Experience submitted by Christos Grapsas

I have had a few dreams with the spiritual being Belsebuub. Some of them have felt very real. Others felt more abstract and subconscious. I will only share some of the first type as I don’t think it’s worth sharing dreams that may have been just figments of my imagination.

These dreams were very vivid and much more different to my regular dreams. They had a flavour of heightened lucidity and intuitively I felt there was a great importance in them and that I needed to pay close attention.

Although I felt very perceptive of my surrounding, I never actually questioned whether I was in a dream or in my physical body as I would in a conscious astral experience.

Dreams Of Being In A Classroom With Belsebuub

A few times in my dreams I have seen myself in a classroom. There have been different scenarios in different dreams. In some of these dreams I have seen Belsebuub teaching, usually sitting behind a teacher’s desk. Other times he may have been standing among the students. In some of the dreams I was not paying attention to what he was saying, in others I was able to notice his presence.

Many times the students in the classroom were misbehaving. Most were not paying attention to what Belsebuub was saying. In these cases there was a general disorder and a lot of noise.


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Sometimes in these dreams I was one of the students that was misbehaving and in others I was trying to pay attention to what was being said.

Belsebuub’s way of teaching in these dreams was very calm and undisturbed. He wasn’t influenced by the noise. He kept giving his lesson in a clear and concise manner.

I remember hearing Belsebuub’s voice in the classroom despite the noise. The times when I could not perceive it was when I was not paying attention.

Belsebuub Teaching Me How To Be Aware Of The Present Moment

Another time in a dream I was with Belsebuub sitting at a table. Belsebuub was showing me how to be aware of the present moment. There were no words exchanged between us. It was a silent interaction.

It is difficult to describe how I could understand what Belsebuub was conveying while he was sitting in front of me. Belsebuub was looking at me and he was just being aware. I could feel that that’s what he was doing. I could see it in his eyes. There was no pretence in what he was doing and he was not imposing anything.

He felt like a fatherly figure with a lot of care that I would get this awareness right. And so I was trying to do the same. I was trying to be aware and perceptive of the moment in the same way he was. The more I was trying the more things were getting clearer.

That simple interaction with Belsebuub gave me a lot. More than I could have learned by reading many books about awareness.

When the dream finished I woke up. I could remember it without effort and very vividly. It didn’t last very long, but there was a lot into it.

I felt very grateful for the lesson. It helped me to understand something about the awareness of the present moment that I was previously lacking. Although it’s been a few years since I had this dream, I remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday.

Belsebuub’s lesson on awareness is so practical, and something that I value greatly. I come to this short video often as a gentle reminder to the simplicity of being aware and how to do it:

In the few times I have seen Belsebuub in my dreams he has appeared as a calm and unobtrusive figure. There was always something to learn from his presence.

The dreams I had with Belsebuub, as well as other similar kinds of dream experiences where I felt guided in some way, would rarely end abruptly. It felt like I needed to experience the full scope and message of the dream, from beginning to end, as though there was a higher influence present trying to help me.