Experience submitted by Karim

Experience submitted by Karim El Bazi

Every now and again, maybe once or twice a year, I seem to get ill for a while. A strong “common cold”, with nose and throat issues, headaches, slight rise in temperature, weak body, etc. It normally lasts for a few days before it gradually blows over.

But one of these spells was a bit different. The nights were just… horrible, lying awake miserably for most of them. Where normally I’ve found it is sleep that recharges me and helps my body get the rest it needs to keep healthy, in this case it was like I wasn’t getting any, or much, of that recuperative element at all.

In fact I started to feel better during the day and when resting at night I seemed to be feeling a lot worse. It was strange that I didn’t seem able to recover properly.


Photo by Mic445 licensed under CC BY 2.0

This was a bit puzzling to me. Because I was familiar with this sort of severe cold so I was expecting to start to get better after a few days as I normally would. Furthermore I didn’t see or feel any other reason for the sickness to continue.

I thought maybe it’s the cold draft in my room, but after some adjustments I could see that it wasn’t. Also literally right next to my body was a wireless internet router. It did cross my mind that this could have a negative influence somehow, having heard people mention it, but I kind of brushed it to the side.

A Dream Offers a Solution

It took me at least a full week longer than it usually does to get better again. At that time I had a dream and in that dream a spiritual being was giving a lecture explaining things, one of the things mentioned was that there’s truth in the negative impact of some radio frequency emitting devices.

Following that I was personally shown a specific scene. It was a forest, and right in front of me in the forest there was a wireless router. It was emitting light, a lot of continuous light in all directions.

One of my initial thoughts in relation to it was: “something that’s emanating light in the astral, that seems like a good thing.” But as I kept looking the light just kept on radiating.

It gave me the feeling of being kept awake when you want to sleep. Heavy warm eyelids and the insomniac feeling of being overtired yet unable to get rest. But not being able to relax because of the light. That’s the feeling I got from it.

When I woke up from sleep I went over the dream, trying to remember the details of what I had seendream recall was something I’d picked up from Belsebuub’s work and found helpful for exploring my dreams.

From this I figured that the wireless router right next to me, in being switched on the whole night while I was trying to sleep, was having a bad effect on me. So I did what I could to minimize it and I could notice a real improvement in my ability to sleep and rest.

Coincidentally a few weeks later I came across a very good documentary on this subject. Interestingly, one part discussed exactly what I had experienced, but from a scientific point of view.

They said that these wireless signals going through you are actually forms of light, which make the pineal gland in your brain think it’s still daytime at night, thus not producing a very important hormone called melatonin which your body needs to regulate wakefulness and sleep.

It was exactly that feeling I had in the dream experience, of a light uncomfortably keeping me awake. Thinking back it’s also something I physically felt when lying awake at night, although this was muddled among the symptoms of the illness as well.

This helpful dream experience, along with helping me to heal, was instrumental for me in gaining a fuller understanding of this issue.