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A Symbolic Dream about Tigers That Gave Me a Warning

Experience submitted by Hayden

One morning I woke up with an uncomfortable feeling, it was quite unpleasant and my first impulse was to get up and distract myself so the feeling would go away. But something within told me it would be beneficial to understand why I felt this way so I fought the discomfort and began to try to piece together fragments of my dreams from the night before.

I lay very still and tried to concentrate but nothing would come. Fighting the urge to give up I remained concentrated and gradually I began to see vague images of me walking through a garden scene, it felt kind of related but I couldn’t see anything untoward in that so I thought I needed to go deeper.

I began a dream recall mantra I’d learned in Belsebuub’s courses some years earlier and I was able to go deeper into the garden scene and visualize the grass, winds, sun and plants, but still nothing terribly scary.

I kept going with the mantra and saw myself walking around a grassy knoll then suddenly from nowhere two tigers appeared and bound towards me. They were totally terrifying, roaring and salivating, bounding closer and closer and appeared intent on ripping me to shreds.

I didn’t know what to do and started to run, they bound closer and closer and when they were within a single bound launched themselves into the air directly at me. I knew I was about to be torn limb from limb.

Then all of a sudden iron bars materialized between us blocking them mid jump, still they lashed out with their paws, their jagged claws looked certain to separate my skin from my bones. I pulled back and their claws missed me by less than an inch. They kept roaring and throwing themselves against the bars with a great ferocity but they weren’t able to reach me.

Photo by Jessica Weiller found on Unsplash.
Photo by Jessica Weiller found on Unsplash. (Featured)

I was terrified yet compelled to watch them, not understanding from where they came or why they were attacking. My heart was beating rapidly and I tried to understand what this scene meant but nothing came to my mind. I ceased the mantra and lay still in bed my mind racing, what did this dream mean? Why were the tigers attacking? Was it a premonition of some impending disaster?

With a sense of impending doom I turned to Belsebuub’s dream symbol guide to try to find the meaning. Flicking through the pages I found the section on tigers. They had positive and negative connotations and it was pretty obvious to me that within this dream they weren’t positive. On the negative side it said “strong enemies, treason by someone, or that someone is intending to treason you.”

Great, someone’s going to treason me, well that didn’t sound too good. Well at least I was forewarned so what was I going to do about it. The fear within me was palpable and I had no idea who was going to attack me nor what I could do to prevent it, but I knew I had to do something.

All that came to mind was, okay if I can’t prevent this from happening well maybe I can change the way I react, I’ve been forewarned so what should I do. I decided the best course of action was to do the meditation practice analysis on an ego. This was another technique from Belsebuub which would enable me to understand how I would react to treason, analyze the fears, the sense of betrayal, the negativity and all associated states.

It took a while but I stilled my mind, separated from the fear and began the practice. Within 20 minutes I had an understanding of what was to come, jumped out of bed and readied myself for work.

I didn’t know exactly what was coming my way but was pretty sure a major betrayal was going to happen at work.

The morning passed relatively uneventfully, just the normal chaos of my office job. Likewise the early afternoon passed, and I thought perhaps I had misinterpreted the dream. Then it happened, what should have been a routine meeting turned into an ambush.

Photo by Benjamin Child found on Unsplash.
Photo by Benjamin Child found on Unsplash.

What was really interesting was not the details of the meeting itself or how a colleague manipulated circumstances to betray me. What was interesting was my internal state and how I reacted. Having been forewarned and having studied the egos.

I was ready for what was to come. As the trap was sprung, I observed the fears arise within me without identification, I didn’t become negative or angry instead calmly dealt with the event as best as I could. I can’t say it was pleasant but what could have been a substantive event with career damaging implications ended up quite the opposite.

The truth was revealed, my deceitful colleague unmasked, but most importantly I had learned more about my psyche and how even in a crisis it is possible to defend yourself with honor.

  • Thanks for sharing Hayden! That was really neat how you were able to bring back the dream to your memory using the mantra, bit by bit. Also how when you felt that fear, using the analysis to be able to understand it better, and how it helped you later on in the day. Good job, and very inspiring, as it shows how inner activity can make a difference, in using life’s events to our benefit, instead of ‘simply rolling with the flow’ so to speak.

  • Thanks for sharing this, it really brought home how much dreams are connected to daily life. I too found that when I make good use of them, they help me navigate through the day much better than I would do on my own. Imagine how different the outcome at work could have been if you didn’t know about what was awaiting you, even though it was not clear at the start of the day. Well done on remaining calm in those circumstances as they turned out to your benefit. In the heat of the battle, sticking with observation and not giving into reactions can be difficult and as you say painful.

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Hayden. It’s very good that you followed your instinct to look into that dream further, as it left you in a much better state to deal with the difficult situation at work in a more appropriate way and to avoid much more unpleasant consequences.

  • Thanks Hayden, great work I think that you did a great job in dealing with your situation which could have been disastrous for you.

    I’ve also found that dreams are very useful to guide me to correct my behaviour. Recently, I received information from a dream showing me that an event was coming that was going to be painful. At first I was in denial and my egos wanted a pleasant situation instead. Luckily I picked myself up and prayed in order to learn from this opportunity and began to look at the egos related to this dream. Sure enough 2 days later here it was in full force and very precise to my dream. Thankfully I was prepared this time and thanks to the techniques that I’d learned from Belsebuub I was able to correct my behaviour and the situation blew over very quickly.

  • Hi hayden,

    Its great to hear how you overcome the fears to look deeper into your dream.

    I feel its also important to mention how it takes a certain level of faith to actually attempt these techniques that Belsebuub shares. Then from there to actually confirm from direct experience that these techniques truly work, and that this work is something tangible and not out of reach for anyone.
    For myself, this gives me great trust and respect in Belsebuub and that the information he shares is from a genuine spiritual source.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Thanks for sharing Hayden, that’s a great example of how to use the information in dreams to navigate through the challenges brought to us by life – challenges that if we’re able to stay clear and work with our inner Being, we can transform into an inner triumph and change.

    What you wrote about initially wanting to run from the bad state the dream created by ‘getting on with the day’ really helped me this morning when I had a similar feeling. My dreams had also created an inner disturbance, and I didn’t want to write them down or look, instead wanting to dismiss them as ‘meaningless’ and so justify trying to ignore them. But I remembered this post and instead tried to look back; it’s amazing how much can be recalled and how much meaning can be found when we make the efforts to look. Reminds me of something Belsebuub says in the video (below) ‘Let the Spiritual Within Teach You’, (badly paraphrased) “The essence knows what to do, we just have to feed it.”

    Fifth one down

    Something else I’ve felt is that the more I make the efforts to see and record my dreams, the more I am given in them; the opposite is true too. Disregarding my dreams seems disrespectful, and this attitude of not wanting to know, hear, look or listen, is symptom of a much bigger ego-based state that keeps me in inner poverty.

    Thanks again,

    • “Disregarding my dreams seems disrespectful, and this attitude of not wanting to know, hear, look or listen, is symptom of a much bigger ego-based state that keeps me in inner poverty. ”

      Hi Ella,

      I just came to realise this a few days ago. I’ve been trying to look into my situation and a problem I am facing. Then I had a dream that shocked me, when I woke up I felt like I couldn’t be further from the resolution that I am hoping for. Instead of looking into the dream and meditating on it painful as it was, I just stayed in a low state. As the day progressed I realised that the dream was probably given to me exactly for the reason that I was about to experience that low state. Perhaps focusing on that dream would’ve kept me going with my daily routine and effort to elevate myself. Instead, I just let it slip away, really disrespecting a generous gift. And this does speak about a bigger problem, a problem in my attitude and how I’m (not) coping with heavy inner states efficiently, while so much is mercifully given. I will try to look into it.

    • Hayden, that’s an incredible example of making the right kind of inner efforts and combining spiritual techniques to bring true positive change in your life. Thank you!

      Ella and Pavlin, thanks for sharing. This is a timely topic for me too. If it isn’t the perfect dream that I remember perfectly, why give it a second thought or write it down (!!) A good thing for me to realize is that the Divine doesn’t give these kind of painful dreams to make us feel bad. They don’t want us to crumble and give up, but be empowered by seeing the truth of where we are at the moment or the direction we are headed. It’s the only way change can take place, to see reality, and if the reality doesn’t look pleasing, all the more reason to go out there and change it. It’s probably a really common reaction too, wanting to hide from the pain and ignore it, and maybe it’s a good way to get closer to our Divine parents and lean on them by taking it seriously while asking for strength and help to be able to endure it.

  • Thanks Hayden,

    Thanks for highlighting the importance of persisting with dream recall and not giving up.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Hayden. It’s a good thing you went back to remember your dreams and to analyze the associated egos.

    In the end, I guess you really lived that symbolic dream in its physical realization and by remaining calm, you were protected. Very cool!

  • Wow, thank you Hayden very much for sharing this experience. I think you actually dealt with the situation in an unusually perfect way! You managed to recall the dream, understand what it referred to, and even change the outcome of the situation. That’s really amazing. In the same time, it makes me wonder if the outcome may have already been predetermined? After all, the bars appeared in your dream and saved you from the tigers. Or maybe the Divine beings were guiding you in this way, showing you what is possible when applying the inner work correctly.

    Thanks for sharing again and wishing you many more of such successes!

  • What a great example of following your dream guidance Hayden!

    Going with that feeling to make sure to recollect your dreams instead of leaving it. To make the effort to concentrate and get to the important part of it. Using the dream guide to interpret it correctly. Analysing the ego states involved in such a thing to prepare. And even manoeuvring through the difficult situation successfully! Very inspiring, to see that deciding to make those steps lead to such a great outcome (to a situation that could’ve ended very differently.)

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Hi Hayden, thank very much for sharing this dream and your approach in handling the situation. It’s helpful for me to read your article right now, as I have some dreams that are challenging to face and investigate, but I feel it’s so important to do it. I try to remind myself that even if the message is not positive, someone cared to give me that dream, so there must be a valuable learning to it as well. I wish you all the best!

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