammation and help with harmful influences upon it, is no longer there, with artifical materials used in buildings, living in high rise buildings (there was some kind of research that if you live on the upper floors like maybe above the 5th floor you are much more likely to get a heart attack) rubber soles on shoes, being bombarded by unnatural frequencies from electronics etc.

    If you think about wild animals for example, they are always in contact with the earth. They walk barefoot. Some sleep in trees, but still there is a connection through the tree to the earth. It’s only our pets that live with us in our modern environment and eat commercial foods that get sick the same way that we do.

    I’m still suffering from some consequences on my health from the damage I did to my body when I was younger, and one of them is mild chronic fatigue. It is interesting how you said that you had the feeling you were getting almost no recuperative element from sleep, because that’s how I used to feel for years. Getting the earthing sheet Pavlin mentioned, that connects your body to the earth’s energies, was really helpful because I started to feel I can get a little rest from sleep again and have strength in my body. Whenever I sleep without it for a few days my body just doesn’t get recharged. What has also helped was to move to the mountains from a big city and live a quieter, calmer life. It’s nice not to exist in the wifi soup you tend to get in the city, although I’ve noticed something that looks like a wifi tower close to our house and it was noticed somewhere that people living close to those things would get cancer much more likely. I guess you can’t get away from it all!

    You’re quite right though that it’s easy to become fanatic about all this. The harmful influences on us aren’t all external anyway but our subconscious plays a big part in it. I think just better do the best you can to protect and help your body heal within common sense and hopefully getting guidance from the divine.

    Ps. thanks for the reminder from this discussion not to sleep with an alarm on my phone. I think I saw some old fashioned alarm clocks being sold in a shop, should get one next time 😉

    • I’ve also found ‘earthing’, or kind of ‘equilibrating my voltage charge’, through touching something connected to the earth to be something useful at times. There’s definitely something there although I don’t quite understand it all perfectly yet. While living in the city now I basically never touch the earth.

      At one point for a period of time when travelling home after work I would take a moment to hold onto something connected to the earth. After a hectic and noisy day at work my inner energy was very busy and in overdrive. Like the worker ant rushing home 🙂 When I would connect my body to the earth, and I paired this with some deep breaths and prayer to mother earth, I would feel so refreshed after.

      Yet again for me the main thing is the psychological part and my work there and this is most important for my energies I find. But things like this can be a helpful aid at times.

  • Thanks for sharing this Karim. Sometimes I wish I could get away from all these devices, and humming, buzzing things around me. But I guess we need them too. Have become rather dependent on them. I have very fond memories of going to our family cabin in the mountains. There was no electricity there, no TV, and of course no internet. We even had to get water from the nearby lake. But there was a quietness there that I miss very much. You could relax and just breathe. And when it got dark it got dark, and we just talked with each other or watched the fire. Later we got little lamps so we could read, or knit, but still, it was very gentle there, so so quiet.

  • Hi Karim,

    Great post as it helped as a reminder to a couple of things, firstly its reminded me about the effects that these electrical/electronic devices have on us and shows me that I’ve got Lazy with electrosmog issues and the effect that they have on our health as my wife and I both have had sleep quality issues and I simply forgot about the electrical devices we use around the house. We both read your post last night and turned off our router (which is in the living room) and didn’t use our mobile phones for alarms whilst sleeping and we both commented on how much better our sleep was last night, we really felt we had a better quality sleep, I guess we’ve been caught up with things lately and I clean forgot about the issues with these devices so thanks for that, it’s crazy but sometimes I forgot about things that really make a difference which leads me to the second point that this whole site reminds me of and people mention it here and there and that’s where would we be with out the help of the divine? I’ve underestimated the divines help so much that your post reminded me of the fact that it was the divine that helped you with understanding the issue that was causing you to not recover from the illness and pointed you in the right direction which then amazingly you got confirmation of in the physical by finding the documentry which explained the problem to you, that’s just amazing confirmation that the divine help us in so many different ways and imagine what would be possible is we tapped into that understanding even more? who knows what would be possible, i feel unimaganble things could be possible, think of the potential, if we can develop that relationship with the divine through dreams and the inner work who knows what our beings will want to give to us. It’s not us that does these things it’s them, this post has helped me very much Karim thank you, it has shown me my own stupidity and arrogance.

  • Hello Ella,

    I think your on to something there Ella as I’ve considered and felt the same thing because if life is vibration where everything is vibrating at certain natural frequencies, what happens if you change that vibrational frequency, I feel that your actually changing the thing it’s self. If you look at the health issues related with this electrosmog people get sick when they are within the electrical and magnetic fields of the radiation that is being emitted by the devices that produce these fields and when they are taken away from the source of the radition or the source is removed the people naturally get better and their symtoms reduce, this has been documented and doctors have invesitaged this, the problem is that the corporate back scientific establisment will not accept the findings and the MSM mostly won’t cover the topic. this does lead to conspiracy theories about the whole issue which leads us back to why would people want to do this, yes money is a factor, yes they then can monitor peoples conversations but really if you look deeper I personally feel that it leads to all so lowering the vibrational level of the planet and the people, because the Dark ones vibrate at such a low level of frequency they need to lower everyone elses vibrational rate so we start to act and feel like they do. Just look at the destruction of the natural envirnoment of the planet, all the forests and animals that have been lost to modern development all those forests and animals transmute the cosmic forces and energises into the earth don’t they so the biological life including us act like reciever of cosmic energies and then we transmute those engerise to the earth, so therefore if those cosmic forces are not allowed to enter the earth or are reduced by taking away the natural recievers and transmuters of those forces the planets frequency would then be lowered over time. I feel that its a battle for our souls in the end and the Dark entities don’t have a chance if people vibrate at a higher level but if they can lower peoples vibration then they can then achieve their evil goals. Unfortunatly they’ve been winning but I wonder if they can be stopped.

    • That’s an good point about the more subtle effect of deforestation, etc., Steve, not one we regularly think of. Your post made me seek out this article to read again, about the link between ‘sound, life and the mass murder of dolphins and whales.’ It’s very interesting, and sad. I remember when I was younger being totally fascinated with whales and their song …


      Recently I’ve been researching a bit into Lyme disease – a tick-borne disease that there’s evidence has been made more virulent through being modified as a bio-weapon. I was quite surprised to learn that one of the leading experts in treating it tells all his patients that they need to sort out two things as a requirement for getting better, before he offers any other remedies. They are 1) EMF exposure in the house and 2) the mold in the house.

      At the moment I’m staying in an old house that has quiet over convenience 😉 Since we had WiFi installed the atmosphere has changed, and I wonder how much of it is the pull of spending time on the Internet and how much of it is a more subtle, vibrational influence. Though it’s extra work, we’re in the process of turning it into good ‘old fashioned’ wired internet.

  • I find living in the city puts a very different ‘tension’ on me compared to being in a suburb or out in nature somewhere.
    I also think I watched the same documentary you saw. 😉 It is concerning to see such a dramatic increase and change in the radiofrequency all around us, which our whole organism apparently hasn’t learned to deal with and of which the effects are not yet known.

  • Great insight there Karim.
    I’ve noticed for a while I often feel more on edge in very modern houses. Sometimes the whole place just seems to hum, vibrate and glow with electrical devices. Considering how much is now electrical compared to only 50 years ago it’s not surprising; we have ovens, fridges, freezers, heaters, now WiFi, mobiles that are as powerful as computers, etc. I mention this as I’ve heard (in that same documentary I believe!) that it’s not just the light of routers that confuses our body and disturbs our sleep and with it healing, it’s the fact that all this ‘electrical smog’ changes the frequency that we’re surrounded by – the natural frequency within life. Experiments have shown that when you take people into a different frequency they become distressed; they have much less control over their emotions for example. I wonder if this is part of the negative influences that are at play in these times. It feels like the darkness has many ways to erode our health – emotional, mental, physical, and with that, inhibit our ability to connect to spiritual energies within and around us.

  • That’s good you were able to follow your intuition to learn from that dream Karim. It’s amazing how guidance in dreams can bring about benefits in many aspects of our lives, including our health.

    • Yes, I find it very kind of the divine that they look after us in regards to these things too!

  • Hi Karim,

    That’s a really helpful dream! It must have been a real testimony once you were able to verify it intellectually as well. When we had a router in our home, at a point we started switching it off as we went to bed (as well as all electric devices) and it felt much more peaceful.

    One very helpful purchase was an earthing sheet!

    • I actually know what you mean with that ‘more peaceful’ Pavlin. I’ve experienced the same. A bit like when there’s all these noises going on the whole time but you don’t even take notice of them until suddenly the all stop and you realise how quiet it is. In a similar way there’s this subtle anxious tension on the body or whatever and when some of the close causes are turned off you feel like you can relax more.

      I do think it’s good not to get fanatical about it, which can be a tempting thing, and also not to see it as the cause for bad things that we ourselves are actually the cause of, however I do think it is good to be informed about these things (and fluoride and other things as well) so to best handle them.

  • Thank you for sharing this valuable insight. I know very well what you are talking about when you say that you feel worse after sleep than before it. I’ve struggled with these symptoms for years some time ago. For me it took quite a few years of putting up with bad sleep before I realized to turn off wifi at night, so it’s awesome that you were able to get an insight into their causes quickly from a dream.

    • That’s not nice to hear that you were suffering those effects for so long. It also makes me think of all the people in cities that are affected and continue like that.

      • I think that’s the reality for most people today not just regarding wifi, but also relating to a multitude of harmful effects of modern day living. On the positive side is that we can learn about what harms us and take steps to improve our situation. The information is there, as well as the tools to address many problems.

  • That’s a great info, thanks for sharing Karim! I knew these routers were damaging, that’s why I always switch them off for the night, but I didn’t know the specifics about the continuous Light – how interesting. In this sense, I also feel like the radiation/strong artificial light from a computer screen over many hours has similar effect.

    • Yes being in front of a screen like that for too long can have bad effects on our health for sure, although it might work in slightly different way than the router. I actually use a little program on my computer that changes the colour and brightness on my screen specifically for the purpose of that ‘blue bright light’ that dazes from screens. The difference is huge! So I would more than highly recommend it if people are not already using something like that.

      Of course it’s also important to take plenty of breaks and do anything needed to look after oneself.

      • Hi Karim, I also installed that application to change the screen brightness according to the time of the day and like you, finding it very beneficial.

      • Hey John – just to pipe in, as I was part of that wave that were put on to using that program by a friend and really wouldn’t want to be without it now; it’s called f.lux. – you’ll find it if you google it! I also just really try to make sure I’m off the computer a few hours before bed! I’ve noticed too that if I actually have my laptop on my body I have much more tension in my body.

  • That is so interesting. It’s amazing how it showed you intuitively the effect it had, and then the documentary explained why.

    • Yes, I also find it quite coincidental that the two happenend so close together. But beneficial from an understanding point of view.

  • I’m glad you had that dream to show you the effects of the router and that you got better after unplugging it. Even though scientists don’t feel those levels of radiation pose harm to humans, the literature is limited, and there could be effects that are unknown.

    I haven’t had any dreams to this effect, but I used to sleep next to a router. At one point, I felt I should unplug before going to sleep, and that night my dreams were a lot clearer and I slept much better. Ever since that, I always unplug the router when I go to sleep!

    • Yes Mike sometimes our intuition just nudges us to do these things, glad you followed that advice and saw the result. I find that I often have such nudges but my mind say it doesn’t make sense or whatever and I’ll be stubborn and just do what was originally planned.

      That documentary I saw went into the scientific part of it really well and also clearly showed how the scientific study and testing of it was selective, biased, funded by the companies themselves etc. Sometimes finding the truth in all all such opposing viewpoints can be hard, and then an out-of-body experience can just directly show us these thinsg in an instant 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing Karim, your experience with the spiritual being sounds very special. It’s great that were shown the terrible effects of routers. Every night at home we turn off our router and most power points. We don’t have any electric devices in the bedrooms and our mobile phones are kept as far as possible from our heads during the night. We should turn them off as well.

    As a builder, I’ve done a lot of research on electro pollution and there is a lot that can done to reduce this problem inside our homes.

    • Thanks for that advice John. Yes I think it’s good to be informed and do what we can (within common sense of course) to minimise these influences on us and it can actually make a difference.

    • I agree with this John. We do the same. After a relative search, we also avoid working with laptop in our legs and not through wireless.

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