Experience submitted by Jordan Resnick

Using simply the technique Belsebuub teaches of not moving upon waking and starting to remember dreams has helped immensely in getting not only personal and spiritual insight and help from my dreams, but also practical mundane things in my daily life too.

Here’s one example: I spent ten years working for a major public library system. One time toward the end of those ten years I had a dream that I had arrived at work and there was simply nothing to do. In the dream, my coworkers and I were all in a state of shock and confusion as to why we were all there and there was no work for us to do, yet it was very strange because we all felt like there should have been even more than usual.

After I woke up in the morning, I stayed still in bed and remembered this dream in close detail, and simply passed it off as nothing. I then got up and started getting ready to leave for work. Unfortunately I had woken up a bit late that day, and to make matters worse, it was a Tuesday after a public holiday Monday, which meant that it would be about three or four times busier than usual at the library first thing in the morning—we would have a giant delivery to unpack, as well as all the materials people had returned over the weekend plus that extra day when the library was closed, not to mention all the patrons coming in first thing as usual. In light of this, I wanted to get to work at least an hour earlier that day because it was just impossible to get everything done if I just got there right at 9am as usual, and the stress and busyness of it all just wasn’t worth it otherwise.

Library 2012

Removing my name tag off my locker in the staff room on my last day in 2012. Everyone got a good laugh because I removed one label (seen in my left hand) only to reveal an older label underneath it!

But just as I was about to rush out to get to work early, a bit annoyed that it meant I’d have to skip breakfast (and knowing that would likely cause me a headache in addition to the difficulties of the extra-busy work day), I remembered the dream I’d had that night. I took a chance and figured perhaps that dream must’ve been showing me something about work that day, and so instead of rushing out, I took my time making breakfast and so on before going to work and making it pretty much right at 9am as usual.

When I got there, I noticed tons of empty boxes in the room that all the returned material was supposed to be. As I entered the main room, a few of my coworkers at the front desk asked me if I saw the book drop room was empty, and they were smiling. I asked what had happened, and one of them told me that they got there super early to get started for the same reasons I had thought to do so, but just as they arrived, they ran into the delivery guys on their way out who told her that they had unpacked and checked in all the materials a couple hours earlier that morning. We were all in a state of shock and confusion seeing as this had never happened before in our collective sixty or so years of experience working for the library, and being a unionized environment, it’s particularly unheard of for people to do something that’s not in their job description—actually quite against what they’re supposed to do.

So there we were just standing around with nothing to do and everyone a bit shocked about how that’s possible seeing as it was first thing Tuesday morning after a public holiday Monday…

My dream had played out in life almost exactly as I had dreamt it.

I was pretty grateful I’d been able to get an insight into my day in advance that morning, as I otherwise would’ve skipped breakfast, rushed to work early, and it all would’ve been for nothing—in learning how to remember and follow guidance in my dreams, it saved me from making some bad choices that I otherwise would’ve had no way of knowing were wrong, yet been kicking myself over making all day long.