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A Dream Premonition of My Job in the Library

Experience submitted by Jordan

Using simply the technique Belsebuub teaches of not moving upon waking and starting to remember dreams has helped immensely in getting not only personal and spiritual insight and help from my dreams, but also practical mundane things in my daily life too.

Here’s one example: I spent ten years working for a major public library system. One time toward the end of those ten years I had a dream that I had arrived at work and there was simply nothing to do. In the dream, my coworkers and I were all in a state of shock and confusion as to why we were all there and there was no work for us to do, yet it was very strange because we all felt like there should have been even more than usual.

After I woke up in the morning, I stayed still in bed and remembered this dream in close detail, and simply passed it off as nothing. I then got up and started getting ready to leave for work. Unfortunately I had woken up a bit late that day, and to make matters worse, it was a Tuesday after a public holiday Monday, which meant that it would be about three or four times busier than usual at the library first thing in the morning—we would have a giant delivery to unpack, as well as all the materials people had returned over the weekend plus that extra day when the library was closed, not to mention all the patrons coming in first thing as usual. In light of this, I wanted to get to work at least an hour earlier that day because it was just impossible to get everything done if I just got there right at 9am as usual, and the stress and busyness of it all just wasn’t worth it otherwise.

Library 2012
Removing my name tag off my locker in the staff room on my last day in 2012. Everyone got a good laugh because I removed one label (seen in my left hand) only to reveal an older label underneath it!

But just as I was about to rush out to get to work early, a bit annoyed that it meant I’d have to skip breakfast (and knowing that would likely cause me a headache in addition to the difficulties of the extra-busy work day), I remembered the dream I’d had that night. I took a chance and figured perhaps that dream must’ve been showing me something about work that day, and so instead of rushing out, I took my time making breakfast and so on before going to work and making it pretty much right at 9am as usual.

When I got there, I noticed tons of empty boxes in the room that all the returned material was supposed to be. As I entered the main room, a few of my coworkers at the front desk asked me if I saw the book drop room was empty, and they were smiling. I asked what had happened, and one of them told me that they got there super early to get started for the same reasons I had thought to do so, but just as they arrived, they ran into the delivery guys on their way out who told her that they had unpacked and checked in all the materials a couple hours earlier that morning. We were all in a state of shock and confusion seeing as this had never happened before in our collective sixty or so years of experience working for the library, and being a unionized environment, it’s particularly unheard of for people to do something that’s not in their job description—actually quite against what they’re supposed to do.

So there we were just standing around with nothing to do and everyone a bit shocked about how that’s possible seeing as it was first thing Tuesday morning after a public holiday Monday…

My dream had played out in life almost exactly as I had dreamt it.

I was pretty grateful I’d been able to get an insight into my day in advance that morning, as I otherwise would’ve skipped breakfast, rushed to work early, and it all would’ve been for nothing—in learning how to remember and follow guidance in my dreams, it saved me from making some bad choices that I otherwise would’ve had no way of knowing were wrong, yet been kicking myself over making all day long.

  • Even when experiences like these relate to more mundane aspects in life, I still find them kind of magical — having such a direct/intimate communication with the divine. Must have been pretty amusing for the dream to be so spot on for you. Thanks for the share, Jordan!

    • I also think the same thing. My feeling is that there is something spiritual about this happening in these simple experiences, but I have not gotten in tune enough to really appreciate it.

  • Thanks for sharing that Jordan. It does show how paying attention to our dreams can sometimes have unexpected benefits in our daily lives. It can also make us wonder about how much of our lives is predetermined.

  • I love this, it’s a funny example of how normal it is for things in dreams to be a useful part of everyday living.

  • Funny and interesting experience of how premonitions can play out. Reading this I was reminded of dreams I would often have before school where I would get up, dress and get ready, eat breakfast, and then be about to go to school, yet then wake up and realize it was all a dream! In those cases I was a bit disappointed I had to actually go and do all this for real.

    Of course there is a much more serious side to dreams and premonitions about major personal events and circumstances which has definitely been there and invaluable to be in touch with.

    • Your comment made me laugh. I’ve had these types of experiences for many years as well, before and after learning about the techniques of dream recall & astral travel. I remember one such experience vividly. I was a teenager and often studied for my exams in the mornings before going to school. So, in those mornings I would get up a few hours before I needed to and start looking over the exam material.

      A funny type of dream situation unfolded on several occasions where I did these exact actions in my dreams. I would have a dream where I get up, pick up my book and study the material. I could do this for a long time too, but unfortunately could never quite remember what I read in those dreams. Then upon waking up I realized it was all a dream and had to study again. I was surprised at these experiences and even told them to my parents.

  • Hi Jordan,

    How accurate was that dream!, it was lucky that you remembered it. The divine show us what life can be like when we tune into their frequency, even with as you say everday things as It makes life more exciting and then even the mundane become more alive and interesting. All the recent websites and articles are reminding me that life has such an incredible depth to it if we connect with it!

  • You can’t make these things up… Like you said, In those 60 so years it never occurred that the delivery guys unpacked those books giving the librarians a chill-out morning. How unlikely it is to then dream about it and a few hours later the situation unfolds. Divine guidance at play? 🙂

  • Dreams can be the best guide. Funny thing, when I write down my dreams, so much more flood through, like opening the gates to let the dream recall filter through. More and more I have found that my dreams are a special communication tool that gives so much insight to my life (direction, warnings, etc…).

    • I can relate to this, Sof. Sometimes as I start writing down a dream, I get to remember even more dreams. Sometimes the directions can be quite direct, while other times I don’t understand them and it can take quite a while before I’m able to figure out the meaning.

    • That’s a very neat experience Jordan 🙂

      In addition to what you mentioned Sof, I have noticed that just simply writing down your dreams makes a big difference. Sometimes I think to myself that I will remember this or that dream, no problem, but when I go to write it down later, a lot of it has gone, and if I don’t write it down at all, it is as good as vanished by the end of the day. Writing it down also helps to look at parts of the dream in more detail and remember more about it like you said.

  • I guess the universe really wanted you to have breakfast that day Jordan 😀

    But in seriousness, that is an interesting example of being guided about something seemingly “normal”, although obviously still quite helpful in terms of your day. Perhaps the experience of learning to trust your dreams and validating the guidance from them was also very valuable in itself – basically demonstrating the “connection to the other side” that Geraldine mentioned.

  • Haha! Shows how helpful listening to our dreams are! It was little premonitions that made me start to take note of dreams years ago and just know that there was something going on in them beyond the normal explanation of it being the mind just sorting through the day’s impressions. Feeling like I was being shown things and hinted at things made me begin to sense that my life was actually this incredible dialogue between myself and these mystical forces/beings. This is what set me on the trail of self-discovery and, thankfully, lead me to the practical spiritual exercises Belsebuub teaches.

    • It seems to me that these ‘mundane premonitions’ are a lot more common than not.. I wonder if we disregard them in general because they seem so trivial – yet at hte core of it how could we foretell the future even in such trivial ways if life was just what exist when we wake up? Just logically it does not add up.. Yet for so long I never questioned how this was possible, and I imagine, most people don’t. I wonder if it is because there is a misconception that nothing can be done about it? Or that the knowledge of what it means is simply not more commonly known.

      To think that in ancient times, dreams were regarded as highly meaningful and useful in society – I hope that it can make a come back and people use it to make a difference in their lives and see what amazing potential exists within that is only waiting to be uncovered..

  • I’ve also found over the years that some of the events that happen in dreams are very clear ‘pre-happenings’ of what is about to occur during the day. Like your article here mentions this can sometimes be very useful as you can better deal with the real life situation with this foresight. This premonition like occurrence can become so frequent that it becomes almost normal, yet it really helps to see and sustain the knowledge of the reality of the other side.

    P.S. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as they say 😉 Remembering dreams every morning— also essential for the day ahead.

  • I wonder why this type of premonitions for mundane things exist (I mean, a bag of old batteries! 🙂 ). Maybe it shows how the astral can be a source of learning not only about our internal reality, but also the very mundane events of our lives.

    I remember some years ago when I was a student, I had a very vivid dream where I was moving a new desk into a room with one of my professors at university. I woke up from that dream remembering it vividly and I had a feeling that this was something ‘real’ and not just a random dream. But I thought to myself “never in my life that professor is going to be moving desks, least with me”. On the next year, a language and culture teaching organisation established their office in our department building and that professor became its director. I helping with organising the events, and yes, I did move desks with him in that exact situation. I could only smile at that dream acting out in the physical world.

    I also wondered how much of my life is predetermined.

    • I think sometimes we must just tune in to the events as they are happening in the astral plane before they happen physically. At least that’s how I explain to myself some of the more mundane premonitions. That’s a funny experience about the desk 🙂

  • Such a funny and accurate premonition about mundane life 🙂 This reminds me a similar ‘mundane’ premonition I had once, which I also remembered in the morning after using the RAOM GAOM Mantra that Belsebuub recommends. In it, I dreamed of a friend who gave me a bag of batteries to recycle. I remember waking up, and thinking how strange and why would I remember that dream specifically and not others..

    Anyway, later that day, I got a phone call from that very friend who needed a ride – it was not planned, but since I was free that afternoon, I went ahead to that friend’s place to give him a ride, and after dropping him off, he asked me if I knew where batteries could be recycled, and one of my local store had a special recycle box for that purpose, so I said yes, and he then handed me a bag full of batteries. It was not until I was walking to my car and put the bag of batteries in the back seat (re-enacting exactly what I did in my dream) that my dream of the night before came back full force, and I burst out laughing. I just could not believe how uncanny accurate it had been!

    I’m glad you shared that experience Jordan! This type of mundane premonition is actually what made me realize how the connection to the other side is very much related to everyday / mundane life – to me it made me see that what happens here is fully connected to what happens over there.

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